Mi LaHashem Aylai

(Whoever is for G-d, join me)

By Boris Shusteff

The first words Moses spoke to the people after breaking the tablets -
"Mi LaHashem Aylai (Whoever is for G-d, join me)" (1)

How happy our enemies today must be, when they listen to the sound of the hammer that pounds nail after nail into the coffin of the Jewish existence in Eretz Yisrael. We ourselves, hold this hammer and diligently perform the suicidal work, and even provide the nails ourselves. Amazingly, it has taken us only fifty years to completely destroy the eternal dream of the Jewish people to settle again in our land and to live in it as a free people. It is our common fault, both those who preferred the "meat pots" of the Galut, and those who thought that they chose to live in a Jewish state and went to Israel. All of us will be held responsible for this crime committed in front of past and future generations of Jews. If a grain of Jewish soul is still alive anywhere deep inside us, we should be shocked by the depth of the tragedy that has befallen us.

The decision of the Israeli Supreme Court to allow Arabs to buy land anywhere in Eretz Yisrael puts an end to our national enterprise. "Woe unto them that decree unrighteous decrees" (Isaiah 10:1). The circle is complete. The Jews who left the Galut are ending their journey by establishing a new galut on their covenanted land. Hundreds of generations of Jews dreamt of living in their own country. When their descendents thought that they had fulfilled this dream, the Israeli government decided to deliver them to their enemies. Barak's government brought the galut to the Jews by proposing that Jewish settlements be allowed to remain on the land that is slated to be given to Arafat and Assad, by planning to transfer areas of Jewish settlements to "foreign sovereignty."

"Your land, strangers devour it in your presence" (Isaiah 1:7). How unbearably painful it is to realize that not long ago we lived in the lands of others, hoping one day to return to our land, and now our land is itself transformed into a land of others. Perhaps the transformation was not fast enough for the Israeli Supreme Court, and it decided to expedite this process of "galutization" by reducing the amount of land where Jews are allowed to live?

Did we not drink the cup of our humiliation to the end? Did we not reach the bottom of the abyss? What can be more disgusting than licking the boots of our enemies? Where is the Jewish leader who will stop this unbelievable process of self-annihilation, until now unseen in mankind's history? Where are the Jews that used to belong to the Jewish people, famous for its faith, wisdom, and courage? How will we be able to look into the eyes of our children after allowing this self-inflicted new Holocaust to happen?

When Moses, descending from Mount Sinai, ran into his people worshipping the idol he "was not only mortified by the worship itself. Nations, even the Jewish people, are prone to be swayed to do even unspeakable acts. This is natural, perhaps even expected. The essential cause of his dismay, however, was that there was no one ready to redirect the people. This being the case, Am Yisrael was capable of anything" (1).

Moses knew that "if even a small group would have stood up, many others would have rallied and the greatest sin in our history would have been averted" (1).

Jews! Wake up! Wake up and take your fate into your own hands! Don't you understand that by allowing your leaders to push you back in the galut you are stripping the skin of your brethren together with Khmelnitsky's Cossacks, you are hammering the nails into the eyes of the Jewish children with the bandits of Petlura, you are gassing innocent Jews in the ovens of Auschwitz on Hitler's orders. The khmelintskys, petluras, hitlers and countless other murderers of the Jews were destroying the People of the Land, and you are destroying the Land of the People!

"O My people, they that lead thee cause thee to err, And destroy the way of thy pass" (Isaiah 3:12). Who did you allow to become your leaders? Prime minister Ehud Barak who "feels the pain of having to part with sections of the Land of Israel" and is "moved to tears when [he] stands on the northern slope of Mount Ibal [north of Nablus]." President of the Supreme Court Aharon Barak who sells out the Jewish land and calls his decision "one of the hardest that I have ever encountered?" Minister of Education Yossi Sarid who wants your children to repeat with the Arab poet "[Jews] Get out of here, ... just get out of everything!"

Have you not already gotten out of everything? Did you not get out of your memory, your faith, your courage, your strength, and your wisdom? What did you allow to happen to your holy places? Why did you allow your enemies even to talk about Jerusalem? They dare to say that Jerusalem is an "occupied land" and you allow these words to be uttered by their lips? You talk to them after that? You smile looking into their eyes? You shake their hands?

Why, oh why do you like your enemies so much? They hate you, they despise you, they want to destroy you, but you crawl to them allowing them to spit into your soul. Why are you so eager to help them at your own expense? They do not care about you, so why do you care about them? Hanan Ashrawi said on March 3, speaking at the National Press Club in Washington that "we as Palestinians do not view our job to safeguard Zionism. It is our job to safeguard our rights." So why do you view it as your job to safeguard Palestinian Arabs? Isn't it your job to safeguard Zionism and Jewish rights?

Why are you so afraid to be accused of not caring about the Arabs? Why, if you want to build in Jerusalem, do you immediately announce that housing for the Arabs in Jerusalem will be built, too? You are so afraid of being accused of "racist" behavior that you bring the Arab members of the Knesset into the sub-committees that deal with the issues of your security. You have exchanged Judaism for political correctness and dearly cherish this new god. Shame on you!

Not understanding your predestination of being a chosen people you always want to be "like other nations." If you think that you are approaching this "ideal" you are dead wrong. The other nations, first of all, think about themselves, and only about themselves. Do not blame them for their hate and indifference. If you hate yourself and are indifferent to your own fate why should they treat you any differently? If you, yourself, do not need your land, why do you think that somebody will care to defend you, when your enemies decide to take more of your land?

Golda Meir told you once that when America comes to your defense Israel will already stop to exist. Are you ready to hear news that are even worse than Golda's prediction? America will not come to your defense at all. A recent NewsMax.com/Zogby poll showed that when asked "If attacked by another country, should the U.S. help defend Israel militarily, even though it could cost American soldiers their lives?" 59% of Americans answered "No." "To whom will ye flee for help? And were will ye leave your glory? They can do naught except crouch under the captives, And fall under the slain" (Isaiah 10:3,4).

Our enemies say that the Jews will "sell everything." We are proving them right by talking about monetary compensation for the retreat from the Golan, Judea, Samaria and Gaza. For how much are we selling our land? For $30 billion, for $70 billion? Do we want our enemies and "friends" to do the calculations and figure out that just for a few billion dollars they can buy all of Eretz Yisrael? People call their land motherland. So how can we think about selling out our mothers? We have fallen so low "For we have made lies our refuge, And in falsehood we have hid ourselves" (Isaiah 28:15).

The Palestinian Arabs, as well as the Jordanian Arabs consider selling land to Jews a capital offense - punishable by death. The land they are talking about is just another part of Eretz Yisrael that was unlawfully extorted from you by the British. Your land was always a bone in the throat of civilized mankind, and it was incapable of forcing itself to allow you to regain possession of Eretz Yisrael. When the nations of the world finally agreed to let you to settle on a tiny part of your land they hoped that you would lose in the inevitable war with the Arab hordes. So why do you now want to make happy all those anti-Semites who pretended that they cared about you?

They care only about themselves. They just want to listen to the sound of the golden rain that pours into their coffers. Don't worry, they will not filter out the sound of the screams and cries of agony from the Jews that will mix with the sound of the golden coins. They did not do so during World War II, nor will they do so now. Oh, yes, they will help to count some petty cash to compensate the survivors of the new Holocaust. "What then shall one answer the messengers of the nation? That the Lord hath founded Zion, And in her shall the afflicted of His people take refuge" (Isaiah 14:32).

The castle of peace that you are building is a sand castle. You build it from the lies provided to you by your enemies. While you want peace they want only your land. The sand of lies has plugged your ears and you do not hear that your enemies call for your destruction. You want peace so much that you lie to yourself about your enemies' real intentions. How right was the Prophet when he warned you: "Stupefy yourselves and be stupid! Blind yourselves and be blind!" (Isaiah 29:9).

Enough! Enough deceiving ourselves. We are destined to live in Eretz Yisrael and we should not run away from our destiny. We were told by God to conquer this land and we did it. We were forced out from it and we returned. We regained our might only by renewing our ties with the land. The more land we lose the weaker we become. We cannot give it to anybody else, not a single inch of it. We have an eternal Covenant with God. "For the Lord of hosts hath purposed, And who shall disannul it? And His hand is stretched out, And who shall turn it back?"(Isaiah 14:27).

Rabbi Yisrael Meir HaKohen, known to Jews everywhere as the Chofetz Chaim taught that "every Jew has moments during his lifetime in which he hears an inner voice that cries out 'Who is for G-d, join me.' When you hear that calling - 'Mi LaHashem Aylai,' echoing deep in your heart, take action. Don't stand still. Don't repeat the mistake of your forbearers: Seize the moment." (1). [03/11/00]

1. Rabbi Hayim Leiter, "Towards a Transcendenent Judaism. The Jewish Ledger, 3/9/00.


Boris Shusteff is an engineer in upstate New York. He is also a research associate with the Freeman Center for Strategic Studies.

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