By David Bedein

[March 12, 2000] The recommendation that Barak will bring to his cabinet will be for IDF withdrawal from Arab villages that are contiguous to Jerusalem and to free Arab killers who express no regret for their actions. That would invite the Palestinian Liberation Army to lay siege to Jerusalem. since the PLA would be deployed next to every Jewish neighborhood in Jerusalem, The Etzion Bloc and the Jewish communities in Benyamin.

Most people do not realize that changing status from area "b" to area "a" simply means that the PLA, an well armed and well motivated army, will move in. Ironically, these actions do not contradict the PR slogan of the Yesha council, which has campaigned for the Israeli gov't "not to uproot Jewish communities" nor to "divide Jerusalem".

All this does is to put Jewish communities in moral danger.

The options to influence government actions at this point:

*Sponsor forums for the press and the public to know what threat is posed by the PLA to Jewish lives.

*Sponsor forums for the press and the public to know what is being taught in the PA schools. While the curriculum continues to train a new generation of Arabs to kill Jews, Shimon Peres announced at the international Jewish media conference two weeks ago that the PA had adopted a new curriculum for peace. When I asked Peres about the fact that Arafat had vetoed that curriculum, Peres quietly said that he knew that.

*Finance a private investigator in Washington, DC to determine if the Clinton administration financed Carville to help Barak. That would make Barak a foreign agent.

*Send registered letters to Barak and to every member of the government. Do not send e-mails or faxes. They are not read. Registered letters are recorded in the government records.

*Participate in a vigil on Friday morning outside of the homes of MEIMAD Rabbis Michael Melchior and Yehudah Amital. Without their support, Barak cannot implement any program. Since Rabbi Melchior's son lives in Tekoa, which would have a PLA base deployed next to it, someone should carry a sign asking Melchior if he has a right to kill his son. Since Rav Amital is the ROSH YESHIVA of HAR ETZION in Alon Shvut, someone should carry a sign in which they ask whether Rav Amital has a right to kill his students.

*Bring a suit to challenge Barak's retaining Yossi Ginnosar as his private negotiator with Arafat, since Ginnosar earns a fee from businesses inside the PA, especially from the casino in Jericho.

*Whenever you see that there is not a policeman at the Solomon's Junction, get out of your car and check Arab cars to see if they have weapons or valid licenses.

*Call Barak's media office incessantly and express your feelings. Tel. 02-6524040.

*And always write to the media and express yourself.

This is the first time in 1900 years that Jews have welcomed a foreign army to the outskirts of Jerusalem, under the premise of peace, of course

It would seem that the Syrian track was Barak's diversionary operation whose purpose was to distract the people from his policies in Jerusalem.


DAVID BEDEIN is the Media Research Analyst and Bureau Chief, Israel Resource News Agency, Beit Agron International Press Center, Jerusalem, Israel

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