By Emanuel A. Winston

The respective governments of Rabin-Peres-Netanyahu-Barak, in their profound and misguided wisdom, have conspired to return Israeli families to the cease-fire borders which were established after 7 Arab armies assaulted the new State of Israel. These borders proved deadly from the birth of the State of Israel in May 1948 until the unification of Eretz Yisrael in May 1967. Death came by terror from within and by cross-border incursions from the hostile neighboring Arab states. Since 1993 these successive four governments have each taken actions that will again place Israeli families in harm's way. Thousands of Israel's best young people died and tens of thousands more were wounded, spending the rest of their lives crippled.

This matter is no longer merely one of excusable stupidity. It is possible to excuse a wrong decision and grumble about how a leader was too shallow to see the pitfalls. However, the excuse of stupidity crosses the line into criminality when their actions have proven to repeatedly kill their own people. More than three hundred Israelis are dead (including 12 Americans), with thousands wounded (some maimed for life) since Yitzhak Rabin, Shimon Peres and Yossi Beilin secretly created the abysmal Oslo Agreement, signed September 1993 - and yet they plowed ahead. After each killing they refused to reconsider this agreement, originally called an "experiment" that was supposed to prove that our adversaries, the Palestinians, could keep the peace.

But, in fact, each subsequent agreement and surrender of land only exposed the population to more killings. When each phase of each agreement was not implemented by the Palestinians, the Israeli leaders ignored each broken agreement and moved to accommodate the Palestinians, unilaterally and without reciprocity - exposing their own Israeli population to even greater levels of mortal danger. This is no longer a matter of poor judgement but has passed the line of sheer stupidity into criminality long ago. Having observed the increase in killings, there is no excuse for their continuing policies of appeasement of a remorseless enemy. These creators of Oslo had become co-conspirators in the deaths of their own people by accepting the abrogation of the agreements by the Palestinians at every level.

Some may say it wasn't criminal behavior but merely incompetence and an inability to grasp what was happening. But, Israel's so called "Peace Partner", Yassir Arafat, not only broke each line of the agreements, he announced his future plans to do even worse. Even as incompetent as these men might be, their peace partner stated plainly and often that he would continue to be Israel's adversary and then he followed his declarations by giving the "green light" to the killing of Israelis. This leaves leave no excuses for these supposed leaders. From Rabin, through Peres, onto Netanyahu - and now Barak, each has brought those deadly borders closer and closer to the Israeli population. With each killing, with each abandonment of Israel's rights the case file to prosecute these leaders and their collaborators grows.

In Neveh Yaacov, for example, the Arabs just across the invisible border feel free to cross the narrow wadi (valley), break into homes of sleeping Israeli families to steal valuables and to steal cars. These thieves then escape back into Area A or B. If, perchance, an Israeli were to shoot one of these intruders in his own home, there is no doubt that the Israeli police would put that home owner in jail. The successive Leftist governments have taught the people of Israel that its safer to risk death than face the Labor Left Courts for defending your life. From the bedrooms in Neveh Yaacov, you can see the broad expanse of buildings (illegal construction) in the Arab village A-Ram across that very narrow wadi, built like houses but with no windows - only open spaces that look like (and probably are) gun portals for the Arabs next planned attack. This is happening all over Israel under the watch of the Leftist governments.

It is interesting to note that, during the February International Jewish Media conference in Jerusalem, Oded Eran, Israel's chief negotiator with the PLO, said that: "Eleven out of ten (sic) Israelis do not know where A-Ram, al-Ayzariyah and Abu Dis are." These 3 Arab towns have been promoted for delivery to Arafat's security control in this upcoming withdrawal. That is, they are now Area B (in civil control by the Palestinian Authority). It is proposed that they become Area A (in full security control of the PA's armed forces). These ABC terms are meant to confuse, obscure, and deceive the Israeli public and world Jewry. ("C" refers to areas under complete Israeli control.)

At that recent International Media Conference in Jerusalem, Gail Winston produced the map of the PA-controlled areas to show the assembled world Jewish journalists that the Arab town of A-Ram caps the military entrance to North Jerusalem, while al Ayzariyah and Abu Dis close off the military entrance to Jerusalem from the East - as well as being meters away from the Temple Mount itself and the Mount of Olives. (1) Clearly, most of the journalists did not have a clue as to the location or impact these transfers would have on the future unity of Jerusalem - and, according to Israel's chief negotiator Eran, neither does the Israeli public.

Under the terms of Oslo, the Palestinian Authority was permitted 24,000 lightly armed police. The armed force of the PA is now at least 50,000 with 14 different services and they illegally hold hundreds of thousands of weapons, including fully automatic assault machine guns, RPGs (Rocket Propelled Grenades), armored vehicles, bombs, explosives, and more. If the PA army and/or any other hostile Arab armies from the North and/or East have such easy access to the City of Jerusalem, she and her residents on the confrontation lines are in great danger.

The Jerusalem neighborhoods of Neveh Yaacov and Pisgat Zeev with a combined population of over 60,000 residents, will soon be surrounded by Area A (complete Arab control) - areas in which any rapist, murderer or simple car thief can flee to PA control and the IDF cannot enter to pursue them after a terror attack. Arafat plans to connect A-Ram with the town of Shuafat (called a refugee camp) putting the northern Jerusalem suburbs under siege from all sides. (2) The attending world journalists should have been furious at being misled but they, like most of the Israeli population, were too confused to object.

There are several other towns under PA civil authority that will further encircle Jerusalem with hostile neighbors: Hizma and Anata would be linked, isolating Neveh Yaacov and cutting through Pisgat Zeev. Between Anata and A-Zaim the PA is building illegal structures (which they call "strategic construction") to disrupt Israel's intention to merge Jerusalem and Maale Adumim. There is also a PA attempt at linking Beit Sahur, Bethlehem and Tzur Bahar South of Jerusalem. The PA has built six to seven thousand new apartments without municipal permits, to house the more than 100,000 so-called refugees to be included in their demand for the Right of Return. (3)

The anti-Israel nature of the Oslo-Hebron-Wye Agreements forced on Israel by the American government have taught the Israeli people that the land of Israel is not their sacred land but is merely to be used to barter for a fragment of peace which may last only until the next bribe.

Clearly, the leaders who have been drawn to the office of Prime Minister have behaved in a manner contemptible to the Israeli people (with very few exceptions). They have become advocates for the Arabs and adversaries to their own people. With malice, they have secretly planned the evacuation (transfer) of their own people by surrounding them with hostile Arab populations. Knowing that Israelis can and have been killed where the Arab population is in close proximity to Jewish populations, makes the Israeli leaders co-conspirators when Jews are killed.

We have seen that the Courts of Israel have been slowly and steadily compromised by the appointment of politically Left judges. One day, no doubt, there will be a reckoning when objective, unbiased law comes back to Israel. Then, those who exposed the population to danger, injury and death will be tried for crimes against their own people. It has happened before when rulers, in their arrogance, used their people until the people refused to be used any longer.

We can all recall Jewish leaders assuring their people that all was well and to be calm as they obediently boarded the trains to Auschwitz. They should have been enraged and revolted (some did) but instead, most walked obsequiously into the showers. Only in those last moments, when they clawed at the walls, as they gasped for breath, did they react - but it was too late.

Is that an exaggerated comparison to today? I don't think so. Are we not aware that Assad has missiles loaded with chemical warheads?...Absolutely! Don't we know that Iraq still has nerve gas, with missiles and planes to deliver her missiles?...Of course! Why do we hear about Iran's long-range missiles and that Iran will be nuclear-capable in 2 - 5 - 10 years? Iran is nuclear-capable right now through direct purchase and, like Iraq, is developing its own capability to build nuclear devices. The Nazi gas chambers technology is 60 years in the past but the Jewish experience with attempted liquidation is centuries old. Why should we not face that history with strong defenses this time?

But no, once again Jewish leaders, acting in coordination with foreign interests, are leading the people into smaller and smaller sealed rooms (called borders).

I cannot help but wonder how or why four presumably sensible men, each with deep experience in the perfidy of our adversaries, advanced the decline of the Jewish State of Israel.

For a moment let us enter the Twilight Zone which is the everyday play land for spooks but baffling and improbable for ordinary folks. Was there a nuclear device planted in Israel? Were these men compromised in ways they did not know or understand? Will Israelis and the Jewish people once again wait until they are trapped by the perfidy of their so-called leaders before they react and say "enough"? The laws of man are not higher laws but merely accommodations which recognize mankind as imperfect and needful of structure to live together.

Jews in particular have died in vast numbers because of these imperfect laws. We Jews have no obligation to slavishly follow these laws to our deaths and the death of our one and only country - even when these laws are foolishly assembled by our own Jewish leaders. Civil disobedience is an obligation because a higher law tells us we cannot sacrifice ourselves or others merely to accommodate petty and foolish leaders who would experiment with the lives of their people. You are obligated to live, even if that means rejection of non-holy laws.

The hour is late; the doors are closing. If your choice is Not to live, then settle your affairs and die. If not, resist.



2. "Arafat's Plans for Jerusalem" by MK Benny Elon, ARUTZ 7 2/20/2000

3. "PA Plans Strategic Building for Jerusalem - Arafat advised to stall final-status to complete construction" by Nadav Shragai HAARETZ 3/13/2000


Emanuel A. Winston is a Middle East Analyst & Commentator and research associate of the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies.

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