A Voice from Hebron - March 5, 2001

Biblical Zionism is the Only Path to Peace

By Gary M. Cooperberg

Next Sunday, March 11, I will be coming to the states for the remainder of the month. I am leaving with a heavy heart as I realize just how unstable our government is. As much as we are hopeful that Sharon will restore our security, we are also apprehensive that he will fall into the same trap as have his predecessors. Already he is talking about continuing negotiations with these murderers, should they "contain" terror. This is a clear indication that the political pressures are already asserting a negative influence upon the new leadership in this country.

The Oslo agreement was a test. It was an effort on the part of the Israeli government to make painful concessions to achieve peace with our enemies. What everyone seems to have failed to notice is that the test failed miserably. In spite of this clear fact, the government of Israel has continued to surrender to our enemies under the self-delusion that this surrender would some how bring peace. It hasn't. On the contrary. The more we surrender or even suggest a willingness to surrender, the more Arafat and his murderers attack us. Their theory is that by instilling terror in the Israeli population, they will break our will to fight and hasten our willingness to surrender, if only to stop the terror. This is a self-perpetuating process which not only will not end terror, rather will encourage more terror, as we can already see.

Yitzchak Rabin stated very emphatically that, should the PLO ever use the weapons we have given them against Jews, then the entire agreement would become null and void, and the IDF would take back everything. Three successive Prime Ministers have since endured the murder of Jewish civilians with weapons we gave to the murderers, and not one has even suggested fulfilling Rabin's declaration.

It pains me to say it, but even the alleged "ultra-right-wing" Sharon has not so much as suggested that he might do what Rabin clearly said he would do, even now in the face of open attacks in Jerusalem, Netanya and other areas in Israel proper.

The Truth needs to be declared and repeated wherever and whenever possible. Israel, the Jewish State, is not a political entity. It is the beginning of fulfillment of Biblical Destiny. It concerns not only the Jewish People, but all nations of the world. Redemption has clearly begun, and all the nations are being judged by G-d. The nation of Israel too is being judged by how it behaves. The terror we see in Israel today is in direct correlation to the failure of our leaders here to conduct national policy according to Biblical mandates. G-d's Plan will be carried out no matter what we choose to do. If we conduct ourselves in accordance with His Will, we will see a glorious and beautiful redemption. If we choose to work against the Divine Process of Biblical Zionism, the process will continue in spite of us, but accompanied by much needless tragedy.

It was G-d's Plan for the Children of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the Children of Israel, the Jewish People, to be His example to all the nations of the world. We are destined to be the light unto the nations. It was for this that we were chosen by Him. When we stand up and fulfill our destiny we will enable all people to elevate themselves to holiness. This will eventually create conditions for true redemption and world peace under the rule of the Living G-d of Creation.

Presently we are all being tested by G-d. We, in Israel, have the opportunity to express our faith in G-d by refusing to negotiate our birthright, and being prepared to sacrifice for our beliefs. And the nations of the world all have an opportunity to express their faith in the Living G-d of Israel by standing up to the overwhelming political pressures wielded by the oil rich Arab nations against the Jewish State.

President Bush cannot equivocate and maintain neutrality on the status of Israel and the PLO. The United States of America will be judged by how it relates to the Jewish State according to Biblical, not political, interests. The stance that the President of the United States takes will affect every American. Bush still can change course from the errors of the former Clinton administration and save his country from disaster. All those who understand this must assert every effort to influence him to act in the interest of the United States of America.

I will be bringing this message with me as I speak out to Jew and Gentile alike.

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