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"For Zion's sake I will not hold My peace, And for Jerusalem's sake I will not rest"

October 2004


"BRING DOWN THE ISRAELI GOVERNMENT"...Guest Editorial....Rabbi Steven Pruzansky
BUSH, KERRY, AND THE JEWISH VOTE...Guest Editorial....Jeff Jacoby
EMINENT DOMAIN VIA DICTATORSHIP...Guest Editorial....Emanuel A. Winston
GIVE THEM THE DEATH THEY REVERE...Guest Editorial....Arlene Peck

AN URGENT MESSAGE TO ALL LOVERS OF ISRAEL: How To Prevent Israel's Demise....Prof. Paul Eidelberg
FROM YEHONATAN TO YONATON: A Wake Up Call....Jonathan Pollard
ISRAELI SETTLERS: You Will Be Prosecuted!....Ariel Natan Pasko

The Misrepresentation of the Jewish Communities/Settlements in Judea, Samaria, Gaza and the Golan Heights (I)....Yoram Ettinger
APRIL MAGIC....Gerald A. Honigman

IRANIAN NUCLEARIZATION AND ISRAEL'S ARROW: Implications For Preemption Option....Louis Rene Beres

JEWS AND OSTRICHES....Jackie Mason & Raoul Felder



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Israel's Virtual Surrender to Arafat & Terrorism

By Bernard J. Shapiro

[Author Note: This article is an update and revision of my September editorial.]

It is apparent to many people that, despite his exalted military career, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is showing cowardice in the face of Palestinian attacks during the current war. While IDF soldiers and officers certainly are personally brave in the face of the enemy, Israel's political leadership is indecisive and non-aggressive. I ask you: When in Israel's military history did its forces not attack and occupy enemy positions from where live fire was coming? Only today is the IDF entangled with rules that prevent its ability to defeat the enemy decisively. The failure to engage the enemy with force and aggressiveness has led to a massive loss of deterrence on the part of Israel.

Sharon's plan to retreat from Gaza and parts of Samaria and expel its Jewish citizens can only be a stimulus for greatly increased terrorism. As the Arabs see the Jews respond to violence with surrender of their Holy Land, they will draw the appropriate conclusions: More terror will bring more retreat and expulsion of Jews. Their voracious appetite for Jewish blood will grow geometrically. In their evil visions they will believe that it is possible to progress from Gaza to Judea and Samaria and then to all of Israel in one massacre after another. Finally they will see the destruction of Israel as within the realm of possibility.

The repeated cease-fire talks and restraint demanded by the Americans have made the Israelis look like a "banana republic" as well as fools for expecting Arafat's signature on an agreement to mean something tangible. The failure to pursue VICTORY by the IDF allows the Arabs to regroup, learn from their experience and prepare for the next round of fighting. They have a high learning curve. If the Security Fence stops suicide bombers, then they will fire rockets over it, tunnel under it or have Israeli Arabs inside the fence carry out the attacks. Like a surgeon who must totally excise a cancer or it will metastasize and destroy whole body, the IDF must eliminate completely terrorism and those who support it.

There is talk of international observers for YESHA. This would be a great victory of Arafat and justify his war against Israel. The Israeli response should be a deafening no. From experience of 56 years, we all know that the UN, its bodies, and all International Forces are biased against Israel and in the pocket to the Arabs. The only purpose of such a plan would be to diminish Israel's rightful sovereignty in the area.

Sharon's issues constant warnings and threats, for which he never acts, further reducing Israeli deterrence. If Israel wants to rid itself of terrorism, it must first get rid of its AG, pro-Arab Supreme Court, and pro-Arab anti-Zionist media. Then it must release from all restraint the IDF to totally destroy the PA and other terrorist groups. And finally it must expel all the disloyal and terrorists supporting residents of Israel. It is not brain surgery. This does not require going beyond the international standard for survival of a nation state.

Oslo, Camp David, Road Map, Geneva, and the Disengagement (Retreat -Appeasement to terror) must be terminated with extreme prejudice. Israel must annex immediately all of YESHA. Then the Palestinians must be told that those who engage in hostile activity against Israel will be expelled from the country. If hostility is widespread then the entire population should make a new home in Jordan.

The level of lying and manipulation of the media by the Palestinians about Arafat's war is an indicator of how unreasonable and "anti-peace" they really are. Of, course, they are truthful about their ultimate goal of destroying Israel and committing genocide against its Jewish population. Allowing the news media to photograph teenagers throwing stones is bad for Israel's image. It is well know that these very same photographers avoid taking pictures of Palestinian gunfire. The print journalists avoid references to live fire from the Palestinian side. Many rioters wait for journalists to arrive before rioting. Others actually collaborate with journalists to start riots strictly for the anti-Israel propaganda it inevitably brings the Arab cause. It is past time to remove journalists from the areas of clashes.

It is clear to me that Sharon is using Arafat's war for the purpose of causing the Jews of YESHA to evacuate their homes. This was meant to save himself the difficulty of personally taking charge of the ethnic cleansing of Jews from the area. Unfortunately today, he leading the forces demanding the ethnic cleansing of Jews from Eretz Yisrael. Sharon has already given the green light to Arafat, Hamas and Islamic Jihad by his failure to suppress and destroy them.

Sharon's giveaway of Gaza and the Shomron and his plans to make all of YESHA Judenrein should have brought down his government, yet he still rules. I am very disappointed at this. Where is the nationalist/religious camp?

One way to defeat terrorism is to create a giant wave of new immigrants to Israel. This will demonstrate to the Arabs that Israel is growing and strengthening. They will see facts on the ground that make it increasingly impossible to destroy Israel and create a Palestinian state in its place.

Here are some of the methods needed to create that wave of aliya:

Terrorism must be crushed and all existential threats to the State of Israel must be preemptively destroyed. Why move to a country unable to protect its Jewish population? Then Israel should annex all state lands within the borders of Israel (post 1967). Annex all property stolen from the Jewish People during the last 2000 years, including Church and Waqf property (exceptions, of course for Holy Places. The term Holy Places does not include fraudulent claims of Muslims to Jewish or Christian Holy Places.). Then remove all illegal Arab buildings and farms.

All those in Israel must do military or community service for 3 years (including Arabs) The right to vote and be a citizen will depend such service plus a loyalty oath to the Jewish State. Anyone with aspirations to create a Palestinian State should be removed from Israeli citizenship roles.

Israel must reaffirm that it is a Jewish State and NOT a democratic(one man one vote) state of all its citizens. The loyal citizens of Israel whether Jewish, Christian, Druze, Beduin or Arab will have equal rights. Prof. Paul Eidelberg's constitution with constituency elections is the best course to preserve Israel as a Jewish democracy and should be adopted.

Judea & Samaria should be opened up for massive building, thus creating giant suburbs close to the heavily populated Israeli coastline. A system of toll roads, and light rail will connect these suburbs to the coast from Ashdod to Nahariya. This will solve the over population along Israel's coast and create a better quality of living for all Israelis.

Israel must learn to deal harshly with anyone who raises up a rock to crush Jewish skulls, or a knife, gun or bomb to kill Jews. Without regard to international criticism, they should be killed or expelled from Eretz Yisrael.

Most troubling to me is the current campaign by the Israeli government to stifle legitimate criticism of its retreat/surrender policies. I strongly believe that this will impact negatively on aliya to Israel. Many potential new immigrants (especially those from Western countries) regard free speech, free assembly and the right to protest government policies as essential to a democratic society. They view the current drift in Israel toward McCarthyism and suppression of free speech (with the treat of imprisonment) as extremely distasteful.

Israel NEEDS as many Jewish immigrants as possible and we must make the country more acceptable from the standpoint of security, economics, and freedom from coercion.

A final thought: It took Jews 2000 years to regain Eretz Yisrael. We should most emphatically not allow the world who wished us dead to influence our decisions on how we should LIVE.


Bernard J. Shapiro is the executive director of the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies and the editor of The Maccabean Online and the Freemanlist.




by Rabbi Steven Pruzansky

Excerpts from "Bring Down This Government," published in The Jewish Press,

"Imagine, just for a moment, that a leftist prime minister of Israel (say, Ehud Barak) had presided over a government that oversaw the greatest decline in personal security in Israel's history, with the terrorist murders of more than 1,000 Israelis... Imagine further that this leftist prime minister (say, Chaim Ramon) had presided over a government that oversaw the worst recession in Israel's history that stifled the economy, produced records rates of unemployment, and drastically reduce support payments for the indigent... Imagine then that this leftist prime minister (say, Shimon Peres) concocts a scheme to unilaterally and forcibly transfer Jews from their homes, without even a pretense that this would somehow improve the security of Israelis or bring Israel closer to peace... We would be demanding that such a fraud resign.

"Now imagine that this leftist prime minister (say, Yossi Beilin) had presided over a government that allowed (or encouraged) the closure of the voice of religious, nationalist Jews in Israel, Arutz-7, for example, permitting no broadcast outlet for the natural base of opposition to his political and military machinations... Imagine even more that this leftist prime minister (say, Shulamit Aloni) severely slashed funding to Yeshivot and religious institutions... And what would happen if such a leftist prime minister fired cabinet ministers at will in order to stifle discussion, intimidate dissidents, and create an artificial majority for his views; then held a referendum of his party members on his plans, lost the referendum, and announced he was ignoring their voices; and then sought support in his party's Central Committee for his corrupt policies, lost that vote too, and announced that he could not be bound by the decisions of the majority? We woul d say that such a leftist prime minister had such dictatorial, anti-democratic tendencies that it would be dangerous to have him serve even a moment longer...

"Such a state of affairs is precisely what has unfolded in the Israel over which the rightist Prime Minister Ariel Sharon presides... Is there one thing that Sharon has done as prime minister that, if anyone else had attempted to do the same, the streets of Israel would not have erupted with protests? Why have we surrendered to this man, who has grievously - perhaps irrevocably - harmed the right-wing political movement in Israel, and exposed its sheer emptiness of its values and the vacuities of its policies?...

"Perhaps the unspoken fear is, Who will lead? Who today in Israel can articulate a vision of strength, hope, confidence, love of Torah and love of land? ... The prevailing sentiment is that a strong leader with true Jewish values could never get elected in Israel. But that same sentiment once prevailed with another strong leader of definite opinions named Ariel Sharon, who was also deemed unelectable, until a few months before his election...

"There is no justification of 'fighting from within' against a leader who makes no pretense of his contempt for democratic norms. We are already sliding down the slippery slope - first Gaza, then Samaria, then Judea, then Jerusalem, because 'if not, the world will apply so much pressure.' ... It is time to end this pathetic retreat from sanity before the Army of Israel turns against the People of Israel, with devastating consequences for Israel's future. It is time to elect a government of proud Jews whose voice is not suffocated by politics or money or fear. It is time to democratically bring down the government of Ariel Sharon. Let history be the judge."


Rabbi Steven Pruzansky is the spiritual leader of Congregation Bnai Yeshurun of Teaneck, New Jersey.




By Jeff Jacoby

Globe Columnist | September 28, 2004

WHEN they go to the polls in November, which of the two major parties will American Jews support? Consider:

At Party A's national convention, a prime speaking slot went to an infamous racial inciter, one with an ugly history of Jew-baiting. At Party B's convention, a leading speaker recalled with empathy the many pre-9/11 victims of terrorism, such as Leon Klinghoffer, whom the killers ''marked ... for murder solely because he was Jewish.''

Party A's presidential nominee said nothing about Israel in his convention acceptance speech. Party B's nominee, on the other hand, made a point of referring to ''our good friend Israel'' - and his campaign later distributed that portion of his remarks to its national e-mail list.

Increasingly, Party A is the political home of those who demonize Jews, such as the South Carolina senator who claimed that the war in Iraq was launched to ''take the Jewish vote.'' Conversely, Party B has driven out the anti-Semites in its midst, and is now where the most ardent philo-Semites in American politics are concentrated.

So which party will American Jews vote for in November?

If you know your political tides, the answer won't surprise you: Jews will almost certainly vote overwhelmingly for Party A - the Democratic Party - just as they have for more than half a century. They will do so notwithstanding the Democrats' willingness to indulge a race-baiting hustler like Al Sharpton. Notwithstanding John Kerry's uncertain trumpet in the war against radical Islamic terror. Notwithstanding the Bush administration's unprecedented support and friendship for Israel.

For countless American Jews, loyalty to the Democratic ticket is as automatic as breathing. The roots of that loyalty run deep. In the 19th and early 20th centuries, waves of Jewish immigrants from Europe, where the most anti-Semitic elements of society were often the most conservative, brought with them an intense aversion to right-wing politics - and an appreciation for the left, which they associated with emancipation and equality. Those attitudes were intensified during World War II, when the most lethal enemy in Jewish history was ultimately destroyed by an alliance led by a liberal Democrat named Franklin Roosevelt.

But America in 2004 is very different from the America of 50 or 100 years ago. American Jews owe it to themselves to base their political loyalty on something stronger than force of habit. Those who vote for Democrats (or against Republicans) because that's what their parents and grandparents did ought to take a closer look: When it comes to the issues they care about most, their loyalty may be misplaced.

Israel, for example.

Like millions of Americans, many Jewish voters are concerned about the safety and security of Israel. It is a concern they share with George W. Bush, who presides over what is widely considered to be the most pro-Israel administration in history. That stands in contrast not only to his father's record -- the first Bush administration had a very strained relationship with Israel -- but in some ways to Bill Clinton's as well. DDuring the Clinton years, no foreign leader visited the White House more frequently than Yasser Arafat. The current administration regards Arafat as an untrustworthy liar, and has never invited him to the White House.

Bush likewise broke with the past by insisting that Palestinian democracy and tolerance, and a leadership ''not compromised by terror,'' are prerequisites to peace with Israel. Unlike John Kerry, who speaks of making the United Nations a ''full partner'' in US foreign policy, Bush is under no illusions about the UN's intense anti-Israel hostility. Nor has he had any difficulty recognizing the poisonous strain of anti-Semitism that runs beneath some of the most virulent denunciations of the Jewish state.

When the UN's self-styled ''conference against racism'' in Durban, South Africa, in 2001 turned into a grotesque anti-semitic debauch, Bush ordered the US delegation to walk out. When the prime minister of Malaysia opened an international summit by declaring that ''Jews rule the world by proxy,'' Bush personally rebuked him. In all this, he has come across not as a politician acting out of calculated expedience, but as a man acting on principle and conviction.

Bush got only 19 percent of the Jewish vote in 2000; he has known all along that most Jews would vote Democratic in 2004. Yet there is nothing anomalous about his ardent support for Israel or his firm stance against anti-Semitism. Unlike the Europe of Jewish memory, in the United States today it is the left that has increasingly set its face against Jewish interests. As poll after poll confirms, conservative Republicans are much more likely to self-identify as pro-Israel than liberal Democrats. It is no surprise that a man like Pat Buchanan has had to leave the Republican Party. Or that a man like Sharpton is at home among the Democrats.

Of course these are not the only issues that Jewish voters care about. For many voters, Jewish or otherwise, domestic matters - abortion, jobs, taxes, the environment - trump every other concern.

But those for whom these issues do weigh heavily have an obligation to look beyond party label. This isn't 1944. No one should be voting as if it is.




By Emanuel A. Winston

Middle East analyst & commentator

One man, elected as a temporary manager of Israel's affairs, has instead transferred to himself ownership of the Jewish nation's territory and appointed himself dictator over the nation's people. This man is Israel's Prime Minister Ariel (Arik) Sharon. He has slipped under the radar of public observation and conducts secret meetings with Israel's American friends to dispose of land which neither he nor the American administration of President George W. Bush own.

Some say: "What G-d giveth; Sharon taketh away."

While Sharon maintains that he is 'somehow' protecting Israel by transferring resident Jews out of Gaza/Gush Katif where they have lived and made the land bloom for three generations, his lie is exposed in his planning. At the insistence of the Bush Administration - pushed by the pro-Arab U.S. State Department (who runs American foreign policy no matter who is president), in linkage with Saudi Arabia, Arik Sharon is to be the godfather of another Arab Muslim Palestinian State in the heartland of Israel.

But, first they need an anchor base to consolidate Palestinian control (which will be Gaza) and then they will reach out for Judea and Samaria for a contiguous State of Arab Muslim Palestinians. Sharon's declaration of a unilateral retreat raised the expectations of conquering all of Israel - just as former P.M. Ehud Barak's midnight abandonment of the Lebanon security area encouraged the Hezb'Allah and proved to the Arab Muslims that Israel's defenses can be forced to collapse.

Sharon already knows that, not only will Gaza become an operational base for Hamas, the PLO, Al Aksa Brigades, Tanzim, and other Arafat confederates but, once Gaza is in their hands, Al Qaeda and Hezb'Allah will pour in en masse. Most of those mentioned already have representative cells in Gaza and the territories given over to Arafat's control by the Oslo Accords by Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres - and those following Oslo.

As long as Jewish civilians are present in Gaza, along with the IDF forces, these various terrorist groups cannot work together efficiently. They are under Israeli surveillance and on-going attacks against their leaders. It is estimated that they have at least 200 Kassem rockets ready to fire. They can and do fire Kassem rockets and quickly run away but, imagine if they could comfortably fire salvos and re-load, knowing that they were safe, even protected by a missile umbrella. (Yes, the Palestinians do have smuggled ground-to-air shoulder-fired missiles just awaiting the time to use them.)

But, that is not the worst of it.

If Sharon succeeds in uprooting and transferring the Jewish men, women and children - along with the IDF, out of Gaza and Gush Katif, the larger groups of radical Islamists will move in. These are called the 'Mujahadeen' (Islamic holy warriors). You may know that they have poured into Iraq through Syria from all over the Arab Muslim world. They come as religious volunteers from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Yemen, Kuwait, Syria, Iran, Lebanon, Algeria, Libya and even from Muslim immigrants who settled comfortably in Europe and America.

They would already be massing in Gaza were it not for the Jewish civilians and the Jewish army. Sharon, exercising something similar to 'Eminent Domain' has decided to condemn 21 beautiful farming communities and 2 cities to ethnically cleanse Gaza of Jews and open the doors for thousands of 'Mujahadeen' Islamists to join the terrorist groups already there.

Sharon cannot be merely identified as unaware - given his military background and expertise. He has also been seriously warned by his top military officers and military Intelligence that, not only will the 'Mujahadeen' Jihadists pour into Gaza but that Iran will furnish much longer range missiles, some with chemical warheads, to the Muslim Terrorists. Such missiles can easily reach the densely populated coastal cities of Israel, such as Ashdod, Ashkelon - and even Tel Aviv.

Since Egypt has already proven itself to be a reliable enabler of smuggled weapons through the tunnels to the Arab Muslim Terrorists - and acted as a storage facility, awaiting delivery from the Sinai, no doubt, they will also become a port for Iranian missiles.

Sharon knows all of this and cannot claim ignorance which makes him a dictator of the first order. In putting the Israeli major cities at risk of Iranian missiles, in addition to the shorter range Kassem rockets, Sharon has become an enemy of his own people.

Sharon is knowingly engaged in crimes against the Jewish people. He fully understands that, in conspiracy with other nations to fulfill their personal or national interests, he has chosen to betray the Jewish nation he was elected to protect.

Sharon has adamantly refused to disclose to the Israeli people that he has accepted the diktats of foreign interests and is determined to establish a hostile Arab Muslim Palestinian State within rifle shot of the main Israeli population centers. This is not theory or speculation, given that Sharon is building a wall and/or a fence the length of which will be to encircle what is left of the world's only Jewish State of Israel.

Many sections of that fence (only a small per cent of which is a concrete wall) block rifle fire that can and have aimed directly into Israeli homes. But, Sharon's Wall will not inhibit ground-to-air missiles from the new Arab Muslim Palestinian State created by Sharon at incoming or exiting international airliners from Ben Gurion Airport.

Sharon and his companion Leftists, no doubt, will bewail the loss of the first airliner brought down and, no doubt, attack a few empty buildings as a gesture of response.

Naturally, we will hear from whatever President sits in the Oval Office and the Europeans expressing condolences, while urging restraint and demanding that Peace be given a chance. The nations of the world refuse to recognize the sheer barbarity of Arab Muslim Terrorists and insist upon pursuing a non or never existing peace.

Even as two little Jewish Ethiopian children aged 2 and 4 were killed this first day of Sukkot in Sderot, we all know that we will hear some babbling inanities coming from your mouth about how you must continue your insane plan to sever the Jews from the land.

Soon I expect to see the mix of Gaza-based Terrorists start to kidnap Israelis and threaten to behead them as did their fellow radical Muslims in Iraq. No Doubt, Islamic Terrorists will adopt or rather re-introduce the targeting of children's schools - as they did in Beslan, Russia. Clearly, you have forgotten how Muslim Arab Terrorists successfully attacked and killed 23 Jewish children in Ma'alot, Northern Israel.

It will be you, Ariel Sharon, who will have given them the chance to operate close to population centers and with greater efficiency. I repeat, you are a danger to the nation, a danger to the Jews of Israel and a danger to the Jews of the world. You and yours deserve the harshest punishment that the law allows.

Others who are also a clear and present danger to the Jewish people and nation are those Leftists led by Shimon Peres and Yossi Beilin, among others, who conspired with Arafat before Oslo, during Oslo and after Oslo.

It was understandable when one of the Knesset members demanded a full investigation of Oslo, who planned it, which foreign governments were involved, that Shimon Peres went ballistic. He threatened to quit the Labor Party and the Knesset at which point Arik Sharon stepped in and killed the idea of an investigation.

Hm, I wonder how involved Sharon may have been as a "Shadow" advisor to the Oslo plan? Whether he was or not, he has reversed his own position and his Likud Party's platform 180 to evict the 8,300 pioneering Settlers of Gush Katif from homes, farms, schools, synagogues, factories, businesses, land, infrastructure, water and, even, the dead in their cemeteries.

It is past time to pull the plug on Sharon's connections to foreign interests and put someone else in place who will represent and protect Israel's security and sovereignty. President Bush, in his recent debate, clearly stated that his job was to represent the interests of America and not seek approval from the international community. This is good advice for Israel.


Emanuel A. Winston is a research associate and member of the Board of Directors of the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies.




by Arlene Peck

The Arabs are bombing, murdering, mutilating, raping and wreaking havoc all over the Judeo/Christian world. Israel has nothing to do with it -- nothing!

The front pages of the LA Times been completely filled with the latest catastrophic actions from these savage, barbaric Arabs who tortured and slaughtered hundreds of school children and their mothers during the past few days in the horrific school bombings.

Children, Babies, who were forced to drink their own urine, because they were tortured and denied water and food for over two days in 95 degree heat. One six-year-old child was reported to have been killed by having a bayonet thrust through his little body when he had the audacity to ask for water from these "brave men" who were holding them hostage. Then if that wasn't bad enough, over twenty of these small children were shot in the back from snipers on the roof-tops as they were trying to escape to run to the safety of their mothers arms.

The Muslims are experts in killing babies. I remember the massacre of the Kindergarten in Maalot in 1974. More so, while covering the war in June of '82 in Lebanon and saw what cowards these vermin were. They excel in bombings and terror attacks on subways, planes and schools. But when they are in a real combat situation and have to fight, then they disappear or run with their hands in the air, waving white flags before the first shot is fired.

They have also taken two French journalists as hostages, in order to influence French domestic laws. This is especially interesting since Mr. Jacques Chirac and France, since 1967, have gone out of they're way to alienate their western allies and openly side with the Arabs in the name of special relationship and understanding of the Arab world.

They want to pressure the French to change their laws on headscarf. Otherwise, they were going to use the journalists to make a political statement. Folks, this is only the beginning. Within five years the required fashion in Paris will be burqas.

Page two in the Times continued with a story of how a female suicide bomber wearing an explosive device stuffed with metal bolts killed at least nine people in a Moscow subway station in a blast and injured about a hundred more. This, in addition to the two airplanes that the Muslim fundamentalists blew up a few days ago, in Russia. Then about a hundred innocent people were killed in those 2 attacks. I can't even look at the television and see the nightly death toll of our soldiers in Iraq. We are paying a great price with our soldier's blood to bring freedom and democracy to this modern day Babylon.

The reality is, if we don't root out terrorism in all its manifestations, wherever it is, this nightmare which right now we are just watching on the evening news will eventually reach our shores, as well as the other free nations around the world.

Somewhere buried in the LA Times was a story about how these same subhuman savage 'militants' who had killed twelve Nepalese workers want more! More concessions and more blood! Later in the day I received a graphic video of them, beheading these poor civilians. We are dealing with a mentality that only understands force.

I've seen it! The Russians aren't known for being very politically correct. If I were living through the horror they've gone through these past few days, I'd pressure my government into sending a "laser-guided missile" into every one of those mosques where they plan, train and finance these attacks with a note attached reading, "Never again!"

In fact, now would be a perfect time to drop leaflets on the mosques that plan and train the terrorists that from now on the next thing dropped on them are missiles dipped in pig's blood. No more 'restrained action' as they are regularly recommended by our government, the EU and UN. When the next terrorists action happens, just do it!

Somebody has to do something! President Bush is out there trying to defend his policies locating the WMD's, when everyone and their Arab brothers know that they have been moved into Syria. Who do we think we're kidding?

The effort against fundamentalist Islam must be worldwide. Whether it's Afghanistan, Russia, the Philippines, United States or Israel! It is the freedom of every individual that is at stake here! When are we going to wake up! Our lives are being disrupted on a daily basis.

Today, the Los Angeles airport was shut down because of a 'terrorist' threat. As I vented my anger to my kid she said, "Mom, how do you know it's Arabs who are behind this?" Yeah right, it's probably a gang from Norway or Finland! Of course it's the Muslims! Name me one other group that is bent on destroying our lives as we know them?

I haven't even begun to get around to the holocaust caused by these same Muslim Fundamentalists who are rampaging, raping and killing hundreds of thousands of Sudanese Christians and black Africans because they refuse to bow to their god, Allah!

It doesn't matter where they are. It all boils down to the fact that the Judeo/Christian free world is at war with an evil, vicious, seventh century barbaric Islamic culture. These people kill indiscriminately. The Islamic Muslims don't care who they target. Children, old people, people ridding on buses, teen-agers going to discotheques, eating in pizza parlors, are all fair game. Even other Muslims. I think that the world is finally realizing that it's not just Israel who is the target. It's anyone who isn't THEM. By that, I mean anyone who isn't a Fundamentalist Muslim.

Interestingly enough, while watching the Holocaust in the Russian school unfold on the news stations, I was speaking on the phone with a technician about a computer glitch that I had. We had been speaking for a couple of days and he sounded like a very nice man. He was a Muslim man from Iran who had left that country thirty years ago. He told me how badly he felt about the ongoing horrors being played out on the television as we spoke. Yet, when I asked him what he did personally to speak out about the actions that he apparently found so disturbing by those in his culture, he was silent. I asked what was being said about the behavior from those in his mosques. He was quiet, then said, "What can I do, as one person?: You have a newspaper column. You have a voice." That, folks, seems to be the attitude of all of them.

Ironically, most people here that I've spoken with don't even comprehend that this is a long term problem that has been foisted upon us by 1.3 billion people. My daughter said, Mom, my friend, Selena is an Arab and isn't like that. Well, that's quite possible. Maybe there are millions of them that are like her friend Selena. Yet, where is the outcry from the Muslim community? The newspapers and television are filled with the outrages caused by her culture. Show me one mosque or protest by those peaceful Muslims? ONE!

Yet, these barbarians are quick to dance in the streets and pass out candy to all their children at the joy of seeing the carnage in Israel's or any other part of the civilized western world. I fully expect to turn on the television and see them dancing on the roof-tops in Iraq, Iran and Gaza, celebrating the dead babies in Russia.

The only way we are going to defeat this issue is with TRUTH! The first step is to cut the political correctness over this issue! Enough is enough! Secondly, we need to help Israel complete the security barrier as soon as possible, despite the United Nations' objection. Finally, we need to implement the same policy regarding "rooting out terrorism in all its forms, wherever it is." Whether it's Afghanistan, Iraq, Russia, the Sudan, Iran, Syria, or Israel. We should not be applying a "double standard" when it comes to eliminating this evil around the world.


Arlene Peck is an internationally syndicated columnist and television talk show hostess. She travels extensively worldwide, reporting to her audience about political events, social happenings (Cannes Film Festival, London event for the Variety Club, etc.) and "must see" spots. If there is a place to see and be seen, she'll write about it for her international audience.

Arlene's syndicated column is read weekly by millions and her television show ("Wow! It's Arlene Peck!") can be seen throughout Southern California every Monday night.




By Prof. Paul Eidelberg

"By the end of 2005, not one Jew will remain in Gaza."
- Prime Minister Ariel Sharon

A dreadful feeling is sweeping through Israel -- that the Jewish State is heading toward catastrophe. A Bar-Ilan University study of 6,196 Israelis between the ages of 11 and 15 from a variety of religious and ethnic groups indicates that 40% worry that the State faces the threat of destruction. Meanwhile, eminent Israelis believe that the government itself has been contributing to this precarious state of affairs.

All is not bleak, however. In a referendum of his own Likud Party, not only did an overwhelming majority oppose Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's plan to withdraw unilaterally from Gaza -- a preliminary to withdrawing from Judea and Samaria -- but by so doing they also opposed the President of the United States who had publicly supported Sharon's plan!

Nevertheless, in violation of his pledge to abide by the Likud referendum, indeed, in an act described as that of a dictator, Mr. Sharon fired two of his opposing cabinet ministers to obtain a cabinet majority for his illegal as well as immoral plan to remove every Jew from Gaza, that is, to remove them from their homes and synagogues, their schools and yeshivas, their farms and factories, and to turn over this treasure of three generations to Arab terrorists!

Contrary to his once heroic reputation, Mr. Sharon's plan of retreating under fire and uprooting countless Jews from Judea, Samaria, and Gaza means defeatism and can only lead to the demise of Israel which so many fear. Unfortunately, there is no person or party or organization in Israel that has the wherewithal to rally the people around a constructive plan, one that can not only reverse Israel's withdrawal to its indefensible 1949 borders, but can also reform Israel's government so as to make it truly representative of the abiding beliefs and values of the Jewish people.

We therefore request your help. We urge you to study the plan outlined below and get involved in our effort to prevent Israel's demise. We are compiling a mailing list of people who endorse our plan. Please see the end of this e-mail for instructions on how you can get on this mailing list and receive future releases concerning our plan to save Israel.

The plan has been designed by the American-born, internationally known political scientist, Professor Paul Eidelberg (Ph.D. University of Chicago), who has lived and taught in Israel for 28 years. We urge all lovers of Israel to pause ten minutes to read Eidelberg's plan, for at stake is the security of ALL Jews now threatened by the explosion of anti-Semitism in America, indeed, throughout the world.

Eidelberg contends -- and he has an abundance of evidence to prove -- that the Jewish state is no longer viable, indeed, is evaporating. (1) Almost 50% of the births in Israel are non-Jewish. (2) The government's lax immigration law has diminished the Jewish majority of the State by almost 10% in the last two decades. (3) The government does not enforce the Citizenship Law against Israel's Arab citizens who aid or commit terrorist acts against the State. (4) Israel's ultra-liberal Supreme Court does not uphold the indictment of Arab Knesset Members who have incited Israeli Arabs to emulate Hezbullah. (5) The same Court has refused to uphold a law which prohibits any party that rejects the Jewish character of the State. (6) The Knesset consists of so many parties that it is virtually impotent. (7) Several of these parties -- each with its own agenda -- must coalesce to form a government, in consequence of which the government is incapable of pursuing a coherent and resolute national strategy -- which prompts the Prime Minister to violate the law by ignoring his cabinet on controversial issues.

The conclusion is obvious: Israel has a dysfunctional system of government, a government in dire need of systemic reform. Vested interests, in particular the existing political parties, will block any attempt by non-parliamentary groups to change the political system. These groups therefore need the support of a powerful organization outside of Israel! Eidelberg has developed a comprehensive program for such an organization which, together with a parallel organization in Israel, would promote the ideological foundations, institutional reforms, and public policies of a future government of Israel. This dual-organization would in effect constitute a "shadow government" operating partly in exile and partly in Israel, until it becomes wholly integrated in Eretz Yisrael. Here is Eidelberg's plan.

How to Prevent Israel's Demise

By Prof. Paul Eidelberg

The Problem: Israel's System of Government

1. A survey commissioned by former Knesset Speaker Abraham Burg indicates that almost 90% of the people in Israel are disgusted with their system of government. An increasing majority feel powerless despite periodic, multi-party elections. Although Ariel Sharon was elected in February 2001 by a landslide victory to put an end to Arab terror, more than 1,000 Jews have been murdered under his premiership, some 6,000 have been wounded -- many maimed for life -- to which add the tens of thousands of children suffering from post-traumatic shock syndrome! Instead of destroying the barbaric Palestinian Authority three years ago in one swift blow -- an he had the green light from the Bush administration to do so -- his policy of "targeted killings" and brief incursions has given the forces of anti-Semitism three years to spread Jew-hatred throughout the U.S. and Europe. Sharon's premiership has been an unmitigated disaster. And what is also shocking, critical analysis of Israel's system of government reveals that it is not representative of the people, so that even its legitimacy is questionable as the following facts demonstrate:

a. Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has not only failed to protect the lives of his fellow-citizens. Acting as a virtual dictator, he has emasculated his cabinet and, in defiance of the heads of Israel's military and intelligence services, is determined to uproot Jews from their homes in Judea, Samaria, and Gaza -- thus violating Israel's Basic Law: Human Freedom and Dignity.

b. Members of the Knesset, hence those who become cabinet ministers, are not personally elected by, or individually accountable to, the voters in multi-district elections -- the practice of 74 out of 75 democracies. The government, consisting of party leaders with safe seats, controls the Knesset and can ignore public opinion with impunity. (No Likud- or Labor-led government has ever been toppled by a Knesset vote of no confidence.)

c. The Supreme Court, as admitted by eminent Israelis across the political spectrum, is a self-perpetuating oligarchy that scorns the abiding beliefs and values of the Jewish People.

d. Current Knesset Speaker Reuben Rivlin has admitted that Israel is governed not by the rule of law but by a "gang of law." (No wonder! Israel lacks a Constitution, which was prescribed in its 1948 Declaration of Independence.)

2. Despite Israel's democratic veneer, the people cannot reform the system by ordinary political means; and to expect reform to originate from within the government is like asking chickens to vote for Colonel Sanders. So, what is to be done to save Israel from its own political and judicial institutions?

The Solution: Part I -- America

1. Suppose an organization was established in New York whose primary object is to do what no other American Zionist organization has done, namely, to expose the flaws of Israel's system of government, showing how these flaws are largely responsible for Israel's repeated disasters, which now threaten the very existence of the Jewish state. The organization I have in mind will be staffed by Americans and Israelis. It will have committees which more or less parallel government ministries -- as if it were a "shadow government." It will have a weekly TV and daily radio program, as well as a first-rate website with links throughout the world. It will establish a nationwide lecture bureau. (There are more than ten colleges and universities in the New York area alone.) It will conduct seminars and publish articles and policy papers. It would even start a grassroots movement among college students. All this is quite doable. True, pro-Israel media exist, but they are not institutionally oriented. They do not have regime change as their goal.

2. I have lived and taught in Israel almost three decades. I have written several books and countless articles on Israel's institutions, its policies, and even on the mentality its ruling elites; and I have also spoken to various Israeli prime ministers and cabinet ministers. I see no statesman on the horizon, and if one should appear he would be thwarted by Israel's grotesque political system. Hence I see no future for Judaism in Israel given its present governmental system. But without Israel, how many Jews will lose faith in Israel Eternal?

3. The two most pro-Israel organizations in the U.S. are Americans for a Safe Israel (AFSI) and the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA). The heads of both KNOW that despite all their heroic efforts during the past three decades, they have had NO impact on the territorial retreat and defeatist policies of Israeli governments. So what, in brief, do these fine organizations accomplish? First, they educate many people in the USA. Second, they enlighten some congressmen. What's missing? These Zionist organizations -- all honor to them -- never engage in significant critique of Israel's regime, its system of governance. They focus on the flaws of Israel's foreign policies. They are silent about Israel's flawed political and judicial institutions. They know these institutions are defective, but to criticize them would be to "interfere" in Israel's domestic affairs -- or so they would have us believe. This is nonsense, since AFSI and the ZOA have been criticizing Israeli governments throughout the past three decades.

4. Serious political scientists know that regime questions precede policy questions, that the latter are the consequence of the former. I have lectured before scores of Anglo-American and Russian audiences which, after hearing my arguments and evidence, fully agree that it's the SYSTEM, the SYSTEM, the SYSTEM that is ruining Israel. It's this system that entrenches Israel's flawed politicians in power and perpetuates their suicidal policies. The 1993 Oslo Agreement was foisted on the people without Knesset or public debate! And the Supreme Court has circumvented a petition by eminent Israelis challenging the legality of that agreement. This alone demonstrates the need for systemic reform.

5. To overhaul Israel's system of government, our New York organization will be integrated with a parallel organization in Jerusalem. Given electronic modes of communication, coordination of activities and transmission of articles and policy papers present no problem.

6. What shall we call this New York-based organization? Let us formally call it "Israel's Future Government: USA" (IFG-USA) but let it be understood, unofficially, as Israel's Future Government -- In Exile! (No equivalent to a French or Polish government in exile is intended.) Thinking of it as "Israel's Future Government -- In Exile" means that we are preparing, in exile, but in coordination with a parallel organization in Israel, the future ideological foundations, institutional reforms, and public policies for what will eventually become the Government of Israel in Eretz Yisrael.

7. The impetus for the formation of that parallel organization in Israel will actually depend on the establishment of IFG-USA. Only such an organization can unite Israel's disparate non-parliamentary Zionist groups and provide the inspiration and support required to mold these groups into a nationalist camp or a Jewish National Movement. The JNM (see below) will initiate a massive grass roots movement having as its goal the reconstruction of the State of Israel on solid Jewish, democratic foundations.

8. The JNM will metamorphose into a Constitutional Party. Like no other party in Israel's history, the candidates of this party will be professionals familiar with the various sectors of public life. The citizens of Israel would know, for the first time, who and what they are voting for.

9. Given the political discontent and anarchy now existing in Israel, and recalling how the "Dash" reform party won 15 Knesset seats in 1977 under far less perilous circumstances, our Constitutional Party could readily win a decisive number of seats in the Knesset, more than enough to place on the public agenda a Constitution as called for in Israel's Declaration of Independence. (IFG-USA will have a veritable library of policy papers and books with which to equip this Constitutional Party and educate the public -- a public longing for fundamental institutional reform.)

10. Members of IFG-USA do not claim to represent the people of Israel from a legal point of view. But we do claim to represent the people of Israel in terms of their Jewish heritage and aspirations on the one hand, and their many grievances against the existing government on the other -- which grievances cannot be remedied under Israel's existing political system. Therein is the justification of our projected organization.

11. Of course, there will be Jews in Israel who will laugh at this enterprise. Some may even be angered. But there will be many others who will be SHOCKED -- and this is one of the organization's objectives. Jews in Israel must draw the logical conclusion of their own disgust with the Knesset: that their government does not represent them, indeed, is their enemy! The necessity of our proposed organization logically follows.

10. We must confront the fact that there is NO force in the Knesset or in Israeli society that has the wherewithal to prevent Israel's further retreat and ultimate demise. We must do something now -- BEFORE the uprooting of Jews takes place.

a. Generalissimo Sharon has declared: "By the end of 2005, not one Jew will remain in Gaza." This uprooting of 8,000 Jews will be followed by the uprooting of countless more in Judea and Samaria. Many of these Jews, especially Americans, will leave Israel. This is reason enough to establish IFG-USA, which can tap the talents of these exiled American Jews.

b. I am ready to work full time without a salary to make IFG-USA a reality.

11. Obviously, IFG-USA will require a first-rate funding network, not only to sustain its own operations, but to assist the Jewish National Movement in Israel. A fully staffed IFG-USA will consist of an experienced executive director; two lawyers (one general, the other constitutional); two political scientists (one general, the other an expert in electoral systems); an economist; a businessman; a rabbi with a degree preferably in the sciences; a public relations expert; a communications specialist; a webmaster; writers in various fields; linguists; a full-time secretary; and many volunteers. (Obviously IFG-USA can start with a more modest staff.)

12. IFG-USA will have an executive committee consisting, say, of nine members, five of which should be Israelis. (Some will be dual citizens.) Roughly half of IFG-USA policy committees should be chaired by Israelis.

13. IFG-USA will seek endorsements by prominent Americans and Israelis.

The Solution: Part II -- Israel

The Jewish National Movement

The Jewish National Movement will address the urgent need of Jewish national unity and security and will do so by means of clearly defined, goal-directed Jewish leadership.

A. General Aims of the JNM

1. To establish a union of non-parliamentary groups unaffiliated with any political party.

2. To support and coordinate the activities of these groups in such a way as to enable each to pursue its own distinctive function more effectively and yet magnify their collective influence on Jewish affairs in Israel and in the Diaspora. (It must be emphasized that a Jewish National Movement requires the overcoming of the organizational egotism that has fragmented and enfeebled the so-called Right in Israel.)

3. To provide the people of Israel with an alternative to Oslo, one that reasserts Jewish sovereignty over the Temple Mount, Judea, Samaria, and Gaza.

4. To inform the people of Israel of the undemocratic, unJewish, and corrupt nature of Israel's political system.

5. To promote an alternative system of government whose paramount principle is the Jewish essence of the State, to which all other principles are subordinate.

B. Structure: The JNM Will

1. Establish a national headquarters in Jerusalem to facilitate uninterrupted cooperation with IFG-USA and uninterrupted cooperation between non-parliamentary organizations in Israel.

2. Appoint an executive committee to oversee operations.

3. Recruit experts in various public and private sectors to formulate, in cooperation with IFG-USA, a comprehensive national program amenable to religious and nationalist oriented Jews.

4. Establish a funding network in Israel that will allow each organization to function within the framework of the Movement, share its resources, minimize unnecessary duplication, and present to the world at large the voice of a United Israel.

5. Establish branches around the country, especially near universities. (These branches will be the generators of a massive grassroots movement whose goal is to rally public support for a Constitutional Party.)

6. Form a lecture bureau consisting of scholars, rabbis, and retired businessmen. (Urgently needed is bold Jewish education, using Jewish concepts to analyze the various ideas and political forces that fragment the Jewish People and endanger Israel's well-being).

7. Ensure the Jewish People everywhere access to information regarding Israel's security and well-being by supporting a politically independent media network analogous to Voice of America or Radio Free Europe.

8. Form action teams with specific objectives such as public relations, exposure of governmental ineptitude, fearless investigation and publication of names and activities of all enemies of the Jewish People -- their resources, agents, networks, and affiliates regardless of their race, national origin, positions of power, and social or economic connections.

9. Form standing committees equivalent to those of the IFG-USA -- committees that parallel major government ministries. (The JNM should see itself as an incipient "shadow government.")

10. Establish an Institute of Statesmanship and Torah Philosophy to develop high caliber Jewish leadership that will inspire the Jewish People.

C. Resolutions: The JNM

1. Demands that the Government (a) abrogate Oslo; (b) destroy, in one swift blow, the Palestinian Authority and its terrorist network; (c) in the process of destroying the PA, capture Arafat and, in the name of justice, put him on trial as a war criminal, revealing in minute detail his crimes against the Jewish people, indeed, against humanity, both before and after Oslo; (d) close down all institutions and media that advocate incitement; (e) establish a Commission of National Inquiry to ascertain the culpability of those responsible for Oslo and its implementation.

2. Demands that the Government assert Israel's sovereignty over the Temple Mount, Judea, Samaria, and Gaza.

3. Calls on the Government to (a) pass a Homestead Act to facilitate Jewish settlement of Judea, Samaria, Gaza, and the Golan Heights; (b) invite foreign capital to build model cities in these areas; (c) move certain ministries to eastern Jerusalem.

4. In pursuance of the 1952 Citizenship Law, urges the Minister of Interior to revoke the citizenship of all Arabs who have committed acts of violence against the Jewish state.

5. Demands enforcement of Basic Law: The Knesset, which bars any party that negates the Jewish character of the State.

6. Demands that those Arab Knesset members who have committed acts of sedition or incitement be indicted, expelled from the Knesset, and deported.

7. Advocates a market economy based on Jewish ethics to avoid the greed of capitalism and the egalitarian envy of socialism. Employee Stock Ownership Plans should be used wherever expedient.

8. Advocates a bi-cameral parliament. The upper branch, the Senate, will be limited to Jews and will have exclusive law-making powers. The lower branch, the House of Representatives, will exercise the power of administrative oversight (a power lacking in the present Knesset). Members of both branches will be individually accountable to the voters in regional elections. (For details, see the website of the Foundation for Constitutional Democracy: http.//

9. Advocates a Presidential system to replace multi-party cabinet government which is inept, divisive, and incapable of pursuing coherent and resolute national policies. The Presidency and the heads of all executive offices will be limited to Jews.

10. Advocates nomination of Supreme Court judges by the President (with the advice of a council learned in Jewish and secular law), subject to confirmation by the Senate.

11. Insists that the Supreme Court adhere to the Foundations of Law Act 1980, such that Jewish law will be "first among equals" vis--vis other legal systems used by the judiciary.

12. Advocates a law that would enable a private citizen who suffers injury from the act of any public official to sue the official for compensatory and punitive damages.

13. Advocates legislation that (a) no citizen may be arrested without charge nor be imprisoned without trial longer than two weeks; (b) no person convicted of a felony may be released from jail prior to the termination of his sentence without the approval of a parole board consisting of qualified private citizens. This will preclude the release of terrorists.

14. Insists that the IDF be depoliticized by legislation prohibiting high-ranking officers from holding any elective national office for five years after their discharge.

15. Recognizes that, given the existence of weapons of mass destruction, a small state like Israel must pursue a policy of preemption.

16. Demands that the Soldiers Code of Ethics be revised to emphasize "Judaism," "Zionism," and "Eretz Israel."

17. Urges amendment of the "grandfather clause" of the Law of Return, which has enabled hundreds of thousands of gentiles to enter Israel.

18. Advocates enfranchisement of Israelis abroad.

19. Demands that the government recall the Israeli ambassador from, and refrain from seeking diplomatic relations with, any state whose government fosters hatred of Jews.

20. Demands that the government cease appeasing the United States. This not only demeans Israel and Jews in the Diaspora, but it also perpetuates Washington's hypocritical friendship with the Jewish state. Accordingly, Israel's government must (a) demand the immediate release of its agent, Jonathan Pollard; (b) stop relying on the U.S. to play the role of the anything but "honest broker" in Israel-Arab affairs; (c) reveal the extent to which the U.S. is dependent on Israeli science, high-tech industries, medical discoveries, and intelligence services; (d) notify the U.S. that Israel will terminate in stages American transfer payments, i.e., military and economic assistance; (e) resume development and production of an Israeli fighter aircraft by reducing taxes on the one hand, and eliminating outrageous tax-evasion on the other; (f) notify the U.S. to move its embassy from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem or have none at all.




by Emanuel A. Winston


by Dr. Aaron Lerner Date: 26 September 2004

A review of the proposed Disengagement Plan Law presented today in Hebrew on the Ministry of Justice website B5207/9689/Hitnatkut1.pdf?thumbnail=true&label=Hitnatkut.pdf

finds that Article 27 (A)(2) provides for the imprisonment for five years of residents of communities who decline to leave their homes before the evacuation date. Those residents who have no knives (possibly even no kitchen knives) or guns in their possession who decline to leave their homes before the evacuation date could be imprisoned for 3 years.

It is important to note that this punishment could also apply to residents who as an act of passive resistance, lay on the floor of their home and require that security forces carry them out [Article 27(A)(3)]

Article 30(A) provides that after the evacuation date the residents have no legal claim to any of their moveable possessions remaining in the area designated for evacuation. (1)Prime Minister Sharon seems to have adopted a version of Hitler's Nuremberg Laws which made Jews non-citizens of the German Reich. He is forcing Jews to divest themselves of their homes and property. In furtherance of Sharon's government shift to dictatorial procedures, Attorney General Mazuz has issued guidelines on what he and Justice Minister Tomy Lapid consider incitement - which apparently is anthing opposing Sharon's unilateral 'Disengagement Retreat' Plans. (more on this in a later article)


What is the responsibility of a citizen to his or her government when elected leaders start to rule by fiat? Generally that's called a dictatorship.

Regrettably, I see that happening in Israel today as Prime Minister Ariel Sharon rules on uprooting 8,300 Jewish men, women and children without a consensus in the Knesset, his own political party and its platform or a referendum by the people.

Israel's government has drifted far from anything that could conceivably be called a 'democracy'. These ruling cliques hold the citizenry in contempt and clearly state that they, the so-called elected leaders "know best".

Sharon answers to nothing, no one and pledges to move forward his re-partition plans for the Nation as if he owned title to all the Land of Israel. Moreover, he has become enslaved to the interests of Israel's great friend, the United States. But, that is not entirely true, given that it is the American people and the American Congress who view Israel as a friend and strategic ally. They see clearly that, if Israel divests herself of any land she will become more vulnerable and weakened as an ally.

Some others in America has special interests to look after. Here we find the pro-Arab State Department, the oil multi-national companies who try to manipulate the American citizenry on the theory that they "know best".

These special Arabist vested interests wish to dictate to Israel whatever orders will appease the Arab Muslim oil nations and their Terrorist organizations' representatives or proxies. To accomplish the full cycle of appeasement, it is imperative that these pro-Arab promoters control one of the main entities of Muslim rage, namely the Jewish State of Israel. Why the rage? Because the Jews beat the Arab Muslims in six wars and made the Land of Israel bloom where it was only barren while the Jews were exiled from it.

Israel can only be 'controlled' if they (American pro-Arab vested interests) have a lock on the office of Israel's Prime Minister and her Leftist Supreme Court. The recruitment of these power centers in Israel has been ongoing for a long time with a carrot and stick technique. The 'stick' is the threat to cut off the 'carrot' which includes the aid, technology, arms and such political assistance the U.S. can offer in such hostile organizations as the U.N. There may be other threats the U.S. holds over the State of Israel so dire that even the most stalwart of defenders for Israel's security and sovereignty are defeated and blackmailed into cowed submission to the will of the pro-Arab State Department who runs American foreign policy no matter who is President.

No doubt, Sharon is on a short leash and has gotten used to taking orders to "heel" like any well-trained dog. So, Sharon's dictatorial ways are a combination of his arrogance, his inflated ego and orders from the U.S. Administration - run by the pro-Arab State Department whose interests he serves as he thinks he must.

Furthermore, Sharon expects Israel's citizenry to obey his diktats without question. If they resist - even to defend their own homes as all democratic citizens must - he immediately tries to put the powers that are at his disposal into motion to quash any resistance. The draconian Articles above from the Disengagement Plan prove this very point. IF Sharon was right, correct and had the right to take these Jewish men, women and children from homes, farms, schools, synagogues, factories, businesses, infrastructure, water and, yes, even from their cemeteries, he wouldn't need to threaten 5 years of prison. If he were correct, there wouldn't be any resistance, human chain, demonstrations, rallies.....signs calling him a dictator. None of those are incitement. What he is planning to do to his own people - THAT IS INCITEMENT!

Arik Sharon was a great part of the defense of the Jewish people and their new State and earned our sincere and devoted admiration. But, that was yesterday. Sharon is now perceived as acting like the dedicated enemies of the Jews. After 56 years of War and incessant Terror attacks where we lost tens of thousands, Sharon breaks and runs!

Is it any wonder that many Israelis, Jews and pro-Israel Christians around the world have come to literally hate this man? If you re-read the devastating punishments he threatens his own people with, you would know why he has earned this hatred.

Perhaps Sharon is not entirely to blame, given that Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres crossed that line when they created the Oslo Accords without consensus. In either case, the public was manipulated and tricked into thinking that their elected officials had extraordinary powers. That even the Knesset (Parliament) was merely a collection of weak politicians who did very little to protect the Jewish nation but, did have broad gifts of expense accounts, long vacations, free cars, etc. Except for a handful of dedicated M.K.s (Members of Knesset), most were merely political hacks, simply along for the perks of a free ride. So don't count on the Knesset as gatekeepers to prevent the excesses of a Prime Minister who rules by fiat.

And note who he has as his largest coalition partners in government: the Shinui Party with Tomy Lapid as Minister of Justice. "Shinui" means "change". They want to 'change' Israel from being Jewish State to being a state of all its citizens. They want to de-Judaize the world's only Jewish State that was given to the Jewish people by G-d forever. And it is Tomy Lapid's Justice Ministry who issues these appalling threats of retribution if those Jews who are forcibly uprooted resist as any normal person would. Lapid and Shinui are also trying to strip Israel of Jewish law and have cut humanitarian budgets to Jewish families, schools and institutions.

Another decaying system is the Israeli Supreme Court which is known for its political activism under another type of dictator, Aharon Barak. They have shown themselves to be politically Left in the extreme. They actually pick their own replacements in office and answer to no one. They are a dictatorial cabal who have shown great hostility to those pejoratively called 'settlers' while reflecting the radical Left in their pro-Arab rulings. Best recent example: The Security Fence has to be moved to accommodate the agriculture of the Arab Muslims, even if, (as they acknowledge) it further endangers Jewish lives by bringing potential Terrorists closer to Jewish population centers. An Arab's trees and crops have more 'rights' than do Jewish citizens have 'rights' to life.

Hopefully, no Jew will lift his hand against Sharon but that does not stop G-d from taking a hand. I wonder if the Spirits of the Dead Jews past are watching Sharon tear down the nation, brick by brick, for which they sacrificed their lives and the lives of the unborn future children. As is foretold in Tanach and the Daily Prayers, G-d will raise the dead. Perhaps the true heroes of Israel's dead will rise up in a mighty army to face Sharon and drive him and those he recruited to dispose of the Land. No doubt, King David would take up his sword. Perhaps the thousands who died fighting the Egyptians in the Sinai or those who scaled the Golan Height to defeat Syria would rise up out of their graves to defeat any who would demolish the Jewish State they fought and died for. Remember the acclaimed Muslim poet Darweisha who tells the Jews to dig up their dead bones take them with you out of our (Muslim - sic) land.

Sharon has grown accustomed to his adopted role of dictator and becomes enraged when thwarted. When told by senior Military and Intelligence officers that a "Judenrein" (Jew-free) Gaza will become a staging area for long range, accurate missiles, shipped from Iran, he literally tells them to "Shut Up!" And he declares: nothing will stop his plans for transfer of Jews from their land.

Sharon is like a huge ship, heading toward an iceberg with so much built-up momentum, he cannot stop. Which is why Sharon's Ship of State must come to an end. The people must demand a vote, a peoples' referendum, new elections to stop the destruction, deaths, dire injuries and terror that he has wrought.

Sharon is no longer fighting for the Jews against the enemy. He is now fighting his own people to aid and comfort our declared enemies, the Arab Muslims and all who would defend their rights to attack and destroy the Jewish State. Sharon has become a clear and present danger to the Jews and the Jewish State and the people have an obligation to change this government.

There has been much talk of Civil War. Perhaps Sharon is causing this by accusing his own people of threatening him - when it is he who is threatening them.


Emanuel A. Winston is a member of the Board of Directors and a research associate of the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies.



(Below is an English translation of the article that Nadia Matar prepared in connection with the announced intention of the Minister of Internal Security, Gideon Ezra, who publicly announced that Nadia would be interrogated by the police before Yom Kippur. That did not happen. The essay contains a list of quotes, and is therefore longer than usual. However it is a must for members of the National Camp to use in case he or she is accused of "incitement.")


by Nadia Matar

Last week I sent a letter to the head of the Deportation Administration, Mr. Yonatan Bassi, in which I wrote that the fact that he plans to send a personal letter to each of the inhabitants of Gush Katif designated for transfer, and that his letter contains a "personal appeal and initial explanation of the evacuation process," fills me with chilling associations from the Holocaust. I attached to my letter one that had been written by the Berlin Judenrat in 1942 to the Jewish community, with details and explanations of the approaching deportation. I wrote to Bassi that, in my opinion, the document from 1942 was chillingly similar to the letter that he was about to send. I further stated that I believe that "Yonatan Bassi is a much worse version of the Judenrat in the Holocaust, for then in the Holocaust, this was forced upon those Jewish leaders by the Nazis, and it is very difficult for us to judge them today. But today no one stands with a pistol to Bassi's head and forces him to cooperate with the deportation of the Jews of Gush Katif and northern Samaria." I added that "whoever aids in the deportation of the Jews of Gush Katif and northern Samaria in actuality aids an anti-Semitic act, and will be so remembered to everlasting abhorrence." I concluded the letter with an emotional appeal to Bassi that "he still can resign from his contemptible position and enter Yom Kippur, the Day of Judgment, clean and at peace with his conscience, without being part of the modern Judenrat - the Deportation Administration" (the entire letter in Hebrew and the letter from 1942, also in Hebrew, can be seen at the Hebrew language Women in Green web site: <>) .

The letter received wide exposure, and I must admit - I am shocked. I am shocked by the responses of the establishment and the state media. All cry out to high heaven, because of the use of the strong epithet I applied to Bassi - while, on the other hand, no one is disturbed by the criminal act that Ariel Sharon seeks to commit, with Bassi's help, against which I cry out in my letter: the brutal deportation of Jews from their inheritance and their homes - most of whom are already the third generation on the land - men, women, and children, against their will, solely because they are Jews. This will be accompanied by the razing of their homes, the elimination of their lives' undertaking, the destruction of scores of synagogues, ritual baths, kindergartens, libraries, and schools; the disinterment of dozens of bodies from the cemeteries - many of them, the victims of Arab terror. And the trauma of ethnic cleansing will be followed by the ultimate crime: the handing over of all the Judenrein territory to the Arab enemy, territory that is the inheritance of our forefathers, that they were given by G-d, and that no Jew is permitted to give away. This is a national crime that will (correctly) be interpreted by the Arab enemy as a victory for terror, and will incite it to continue to murder Jews in Israel and throughout the world, knowing that these murders will result in additional "disengagement" plans - and this time from Netanyah, Haderah, Askhelon, Beersheva, Tel Aviv, and Jerusalem.

Instead of this terrifying scenario shaking every Jew to the very depths of his soul, instead of this scenario causing every public figure in Israel - the politicians, the Rabbis, civil rights activists, journalists, and others - from stopping their everyday routine to cry for help "Gevalt!", instead of this scenario resulting in a general strike by the entire country until the despicable plan is shelved, instead of all that, this is accepted naturally, with frightening tranquility. Yes, they "express sorrow and identification with those earmarked for uprooting and transfer, "but there is no shock, no outcry of "Gevalt," no proclamation that this is inconceivable, as if this were a heavenly decree! And about what is everyone alarmed? About the victim daring to call the hangman names!!

Just imagine the response in Israel and the world if the French government were to declare that "because of the great antagonism between Muslims and Jews in Paris, all the Jews must leave Paris by the end of 2005." All the houses of the Jews, the synagogues, the schools, and all other Jewish properties in Paris would be put at the disposal of the Muslim community. Jews who would oppose the evacuation would be forcibly placed in internment camps by the French security forces. Just imagine the response in Israel and the world if the Israeli Prime Minister were to declare that "by the end of 2005 there will no longer be any Arabs in Israel." Every Arab who would dare to resist the evacuation would be removed forcibly by the security forces and would be arrested. In each of the cases depicted above, a worldwide outcry would result. Everyone would compare the decree to the Holocaust period. Derogatory epithets would be hurled at those implementing the deportation, and the entire country would be disrupted by violent demonstrations, that would be organized spontaneously as soon as the plan became known.

And I ask: how is it that when Prime Minister Ariel Sharon proclaims to the entire world that "by the end of 2005 there will no longer be any Jews in Gaza," and even adds that the operation to deport Jews, simply because they are Jews, is not limited to Gaza, but also that additional extensive portions of our land, our homeland, will be handed over to the Arab enemy and become Judenrein - this is accepted without an upheaval similar to the outcry that would arise in response to either of these two scenarios?

One woman answered this question and told me: "Because Ariel Sharon is a Jew and this is a government of Jews, and so they are permitted." To which I respond: To the contrary! This is even more horrendous, just because this is a Jewish government! Master of the Universe, after two thousand years of Exile during which the worst of anti-Semites persecuted the Jews, expelled us, murdered us, burnt us, we have finally returned to the portion of our forefathers, to the Promised Land, and we established the State of Israel "to be a free people in our land" - and, oh, the horror of it! here, too, we are deported because we are Jews. This time it is not the Romans who are committing the crime, but our Jewish brothers! This is a crime for which there can be no atonement.

The late Shmuel Shnitzer already wrote about this in 1990, in an article in Maariv (February 23, 1990) entitled "The Racists": If we are the people of the Bible, if "the Land of Israel was the birthplace of the Jewish people" (in the words of the Israeli Proclamation of Independence), if this land is the land of the dreams, longings, and prayers of the people of Israel throughout all the generations of its exile and dispersion, how is it possible to determine, specifically now, that some areas are outside the bounds of the Children of Israel? In the places where the residence of Jews must be stopped, in the past the kings of Israel were enthroned, the prophets of Israel delivered their message of morality and justice, the freedom fighters of Israel shed their blood in the defense of their homeland. And there, of all the lands in the world, will be established the only area in the modern world in which the residence of Jews will be prohibited? I do not think that discrimination against Jews and the determination of areas within the Land of Israel as Judenrein, in which Jews may not live, becomes more respectable due to the fact that some Jews consent to this. For me, the true nature of all the restrictions of the "except for Jews" type is not in question. Whoever champions them, whoever preaches on their behalf, whoever bases his political theory on them, has to be capable of explaining why this anti-Jewish discrimination is any better or more valid than the old type that the world vomited up in revulsion 45 years ago.

Accordingly, in order to upset the entire system, I wrote what I did to Bassi. Since I have learned from the Internet that I might shortly have to undergo questioning by the police for my statements, I therefore wish to defend my letter, and show that there is nothing wrong, or inciting, in the epithets and the comparison that I used. I will show that it is not I who should be put on trial, but other prominent public figures.

My use of the word "Judenrat" and my stating to Bassi that "you are worse than the Judenrat of that time" resulted in two types of harsh criticism directed against me by the media and by the establishment. The first charge raised against me is that the use of Holocaust terminology is unfit and forbidden. The second, that my letter constitutes incitement to harm Bassi.

I wish to relate to both charges, to categorically deny them, and to indicate the hypocrisy of my critics:

1) The use of Holocaust terminology: The Jewish public in Israel and the world, from the left and the right, is divided on the question of the permissibility of the use of Holocaust terminology. Is it legitimate to compare then and now? Doesn't the use of terms from, and comparisons with, the Holocaust diminish the horrors of the destruction of European Jewry? Some say that the entire subject of the Holocaust is untouchable. It is sacred, and we are not allowed to use any word that recalls the Holocaust, because there is no situation today that can be comparable to what was then. I respect those who hold such an opinion, and I know that I cannot convince them to think otherwise. Since, however, they do not have a monopoly on the Holocaust, I am entitled to disagree with them and maintain that it is very important to make comparisons, to draw conclusions, and to act so that there will not be another Holocaust.

I was born and raised in Belgium. A considerable portion of my family was destroyed in the Holocaust. Throughout my childhood I heard from my grandparents about the stories and about the horrors. Already at a young age I made a promise to myself to do everything so that it would not happen again, that I would act so that the murder of my family would not have been for nothing, that I would do everything not to forget, and not to forgive.

In my humble opinion, the Holocaust is an event that could recur, in some form or other, if we do not open our eyes and understand that the Nazi monster is still breathing, and attempting to continue what Hitler, may his memory be blotted out, did not have time to finish. I am speaking of the Arabs around us, who have been trying, even from before the establishment of the State of Israel, to eliminate any Jewish existence in Eretz Israel, regardless of our borders. The Arabs have been murdering us on a daily basis from the days of the pogroms in 1929 (when it could not be claimed that we were "occupiers"). They slaughter Jews at every opportunity, whether in war or in terror attack, cold-bloodedly firing at the heads of Jewish infants. Muslim suicide bombers explode buses, pizza parlors, and discotheques full of Jews. It is they who are the modern version of the Nazis. Every thinking person knows, or should know, that Hitler's legacy plays a starring role in the Muslim world. Hitler's book Mein Kampf is a bestseller in all the Arab countries. Everyone knows, or should know, that the hero of the Arabs, Haj Amin el-Husseini, was Hitler's close friend, and together they planned the Holocaust of the Jews of Eretz Israel. Every intelligent person knows, or should know, that all the wars and terror attacks by the Arabs against us have the same goal: the total destruction of the State of Israel, and the elimination of all its Jewish inhabitants. Every intelligent person knows, or should know, that every sign of weakness, submission, or retreat by Israel will encourage the Nazi-Arab enemy and incite him to engage in more and more terror.

Consequently, every political plan that will merely play into the hands of the Nazi-Arab enemy and bring him closer to his final goal, that is, the removal of the Jews from Israel and the elimination of the Jewish state, is a dangerous plan against which we must sound the alarm. While, during the Holocaust, the Jews of the Judenrat played into the hands of the Nazi foe when they (unwillingly) collaborated and aided in the deportation of the Jews (without knowing the destination of the transports); today, Sharon's deportation plan also plays into the hands of the Nazi-Arab enemy, incites him to murder more and more Jews, and is liable - if, Heaven forbid, it were to be realized - to result in tens of thousands of murdered Jews, by Katushas and rockets fired from Gaza and northern Samaria to the densely populated centers in Gush Dan. In addition, Sharon's plan would give fuel to the antisemites in the world. They would rightfully say: "If a Jewish government can uproot Jews and deport them from their historic homeland; we in Europe can do the same and deport our Jews far away from here". Thus, in my eyes, the comparison between Yonatan Bassi (and Ariel Sharon) and the Judenrat is definitely appropriate. With the proviso that Bassi and Sharon constitute a much more horrible version, since, unlike the Judenrat of then, today, there is no one holding a gun to Sharon and Bassi's forehead and demanding that they commit the deportation crime.

People like Minister Sharansky, who claimed that I compared the government of Israel with the Nazi regime, are wrong and deceptive. I would never compare Jew and Nazi! As I said, the Arabs who murder us today should remind us of the Nazis then. And Jews who play into the hands of the Nazi-Arab enemy with political plans that are the realization of the Hamas platform (the expulsion of Jews from Eretz Israel) should remind us of the Judenrat, in a more terrible version.

All those who have joined the outcry should recall the words of Ariel Sharon from nine years ago, when he was interviewed by the Kfar Habad magazine. On the agenda at the time was the declaration by the then Prime Minister, Yitzhak Rabin, that within the framework of Oslo it might be necessary to evacuate several settlements. When Ariel Sharon was asked about this, he issued a clear statement: "I am happy to say that nothing will be of avail to the government and its aims: the settlers do not intend to move from these places." When he was asked: "If so, then what response from them do you expect when an attempt will be made to evacuate the settlements?", Sharon continued: "This is inconceivable. [...] This would be an extremely grave matter. In my opinion, people will not leave, and I think that the government has to think well where this decision will lead. This will result in the most severe consequences [...] to civil war."

Mr. Sharon also had a clear definition of the government and its head, who were capable of even conceiving of the possibility of a withdrawal and the evacuation of settlements. Sharon also said in the same interview:

"It must be understood that this government and those heading it have fallen prey to insanity, and have lost all restraint. [...] Although we must not compare any current situation with the Holocaust, I nevertheless want to recall that before the Holocaust, as well [...] the Jewish leadership said then: There is no alternative.": "We are talking about cooperation between two people - Peres and Rabin - who, in any other country, would be put on trial in court. [...] I call here for all the parties to abandon their acting like beautiful people and to go forth, once and for all, to a battle that will bring about the fall of this disastrous government! [...] If, Heaven forbid, the government were to realize its plans, the public would have to blame itself for not having the powers of the spirit to arise and do what must be done. Already a year and a half ago I called for popular passive, unarmed resistance. If it were possible to conduct a silent demonstration of 50,000 people around the government ministries for ten days, this wanting government would already fall. [...] Defense of life is the most legal thing, and passive popular resistance, without weapons, is one of the ways to do this in democratic regimes. The Likud must lead the struggle against the government's policy, and fully support the settlers, who are defending, not only their homes, but the people as a whole."

If, nine years ago, none other than the Prime Minister himself compared the Rabin-Peres government to a Judenrat, because of their willingness to expel Jews from the Land of Israel, why, all of a sudden, is it forbidden to compare the government of Sharon and his aides, such as Yonatan Bassi, with a Judenrat?

Here is the place to cry out against the hypocrisy of those attacking me. In my letter I did not compare Bassi or Sharon to the Nazis, but to the Jewish Judenrat. Notwithstanding this, everyone in the media fell on me, crying out to the heavens. In contrast, the list of public figures from the Israeli left who compared Jews to Nazis is extremely long - and they were not attacked, neither by Yad Vashem nor by government ministers. They, of course, will not be placed on trial. The following reminder is a short selection from this lengthy list:

- A few months ago: Justice Minister Tommy Lapid, after seeing on television a picture of an Arab woman crying next to the ruins of her house, the house of Arab terrorists: "She reminds me of my grandmother in the 1930s." In other words, Lapid compared our dear soldiers to Nazis.

- Prof. Yeshayahu Leibowitz: "IDF soldiers are Judeo-Nazis."

- Prof. Moshe Zimmerman, from the Hebrew University: "The children of Hebron are Hitlerjugend."

- Uzi Benzamin, Haaretz, 2002: "The behavior of those who are called the 'youth of the hills' among the settlers is reminiscent of that of the skinheads in Europe and the US."

- Prof. Michael Harsegor, Haaretz, September 1996: "The leaders of the ultra-Orthodox are the enemies of democracy, no less than the blackshirts or the heads of the National Socialist Workers' Party [the full name of the Nazi party]."

- Shulamit Aloni, Maariv, December 2002: "Eli Yishai (as Interior Minister) acts in accordance with the Nuremberg Laws [...] the [PR] film [by the Shas party] reminds me of a Nazi propaganda film."
- Haaretz, May 1996: "The editors of Der Stuermer [the newspaper of the Nazi party] would enjoy reading these headlines [from the Likud election propaganda]."

- the newspaper of the Tel Aviv University student organization, May 2002: "Citizen, religion is your enemy, it is incumbent upon every Israeli citizen to fight it. [...] When a person chooses to believe these lies, he throws man's essence into the garbage can. [...] Others will come and say that this makes [a person feel] good. [...] Many of those who joined the Nazi Party also experienced spiritual elevation and joy."

- Yedioth Ahronoth, Shlomo Gazit: "The religious soldiers remind me of the Nazis."

- Kidmah ("Progress"!), January 2003: "A general statement may be made of the ideological settlers, that they are much worse than any neo-Nazi in Austria."

- For many years the sculptor Yigal Tomarkin has made statements and engaged in acts that anti-Semites would not be ashamed to utter or do. For example, in 1980 he brought a pig enwrapped in tefilin to Malkhei Yisrael Square, in protest against the settlements. Some of his utterances that are reminiscent of leading anti-Semites: "When I see the ultra-Orthodox, I understand the Nazis," or "I identify the religious by their smell." In 1988 he won the Sussman prize by Yad Vashem(!) for his works relating to the Holocaust, but the awarding of the prize was canceled due to protests against him. Despite all his anti-Semitic statements, Tomarkin recently received the Israel Prize for sculpture from Education Minister Limor Livnat.

2) Now that we have shown that there definitely is cause for a historical comparison between the Bassi letter to the residents of Gush Katif and the letter from the Judenrat to the Jews of Berlin, and we have demonstrated that many others in the public sphere in Israel use terminology from the period of the Holocaust, we must attack the second argument against my letter: as if my statements constitute incitement to violence.

The following is the relevant section of the Penal Code, 1977 (as amended in Amendment no. 66, on May 22, 2002): 144d2. Incitement to Violence or Terror [amendment: 2002(3)] (a) One who publicly calls to commit an act of violence or terror, or issues a statement of praise, sympathy, or encouragement for an act of violence or terror, support of it or identification with it (in this section: inciting publication), and in accordance with the content of the inciting publication and the circumstances in which it was publicized, there is a real possibility that it will lead to the performance of an act of violence or terror, is punishable by five years imprisonment. (b)In this section, "an act of violence or terror" is an offense that harms a person's body or places a person in danger of death or in danger of serious injury.

In other words, a call that is liable to constitute the offense of incitement must include an explicit call for inflicting serious bodily injury to someone. What connection does this have to my letter to Bassi, in which all I did was draw a historical parallel between two documents, and appeal to Bassi to resign from his contemptible position?

But now that the subject of incitement has entered the public discourse - I wish to direct the attention of Police Minister Gideon Ezra and the Attorney-General to clear calls of incitement to murder and violence, that for some reason have not been subject to any legal treatment. The inciters have not yet been questioned or placed on trial. Could this ensue from the fact that the inciters are situated on the left side of the Israeli political map? The following is a collection from among a lengthy list of such incitement (some of the quotations were found in the archives of the Hatzofeh newspaper):

- Prof. Zeev Sternhal, Haaretz, May 11, 2001: justifies Arab terror against settlers, calls upon the Arabs to murder settlers, and encourages them to place explosive charges, but only on the eastern side of the Green Line. "There is no doubt regarding the legitimacy of the armed resistance in the territories themselves. If the Palestinians had a bit of sense, they would concentrate their struggle against the settlements. [...] They would similarly refrain from placing explosive charges on the western side of the Green Line." The Women in Green movement lodged a complaint with the police against Sternhal, accusing him of encouraging an act of terror and incitement to murder settlers. The response of the police was: "there is no criminal guilt" in Sternhal's statements.

- Yonatan Gefen, Maariv, May 1998: "Secular Israel is the occupied territories of the religious parties. If the secular desire to live here, they have no choice but to start an intifada. Yes, I am prepared to throw the first stone." Here, as well, the police decided that there was no need to investigate these statements.

- Sheike Levi, Yedioth Tikshoret, November 2003: "The settlers are lunatics, I get angry even if I only hear about them. [...] I cannot tolerate small children with peyot [sidelocks], that they have a mori [a traditional Yemenite teacher], who teaches them to be Yemenites and not Israelis. I wanted to grab their mori and break his bones."
- Ha-Kibbutz newsletter, August 1995: "They [the settlers] are not my brothers. [...] A civil war will be a war [...] I will run to it [...] and I will crush their flesh with mighty blows, to rout them. [...] I will go forth to the foe in order to fight, for once, a justified war. [...] Much blood will be shed."

- Michael Roeh, Meretz faction, June 1998: "We have established anti-ultra-Orthodox reconnaissance units that will knock off the heads of the ultra-Orthodox."

- Yonatan Gefen, Maariv, 1996: dreams of the assassination of Netanyahu: "I was angry, and I wrote that I had a wet dream that I shot Bibbi Netanyahu twice. They didn't print this. And why is it permitted to print [...], while they continually reject my wet dream about rubbing out Bibbi Netanyahu?"

- Hadashot newspaper, October 1992: "The ultra-Orthodox should be hung from electric poles."

- Haolam Hazeh, Uri Avneri, November 1988: "The time has come to bury them [the settlers]."
- Davar, Zeev Sternhal, April 1988: "Fascism cannot be stopped with rational arguments. This can be stopped only by force, and when there is willingness to risk a civil war. When necessary, we shall have to forcibly deal with the settlers in Ofrah or in Eilon Moreh. Only a person who is willing to advance against Ofrah with tanks will be capable of curbing the fascist drift that threatens to inundate Israeli democracy."

- Yoel Marcus, Haaretz, July 9, 2004, an article entitled "Don't Try and Frighten Us with Bloodshed": "They should not try to frighten a nation - tens of thousands of whose sons were killed in wars to ensure its very existence - with [the prospect of] the shedding of blood in the cause of peace."

MK Abu Vilan, from the Yahad party, in an interview with Ari Shavit, Haaretz, September 5, 2004: "If, Heaven forbid, they will force us, we will be compelled to open fire [against the settlers]. [...] It will be necessary to pull the trigger, slowly, responsibly, coolheadedly, and intelligently."

Ami Ayalon, the former head of the General Security Service, in an interview in Yedioth Ahronoth, November 14, 2003: suggests killing, in cold blood, the "problematic" settlers who would refuse to willingly be evacuated of their own free will: "I will say this in clear words: There is more than one Altalena in the life of every state or nation. [...] The political leadership in the State of Israel has already taken difficult decisions when the alternative was clear, and in the future the political leadership will have to take difficult decisions when the alternative is clear." Anyone who is familiar with the Altalena episode (in which sixteen Jews, Ben-Gurion's political rivals, who were swimming, unarmed, in the sea towards the coast, were coldbloodedly murdered by the Palmah under the command of Yitzhak Rabin) knows that the call to conduct an "Altalena" against a political rival is incitement to murder that rival. The Women in Green lodged a complaint with the Attorney-General for Ayalon's inciting statements. Talia Sasson wrote in her reply: "After an examination of this matter, it was decided that what Mr. Ami Ayalon said in the context of the interview that is the subject of the complaint does not constitute a criminal transgression. It is our understanding that Mr. Ami Ayalon did not call for the implementation of a violent act against settlers, but rather estimated that when it will be necessary to evacuate settlements, there will be a certain percentage of inhabitants who will not consent to be evacuated from the settlements of their own free will. In such a situation, he maintains, the state will have no alternative other than to confront anyone who will not obey the legal order of the elected government. As was noted, I did not find any transgression in these statements." In other words, Talia Sasson, on behalf of the State Attorney's Office, justifies the cold blooded murder of settlers, just because they would refuse to be evacuated of their own free will.

In light of all the above, the conclusion to be drawn is unequivocal: the offensive launched against my letter has a single purpose - this is a Bolshevik attempt to stifle the National Camp, and prevent it from expressing its strong opposition to Ariel Sharon's deportation plan, a plan that Sharon is dictatorially imposing on the public, against the wishes of the majority of the people. In the last elections, a majority of the people voted for Sharon, because he convinced us that Amram Mitzna's unilateral withdrawal plan from Gaza would be disastrous for the country. To our amazement, after his victory, Sharon decided to push through Amram Mitzna's plan! In this manner Sharon stole our votes and deceived the people!

The broad support from the people that I received in light of the blatant attempt to block my freedom of __expression - the many telephone calls, the e-mails, and the faxes of support and encouragement - prove to me, once again, that the majority of the public has a healthy spirit, loves the Jewish People, and loves its Homeland and its Heritage. Our problem is with our weak and galut (diaspora-like) political leadership, which demeans itself before the enemy in an attempt to curry favor. This is a political leadership lacking a Jewish backbone, without roots, without values, without loyalty to the people of Israel, the Torah of Israel, and the Land of Israel.

This corrupt leadership will never succeed in silencing us. We shall continue to proclaim before the whole world: Eretz Israel belongs to the People of Israel, in accordance with the Torah of Israel, and no Jew has the right to hand it over to the enemy. With God's help, the people of Israel shall be victorious. I will conclude with Ariel Sharon's words from nine years ago, in the interview in Kfar Habad:

"On the occasion of the New Year, I want to address the people (not the government, because there's no one to talk to there): In this difficult hour, you must reveal courage and spiritual powers, and understand that if you desire independent existence, you must be prepared to struggle for Eretz Israel. Eretz Israel is the 'desirable land,' but it is also a harsh land in which we must contend, both with ourselves and with our brothers. I naturally would want to wish you all that true peace, tranquility, and security would reign here - but what the Jews really need as the new year approaches is to return to themselves, to walk with Jewish pride, and to act as a real people; and above all, to be ready for the struggle as the time of testing approaches. I want to wish the entire Jewish people, in Israel and in the Diaspora, that this shall truly be a good year, and that we will finally see the light at the end of the tunnel, with the removal of the current government and the establishment of a Jewish government that shall act as such in all realms."

To these words by Ariel Sharon from nine years ago, we can only add: Amen, May it be G-d's Will!.

Nadia Matar, Co-Chair
Women For Israel's Tomorrow (Women in Green)
POB 7352, Jerusalem 91072, Israel
Tel: 972-2-624-9887 Fax: 972-2-624-5380



A Wake Up Call

By Jonathan Pollard

Until very recently, no one had ever heard of Yonaton Bassi. Now his name is on the lips of every G-d fearing person who loves the Land and People of Israel.

Bassi's name might never have been known, had he not accepted an immoral appointment from Prime Minister Sharon to become the new Head of the Evacuation Administration. As such, Bassi - who is a religious Jew - will be the Chief Liquidator of Gaza and Shomron, responsible for throwing Jewish families out of their homes and liquidating Jewish communities.

In recent interviews Bassi cites many rationalizations as to why he accepted this "painful mission". He claims that it is excruciating for him to undertake this assignment, but nevertheless, after much consideration, he has accepted it. Why? Because he feels that as a religious person he can do this "difficult job" with greater compassion and sensitivity.

I recognize the mentality.

In nearly 2 decades in prison, I have been immersed in a world populated by criminals, among them murderers, rapists, child molesters, and paid assassins. The one thing that hard core criminals have in common is the uncanny ability to rationalize their crimes. They always have some excuse, some mitigating factor, which they feel justifies their having committed some of the most horrendous crimes - unjustifiable from any moral perspective.

Yonaton Bassi's attitude and outlook as the new Head of the Evacuation Administration reminds me of stories that I have heard over the years from some of these criminals. For example, the story of Mark, a man I met many years ago, when he was doing time at FCI Butner. What was his crime? Mark had repeatedly raped his 4-year-old daughter, videotaped the rapes, and sold copies on the Internet.

I once asked Mark how he could do such a thing to his own baby daughter. Didn't he love her? How could he hurt her? Didn't he know that he was supposed to be protecting and defending his daughter, not debasing, humiliating and exploiting her?

Mark looked at me as if there were something wrong with me for asking such questions. Then he patiently replied that of course he loves his daughter. "After the first time it didn't hurt her," he explained, "and after that she seemed to like it."

He went on to say that the money he made by selling the videos was good and his daughter enjoyed a better standard of living because of it-- so what's wrong with that? After all, he said, sooner or later someone was going to teach her about 'the birds and the bees' (sex), " so why not me, who really loves her?"

Yonaton Bassi has his own version of this kind of perverted logic to justify why a religious Jew like himself can accept and carry out an immoral and utterly unjustifiable mission to separate the Jewish People from their homes and their Land.

But Yonaton Bassi is not a hard core criminal. He is a Torah Jew.

Even if Bassi were a secular Jew, ignorant of Torah, it would be bad enough. But for a Torah Jew to voluntarily accept the mission of uprooting Jews from the Land of Israel and of expelling Jews from their homes - this is an abomination and an unforgivable chillul HaShem! There can be no rationalization for this kind of immorality, no mitigating factors, no justification for a Torah Jew to willingly take on such an inherently evil task!

As a Torah Jew, Bassi is legally and morally bound to live and act in accord with Torah.

Torah teaches us that the Land of Israel is an eternal inheritance to the Jewish People. It was given to us by the Almighty, to cherish, to cleave to, to honor and to be the guardians of her wholesomeness and her wholeness. Not the opposite!

Bassi claims that there is no choice. That Jews must abandon chunks of our inheritance from Ha'Shem because of demographics. A Torah Jew must ask: HaYad HaShem Teek'tsar? (Is Ha'Shem's Hand too short?) Can it possibly be that there is any problem too great for the Almighty? Does Ha'Shem ask His People to rewrite Torah, to voluntarily renounce parts of our eternal patrimony, because He is incapable of solving the demographic problem? The secularist may answer: "Yes,we cannot rely on G-d." But Bassi is a Torah Jew. A Torah Jew knows that HaKodesh Baruchu , (The Holy One) is HaKol Yachol (Omnipotent).

Bassi also knows that the great Rabbis of our generation have spoken, and that Daat Torah on the matter is known. The reason we ask for Daat Torah is because our existence fundamentally depends upon those who know Torah best. The greatest Torah minds of the generation, including my own revered rav, the former Chief Rabbi of Israel, the Honorable Rav MordecHai Eliyahu, have all come down squarely opposed to the uprooting of Jews from their homes and from our Land. The Rabbis tell us that the Evacuation plan is morally wrong, and a desecration of G-d's name in the Land. A Torah Jew obeys Daat Torah.

How is it that Bassi pays no heed to the Torah authorities? Instead, he cites mortal men, like the Chou-en Lai and the Government, the Knesset, the Justice Ministry and the Army as his highest authorities. Bassi says that he cannot stop the evacuation. That may be true. But that does not mean that he ought to be a part of this chillul HaShem. Daat Torah is clear that neither he, nor any G-d fearing Jew, should be a part of it.

Moreover, by accepting this immoral mission, Bassi has become an icon for those who deny G-d'S sovereignty over the Land. The religiously ignorant and the irreligious now have in Bassi a model of a religious Jew who has sold out. From his model the irreligious infer that all Jews, even religious Jews, will eventually sell out for a price. Sell out what? Sell out their emunah and bitachon, and their belief in the eternal nature of G-d's promises to the Jewish People. (G-d forbid!)

That brings us to the 3 cardinal sins. A Torah Jew knows that there are only 3 cardinal sins for which a Jew must lay down his/her life rather than transgress. They are: Shfeechat Daam (bloodshed; murder); Avoda Zarah (idol worship); and Gilooee Arayot (illicit sexual relations).

Other than these 3 cardinal sins, a Jew is permitted, in a life and death situation, to transgress all of the mitzvoht (commandments) of the Torah to save a life. Why? Because the Torah enjoins us to live by the mitzvoht, not to die by them.

However there is one more case in which a Jew must die rather than transgress a mitzvah. In the case where a Jew is asked to perform an action -- any action -- in order to deny Torah, the Jew must choose to forfeit his life rather than deny Torah. To illustrate, if a gun were put to the head of an observant Jew and he were ordered to eat a ham sandwich; to save his life he may eat. But if an observant Jew were ordered to perform the same task for the explicit purpose of denying the validity of Torah law, a Jew should rather forfeit his life than agree to deny any part of Torah.

The Biblical story of Chana and her seven sons, who went to their deaths, one by one, for refusing to bow down to a gentile King as a public denial of Torah, exemplifies this principle. The six elder sons refused to bow and were put to death one after the other. The 7th son, the youngest, then stood before the King. The King tried to spare his life. He told the child, "I will throw down my ring. All you have to do is bend down and pick it up; everyone will think that you bowed to me but in fact all you will be doing is picking up my ring. That will be sufficient for me to save your life." The King threw down his ring. The child refused to pick it up. The child chose to go to his death rather than give the impression that he had denied Torah by bowing. His mother Chana remained silent, in full accord with her sons' acts of self-sacrifice.

Is there any question that by choosing Yonaton Bassi, a religious Jew, to be the Chief Liquidator of Jewish homes and communities in Israel, PM Sharon created a situation where a Torah Jew will be blatantly denying Torah? The very nature of the task Bassi has accepted denies the most fundamental tenet of Torah: Ahavat Yisrael (Love of Israel).

Our sages tell us that the three salient characteristics of a Jew are that they are "bayshaneem", "rachmaneem" and "gomlei chassadim" - "humble", "merciful", and "doers of kind deeds". If any of these characteristics are missing in a Jew's character, his lineage is suspect.

How can Bassi reconcile his Torah observance with the diametrically opposite character traits that his new mission as Chief Liquidator requires? Instead of being humble, he must be arrogant and heartless to turn Jews out of their homes. Instead of being merciful, he must be merciless to expel Jews from their land. Instead of being a doer of kind deeds, he must be so devoid of goodness that he does not recognize the evil inherent in what he doing; and so devoid of human kindness, that he may deceive himself by doing evil and calling it good.

Gevalt! Wake up, Yonaton Bassi! Wake up! Your good Jewish soul is in peril!

When a child is born, Heaven decrees all the skills, talents, and characteristics that the child is to possess. It is up to the child to work hard to develop these gifts in order to enjoy them for all the rest of his/her life. Our sages teach us that the only thing that Heaven does not decree is if the child will be wicked or righteous -- that is entirely dependent on the choices that he/she makes in life. You have made a choice, Yonaton Bassi, but it is a murderous choice, a heartless choice -- a choice that will haunt you and your descendants until the end of time.

Yonaton, my brother, you have erred in judgment. You have damaged yourself and all of Torah Jewry in the process. But it is not too late to turn back. Not too late to be mitakken et ha'mihoovaht - to repair that which has been distorted. I urge you, take the mantle that has been passed to you as Chief Liquidator of the Jewish People and throw it back at the Prime Minister's feet. Let not the Jewish blood which that mantle will incurr stain your good Jewish soul.

Yonaton Bassi, a week ago no one knew your name. Take heed, my brother, lest your name become a curse for all generations! Return to HaShem and give up this murderous task! Reclaim your honor and your place among the true believers in G-d's eternal grace. As a Torah Jew, you can do no less!

Note: This article was originally published in English by IMRA. Permission to reprint with attribution is granted.




By Ariel Natan Pasko

Since the beginning of 2003, I've written several articles about the injustice of transferring Jews out of their homes in the Land of Israel. I've spoken about how real peace with the Arabs should allow Jews to stay put as equal Palestinian citizens if they chose to be (in a democratic Palestine), just as Israeli Arabs participate in Israeli politics as full citizens, and how ethnically cleansing Jews from parts of their historic homeland opens the can of worms to ethnically cleansing Arabs as well. For some time, few other writers braved the intellectual chasm to call a spade a spade, and describe the despicable racist (anti-Semitic) idea of expelling Jews from parts of Yesha (Judea, Samaria - the West Bank - and Gaza) as just that, racist, despicable, immoral, and illegal. Thank G-D, since the Gaza expulsion plan has finally gotten everyone's attention - Sharon's agreement to the Roadmap should have already -many other writers for some time now have been castigating the Is raeli government for its "illegal," "immoral," "disengagement" plan.

But now is the time to move past rhetoric to plans of action...

No, I don't mean planning the first battle in "the coming civil war," (the title of a recent article in the Israeli left-leaning newspaper Ha'aretz), but the strategy of the post-Sharon pro-Jewish government that's come to power, whether through ballot or bullet.

Much talk has been made recently of civil war in Israel, mainly by the Left - including Sharon and his clique - as a way of scaring people and shutting them up from partaking in any real debate over the pros and cons of unilateral withdrawal from the Gaza Strip under fire. Yes that's right, the Israeli Army is preparing for the likelihood of withdrawal under fire. Neither has there been any serious discussion about the advantages or disadvantages of expelling Jews from Gaza. No, threaten that your opponent threatens civil war, to later justify the first shots, that seems to be the name of the game. Yet, anyone with half a cabbage upstairs, knows - as Sharon himself knows - most, probably 95% plus of the Jewish "settlers" are unlikely to use violence against their own army, and their own police (except in self-defense maybe), its against their ideology.

So, what to do?

Start broadcasting the message loud and clear at every opportunity, that in the future, after the Sharon government collapses, and is replaced by a pro-Jewish government in Israel, all war criminals, both those who participated in the "disengagement process," and the "original ones" who brought the Jewish People, the Oslo War - you know Peres, Beilin, and their ilk - WILL BE PROSECUTED!

A pro-Jewish government, with real Jewish pride might just institute the death penalty in Israel (perish the thought - or is that Peres the thought?).

Right now there are many messages coming out of the settler movement, "disengagement is tearing the nation apart," "you have no mandate," "don't throw people out of their homes." Well I'm sorry friends, but these emotion-laden appeals to justice, and fairness, aren't going to move "bulldozers" (Sharon and Co.). And slogans with implied fears of civil war, like "disengagement is tearing the nation apart," only play into the hands of Sharon's grand strategy to blame the settlers for any outbreak of violence, so as to justify the use of force against them.

No, one unified message must be repeated and repeated and repeated ad nauseum, YOU WILL BE PROSECUTED!

Appeals to their conscience won't work. If they had any conscience, after more than 1,000 dead Jews, would we not have seen an end to the Oslo War already? Through serious military action up to and including the killing of Arafat; dismantlement of the Palestinian Authority, killing or exiling of all Arabs who resist, and finally the annexing of part of our homeland. Simply put, an end to the big lie called the "peace process". But the promise to bring legal justice against them will work. Why, because in all the other scenarios, only the little people are threatened, Sharon, Peres, Netanyahu, Barak, the Supreme Court, etc. are left off the hook. But in promising, YOU WILL BE PROSECUTED, their own lives have been put at risk. They are being told, they will be held legally accountable for their policies; "tread carefully".

The message is simple; all sectors of the resistance - settlers and their supporters - can easily adopt it, and it's lawful. If things keep going the way they are, people like me, might just eventually have to try and stop the mobs, from stringing the war criminals up on light posts...

In the near future, a pro-Jewish government will arise in the Land of Israel, maybe after Sharon's fall, maybe in ten or twenty years, but the message is clear: YOU WILL BE PROSECUTED!

Ariel Natan Pasko is an independent analyst & consultant. He has a Master's Degree in International Relations & Policy Analysis. His articles appear regularly on numerous news/views and think-tank websites, in newspapers, and can be read at:

(c) 2004/5765 Pasko



The Jerusalem Post - September 30


By Caroline Glick

A close friend was recently called up to the reserves, where he serves as a commander in an infantry battalion currently responsible for an area of operations in Samaria. On his first furlough home, he told me the story of an interchange with one of his soldiers. The soldier -- a kibbutznik whom we'll call Alon -- gave my friend, his new commander, the following background information during a personal interview:

"I refused to serve in the reserves for the past three years while we were in Gaza because I think that we should give the territories to the Palestinians. But then I realized that the Arabs keep killing us no matter what we do, so now I don't know what I think. My wife, who comes from Denmark, doesn't think I should be here. She wants us to move to Denmark. I decided to serve this year because now I think I am supposed to fight.

"On the one hand, we should give them a state. On the other hand, they don't want a state because we already gave them one at Camp David and they went to war to kill us. On the one hand, maybe our being in the territories gets them mad, but on the other hand they keep killing us no matter what we do, so we have to keep fighting them because they will never leave us alone. So I am confused. I came here to fight because I think this is what I am supposed to do, but I don't know."

Alon cannot really be blamed for his confusion. Over the past four years of the Palestinian terror war, we have been receiving mixed messages from all quarters. On the one hand, we have images like the children of Sderot being incinerated by rockets in front of their mothers' eyes. On the other hand, we are given explanations from a variety of sources that are aimed at explaining away these unforgivable crimes.

First on the list of the obfuscators are the Palestinians, whose goal it is to confuse us. One of the chief aims of the terror war doctrine is to maintain a sense of confusion among the target nation. The point of the confusion is to bring about a situation where the targeted society is no longer able to make the causal link between the source of its pain -- the terrorists and the regimes supporting them -- and the pain itself. Once the link is broken, a target society will turn against itself and the terrorists will win.

The Palestinians disorient us by playing a double game. They conduct a war against us while simultaneously projecting their aggression onto us by pretending that they wouldn't be killing our babies with rockets and mortars and bullets and bombs if we hadn't killed terrorists the day or week or month or year before. So our babies die, and if the Palestinians are successful as they generally are, we spend weeks and months blaming ourselves.

After the Palestinians come the media. It is they, after all who are charged with telling us the story of our reality. Their success in doing their job can be measured, in light of the terror doctrine of disorienting a target society, by the degree to which our society is able to understand the nature of our enemies.

Sadly, given statements like Alon's and the general resignation with which terror attacks are now greeted by Israeli society, it is clear that to the extent that Israelis are not confused about who the aggressor in this war is, they have been convinced that there is little they can do about it.

This latter point is clear when we compare the reaction of Israelis to terror attacks in the early Oslo years to terror attacks today.

In 1995, when the first bus bombing in Tel Aviv occurred, I was serving in the army. Immediately after we got word of the bombing, my soldiers and I walked to the Magen David Adom blood bank in the center of the city to donate blood. When we arrived, we found that thousands of other people had the same idea. We waited on line for over five hours. Today, no one would think of giving blood after an attack. No one thinks of doing anything. After the early attacks, thousands of Israelis -- religious and secular alike -- would protest. Today no one does.

In a recent article in The New Republic, Israeli authors Michael Oren and Yossi Klein Halevi argue that without anyone having noticed, Israel has won the war against Palestinian terrorism. Entitled "Israel's unexpected victory over terrorism," the article claims that since Israelis have not stopped going out to dinner or riding the bus, the terrorists have lost. In their words, "Terror that no longer paralyzes is no longer terror." Perhaps. But then terror never paralyzed Israelis.

The main reason that shops were empty in the first years of the war is because the tourists were staying away. The truth is that the heroism of Israelis -- from our soldiers in the field to Egged bus drivers who have personally thrown bombers from their buses, to waiters who have wrestled bombers to the ground and border policemen who have sacrificed their lives to keep suicide bombers away from civilians at a bus stop -- is unmatched by that of any nation in the world. The problem isn't our resilience; it is our lack of outrage. We have gotten used to being killed.

If this were not the case, then how could we explain the lack of public outcry after Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Ahmed Qurei's statements last week on Israel Radio. During the interview, Qurei admitted that the Aksa Martyrs Brigades, the most active terror organization in the Palestinian terror war, is an integral part of Fatah, the ruling party of the PA. Qurei said, "The Aksa Brigades are part of Fatah, and we are ready to absorb them and deal with them, but for this to happen, I must ask that Israel guarantee their security."

The meaning of Qurei's call for Israel to grant immunity to these PA killers was made clear on Sunday in the aftermath of the IDF's targeted killing of Aksa Brigades commander Jihad Hassan. Reacting to Hassan's death, PA General Intelligence Commander for Judea and Samaria Tawfik Tirawi issued an obituary notice. The obituary stated, "The command of the Palestinian General Intelligence Force and all its officers and soldiers mourn the death of martyr and hero Lieutenant Jihad Hassan, who was martyred on the soil of Salfit on September 26, 2004, while carrying out his duties." Yet in spite of this, the public has not called for the destruction of the PA.

Oren and Klein Halevi equate Arafat's sidelining with Israel's isolation. In their words, "Arafat may be a pariah, but Israel is becoming one too."

The problem, however, is that Arafat is not Israel's central problem, and his sidelining does not equal an Israeli victory; it certainly is not a reasonable trade-off for Israel's international isolation. As Qurei's admission makes clear, the PA itself, not just its leader, is a terrorist entity. The militias that the Americans so wish to see placed under the command of someone other than Arafat are terrorist organizations and their commanders are actively involved in terrorism and terror training. Getting rid of Arafat solves none of this. And of course, the PA and its terror cells from Fatah and its terror militias are not the only folks out there. There is also Hamas and Hizbullah and Syria and Iran and Islamic Jihad.

And the actions of these groups and countries, together with the international reach of the PLO, show that far from being a local war, the Palestinian terror war is simply one front in the global Islamic war against the West.

Hamas itself makes this point in its internal propaganda. CD ROMs created by Hamas and distributed at colleges in the territories that were seized by the IDF in recent months depict Chechen and al-Qaida figures next to Hamas commanders. The message the recordings, replete with fatwas and Koran quotes, drum home is that the fight against Israel is the same as the fight against Russia and the fight against America.

In their article, Oren and Klein Halevi lionize Ariel Sharon as the architect of the victory. The two paint a glowing portrait of Sharon, claiming he "imposed on himself a regimen of single-mindedness and patience."

They claim that while he refused to go to war after the June 2001 Dolphinarium discotheque bombing, in which 22 Israeli teenagers were murdered, he was "gradually escalating" and "acted like the leader of a nation at war, not a party at war."

Yet, the truth is that Sharon has not exhibited any courage in his leadership. Oren and Klein Halevi applaud Sharon for becoming the first Likud leader to endorse a Palestinian state, for in so doing "Sharon broke with his own party's ideology and recast himself as a consensus politician." But what does that mean? Acceptance on the Left for what Sharon has done does not constitute consensus.

And the price of Sharon's acceptance by the Left, where there is less clarity about the need to fight and be heroic, has been that our wartime leader has never articulated Israel's case in this war in a memorable way to his own countrymen. As a result, a reservist like Alon has no direction other than his survival instinct and native patriotism to guide him through the moral dilemmas and national crises with which Israel's longest and most confusing war has presented him -- and us.




By Prof. Paul Eidelberg

People are puzzled by Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's passionate commitment to unilateral disengagement from Gaza (which not part of the "Road Map"). Israel did not have to withdraw unilaterally from Lebanon for any sensible person to know that retreating under fire rewards and encourages terrorism -- in Lebanon, Hizbullah, which now has thousands of missiles on Israel's vulnerable northern border. Surely retreating from Gaza is bound to have similar consequences.

Indeed, Clause 5 of Sharon's disengagement plan involves the entry of Egyptian forces into Gaza as well as the training and arming of terrorists to maintain "law and order." This is a replay of Oslo -- only worse. Despite the 1979 treaty with Israel, Egypt has remained a de facto belligerent. Here's why:

(1) Egypt, threatened by no one, has a wartime "defense" budget of 25% of its GDP! Chairman of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee Yuval Steinitz has warned that Egypt's military establishment is planning a future war with Israel.

(2) The PLO -- an Egyptian creation -- is serving as Egypt's proxy in the Oslo War of attrition against Israel. Egypt has been the primary arms supplier of the PLO-led Palestinian Authority.

(3) Egypt is the center of anti-Israel and anti-Jewish propaganda in the Middle East -- propaganda which serves not only to distract the Arab masses from their own misery, but prepares them for a future war with the Jewish state.

(4) Cairo's al-Azhar University, the most authoritative voice of Islam, has ruled that Islamic law justifies suicide bombings and obligates Muslims to become "martyrs." Al-Azhar is a mouthpiece of the Egyptian government.

For Sharon to invite Egyptian forces into Gaza via Clause 5 of his unilateral disengagement (read deportation) plan is sheer madness: it would endanger ALL Israel.

A desperate Sharon would have us believe that evacuating Gaza will gain 15 years of good relations with Europe. Doesn't Mr. Sharon know that Europe no longer exists, that it has become Eurabia, as historian Bat Ye'or has shown? Eurabia's driving force, the Parliamentary Association for Euro-Arab Cooperation, was created in Paris in 1974, not only for economic reasons, but to counter the power of the United States. It now has six hundred members from all major European political parties. By definition, Eurabia is anti-Israel. Sharon is talking nonsense -- desperate to sell his disengagement, i.e., deportation plan. Why?

Fastback to September 2000. The Oslo War has broken out and Ehud Barak is Israel's prime minister. Almost 100 Jews have been murdered by the time Sharon wins a landslide victory over Barak in the February 2001 prime ministerial election. Sharon had a clear mandate to put an end to Arab terror. This required him to abrogate Oslo by destroying Arafat's Palestinian Authority. Sharon did no such thing. Instead, he appointed Oslo's architect Shimon Peres foreign minister. He then established a three-member security cabinet where decisions involving the Palestinians required a unanimous vote. Peres was a member of that security cabinet, along with Sharon and defense minister Binyamin Ben-Eliezer (Labor). This mini-cabinet produced not security but self-restraint and the most horrendous Jewish casualties in the Oslo War. How are we to explain Sharon's yielding to Peres, his becoming Labor's surrogate prime minister?

In a September 24, 2004 article appearing in the magazine section of the Jerusalem Post, Caroline Glick recalls that Sharon, in collusion with Peres, prevented both prime ministerial and Knesset elections from taking place in February 2001for the sole purpose of blocking Binyamin Netanyahu's return to the Prime Minister's Office. This preserved the 1999 Knesset, in which the Likud had 19 MKs versus Labor's 26, and thus forced the public to vote only for the prime minister.

"Sharon did this," says Glick, "despite the fact that opinion polls from December 2000 projected that Likud stood to win more than 40 Knesset seats while Labor would be decimated, dropping to a mere 15 seats. The devolution of the Oslo process into the Oslo War brought about an overwhelming rejection of Labor's appeasement based policy by voters and a clarion call for national leadership by the Likud. Yet Sharon refused to listen. What interested him was being prime minister and this he could do only by preventing voters from exercising their right to choose representatives in the Knesset."

Therein is one explanation why Sharon is adamant about unilateral disengagement from Gaza. In the January 2003 general elections, Sharon and his Likud party campaigned against unilateral disengagement -- the position of Labor chairman Amram Mitzner. By the end of the year, however, Sharon adopted Labor's position, thus betraying those who voted Likud in the January elections, which had given the Likud 38 seats versus Labor's 19. Meanwhile, Peres replaced Mitzna as Labor chairman. Hence it may well be that Sharon was paying off his debt to Peres, who had made him prime minister in 2001.

A collateral explanation is possible. Dov Weissglas, Sharon's top adviser and negotiator, has a law firm that represent the business interests of the Palestinian Authority, including casino firms owned by PLO security chief Jibril Rahoub and Yassir Arafat himself! Investigative reporter David Bedein has revealed that the Palestinian tourist publication, This Week in Palestine, announced that plans are under way to build a new Palestinian casino and resort for tourists in "Southern Gaza," in place of the Jewish communities of Gush Katif!

Clearly, there is a conflict of interest here between the Weissglas, who, as Sharon's negotiator, is supposed to represent the State of Israel, and the Weissglas who represents Palestinian business interests. Surely Mr. Sharon is not oblivious of this illegal as well as dangerous state of affairs.

But notice that the two stated explanations of his commitment to disengagement are mutually compatible. The Sharon-Peres-Weissglas nexus may thus provide powerful ammunition for those who oppose the deportation of Jews from Gaza.


Professor Paul Eidelberg is a member of the Board of Directors and a research associate of the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies.



Arutz Sheva - September 27, 2004


by David Wilder

The Jewish Community of Hebron


For the past few days we've been hearing commentators discuss the probable catastrophe that will occur should Muslim Ramadan prayers take place on a particular section of Temple Mount, called Solomon's stables.

Perhaps an introduction is in order. In just over three weeks, on the 15th of October, (which is the last day of the Hebrew month of Tishrei), the Arabs celebrate the beginning of the month of Ramadan. According to Muslim faith, it was during the month of Ramadan that the Koran 'was sent down from Heaven.' Moslems ostensibly fast from sunup to sunset daily, for the entire month. According to once source, "Ramadan is a time when Muslims concentrate on their faith and spend less time on the concerns of their everyday lives. It is a time of worship and contemplation." []

(I might add, it is also a time that Arabs use to try and kill Jews.)

Where, at all, is the Muslim connection to Jerusalem and Temple Mount? According to Lebanese Arab journalist Joseph Farah, it is not true that "the Al Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem represent Islam's third most holy sites. In fact, the Koran says nothing about Jerusalem. It mentions Mecca hundreds of times. It mentions Medina countless times. It never mentions Jerusalem! With good reason. There is no historical evidence to suggest Mohammed ever visited Jerusalem. So how did Jerusalem become the third holiest site of Islam? Muslims today cite a vague passage in the Koran, the seventeenth Sura, entitled "The Night Journey." It relates that in a dream or a vision Mohammed was carried by night "from the sacred temple to the temple that is most remote, whose precinct we have blessed, that we might show him our signs." In the seventh century, some Muslims identified the two temples mentioned in this verse as being in Mecca and Jerusalem. And that's as close as Islam's connection with Jerusalem gets -- myth, fantasy, wishful thinking.

And he concludes, "Meanwhile, Jews can trace their roots in Jerusalem back to the days of Abraham." "[]

In an essay by Lambert Dolpin, "In A.D. 691 Caliph Abd el-Malik commissioned the best architects to build the Dome of the Rock. His plan was based upon a Fourth Century Christian shrine on the Mount of Olives marking the site of Jesus' Ascension. The Caliph's new shrine was deliberately built as a political, economic, and religious counter attraction to Mecca. Medina and Mecca, the two cities holy to Islam, were under the control of a rival Caliph. Abd El-Malik sought to build up the importance of Jerusalem as an Islamic center for pilgrimage and worship. The holy spot of Judaism was now to be identified with the spot where Mohammed's horse ascended to heaven.

Another indication that Jerusalem was not considered of great importance to the Muslim armies is the fact that it was one of last cities taken by the Syrian Muslims after the death of Mohammed. It was conquered by a mediocre commander, and not by Omar himself. The Arabs first called the city Ilya (Aelia Capitolina) rather than Beit el-Maqdas (the holy house). An early Muslim proverb says, "One prayer in Mecca is valued as ten thousand prayers; a prayer in Medina is valued at one thousand prayers; and a prayer in Jerusalem at five hundred prayers."

Although Abd El-Malik had commissioned the structure, it became known as "The Mosque of Omar." The structure, however, was not (and is not today) a mosque, but rather a shrine." []

In any case, literally tens, and even hundreds of thousands of Arabs worship at Har HaBayit, Temple Mount in Jerusalem during Ramadan, especially on Friday afternoons.

Recently, studies conducted by engineers, including a team from Egypt, concluded that the supports in the area called Solomon's Stables, (named as such during the Crusader period,) are very weak and will likely collapse in the event that tens of thousands of people fill the site. According to Israeli sources, the area can suitably hold up to 30,000 people, yet during Ramadan prayers, that number is multiplied several times over.

There are several reasons for this weakened condition. According to the Israel Antiquities Authority, over the past few years, the Waqf, or Muslim religion trust, has conducted unauthorized and unsupervised construction in that vicinity, in an attempt to expand Arab control of Temple Mount. This has caused tremendous deterioration of the structural supports.

An Ha'Aretz newspaper article concerning illegal work at the area states: "At the end of November 1999, the Waqf tricked the government of Israel, and under the pretext of opening an emergency exit to the Solomon's Stables mosque - which had been built illegally and inaugurated in December of 1996 - the Waqf took advantage of the negligence of the government of Israel and its indifference to the fate of the archaeological remains on the Temple Mount, dug a huge 2,000-square meter pit beneath the Temple Mount some 13 meters deep, and opened a main door to the Solomon's Stable mosque 10 meters wide and 13 meters high.

During the excavation, Waqf workers using three bulldozers removed some 12,000-15,000 tons of earth filled with antiquities from all periods, without IAI supervision and without any sifting of the soil to locate and remove archaeological artifacts." []

In addition, the recent earthquake which shook Israel also weakened these supports.

The result of these studies points to, not a possible collapse, rather an almost certain disintegration of the floor, causing tens, if not hundreds of thousands of casualties.

So what is Israel doing in order to prevent this calamity, which almost inevitably would be blamed on the Jews?

The State of Israel sent high-level representatives of the police force to speak with members of the Jordanian government, trying to convince them of the seriousness of the impending disaster. They are also pleading with Waqf leadership to restrict the number of visitors allowed on Temple Mount during Ramadan.

Of course, Arab reaction to Israel's begging has been that of derision and scorn. Israel's pleas are nothing more than a hoax in an attempt to keep Arabs from worshiping at their 'holy site.' Any effort by Israel to prevent Muslims from praying on Temple Mount will result in nothing less than jihad!

What should Israel do? First of all, we should never plead or beg about what is rightfully ours. Temple Mount is the most sacred place in the world. The First and Second Temples were constructed on Temple Mount hundreds and thousands of years before Muhammad was born. This site has been politicized by our enemies in an attempt to delegitimize Israel's most basic claims to our land, Eretz Yisrael. The Arab world in general, and most specifically the Waqf, is a declared enemy of the State of Israel and rejects our very existence in our land. Why should Israel negotiate with them?

Why must Israel send 'police representatives' to speak to the Jordanians? Temple Mount falls within the sovereign jurisdiction of the State of Israel. It is the undeniable heart and soul of Jewish spirituality. Why must we get down on our knees before any foreign nation, concerning anywhere in our land, and particularly, Temple Mount?

What Israel must do is clear. Har HaBayit -- Temple Mount must be immediately closed to all visitors. Jewish law forbids anyone from treading on this sacred ground. And if that is difficult for some to swallow, the possibility of tens of thousands of people buried beneath the rubble of a collapsed floor should be enough to convince anyone needing convincing. We need not ask anyone, we need not appeal to anyone.

By means of contrast, the Statue of Liberty in New York City was closed for a number of years, due to structural faults and security problems. Did the United States ask the French, who gave Lady Liberty to the Americans in the 1800s, if they minded? Did the U.S. ask anyone in the free world their opinion -- after all, the Statue of Liberty represents freedom, democracy and international friendship. Closing such a monument is an insult to the entire Western World!

Drivel and gibberish! No greater nonsense could possibly be spouted! So why must Israel bend over backwards to spew out such idiocy. In June 1967, Moshe Dayan exclaimed, "Har HaBayit b'yadenu" -- "Temple Mount is in our Hands." Almost 40 years later, the time has come to apply these words in actions, showing the nations of the world, and proving to ourselves: Har HaBayit b'yadenu!

With blessings from Hebron.



Jerusalem Cloakroom #168

The Misrepresentation of the Jewish Communities/Settlements in Judea, Samaria, Gaza and the Golan Heights (I)

by Yoram Ettinger

September 19, 2004

Below you'll find the 168th issue of Straight From The Jerusalem Cloakroom. It is the first in a series, addressing the campaign of disinformation, which has misrepresented the issue of the Jewish communities/settlements in Judea, Samaria, Gaza and the Golan Heights.

Your comments would be highly appreciated.

Should you wish to examine a PowerPoint presentation on the Jewish Communities/Settlements -- produced by Israel Citizens Information Council -- please visit .

1. Are settlements a cause for the Arab/Palestinian-Israeli conflict? Arab/Palestinian wars on the Jewish State erupted irrespective of the presence/absence of Jewish communities in Judea & Samaria (J&S), Gaza or Golan. They were established -- on 2% of J&S and Gaza area -- following the 1967 War, which erupted following the establishment of the PLO (1964), succeeding the wars of 1956 and 1948/9 and the sustained campaign of Palestinian terror, which was launched in 1929, with the massacre of Hebron's Jewish community and the expulsion of Gaza's Jewish community, the 1929, 1936 and 1948 decimation of Gush Etzion's Jewish communities and the 1948 dismantling of Kfar Darom in the Gaza Strip.

2. Are settlements an obstacle to peace? Why would the dismantling of Jewish communities in Gaza and J&S promote peace, while the dismantling of Arab communities in Israel violate human rights?! The 1993 Oslo Accord does not restrict settlement activity. If 250,000 Jews -- among 2.6MN Palestinians in J&S and Gaza -- constitute an obstacle to peace, how does one refer to 1.3MN Israeli Arabs among 5.5MN Jews? A super obstacle to peace?! If the 1.3MN Israeli Arabs represent peaceful coexistence, why would 250,000 Jews in J&S, Gaza and Golan be an obstacle to peace?! According to Israel's law, the establishment of Jewish communities of J&S and Gaza cannot utilize private Arab land, and cannot displace any Arab.

3. Settlements are the litmus test for -- and spur to -- peace. Hope for peace and the uprooting of Jewish communities in J&S and Gaza constitute an oxymoron. If 2.6MN Palestinians cannot tolerate 250,000 Jews in their midst, what do they mean by peaceful coexistence?! The venomous Palestinian/Arab opposition to Jewish presence in their midst -- featuring heavily in their formal education, clergy and media systems -- reflects an inherent long-term ideology/strategy. It has been the root cause of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and of anti-Jewish Palestinian terrorism. Why would the West tolerate Judenrein Arab areas?! Palestinians should know that preoccupation with terror would yield more Jewish communities, thus taxing Palestinian negotiation posture. Freezing Jewish settlements would remove a chief Palestinian incentive to negotiate.

4. Would the dismantling of settlements ease the conflict? The Palestinian-Israeli conflict has not been territorial, nor has it been driven by despair. The 1993 Oslo Accord provided the PLO/PA with unprecedented hope, territory and legitimacy, which produced unprecedented terrorism. PM Barak offer to evacuate 98% of J&S and Gaza triggered the current war. The conflict has been nurtured by the Palestinian/Arab aim to eradicate sovereign Jewish (or any other minority) presence in the Mideast, and by their hope for Jewish surrender. The uprooting of Jewish communities, in a deterrence-driven-peace region, would fuel, rather than subdue, Palestinian terrorism.

5. Are settlements required for Israel's security? The mountain ridges of J&S constitute the "Golan Heights" of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Haifa. Most settlements are located in strategic areas, controlling critical transportation arteries and hill tops, protecting 40% of Israel's water resources, constraining and deterring terrorist maneuverability and bolstering Israel's determination to hold on to the vital area. Gaza's Kfar Darom and Netzarim were established, in 1967, per IDF insistence. It was consistent with the late Chairman of the Joint C-O-S General Earl Wheeler's recommendation that Israel's control of the entire Gaza (139sqm) would "reduce hostile potential by a factor of 5 (recruitment, training, operations, incitement, etc.)." They constitute an outpost, absorbing terrorism, which would otherwise hit Israel's "soft belly". The 1993/4 disengagement from Gaza required three times as many IDF soldiers around and inside Gaza.

6. Do Jews have the right to settle J&S, Gaza and Golan? The 450 Arab villages of J&S bear Biblical names (Anatot is Anata, Haramah is A-Ram, Gilo is Beit Jallah, Gofna is Jifna, Levonah is Luban, etc.). Jewish communities in J&S, Gaza and Golan have renewed ancient Jewish presence, which was violently suspended by Arab and prior aggression. Israel's Founding Fathers were not inspired by the coastal plain (which played a minimal role in forging the Jewish identity), but rather by J&S, Gaza and Golan, which constitute the Cradle of Jewish History. Ben Gurion stated: "The Jewish passport has been the Bible." Statesmen do not negotiate away their Cradle of History, lest they forfeit their national future!



July 22, 2004


by Gerald A. Honigman

I don't know.

Maybe it was just an exercise in rallying support among millions of key Evangelical Christian voters and winning over some Jews in what promises to be a very close election come November 2004. Dubya, after all, won last time around in a highly controversial election by, literally, just a few handfuls of votes in Florida. But maybe--just maybe--while it undoubtedly involved this, perhaps there was something else astir as well.

I've gotten ahead of myself, so let's backtrack a bit.

Israel's Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, made a very hard decision last April. After decades of supporting the construction of Israeli settlements in disputed territories Israel wound up with as a result of having to fight a defensive war for its life in June 1967, the Old Warrior decided that the costs outweighed the gains of keeping Jews in Gaza.

While it is true that, while their numbers drastically fluctuated, Jews had lived in Gaza for millennia; that, since the days of the Pharaohs, Gaza had been used as an invasion route into Israel proper by those aiming to destroy or subjugate it; that Gaza had become a hotbed for terrorists aiming to destroy Israel; that Jewish communities set up in Gaza were not on Arab-owned land; etc. and so forth; it is also true that many--if not most--Israelis were looking for a way out of Gaza if the proper conditions presented themselves.

Israel had long been under pressure to take some steps to revive the all-but-dead, so-called roadmap for peace with Palestinian Arabs. While the latter was seen, at least in a few circles, to exist in such a moribund state due to the unwillingness and/or inability of the Arabs to control their own disembowelers of Jews, this key factor did not matter nearly as much as it should have. So the squeeze was put on the Jews. While such hypocrisy was by now expected from Europe and much of the rest of the world, the folks at Foggy Bottom also habitually indulge in this sort of behavior, coming up with absurd, alleged "moral equivalencies" and the like.

Lacking any Anwar Sadat or King Hussein-type to deal with among Palestinian Arabs (i.e. Arab leaders willing to allow for a viable Israel still existing on the morrow after a peace treaty is signed), Arik decided to make a unilateral move to break the stalemate while also supposedly enhancing Israel's overall security position. The latter assertion is hotly debated given certain "facts of life."

In April 2004, Sharon thus came up with his Gaza withdrawal plan. In addition to the removal of Gaza's 8,000 Jews, some settlements in Samaria, the northern West Bank, were also placed on the eviction notice.

The world had been clamoring for such Israeli moves for decades.

Those who had conquered territories sometimes hundreds or thousands of miles away from home in the name of their own nations' security somehow couldn't figure out the life-threatening problems Israel was constantly faced with due to the armistice lines imposed upon it in 1949 by the United Nations. As is well known by now, those lines made Israel a mere 9-miles wide at its strategic waist, where most of the nation's population and industry is located.

One needn't be Napoleon to figure out what this all meant to a nation grossly out-manned and out-gunned, surrounded by enemies sworn to its demise. And, as would become the norm, the UN had only stepped in after the Jews turned the tide of the Arab invasion in 1948 to snuff out both their own lives and the life of their sole, miniscule, reborn nation.

Israel was never meant to be a 9-mile wide rump state...but that's how it was left when the lines were drawn in '49 marking the point where the Jews finally turned back the invasion of a half dozen Arab armies supplied to the teeth with weaponry left over by the Allies from World War II and led, in Transjordan, by British officers. The UN stepped in to limit Arab losses, not to prevent their blatant aggression. This behavior would be repeated in subsequent decades as well.

Arab settlers from elsewhere then, once again, poured into these disputed territories. As leading international legal scholars like Eugene Rostow have pointed out, the latter had largely been unapportioned state lands belonging to the original Mandate, open to settlement by Arabs, Jews, and others as well. After 1949, however, only Arabs were able to move here with Transjordan's internationally unrecognized land grab.

Purely Arab Transjordan, comprising all the land on the east bank of the River, had already been created by the British in 1922 from almost 80% of the original 1920 borders of the Mandate of Palestine, and Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria--the "West Bank"--had been massacred by the Arabs in the 1920s. During this same time period, the League of Nations Permanent Mandates Commission documented massive waves of Arabs (scores of thousands in just a few months alone) pouring into the Mandate from Syria, Egypt, North Africa, and elsewhere as well. Many more Arabs entered under cover of darkness and were simply never recorded--more "native Palestinians." Thanks to the Jews, the Mandate was economically booming, drawing Arabs in from the entire region.

While this has been repeated ad nauseam, it must be stated yet again. The architects of famed UN Security Council Resolution 242 (Rostow included), carefully worded the final, accepted draft so that Israel would not be expected to have to return to its pre-'67, suicidal armistice lines. Indeed, the resolution called for the creation of "secure and recognized borders" to replace those lines. The bulk of Israel's settlements have been placed with such a strategic territorial compromise in mind. While some will have to go as a trade off for a real peace agreement, others will have to stay.

The area under discussion is tiny to begin with. When Egypt held Gaza and Jordan (name changed after it came to hold both banks of the River) held the West Bank for almost two decades, no one called for the creation of an additional Arab State...their second, not first, one in "Palestine." But, after 1967, the world demanded the latter of the Jews, expecting them to bare their necks to bring this about (while ignoring the plight of 30 million stateless Kurds, millions of Black African Sudanese, and others as well being slaughtered in the name of Arab nationalism). And the American Foggy Folks constantly make the point that the additional Arab state must not be a bantustan.

Guess what? Justice does not demand that the boundaries and such of any 22nd or 23rd Arab state--that there really is no room for--come at the expense of security for the sole state of the Jews.

Despite all of this, Sharon sought to break the log jam with his April 2004 unilateral withdrawal proposals.

So, the hypocrites should have applauded Arik's decision, correct? Guess again...

The Arabs, of course, viewed it simply as another victory in their destruction in phases scenario. Terrorism works, Lebanon again, and so forth. That's the message, unfortunately, they got from Arik. And rather than feeling compelled to come up with some real conciliatory moves of their own, they simply made more demands for additional, unilateral Israeli concessions.

Since the failure of their "one fell swoop" plan for Israel's destruction in June 1967, they adopted a strategy to politically force a return to the indefensible armistice lines of 1949. Given new technologies, massive buildups of Arab armed forces, the continuing Arab birth rate, and the like, the return of Israel to its pre-'67 lines, coupled with a demand for a "return" of millions of Arabs to the Jews' rump state, would be the beginning of the end. The Arabs openly acknowledged all of this. Even their "moderates" called Oslo and other so-called plans for "peace" merely a Trojan Horse, designed to bring about Arafat's so-called "Peace of the Quraysh," the temporary hudna designed to buy time while weakening the Jews for the same final blow Muhammad dealt to his pagan enemies almost fourteen centuries earlier.

That Arabs have responded this way was no shock. But they have been supported in this behavior by most of the world as well.

And then there was the magic of April...

There had been talk before Sharon came up with his withdrawal plan that he would get some backing from Washington on some other key matters.

There is an indisputable set of facts regarding the Arab-Israeli conflict. If there will ever be peace between Arab and Jew, Arabs will have to give up their eternal plans for Israel's destruction. Had they done this, Arabs could have had their second state in Palestine decades ago. Fair and just plans were presented and rejected over the decades by the Arabs themselves--certainly far more than Arabs had ever offered to any of their own national competitors. The reality is that they still want that additional state to exist in place of, not along side of, the Jewish one.

Enter George W. Bush...

Standing near Sharon, in a news conference being watched on television all over the world, an American President--the first since Truman in 1948--finally took a political stance that might yet lead to peace. Dubya stated, before millions watching him, the two key ingredients for such a recipe: Israel should not be expected to return to the indefensible armistice lines of 1949 (and he called them just that, not "borders"), and real and fudged Arab refugees would have to go to the proposed new Arab state, not overwhelm the Jews in Israel. Half of Israel's Jews were refugees from Arab/Muslim lands.

Einstein was not needed to figure this recipe out.

But Arabs had long been given reason, via the world's actions, to hope that Israel would yet become an updated Czechoslovakia with the West Bank as its Sudetenland. All that was missing was a proper Chamberlain and conditions allowing for another Munich sellout to achieve "peace."

President Bush's words, as simple as they were, are the magic ingredients necessary if there is ever to be peace between Arab and Jew in the Middle East.

Unfortunately, they proved to be fleeting. No sooner than they were spoken, the Foggy Folks began to water them down. Again, no surprise here. They fought Truman over the very rebirth of Israel a half century earlier.

But, to make matters worse, something even more disturbing next transpired. America's Iraq prison scandal erupted. This, added to an already increased overall level of Arab animosity surfacing regarding Iraq, the Arab-Israeli conflict, etc., led the State Department to quickly search for additional ways to appease the Arabs.


Gone, apparently in an instant, was the magic of April.

Both the State Department and the President himself soon made statements which basically retracted much of what Dubya had said earlier.

What does this say to Israel?

At the first sign of problems, its best friend, America, is willing to retract its support of what all other nations would naturally expect...the right to protect itself from an alleged "peace" that is really designed to bring about its very destruction.

President Bush still has time to make this right. And if the Arabs ever expect to get anything meaningful regarding that additional state, they will have to come to terms with reality and understand that others, besides themselves, also have a right to a bit of justice in the region. When they do this, they will find an Israel forthcoming in its willingness to meet them far more than half way.


Gerald A. Honigman is a Florida educator who has done extensive doctoral studies in Middle Eastern Affairs. He has created and conducted counter-Arab propaganda programs for college youth, has lectured on numerous campuses and other platforms, and has publicly debated many Arab spokesmen. His articles and op-eds have been published in dozens of newspapers, magazines, academic journals and websites all around the world. - September 23, 2004


by Daniel Pipes

The hardest thing for Westerners to understand is not that a war with militant Islam is underway but that the nature of the enemy's ultimate goal. That goal is to apply the Islamic law (the Shari'a) globally. In U.S. terms, it intends to replace the Constitution with the Qur'an.

This aspiration is so remote and far-fetched to many non-Muslims, it elicits more guffaws than apprehension. Of course, that used to be the same reaction in Europe, and now it's become widely accepted that, in Bernard Lewis' words, "Europe will be Islamic by the end of the century."

Because of the American skepticism about Islamist goals, I postponed publishing an article on this subject until immediately after 9/11, when I expected receptivity to the subject would be greater (it was published in November 2001as "The Danger Within: Militant Islam in America"). I argued there that

The Muslim population in this country is not like any other group, for it includes within it a substantial body of people -- many times more numerous than the agents of Osama bin Ladin -- who share with the suicide hijackers a hatred of the United States and the desire, ultimately, to transform it into a nation living under the strictures of militant Islam.

The receptivity indeed was greater, but still the idea of an Islamist takeover remains unrecognized in establishment circles -- the U.S. government, the old media, the universities, the mainline churches.

Therefore, reading "A rare look at secretive Brotherhood in America," in the Chicago Tribune on Sept. 19 caused me to startle. It's a long analysis that draws on an exclusive interview with Ahmed Elkadi, the Muslim Brotherhood leader in the United States during 1984-94, plus other interviews and documentation. In it, the authors (Noreen S. Ahmed-Ullah, Sam Roe, and Laurie Cohen) warily but emphatically acknowledge the Islamists' goal of turning the United States into an Islamic state.

Over the last 40 years, small groups of devout Muslim men have gathered in homes in U.S. cities to pray, memorize the Koran and discuss events of the day. But they also addressed their ultimate goal, one so controversial that it is a key reason they have operated in secrecy: to create Muslim states overseas and, they hope, someday in America as well. ...

Brotherhood members emphasize that they follow the laws of the nations in which they operate. They stress that they do not believe in overthrowing the U.S. government, but rather that they want as many people as possible to convert to Islam so that one day -- perhaps generations from now -- a majority of Americans will support a society governed by Islamic law.

This Brotherhood approach is in keeping with my observation that the greater Islamist threat to the West is not violence -- flattening buildings, bombing railroad stations and nightclubs, seizing theaters and schools -- but the peaceful, legal growth of power through education, the law, the media, and the political system.

The Tribune article explains how, when recruiting new members, the organization does not reveal its identity but invites candidates to small prayer meetings where the prayer leaders focus on the primary goal of the Brotherhood, namely "setting up the rule of God upon the Earth" (i.e., achieving Islamic hegemony). Elkadi describes the organization's strategic, long-term approach: "First you change the person, then the family, then the community, then the nation."

His wife Iman is no less explicit; all who are associated with the Brotherhood, she says, have the same goal, which is "to educate everyone about Islam and to follow the teachings of Islam with the hope of establishing an Islamic state."

In addition to Elkadi, the article features information from Mustafa Saied (about whose Muslim Brotherhood experiences the Wall Street Journal devoted a feature story in December 2003, without mentioning the organization's Islamist goals). Saied, the Tribune informs us, says

he found out that the U.S. Brotherhood had a plan for achieving Islamic rule in America: It would convert Americans to Islam and elect like-minded Muslims to political office. "They're very smart. Everyone else is gullible," Saied says. "If the Brotherhood puts up somebody for an election, Muslims would vote for him not knowing he was with the Brotherhood."

Citing documents and interviews, the Tribune team notes that the secretive Brotherhood, in an effort to acquire more influence, went above ground in Illinois in 1993, incorporating itself as the Muslim American Society. The MAS, headquartered in Alexandria, Va. and claiming 53 chapters across the United States engages in a number of activities. These include summer camps, a large annual conference, websites, and the Islamic American University, a mainly correspondence school in suburban Detroit that trains teachers and imams.

Of course, the MAS denies any intent to take over the country. One of its top officials, Shaker Elsayed, insists that

MAS does not believe in creating an Islamic state in America but supports the establishment of Islamic governments in Muslim lands. The group's goal in the United States, he says, "is to serve and develop the Muslim community and help Muslims to be the best citizens they can be of this country." That includes preserving the Muslim identity, particularly among youths.

Notwithstanding this denial, the Tribune finds MAS goals to be clear enough:

Part of the Chicago chapter's Web site is devoted to teens. It includes reading materials that say Muslims have a duty to help form Islamic governments worldwide and should be prepared to take up arms to do so. One passage states that "until the nations of the world have functionally Islamic governments, every individual who is careless or lazy in working for Islam is sinful." Another one says that Western secularism and materialism are evil and that Muslims should "pursue this evil force to its own lands" and "invade its Western heartland." [links added by me, DP]

In suburban Rosemont, Ill., several thousand people attended MAS' annual conference in 2002 at the village's convention center. One speaker said, "We may all feel emotionally attached to the goal of an Islamic state" in America, but it would have to wait because of the modest Muslim population. "We mustn't cross hurdles we can't jump yet."

These revelations are particularly striking, coming as they do just days after a Washington Post article titled "In Search Of Friends Among The Foes," which reports how some U.S. diplomats and intelligence officials believe the Muslim Brotherhood's influence "offers an opportunity for political engagement that could help isolate violent jihadists." Graham Fuller is quoted saying that "It is the preeminent movement in the Muslim world. It's something we can work with." Demonizing the Brotherhood, he warns, "would be foolhardy in the extreme." Other analysts, such as Reuel Gerecht, Edward Djerejian, and Leslie Campbell, are quoted as being in agreement with this outlook.

But it is a deeply wrong and dangerous approach. Even if the Muslim Brotherhood is not specifically associated with violence in the United States (as it has been in other countries, including Egypt and Syria), it is deeply hostile to the United States and must be treated as one vital component of the enemy's assault force.



w w w . h a a r e t z . c o m - October 4, 2004


By Avraham Tal

The reality is that what Israel is waging in Gaza today is a defensive war against paramilitary organizations whose goals go beyond those of a war of national liberation.

Critics of the tactics that the Israel Defense Forces are employing against the terrorists of Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Al-Aqsa, which have also caused casualties among Palestinian civilians, ignore the fundamental change that has taken place in the nature of the war. One can continue to define the IDF as an army of occupation and the Palestinians as "fighters," or even "freedom fighters," as certain Israelis and foreigners do. But the reality is that what Israel is waging in Gaza today is a defensive war against paramilitary organizations whose goals go beyond those of a war of national liberation.

There are people who claim that murderousness is embedded in the Palestinians' blood, but it is not necessary to resort to this explanation to understand the nature of the struggle they are conducting against Israel in general, and in particular since the historic turnabout took place in the government's policy: the decision in principle to leave the Gaza Strip and evacuate all the Jewish settlements there, and also the implications of the exchange of letters between Israel's prime minister and President George Bush in April 2004 - that in the future, the West Bank will also be evacuated, except for areas in which there is a heavy concentration of Israelis, and a viable Palestinian state will be set up.

The decision to remove the Jewish settlers from Gaza - backed by the credible steps that the government is taking in terms of preparations and legislation - should have brought about an end to the acts of violence, at least in the area destined for evacuation. After all, the Palestinian "freedom fighters" have achieved their goal in this area: In less than a year, they will be able to rule the entire Gaza Strip, free of Israelis, and inherit the infrastructure that the Israelis will leave behind. So why do the Palestinian organizations continue their campaign of murder against civilians and soldiers in Gaza, with even greater intensity than before?

The accepted explanation is that Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Al-Aqsa - each organization individually and all of them together - want to prove that they, and only they, succeeded in expelling the Israelis from Gaza via "the resistance." But this is not the whole truth. The organizations - and certainly Hamas and Islamic Jihad - view the continued fighting against Israel in the Strip as an additional stage in their effort to expel it not only from all of the territories, but also from the 1948 borders. As Ayman al-Zawahiri, Al-Qaida's number two, said last week: "The liberation of Palestine is an obligation incumbent upon all Muslims."

Even if it is possible to assume - with very grave reservations - that Fatah might perhaps someday be willing, through lack of choice, to accept the existence of Israel in the 1948 borders, there is no doubt that the organizations now waging the terrorist war in Gaza do not intend to make do with the evacuation of the territories. No Hamas or Jihad spokesman has ever declared the intention of recognizing Israel in its 1948 borders; in practice, it is also hard to hear such willingness from the heads of the Al-Aqsa gangs and the Popular Resistance Committees operating in the Strip.

It is no accident that peace initiatives by various Israeli governments, and particularly that of Ehud Barak's government, have met with Palestinian rejection. The Islamic movements reject any such initiative for Islamic reasons (all of Palestine is part of the Muslim waqf, and no infidel entity can be allowed to exist in it).

But the secular Palestinian movements also have difficulty accepting the existence of a Jewish state in Palestine. Granting legitimacy to such a state would make it difficult to justify the struggle against it in the future, both on the ground and in international forums. Therefore, the Fatah leadership prefers to postpone the establishment of the Palestinian state, in the hope that the unceasing armed struggle against the Jewish state will undermine its foundations and perhaps even lead to its disappearance from the stage of history.

Israel is currently waging an existential war against forces that wish to eradicate it: There is such a thing as the genocide of a state. In this existential war, Israel is fighting murderous gangs that operate from behind or from the midst of Palestinian civilians, most of whom, unfortunately, support these gangs and their murderous tactics.

Even though the IDF's orders to refrain from harming civilians are clear, and are also generally obeyed, in this war, there is no way to avoid injury to some noncombatants, as well. There is no place here for tortured consciences, because our existence, both as individuals and as a state, is in danger, and our own protection therefore deserves to be given more priority than their protection. Palestinians who are harmed in IDF operations are paying for the murderous intentions of the terrorist organizations. Their blood is on the head of their own leaders.



The Jewish Press-September 28, 2004

Implications For Preemption Option

By Louis Rene Beres

Israel`s security from enemy state aggression depends upon a carefully conceived mix of deterrence, preemption and war-fighting postures. It also requires an integrated and capable system of active defenses. The current core of Israel`s active defense system is the Arrow anti-ballistic missile program. An Israel Air Force (IAF) operational undertaking, the Arrow was developed jointly by Israel and the United States and is managed by the Israel Missile Defense Organization (IMDO) in close cooperation with the US Missile Defense Agency (MDA). The prime contractor for the Arrow ABM is Israel Aircraft Industries/MLM Division.

On July 29, 2004, as part of the ongoing Arrow System Improvement Program (ASIP) which is carried out jointly by Israel and the United States, an Arrow ABM successfully intercepted and destroyed its target at the Point Mugu Sea Range in California. This was the 12th Arrow intercept test and the seventh test of the complete Arrow system. According to a statement issued by Israel`s Ministry of Defense (MOD) on that same day: "The target trajectory demonstrated an operational scenario and all the Arrow system components performed successfully in their full operational configuration."

From the standpoint of Israel`s security, these test results are very significant. They indicate not only continuing close cooperation between Washington (DOD) and Tel-Aviv (MOD), but also the intrinsic technical promise of Israel`s ballistic missile defense. But now, serious decisions need to be made. Still faced with a steadily nuclearizing Iran, Israel must quickly consider carefully whether it can rely upon a suitable combination of deterrence and active defenses or whether it must also prepare energetically for an appropriate form of preemption.

On its face, it would appear that with a successfully operating system of ballistic missile defense, Israel`s preemption option is now substantially less urgent. Indeed, if the Arrow is truly efficient in its reliability of intercept, it would seem that even an irrational Iranian adversary armed with nuclear and/or biological weapons could be dealt with effectively by Israeli active defenses. This means that even if Israel`s nuclear deterrent were immobilized by an enemy state willing to risk a massive "countervalue" Israeli reprisal, that state`s ensuing first-strike would still be blocked by Arrow. Hence, why preempt?

But this argument would rest upon altogether untenable assumptions. Ballistic missile defense systems cannot be appraised dichotomously; that is, as either "reliable" or "unreliable." Here, Operational Reliability of Intercept is a continuous variable, and any BMD system -- however successful in its tests -- will always have "leakage." Whether or not such leakage would fall within acceptable levels would depend, primarily, upon the kinds of warheads fitted upon the enemy`s incoming missiles. Moreover, the Arrow`s recent success in intercepting a Scud might not be as easily replicated with more advanced targets. Iran`s newest missile -- the Shahab-3 -- travels almost three times as fast as the Scud.

In evaluating its preemption option via-a-vis Iran, Israeli planners will need to consider the expected "leakage rate" of the Arrow. Expressed as a percentage, a very small number of enemy missiles penetrating Arrow defenses could be acceptable if the associated warheads contained only conventional high explosive or even chemical high explosive. But if the incoming warheads were nuclear and/or biological, even an extremely low rate of leakage would almost certainly be unacceptable. A fully zero leakage-rate would be necessary to adequately protect Israel against nuclear and/or biological warheads, and such a zero leakage-rate is unattainable. It follows, given intrinsic limitations of deterrence, that Israel can not depend entirely upon its anti-ballistic missiles to defend against any future WMD attack from Iran, and that even a very promising Arrow system would not obviate Israel`s preemption option.

At the same time, a rational adversary will need to calculate that Israel`s second-strike forces are substantially invulnerable to first- strike aggressions. Additionally, this adversary will now require many more missiles for an assuredly destructive first-strike against Israel than would be the case without Arrow. This means that Israel`s Arrow will at least compel a rational adversary such as Iran to delay any intended first- strike attack until such time as this adversary can deploy a fully robust nuclear and/or biological offensive missile force.

In this way, ballistic missile defense -- while not permitting Israel to reject the preemption option altogether -- does offer Israel two distinct and complementary levels of protection: (1) protection afforded by Arrow`s demonstrated capacity for physical interception of incoming ballistic missiles; and (2) protection afforded by Arrow`s allowing Israel to "buy time" until a nuclearizing adversary is able to deploy a more or less substantial number of offensive ballistic missiles. By definition, of course, Arrow will have no deterrent effect upon any irrational adversary, but it could still have some consequential damage-limiting benefit in the event of an enemy attack by such an adversary.

In the best of all possible worlds, Israel would not need to make any of these complex strategic calculations, and could rely instead upon those codified norms of international law associated with methods of peaceful dispute settlement. But we surely do not yet live in the best of all possible worlds, and Israel surely still faces a number of state enemies in the Middle East whose undisguised preparations for the Jewish State are authentically genocidal. Jurisprudentially and strategically, war and genocide need not be mutually exclusive, and certain ongoing enemy state preparations for war against Israel are fully consistent with the definition of genocide found in the 1948 Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide.

(To be continued)


LOUIS RENE BERES(Ph.D., Princeton, 1971), Professor of International Law at Purdue University and Strategic and Military Affairs columnist for The Jewish Press, is Chair of "Project Daniel." Prof. Beres is also the academic advisor to the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies.




Satire by Mike Levine

The Arab/Muslim world, unhappy with the International Olympics Committee for allowing those pushy Jews to participate and win several medals, have announced the formation of their very own Olympic games. The first games will be held in 2008. A huge Olympic village will be built on the site of the former city of Tel Aviv, which was completely demolished following the massive evacuation ordered by Ariel Sharon, who, in a message to the first all-Arab Knesset, said, "We have no partner on the other side, therefore we must make tough unilateral decisions and make the hard concessions required for real peace. This will once and for all prove to the world how democratic and fair we are and eliminate anti-Semitism forever. This is the solemn promise made to me by US President Ben Laden."

Although the plans are being kept secret, some information has leaked out. These are some of the events we have to look forward to:

Artistic beheadings. Points will be awarded for the slowness of cuts, the loudness of the gurgling, and the distance the blood squirts. Points will also be awarded based on ethnicity of those beheaded, with Jews earning the highest awards, Americans next, Brits third, and so on. France, of course, will be excluded as they are serving as honorary judges in the competition.

Bomb design. Entrants will be judged on technical skill, ability to handle explosives without killing themselves, and extra points will be awarded for the amount of shrapnel packed into the bomb; things such as razor blades, rat poison, ball bearings, nails, screws, straight pins, and rusty iron bars.

Two faced lying. Anyone can lie, but it takes great technique to be able to lie your head off when facing western journalists saying things like "we condemn the suicide bombings', then turning the other face to the Arab/Muslim press and praising the same bombers as honored Shaheeds, martyrs and heroes.

Refugee camp construction. This great sport began in 1948 and reached it's peak in 1967 when hundreds of thousands of Arabs were encouraged by their leaders to run from a war they started, and who were then thrown into slums, called refugee camps, told they were unwelcome by their brothers in Arab lands, and turned over to the UN for care and feeding.

Sword rattling. Iranians are masters at this sport, having become champions with the retirement of Saddam Hussein.

Whining. This sport is learned at mothers knee who demonstrates it is far better to complain than to take responsibility for your own mistakes.

Playing the victim. This is the sister sport of whining, and the two games are often played at the same time. Instant ability to wail loudly and beat yourself are greatly admired.

Lynching. A sport played usually by a large team against one or a maximum of two victims. Inspired by the activities held in the Coliseum by the ancient Romans, the main difference is that the Romans used hungry tigers, whereby the professional Muslim lynchers enjoy using their fingers to rip the eyes from their victims, and their hands to rip out the guts and still-beating hearts.

Burning flags. Not as easy as it looks. Takes great skill to drape the flag folds correctly, so the American and Israeli emblems show up well on TV, and the burning must be slow and picturesque. A team numbering thousands who must learn to stomp on the burning flags without themselves being set afire supports this.

Digging tunnels. Points are awarded for depth of tunneling, speed of digging, ability to hide the earth removed, and the dimensions must be large enough to fit the transfer of missiles, shoulder held rockets, thousands of boxes of ammunition and explosives, and all must be accomplished without detection.

Shooting guns in the air. A very exciting and colorful game played at every funeral by thousands, even funerals of car accident victims. Points are awarded by the number of innocent bystanders and kids the falling bullets can hit.

Street fairs and celebrations. To mark important national events, such as 9/11, the murder of Jewish children, and the bombing of bus loads of innocent civilians. Includes skills such as throwing candy in the streets, ululating wildly, as well as shooting in the air.

These are just some of the sporting events contemplating by the organizers of the Muslim Olympic Games in 2008. Others are definitely being considered. In fact the organizing committee, whose chairman is President-for-Eternity Arafart, are requesting members of the general community to make suggestions for other games. Please send your suggestions to me and I will see they reach the committee.

In addition to gold, silver, and bronze medals, outstanding participants will receive 70 dark eyed virgins and an embossed key to paradise.

Deserving women will be awarded the honor of cleaning stadium stands and toilets.



THE JEWISH PRESS - September 22, 2004


By Jackie Mason & Raoul Felder

It's been said that "Jews are the people of `The Book.`" From what we observe today, "The Book" is not a survival manual and may end up being the Koran.

There are three things certain in life: death, taxes and anti-Semitism. Well, death is death, taxes are down, and anti-Semitism is up. Like some demon seed that lay dormant, sleeping, covered over or ignored, it has now sprouted once again.

The hated symbols are scrawled across the gravestones in Jewish cemeteries and on the walls of the ancient capitals of Europe and the Near and Middle East. Jews are blamed for everything from the destruction of the World Trade Center to the war in Iraq, and are called "baby-killers" in relation to the Palestinian problem even while the world`s media print the photographs of the arms of small slaughtered Jewish children hanging from the side of a bus that Palestinian terrorists decided to destroy.

American Jews are disconnected from these realities, and apparently are determined to make their lack of interest in unfolding world events evident by supporting the Democratic candidate for president. An ostrich buries its head in the sand, and in so doing leaves another part of its anatomy vulnerable. American Jews should take heed and perhaps consider emulating the eagle rather than the ostrich.

In a recent poll conducted by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research, American Jews who were likely voters favored Kerry by 75 to 22 percent. The problem, like it or not, that American Jews choose not to deal with is that to some degree the life and well-being of any Jew, anywhere in the world, is connected to the fate of Israel. This is true even for Jews who go to country clubs, ride polo ponies, or name their daughters Tiffany.

When the Nazis came into power, with equanimity they murdered Jews with blond hair and blue eyes and who'd been loyal German soldiers for the Kaiser, along with the ones with yarmulkes and long beards.

The Jewish knee-jerk propensity to vote Democratic is unrelated to any particular advantage the party offers American Jews in the modern world. The allegiance of Jews is basically historical, beginning with President Roosevelt and then becoming embedded in their psyches, with no connection to events or reality.

The Jews believed that somehow Roosevelt was their savior. In point of fact, Roosevelt was a canny politician who believed he had the Jews in his pocket. Notwithstanding Churchill`s plea, Roosevelt would not order the bombing of the Nazis` transportation web to slow the delivery of Jews to the concentration camps -- even after Churchill`s prophecy to him that history would condemn both of them for his refusal.

Democrats since Roosevelt have not been much better for Jews when it comes to Israel: Jimmy Carter engineered a sellout of Israel at Camp David; Hillary Clinton hugged Mrs. Arafat; John Kerry called Arafat "a statesman" and, in his unending acceptance speech at the Democratic convention, did not mention Israel even once.

On the other hand, Nixon, Reagan, and the present president have been the guardians of Israel`s survival. President Bush, however, has been extraordinary in this regard. American Jews who do not like Bush are quick to insist that the he and the Religious Right and are supportive of Israel only because such support fits their belief that there must be a state of Israel when the Messiah comes.

The unworthy thought crosses our minds that if your house is burning and your neighbor puts out the fire, not out of any love for your family but because he doesn't want a burned-out wreck of a house next to his own, does it really make a difference? Either motive leaves you and your family with your home.

In the Greenberg poll, only 15 percent of the Jews surveyed mentioned Israel as the most important factor they take into account when deciding which presidential candidate to vote for.

Unfortunately, there are six million reasons why they are wrong.


Jackie Mason is the world-renowned comedic genius. Raoul Felder is a prominent Manhattan attorney.




By Itamar Marcus & Barbara Crook
Palestinian Media Watch | September 28, 2004

Twice in three days, PA religious leaders have openly called for the genocide of Jews. Broadcast on official PA TV, both called for the murder of Jews until the Jewish people are annihilated. Both presented the killing of Jews not merely as the will of Allah, but also as a necessary stage in history that should be carried out now. To support these mandatory killings, both cited the same Hadith - Islamic tradition attributed to Mohammed - expressing Allah's will that Muslims will kill Jews, before the "Hour" of Resurrection.

The words of the Hadith:

"The Hour [Resurrection] will not take place until the Muslims fight the Jews, and kill them. And the Jews will hide behind the rock and tree, and the rock and tree will say: oh Muslim, oh servant of Allah, this is a Jew behind me, come and kill him!"

Numerous times in recent years Palestinian religious leaders and academics have taught publicly that this particular Hadith applies today. This teaching may well be a dominant motivating factor that drives terror against Israeli civilians, because it presents the killing of Jews as a religious obligation, not related to the conflict over borders, but as something inherent to Allah's world.

Note also the defining of Jews as "the brothers of the monkeys and pigs" in Maadi's religious lesson. PA religious leaders teach, based on a story in the Quran, that Jews were cursed by Allah and turned into monkeys and pigs. This is consistent with the PA teaching that the Jew's have inherent and unchanging character defects.

Click to view the teachings of Sheik Ibrahim Madiras during his Friday sermon and Dr. Muhammad Ibrahim Maadi on his weekly TV show teaching Islam.

The following are the texts of these broadcasts:

Sheik Ibrahim Madiras Friday sermon, PA TV Sept. 10, 2004:

"The Prophet said: the Resurrection will not take place until the Muslims fight the Jews, and the Muslims kill them. The Muslims will kill the Jews, rejoice [in it], rejoice in Allahs Victory. The Muslims will kill the Jews, and he will hide

The Prophet said: the Jews will hide behind the rock and tree, and the rock and tree will say: oh servant of Allah, oh Muslim this is a Jew behind me, come and kill him!. Why is there this malice? Because there are none who love the Jews on the face of the earth: not man, not rock, and not tree everything hates them. They destroy everything they destroy the trees and destroy the houses. Everything wants vengeance on the Jews, on these pigs on the face of the earth, and the day of our victory, Allah willing, will come."

Dr. Muhammad Ibrahim Maadi on his weekly TV show, Sept. 12, 2004:

"We are waging this cruel war with the brothers of the monkeys and pigs, the Jews and the sons of Zion The Jews will fight you and you will subjugate them. Until the Jew will stand behind the tree and rock. And the tree and rock will say: oh Muslim, oh servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him."




By Phyllis Chesler

September 28, 2004

Dear President Brodhead:


I am writing to you as a member of Duke's extended family of scholars. As you may know, my archives reside at Duke University as part of a distinguished collection of feminist intellectuals and activists. Indeed, my archives were Duke's first major acquisition in this area. You have in your possession a treasure trove of my research, published and unpublished manuscripts, interviews, course curricula, and world wide civil rights activism from the early 1960s on. Duke acquired my papers in 1992 and I have continued to hand over materials ever since. Other important acquisitions that followed mine include those of Kate Millett, Alix Kates Shulman, Merle Hoffman, Robin Morgan, and others.

I am also one of 107 signatories to a letter recently sponsored by the Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies addressed to Secretary of State Colin Powell on behalf of the Global Anti-Semitism Awareness Act, (HR 4230), which would have the United States monitor and combat anti-Semitism world-wide. Other signatories include current and former Senators, Congressmen, Ambassadors, theologians, and educators including the Reverend Dr. Joseph Hough, Jr., President of the Union Theological Seminary, Dr. Harold W. Attridge, Dean of the Yale University Divinity School, Dr. Maxine Clarke Beach, Dean of the Drew University Theological School, Sister Rose Thering, author James Carroll, and R. James Woolsey, Jack Kemp, Jeanne Kirkpatrick, Cynthia Ozick, Richard Perle, and Gary Wills.

I understand that Duke University will be hosting a Palestinian Solidarity Movement (PSM) conference. I also understand that you and certain faculty members believe that doing so constitutes your commitment to free speech and academic freedom. Ironically, Duke will be supporting a group (which is also known as the International Solidarity Movement), which does not believe in free speech or democracy and which endorses violence, mass murder, Jew-hatred, and homicidal-suicide terrorism.

But, you might say, America prides itself on extending its civil rights, including that of free speech to racist groups and to their hate speech. Let me respectfully suggest that, post 9/11, America may no longer do so without risking grievous consequences both in terms of lives lost and truth abandoned.

President Brodhead: Would you proudly host a Nazi Party or Ku Klux Klan conference in the name of academic freedom? Given your commitment to the First Amendment, would you still allow the meeting to take place behind closed doors with no press allowed? I understand that this is what the Palestine Solidarity Movement conference planners have demanded. As you know, a free and vigorous press is one of our protections against tyranny. What issue cannot bear the cleansing light of scrutiny?

But why is Duke giving any intellectual credibility to what is bound to be a hate-fest? Under President Rudenstein, Harvard, which like Duke is also a private institution, resolved that it would not allow any hate-speech conferences. The Harvard Divinity School also returned United Arab Emirate monies from the Sheikh Zayed Foundation no doubt earmarked for such purposes. Perhaps Duke can consider doing this as well. The PSM/ISM are precisely the kinds of groups that European governments, beginning with Germany, have begun to monitor in terms of their terrorism potential. Why is Duke granting them an aura of intellectual respectability?

In my view, the masked and hooded members of al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Al Fatah, and the al-Aqsa's Martyrs Brigade--which the PSM and their allies support--are far more dangerous than the Nazis or the Klan ever were. Their terrorism againstt civilians, especially in Israel, but also world-wide, is both state-sanctioned and trans-national. Their propaganda against Jews and Israelis is based on doctored footage, photo-opportunity journalism, and sophisticated post-Orwellian lies. The Palestine Solidarity Movement and their allies chant "Death to the Jews," and "Death to America," at what they describe as peace rallies; they characterize the mass murder of civilians as "resistance to oppression;" they preach the destruction of Israel and the murder of all infidels in Arabic--but then, in English, French, and German, claim that they have been misunderstood, that they really meant the opposite of whhat they said.

President Brodhead: Until now, I have been proud to be associated with Duke. However, as a Duke family member, I am distressed by Duke's decision to host the PSM conference -- but I am even more distressed by Duke's failure, so far, to fund and host very different kinds of programs in this area.

Some academics and educators might say that PSM's/ISM's hate speech and lies are only words and cannot hurt anyone. They might also say that honoring diverse and controversial words are precisely what American universities should do. At some other time in history, and perhaps in terms of other subjects, I might agree with you. However, the level of hate-propaganda against Israel and Jews is surreal, global, sophisticated, and deadly. During this latest Palestinian-led and Arab and Iranian-backed Intifada, (2000-2004), such propaganda has both led to and yet rendered invisible the highest civilian body count in Israel's history. In American demographic terms, by now America would have suffered approximately 45,000 civilian deaths at the hands of terrorists and approximately 280,000 civilians wounded, often seriously, and for life. More than half would have been women and children. Only Israel's unilateral creation of a security barrier has begun to staunch the flood of Israeli blood.

The Islamists, whom the PSM support, torture and impoverish their own people, sacrifice their own children, practice slavery, and commit genocide. They terrorize their own citizens, especially intellectuals, women, and homosexuals. Nevertheless, many "politically correct" academics have romanticized these barbarians--even the billionaire bin Laden and the multi-millionaire Arafat--as humiliated and impoverished freedom fighters.

I have written about this betrayal of the truth and of the Jews in my twelfth and latest book: "The New Anti-Semitism. The Current Crisis and What We Must Do About It." Most "politically correct" academics, including feminists, have joined left-alliances which single out only Israel for imaginary crimes and misdemeanors. They say that Israel is an Apartheid and Nazi state; it is not. But, as one of Duke's pioneer feminists, let me indeed briefly focus on Apartheid as a feminist issue.

Islam today is the largest practitioner of both gender and religious Apartheid in the world. Women who live under Islam are, variously, murdered outright in honor killings and oppressed by forced veiling, segregation, sequestration, stoning to death for alleged adultery, female genital mutilation, polygamy, forced marriage to men old enough to be their grandfather, and by domestic and sexual slavery. Women have few, if any, civil, legal, or human rights under Islam today. In addition, under Islam, all non-Muslims: Christians, Jews, Assyrians, Hindus, Zoroastrians, animists--have historically been viewed and treated as subhuman and accorded "dhimmi" status. Today, except for the small country of <Israel, all 22 nation states in the Arab Muslim Middle East are Judenrein (free of Jews); Christians there remain at serious risk.

You will probably not hear anyone at the PSM conference address Apartheid in this way and to fail to do so is to fail the requirements of objectivity and scholarship. "Free" speech is not always "true" speech. Universities have an obligation to teach the truth as much as they may also wish to model tolerance for all speech, including that which bears no relationship to the truth. Thus, in the interests of free, true speech, may I suggest that Duke:

[*] Allow the media in to cover the PSM conference.

[*] Allow the conference to be taped so that you and others will see what is being said.

[*] Sponsor a pro-democracy and pro-Israel conference, one which reflects a wide spectrum of opinion, not only that of the left-wing Israeli Oslo and Geneva accordianists. This should be an inter-faith and inter-disciplinary effort. The Jewish community should not be expected to monitor Jew-hatred and educate against it by themselves. In addition, such a conference should feature Arab Christians, as well as Lebanese Maronite Christians who are the descendants of Phoenicians and pre-date the Arab conquest of Arabia.

[*] Sponsor an international conference on Gender and Religious Apartheid.

[*] Sponsor a conference on the feminist challenge to and transformation of patriarchal religions. As yet, perhaps due to funding limitations, none of my extensive work as a feminist activist within Judaism and within Israel, especially as a co-leader of the Women of the Wall struggle in Jerusalem, has been made available to scholars or Duke students nor has any of my work as an anti-racist activist--not only on behalf of minorities of color but also on behalf of Jews--been made available.

We live in dangerous times. Keeping a low and "neutral" profile, trying to please and appease aall sides--especially the most violent side-- is unwise. One must take a stand against radical evil and injustice. I hope and pray that you will do exactly that.

All the best,
Phyllis Chesler, Ph.D