By Emanuel A. Winston

It is 2007. Scholars from around the world have gathered to discuss the demise of the Jewish State of Israel. Some are Jewish but Christian scholars are also attending to bear witness and assist in compiling data to explain causes of what is now called "The Fall of the Third Temple". Extinction of a sophisticated and thriving society is being debated within many academic disciplines, including psychiatry, military history, war crimes and genocide, diplomatic secrets, international law, weapons of mass destruction and other relevant topics.

They conclude there is no one answer but agree that many separate events and Israeli governmental decisions led up to her demise. Most believe that the failed will of the Israeli people was the ultimate reason for Israel's fall but scholars are interested in what preceded this collapse of spirit. The following are components which are being studied - with an attempt to put them in some order of importance:

Let us begin with the Israeli military which necessarily dominated Israeli thought from her earliest formative days. Israel was surrounded with hostile Arab nations, each pledged to destroy a non-Moslem intrusion into their claimed land and a violation of the religion of Islam (which they believed to be one and the same). Between 1948 and 2000 the Arabs attacked Israel in six fully-fledged wars, continually interspersed with terrorism against Israel's civilians. This constant state of war welded the Israeli people into a solid cohesive fighting force who defeated the Arabs. These defeats shook the twin Arab pillars of Pride and Shame. Concurrently, this continuing state of conflict also led to a mass psychosis of hopelessness among the Israelis. The so-called civilized nations of the West supported spurious Arab claims to the land for expected trade, commerce and free-flowing oil.

During this time the political parties of the Left recognized the IDF as an invaluable asset for developing Leftist-oriented officers who, using these credentials, could be voted into political office upon their discharge from the army. This use of the military as an incubator for 'politically correct' officers gradually eroded the fighting spirit from within. In the beginning the fighting spirit was strong and the nation pulled together to meet the challenges that faced the new Jewish State. But, after 50 years of infiltrating her ranks with officers aspiring to political office, the mechanism from the top down through the ranks weakened. Compounding this fact, for some reason, officers with characteristics that fit the acceptable mold of the Leftist Labor party ideology also had a strong, dovish bent which, when co-mingled, created a personality not suited for the military.

Israel's military is a citizens' army. The prevailing attitude in the forces quickly filtered into the civilian population at large. Loss of spirit came directly from the Prime Minister's office, down through the Chief of Staff, through the officers' corps and finally down into the soldiers. They were ordered to fear and retreat as their entire 'raison d'etre' (reason for being) was diluted and dumbed down. Regrettably, a succession of Prime and Defense Ministers did not correct this misuse of the military, resulting in the spiraling down of motivation. As Pride diminished, there was a reluctance to join the military. This was not entirely true since those who vilified as settlers did volunteer to serve in disproportionate numbers.

Let us look at the years from 2002 to 2004. In 2000 P.M. Ehud Barak, under considerable pressure from President Clinton, withdrew from the 9 mile security barrier established in Lebanon. This withdrawal emboldened Hezb'Allah and other terrorist groups. Withdrawal was recognized as a defeat of Israel - with more territory to be acquired by the same terror methods. The border of northern Israel became a perpetual hot spot for frequent Katyusha rockets and terror incursions. Within two years this strip of land became a virtual no-man's land. The civilian population fled inland. Kiryat Shmona and Metulla become ghost towns except for a few hardy Israelis and military patrols. With longer range rockets, acquired from Iran and Syria by Hezb'Allah, northern Israel's 10 miles of battleground would, within a short time, be expanded, bringing Haifa within easy range.

Barak, while Prime and Defense Minister, ordered ineffective air and artillery reprisals against Syrian and Iranian backed terrorist forces gathered in the now abandoned Lebanese Security Zone. Hezb'Allah occupied the area and, as anticipated, slaughtered Israel's Lebanese Christian Allies. Christians world-wide finally condemned Barak and Clinton for the Syrian-inspired slaughter. In effect, Barak and Clinton had legitimized Syria's occupation of Lebanon. Neither the U.S., the European nations nor the U.N. condemned Syria for this massacre, nor were sanctions considered. Barak feared striking Syria directly, since the U.S. and the nations would bitterly condemn Israel's justifiable response of self-defense. The Israeli population, including the military, lost confidence in Barak and in themselves. The loss of national will seeped away rapidly.

Having blessed this absorption of Lebanon, Syria would confidently soon move against Jordan. This lesson and precedent was also not lost on other Arab nations. Saddam would once again move against Kuwait - only this time he would move under a nuclear and chemical umbrella and America would not have the stomach to risk America forces as it once did during the Gulf War. Kuwait would cease to exist and become the vassal servant of Iraq, like Lebanon's absorption by Syria.

Israel's critical mass was shrinking rapidly as Barak, in his last days as P.M. & DM, allowed establishment of a second Palestinian State. Under directions from then President Clinton, the Labor Left, led by Barak, completed their plan to evacuate almost all Jewish settlers from the Golan Heights, the areas of Judea, Samaria (popularly called the West Bank) and those remaining in Gaza. Barak had already compromised the security of the center of the country by giving the Arabs "safe passage" roads inside Israel.

The Labor Party secretly evolved this plan in the early '80s, calling for phases of pressure, ending with Jewish settlements to be surrounded by hostile Arabs who would force the settlers to abandon their homes and the land. Israel would be truncated to 10 miles wide at her mid-section and increasingly vulnerable to attack.

A succession of Israeli Prime Ministers had succeeded in reducing Israel's critical mass to such a degree that it became an irresistible target. Research shows that American Arabists in the White House and State Dept. had collaborated with various Arab regimes to undercut Israel's ability to resist and thereby eliminate the irritant that disturbed U.S. commercial interests. Our research indicates that the U.N. vote of 1947, which established the nation of a Jewish State in Palestine (which the Jews named Israel) was under attack from day one. Her adversaries were not only the Arab nations but also those same European nations who had assisted in the elimination of European Jewry.

In the year 2000, Ehud Barak pronounced that, under the authority of his joint offices of Prime Minister and Defense Minister, he was evacuating the Golan Heights. Here again, the pressures of Clinton and the State Dept. had accomplished their goals. Barak was viewed as a bought Prime Minister, having caved in on every demand made by Clinton, Arafat and Assad of Syria. The authority of law was pushed aside by Barak in his proclamation which was planned and assisted by U.S. State Dept. policy. Israel's Court system collapsed as Supreme Court Justice Aharon Barak accepted this proclamation as legal. Knesset voting and the promised Referendum for the people's approval vanished. Israel's court system became an extension of the Labor Left government's policy. Like the co-opting of the military, it was planned and executed by simply installing politically agreeable judges. Our research indicates that commercial interests in the U.S. drove American Administration policies to virtually eliminate the institutions of democracy in Israel. These forces used the cloak of U.S. Democracy to undermine the democratic institutions of Israel and hasten its downfall. In an Orwellian twist of these subversions, they accused any challenge by the opposition of being UN-democratic. The undermining of Israel's court system ranked quite high among the reasons for the inevitable failure of will among most of the Jewish nation.

Terrorism in the North and center of the country ramped up. Barak's government was voted out as casualties mounted. The dispirited people turned their fury on those they believed had brought them this catastrophe. Barak and his Cabinet went into seclusion after they were forced out of power when the Israelis finally realized the dangers the Left Labor Party had caused. There was no guarantee of safety in the streets for recognized personalities who had been active in Israel's dismemberment. Editors and journalists of the Leftist Media could no longer appear in crowds. Leftist Professors were escorted to class by armed guards - but soon chose to absent themselves. Many fled the country if they could get elusive entry visas in the democratic Free West. Jewish leaders in America who had espoused appeasement and withdrawal no longer appeared in public. The Jewish community did not approve of vengeance without law but grief over their losses produced unpredictable behavior.

Undermining of the Jews' belief in themselves also came from within. When the Left Labor/Meretz Parties were in control of the children's school curriculum, they taught that Jewish claims to the land were irrelevant in a democratic country and perhaps were not as good as the Arab claims. Those in power quickly gave up land, water and holy sites even when their adversaries (their so-called 'peace partners') maintained a steady vow that, once in control, they would cleanse the land of Jews - for the sake of Islam. Jews in America lost interest in preserving the Jewish State and most accepted the illusion of peace falsely painted by Clinton and Barak.

Every nation has its national memory and its heroes. The Left diligently worked to erase Jewish national memory - particularly in their effort to debunk and denigrate Biblical and Talmudic history. Here again, pride in the past was diluted or scorned in order to make irrelevant Jewish attachment to the land and the heroic efforts of those Zionists who settled it. The Revisionists of the Left introduced new textbooks which taught that the early settling of the Land was, in their view, a criminal act. They succeeded beyond their wildest dreams - not able to understand that they were destroying the foundation upon which they and the nation stood. The Labor Left, claiming to represent the secular Jews, heaped abuse upon the religious Right including those who pioneered the settlements in Judea, Samaria, and Gaza. Not surprisingly their verbal abuse closely matched the attack rhetoric of Yassir Arafat who claimed that Jews were Judaizing Jerusalem. The Labor Left expanded Arafat's complaint to include all of Israel. Attacks against religious Jews by the secular Labor Left were as vitriolic as those issued by Arab terrorists. Because they controlled the Media, including print, radio, TV and the education system, the Labor Left controlled the thought processes of Israelis. Religious Jews kept Jewish tradition alive through the centuries of 2000 years of persecution, pogroms, Inquisitions and finally the Holocaust. It was only their faith that enabled the Jewish people to remain the only ancient people still cohesive in the 20th century, to build a State, restore their ancient language and re-build an ancient people united around their religious faith. Unintentionally or not, by denigrating those who upheld Jewish traditions that unified all of Israel and the Diaspora Jews, Labor's manipulations successfully divided the country, further weakening her.

The nations of the world individually, or collectively in the U.N. and E.U., excluded Israel and voted angry condemnations under pressure from the Arab nations. Two prominent religions who were antithetical to each other (Christianity and Islam) agreed on one thing, namely that a Jewish State threatened their claim to be the sole and correct representative of G-d on earth. They even agreed that Jerusalem should be internationalized now that the Jews had successfully re-claimed her as their heritage and restored her beauty. As a mollifying stratagem, they promised the Jews peace and a cessation of terror and war.

Even as the Palestinians and the Arab nations were promising peace, they were publishing children's text books and televison shows rife with anti-Jewish material and cartoons reminiscent of the Nazis' 'Der Stermer'. Several generations were being taught to hate the Jews and continue to war as adults. There was very little official governmental objection - either from Israel or from America. Various Leftist organizations such as The New Israel Fund and Peace Now ignored these teachings which were intended to inculcate hate in the minds of young Arab children for generations. Instead, these so-called Doves continued to manipulate Israel to seek peace through appeasement.

Water, which had become a critical strategic problem, was ignored even as drought plagued the region. Israel gave up 30% of her water under the Samarian mountains and 40% under the Golan. The population was falsely soothed with irredeemable promises by the U.S. that desalination would replace their water shortfall.

In 2003-4 the embattled nation's destiny took a turn for the worse. Although Yassir Arafat had been finally forced to retire due to his illnesses, his successors charged that he had no right to establish borders and other agreements with Israel. They declared prior agreements null and void and demanded that Israel open her borders to between 3-5 million Arabs (now called Palestinian refugees). There were no appreciable objections by the U.S. or the U.N.

In 2005, with a well planned move, the Arab nations attacked Israel with all the accumulated high-tech equipment they had procured from the accommodating West. Syria, Iraq, Iran and Egypt launched a saturation missile attack.

Chemical and biological warheads rained down on Israel's population centers. The Arabs weren't concerned that, in addition to wiping out the Jews, they were also killing their Palestinian brothers. Later it was determined that the Arab nations intended to eliminate the Palestinian population since all agreed that they would be better off without these clever (and therefore dangerous) Palestinians. The new state of Palestine was not to last long. Israel was strongly warned by the U.S. State Dept. that, if they retaliated with nuclear weapons, the U.S. would launch nuclear missiles at Israel's launch sites.

Israel was keenly aware of the Arab nations' buildup of over 500 chemical-capable missiles by the year 2000 but chose not to do anything pre-emptive about this significant threat for fear of offending Clinton and the E.U. (European Union). A back-channel threat was issued to Israel that, if she was pressed to use her nuclear deterrence, that the U.S. would launch a nuclear strike against Israel to protect America's Arab markets. Israel was repeatedly advised over the years since the Secret Memorandum of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff and other military experts up until 1993 not to give up her strong points: defensive high ground, water and sovereignty over the State and her capital of Jerusalem. Even General Ehud Barak, then Chief-of-Staff, in May 1993 said to the American Jewish Press that he held the military and strategic borders of Israel should be those in the 1967 advisory espoused by the American Joint Chiefs - including the Golan Heights, the western parts of Samaria and Judea, Sharm el Sheik and all the areas around Jerusalem. But, successive Prime Ministers' Rabin, Peres, Netanyahu and Barak ignored all such recommendations either out of hubris or reliance on the paper promises made by a President who would soon leave office to enjoy financial rewards from a host of companies who profited from trade with Arab nations.

Israel desperately called for intercession by the U.S. and Europe. Both agreed but 'somehow' could not actually assemble forces to intercede in time. They finally did come four months later but, of course, there were only a few survivors left alive. Many areas were completely uninhabitable due to residual toxic chemicals and rampant biological diseases.

Since 70% of Israel's population had lived in the coastal areas, these population centers were hit the hardest. The kill ratio was 80%. In Jerusalem the Arabs didn't use explosive warheads so as to preserve the Muslim holy shrines. Only chemical and biological substances were used by the Arabs in Jerusalem. The calculation was that they could occupy the City within 50 years since they had no immediate use for it anyway. The political hue and cry that Jerusalem was Islam's third holiest city was forgotten. Their value of Jerusalem reverted back to the status of pre-1967 wherein Jerusalem was not considered Mohammed's city of choice, which is why it was stricken from any mention in the Koran. The Muslims hated the very soil upon which they would walk in Jerusalem because it was so imbued with Jewish essence. This was well known but ignored as the West accepted the Arabs' claims that Jerusalem was their holy city and the Jews now had to share her.

As we assemble this symposium in the year 2007, we are trying to secure testimony from various Israeli principals who were responsible for Israel's policies. It is very difficult since most have assumed other names and identities. They are scattered across the planet in deep cover and are not anxious to come out of hiding. Jews in America (particularly the former Jewish leadership, are also keeping a low profile as anti-Semitism has escalated to extraordinary levels. Strangely, the existence of an independent Jewish State had given prestige and prominence to Jews in other countries. With the elimination of Israel, latent prejudices returned.

Doves and pacifists are no longer to be seen or heard, The organization of Peace Now activists has virtually disappeared - reminiscent of the French Nazi collaborationist Vichy regime where, after WWII all claimed they were really partisans fighting the Germans in the forests.

As was their habit, Jews in America are proclaiming various days of mourning and are busy building museums and memorials to their now departed Israeli relatives and friends. The Israeli government-in-exile is collecting funds to endure the long wait (once again): - "Next Year in Jerusalem".

The Clintons, Bill and Hillary, and the various Jews whom they recruited have faded from public life but are not forgotten. Israeli survivors are publishing books about their collaboration with the hostile Arab nations. They now play a role similar to that of Haman in the folklore and in the documentation of those responsible for the "Fall of the Third Temple". Israel has joined the list of advanced civilizations who the world could not tolerate.

The concluding sessions of this symposium will explore:

* The role of American intelligence in coordinating operations between the Arabs, Israeli Left, American Left as well as U.S. oil interests and the ongoing political agenda of the U.S. State Department.

* Methods employed to recruit Jewish individuals and institutions, using the irresistible bait of promised peace.

* The anticipated economic benefits of eliminating Israel's presence in the Arab/Islamic Middle East.

* The unanticipated ramping up of Arab/Islamic hostilities against the West.




Emanuel A. Winston is a Middle East Analyst & Commentator and research associate of the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies.

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