by Richard H. Shulman

As Arabs complain about Israel, "A & I" points out that they more accurately and fairly should be Israeli complaints about the Arabs. What the Arabs do, for propaganda they falsely accuse Israel of doing. Since they accuse Israel of doing it, doesn't that mean they knowit's wrong? No. They have a double standard. They define crime according to who commits it against whom. That is the height of ethnic arrogance, which is another thing they falsely accuse the Jews of. Let's list ten more types of Arab accusations, heretofore discussed as they individually arose:

1. Israel steals Arabs' land. No, the Arabs' steal Jews' and Israel's land. The Arabs also steal much besides, some in such quantities as to ruin the industry.

2. Israel threatens Muslim holy sites. No, the Arabs destroy and desecrate Jewish holy sites (and Christian and Hindu ones, too, over the centuries).

3. Israeli troops attack PA civilians. No, PA troops attack Israeli civilians.

4. Israeli troops shoot Arab children. Arab gunmen place willing children in front of them, as human shields. Arabs shoot Jewish children in their innocence.

5. Israel fires at Arab ambulances. Not unless they run roadblocks -- the Arabs use ambulances to hide terrorists. The Jews don't use ambulances to hide gunmen, it would be a war crime, but theArabs fire on them, anyway, which is a war crime.

6. Israel preaches hatred against the Arabs. No, the Arabs preach hatred of Jews.

7. Israel overdraws water, leaving the Arabs less. No, the Arabs overdraw it and pollute Israelis' water. Israel once replenished the Gaza aquifer from its own stores.

8. Israel commits aggression. No, Arab aggression has resulted in all their wars. The Arabs would deny it, but we should not accept their politicalized perversion of dictionary definition of English words.

9. Israel dispossessed the Arabs. Just a few for security in war, but the Arabs dispossessed about 900,000 Jews and tried to do so in Israel and Yesha.

10. Israel demolishes Arab houses in order to reduce their presence in Jerusalem. No, it demolishes a small percentage of the illegal Arab houses, those which interfere with normal municipal planning. It demolishes too few for proper law enforcement. The Arabs build many of them to keep the Jewish population in and around Jerusalem from thriving.

See the difference between Arab and Israeli ethics? You probably know of more examples.

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