By Emanuel A. Winston

The attacks against Israel by the Arabs for Israel's planned withdrawal from Lebanon by July seems astonishing, even to such Arab apologists as Shimon Peres and Yossi Beilin. What has been apparent from the beginning - and even before Oslo - is starting to penetrate the minds of the Leftists who are dedicated to the re-partition of the Jewish State. The Left Liberal fools joyfully rushed to open the city gates to allow in the savages screaming "Peace-Peace-Peace" and, once in, to cut the throats of the gullible Jewish inhabitants.

Somehow the Left thought that, even if many Jews had to be sacrificed in the grand experiment, it would be worth it because, with enough killing, the enemy would be finally satiated. But the more Jews the Arabs killed, the more Jews they wanted to kill. No gift of appeasement even slowed their demands or slaked their thirst for vengeance. Granted, those Jews who rose to political decision-making roles in the Israeli government may not have been towering intellects but, as graveyards filled, even the most dense pacifists should have recognized the futility of weakening their own country.

The ugly scramble for political power was left to the mediocre, the deficient and those who simply could not succeed as academics or businessmen. So the mentally inept (except for a few) became party hacks and military castoffs who rose into political power. So, those few who cannot balance a checkbook or successfully develop and run a corporation have become our rulers. We must listen to these mental dimwits discuss the future of the nations. They are asked "What is your vision for today?" Better to ask your canary or consult the Quiji Board because these adults with children's minds do not know. They have sudden flashes called "illusions" or "ideas" and are convinced that they have evolved a well-conceived idea. These ideas do not need to meet the test of reality but they do send the nation scurrying to accomplish something abysmally stupid, unpredictable and often suicidal.

The Rabins, Pereses, Beilins and their ilk had the delusion that they could change the cultural, religious, and other hysterical Arab responses to the Jews merely by agreeing with them. Give the Arabs what they want and the Arabs will soon tire of pursuing Jews with the idea that killing Jews will bring the killers a warrior's heaven. These shallow-minded Jewish politicians had ideas which met no test of reality. Most assuredly, they did not understand the irrepressible goals of Islam and the unalterable, often hostile commands of the Koranic mandate. Since they held their own religion in trivial regard, they assumed that Muslims felt as they did. But, at every occasion the Muslims shout "Itbach al Yehud (Kill the Jews)" and "In Blood and Fire, we will redeem you, O Jerusalem".

The Radical Left were voted into power and could practice their amateur plans to their hearts' delight. Never mind that Jews were being killed in the hundreds. There were more Jews where those came from. Pride of self was simply not part of their marginal and weak Jewish identities. They had no value for the Land and Holy Sites and they despised those who did as religious zealots. They gave and gave and gave and simply could not fill the pot of the Arabs' expectations. The Arabs simply brought bigger pots to the negotiations.

So now, one of their puffed up little Napoleons wants to retreat from a Security Zone set up originally to keep terrorists out of Israel proper. The Arabs refused the gift although they have been screaming for Israel to abandon their 'occupation' of the Security Zone. Now, to the astonishment of Barak, Peres, Beilin and their gaggle of empty minded Leftists, the Arabs are threatening even greater terrorism if Israel abandons their Security Zone.

I wonder why these Leftists so-called leaders are astonished since they worked out a deal to bring most of Arafat's hostile Palestinians right up to all of Israel's truncated borders. These erstwhile politicians cannot believe that Israel's nearby population will now be the subject of frequent cross-border terrorist attacks across the whole Eastern frontier and soon that of the North. It will, no doubt, be left up to those settlers who make up a majority of Israel's fighting officers who still believe in the Israeli leadership call: "Acharai (Follow me)" to deal with the assault. I cannot help but feel that leaders of the Left will be the first to seek permanent residency in any country that will allow them in when the casualties mount.

Will Ehud Barak send his politicized Left-wing dovish officers out in front of their soldiers to lead the charge? I don't think so. If they are there, they will probably be in the back of their men, urging them forward or leading them into retreat - as has been the case.

Would it be acceptable to put Barak, his Leftist Cabinet along with his Leftist officers up on the front lines as first shock troops? Clearly, it would be right thing to do since they initiated the entire 'Peace Process'.They surely expected all the rewards due to their efforts.

One must accept the 'bitter' with the 'better'. It's time they paid for the gamble they made with the lives of Israelis and for Land, Water and Holy Sites these temporary leaders never owned. They gambled the safety and even the existence of the nation of Israel for their ill-conceived ideas of peace through appeasement of irredentist enemies. Yes, it's time they paid for the Faustian bargain they made with the devil.

Surely, Ehud Barak, Yossi Beilin and Yossi Sarid will insist that they move, with their families up to those fresh new borders to have coffee and friendly chats with their Palestinian friends.

I am sure the families along the Northern border would be glad to share their underground shelters when the shells start falling.


Emanuel A. Winston is a Middle East Analyst & Commentator and research associate of the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies.

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