March 14, 2000 7 Adar II 5760

Public Manifesto by Women from
Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and Gaza

By Ruth and Nadia Matar, Women in Green

Editor's Note: By all that is Sacred and Holy in the Jewish people, we must support these women in their struggle to save Eretz Yisrael....Bernard J. Shapiro

Political processes that threaten the Jewish people are being revealed before our very eyes. The Arab enemy (including those with whom we have signed "peace" agreements) does not conceal his preparation for a total war for the destruction of the State of Israel and the elimination of the Jewish entity in the Middle East. The enemy, who has learned the distorted psychology of the Israeli government, uses terror as a tool to soften us up, even during the presumed peace process. In a march of folly, the government of Israel is constructing for the enemy his very plans. In an obsessive manner, the government seeks to rid itself of the nation's lands, which will lead us, Heaven forbid, to a hopeless war. After the handing over of portions of the homeland that have become nests of terror, the government intends to uproot Jews from their homes and their settlements, and to give them over into the hands of the enemy. There is also a program for "voluntary transfer" that will leave settlements at the mercy of the enemy…

We have chosen to gather, in Gush Katif, specifically on the eve of the Purim holiday, in which G-d, rescued Israel by means of a courageous woman. The time has come for us to take part in the preparations for confronting a changing reality.

To the Prime Minister of Israel, the Government of Israel, the Knesset of Israel, and the people of Israel:

- WE DECLARE: Eretz Israel belongs to the Jewish people for all time, and only to it - thus our Torah has established.

-WE DECLARE: that no one is entitled to surrender a single bit of the soil of Eretz Israel to a foreign people. There is no legal or moral validity to the handing over of parts of Eretz Israel to the Arabs. This is a betrayal of Judaism for all time. We will never accept this crime.

-WE DECLARE: that not even a referendum will make this act legal and moral. We will not comply if, Heaven forbid, the people will betray its homeland.

- WE DECLARE: that we will resolutely oppose any program for the uprooting of settlements. We will not allow our being uprooted from our homes and from our land. If the government will adversely change the security situation, it will find us ready, resolute, combative, alongside our men.

- WE DECLARE: that we will not leave behind even the smallest of settlements. We will join with it, shoulder to shoulder, in the struggle for its existence.

- WE DECLARE: that we will take action for the continued construction and growth of settlement throughout Judea, Samaria, and Gaza, the Golan, and Jerusalem. Threats will not stop our magnificent Zionist enterprise.

- the new reality mandates that we be an integral part of the defense system of the settlements. WE CALL upon women to practice self-defense and the use of arms, and to purchase weapons, that are approved by the law. This is the hour of pikuah nefesh, the saving of life.

- as mothers, we appeal to you, our brother and son the soldier - do not uproot what has been planted! Do not be a partner in the crime against your people, against your homeland. The order to uproot Jews from their homes and from their land is a patently illegal order. Governments rise and governments fall, but what is sacred to Israel and its values will last forever.

-WE CALL upon the national camp, with all its organizations, and the Council of Jewish Communities in Judea, Samaria, and Gaza, to awaken and act.

Women in Israel have demonstrated bravery and resourcefulness, from the time of the Matriarch Sarah to the pioneering women of today - the pioneers of Beit Hadassah and those who dwell in the caravans on the desolate hills. We, too, with the help of G-d, shall be an example and symbol by steadfastness to the goal and self-sacrifice. We shall not permit the destruction of our life's work. We stall stand resolute at the gate, with our children, against those who arise to destroy us, even if they are our brothers. We shall not submit - and G-d, shall be our helper.


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