By Emanuel A. Winston

If the infamous poet, Mahmoud Darwish, had his wish as expressed in his poetry, the remains of Yossi Sarid, along with all Israeli Jews, would be scattered into the sea. Sarid, as Minister of Education demands that the inciteful poetry of Darwish become part of the curriculum for Jewish children. Well, why not, since Sarid and his aberrant Leftists have launched upon a revision of Israel's history to prove that Jews have no right to the land. Leftist professors, falling into the groove carved by Rabin, Peres, Yossi Beilin, Yossi Sarid, Shulamit Aloni and the rest of that bunch who seem to hate the word, Jew, more than the Arabs do.

Perhaps some will recall one of Darwish's poems wherein he tells the Jews of Israel to "Dig up your dead, take their bones with you and Leave from OUR Land." November 22, 1996 I wrote a piece: "Hebron: 'Dig Up Your Dead & Take Their Bones With You'" beginning with the desecration of ancient Jewish graves burned and vandalized - as were the tombs of Joseph and Joshua in Samaria just before the attacks on Jewish graves in Hebron. (1) The new agreement that PM Netanyahu signed on surrendering 80% of Hebron to Arafat, he also put the Tomb of the Patriarchs up for negotiations three months after the agreements were signed. So, our revered dead are in danger in Hebron. If the Israeli government withdraws the IDF from areas essential for the protection of Jews in Hebron, then Jews in the rest of Israel will not be safe either.

Apparently Darwish's advice is being followed as Barak and his gaggle of Leftists prepare to make the lands of Judea, Samaria, and Gaza 'Judenrein'. Of course, they will have to dig up all the dead including those who died of un-natural causes at the hands of Darwish's friends. Of course, Darwish's friends who wish this will include not only the Jew-hating Arabs, but the Radical Leftist Jews who marched with the Arabs both in body and spirit.

Mind you, Sarid has tried to hide Darwish's violently anti-Israel, anti-Jewish poetry and uses for the Israeli students only his sweet poems for his mother. (2) If Sarid were to be truthful, he would have included the hostile, inciteful, propagandistic bombast that has made Darwish the hero of the Palestinian terror movement. But, no, Sarid wants to legitimize Darwish with Israel's young people and so conceals Darwish's true nature, as well as the cause for his imprisonment by Israel and subsequent deportation from Israel.

Darwish, the head of the Arab Writers Guild, skewers the idea of an Arab-Israeli peace with heavy sarcasm, castigating those who would make peace with Israel. He says: "Peace isn't peace, because it is peace with the oppressors," Darwish left Israel for Moscow in the 1970s, never to return. In a poem published in 1988, Darwish set off a storm of protest by a seeming call for the liquidation of all Jews in Israel, calling after the Jews "get out of our land". (3)

Yossi Sarid is clearly a better friend of the Arabs that he is of observant Jews, perhaps any Jews. Recall how he threatened to lay down in front of trucks should there be an attempt to transfer Arabs. Yet Sarid and his gang of Leftists are chortling with delight over the success of their efforts to transfer Jews from the territories that are the heart of the Land of Israel.

Sarid speaks with the same forked tongue which is so common among those afflicted with Left-itis. It is a genetic trait if one back-tracks over the duplicity of lies told by Rabin, Peres, Barak and, yes, even Netanyahu.

Sarid is promoting Shulamit Aloni for the prestigious Israel Prize. Aloni held the portfolio of Minister of Education under PM Yitzhak Rabin. Aloni and other of the Leftists have mouthed the most vicious anti-Semitic canards, it would take a book to list them all. I refer you to "The Dialectic of Self-Hatred in Israel" by Arieh Stav, policy paper #22 of the Ariel Center for Policy Research in 1998. (4) And to counter most of the vile canards which have been accepted as true, I refer you to MOMENT MAGAZINE February 2000, "From concubines to feces-throwing, Orthodox Jews have been accused of it all -Wrongly" by Avi Shafran. (5)

The NEW YORK TIMES of March 20 story by Deborah Sontag: "Powerful Israeli Rabbi Steps Up Attacks over Parochial Schools" (6) states that Rabbi Ovadia Yosef vehemently attacked Yossi Sarid for closing 48 religious schools under Rabbi Yosef's care. Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, former Chief Rabbi is the spiritual leader of the powerful political party Shas, part of Prime Minister Barak's coalition with 17 members in Knesset. Sontag also says that "Attorney General Elyakim Rubenstein is likely to ask the police to start a criminal investigation of Rabbi Yosef on charges of incitement, insulting a public servant, or of making threats.

If you were to read the policy paper by Arieh Stav and the MOMENT article of Avi Shafran, you would wonder why all those who have besmirched the character and called for the elimination of Orthodox Jews are not being so indicted, investigated and tried by the Israeli courts.


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Emanuel A. Winston is a Middle East Analyst & Commentator and research associate of the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies.

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