By Abbey Gewirtz

In the crisis facing America and the world today, there is one clear and absolute fact which, in my opinion, cannot be ignored or misunderstood by anyone who claims to be an honest, moral and compassionate human being of any racial, ethnic or religious persuasion.

This simple and undeniable fact is that any call to disarm Sadaam Hussein, without removing him from power, is a failure and travesty of justice of the highest order. Every government, every political leader, every religious organization, every peacenik and protester knows two inescapable truths which are:

1) Within a few months or years even, the U.N. inspectors would leave, the troops would go home, and the weapons of mass destruction (WMD) would be replaced by even more sophisticated toxins, biological and nuclear agents. Sadaam would funnel these to various terrorist organizations with no paper trail providing him with complete deniability in the event that these WMD were to be used against the U.S., England, Israel or others.

2) If Sadaam Hussein were to be left in power, as all these "peace loving" organizations and their members would have it, he would continue to terrorize and brutalize his own people through despicable acts of rape, crucifixion, dismemberment, disembowelment and other unspeakable methods of killing which have been thoroughly documented.

There is no denying this scenario, yet all those who protest and chant the mantra of "give peace a chance and let the inspectors do their jobs", delude themselves to this present and future horror for the Iraqi people and the rest of the world. They, deliberately, cast a blind eye to it in their zeal to criticize a decent American president who wants nothing more than security for the people he has sworn to protect as well as all other freedom loving people against this scourge, the "Butcher of Baghdad" for the past, all too long, 30 years.

This is an obscene myopia on their part that should never be forgotten or forgiven. Without a regime change in Iraq, these uncaring hypocrites would have future Iraqi and Israeli blood on their hands. Yes, Israeli blood as well, because Sadaam rewards terrorists in Hamas, Hizbollah and others, $25.000 for each terrorist act that kills innocent Israeli men, women, and children. So, by all means, " let the inspectors do their jobs" and let the killers continue to do their job as well!

It is with all this in mind that I apologize to the memory of the courageous French writer, Emile Zola (an exquisite irony, don't you think?) who braved anti-Semitism in France 100 years ago to bring a Jewish French officer back from the hell of Devil's Island.


J'accuse Jacques Chirac, the government of France, and the French people, for their perfidious betrayal of the United States and the over 200,000 American soldiers, airmen and sailors who gave their lives to free France after they cravenly caved in and surrendered to the Germans in World War II after only seven weeks of resistance! The beaches and cemeteries of Normandy cry out in anguish and disbelief at this French treachery and ingratitude.

J'accuse Jacques Chirac, the government of France, and the French people, for this same betrayal of tens of thousands of British and Polish airmen and soldiers who fought and died to save France and the free world at Dunkirk and the Battle of Britain. They gave their lives willingly while history records that the Vichy government and over 50% of the French people actually collaborated with the Nazis during the entire war!

J'accuse Jacques Chirac and the government of France, for willingly and despicably selling Sadaam nuclear reactors and materials 25 years ago despite the fact that they knew his plans for the future nuclear weapons that those reactors would produce.

J'accuse these French politicians and their "elitist" and "enlightened" populace of supplying Iraq with the nuclear scientists and contractors to design and build these reactors which Israel fortunately destroyed preemptively at Osirak in 1982, despite the world's outcry and clamor. It was only years later that the free world expressed gratitude for Israel's prescient action.

J'accuse Gerhard Schroeder and the government of Germany for the outright betrayal of the United States, the country which protected them from Russian domination for more than 40 years after W.W.II. The same country that, under our Marshall plan, rebuilt the cities, industries, hospitals, and infrastucture that rewove the fabric of a free and prosperous new Germany. It was, and always will be "Deutschland uber alles!"

J'accuse Valery Putin and the Russian government of betraying the sincere friendship and trust of a decent and honorable American president who offered genuine aid to help Russia recover its economy and place in a modern post cold war world. But what should we have expected from the home of the Gulags?

J'accuse the countless secular and religious groups in America and the world for their strong support to "disarm Hussein, but don't replace him." They, along with their worldwide peaceniks and anti-war protestors, care not the slightest bit for the continuing suffering of their fellow human beings in Iraq. I include in this deluded gathering diverse clueless groups such as certain Catholic, Protestant and Jewish organizations and their followers. They are driven only by their hatred of George W. Bush and all Republican and Conservative political leaders and thinkers. They are so brazen in their destructive purpose that they think they can fool the rest of us when they claim " but we support our troops!" They do not, they never did and they never will! Instead, ironically enough, they join in the shameful and seditious words once espoused by their beloved and disgraced guru, Bill Clinton, who once was quoted as saying, " I loathe the military!"

J'accuse every so called women's rights organizations for never marching or working for the human rights of Iraqi women and girls or, protesting Saddam Hussein against them. They are hypocrites and have no credibility.

J'accuse all the so called environmental organizations for never protesting Hussein's ruination of the ecological environment when he set the Kuwaiti oil fields ablaze after the Gulf war, and his present threats to set ablaze 1500 oil fields in the event Iraq is invaded.

J'accuse the UN member states who supported Hussein over the last 12 years during 17 fruitless resolutions.

J'accuse Hans Blix and Kofi Annan for knowingly giving time, aid, and support to the "Butcher of Baghdad" in their craven desire to maintain their UN positions.

J'accuse Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter for deliberately undermining a caring and honorable Republican president as he sends our military forces off to protect our security and values, as well as bringing freedom to an oppressed people. Jimmy Carter, a failed president, who claims to be a deeply religious man, should reread the book of Exodus in order to learn about slavery, oppression and the ultimate joy of freedom from a tyrannical ruler. How ironic that he won the Nobel Peace Prize although he gave two nuclear reactors to North Korea.

J'accuse major Democratic leaders like Tom Daschle and Nancy Pelosi for their vicious and politically motivated continuing criticism of the President at this time of world crisis.

J'accuse Jewish Democrats and liberal senators such as Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein, Russ Feingold, Carl Levin and Charles Schumer for their callous and politically motivated betrayal of our president as he seeks to protect us and Israel against Saddam's threats to wipe out the Jewish state and threaten America in the near future.

J'accuse, finally, and most sadly, all of my liberal fellow Jews here in America who have so quickly and conveniently forgotten the six million victims of the Holocaust who bravely clung to life and prayed to G-d that someone, anyone would come to liberate and save them from hell and death. If these Jewish peaceniks and anti-war protestors who chant "let the inspectors do their job" were alive in the 1930's, they would surely have also supported "disarming Hitler" instead of getting rid of him. Surely Anne Frank and millions of her fellow victims would have understood the liberal reasoning and peaceful motivation of these fellow Jews! Never mind that the trains, of course, would have kept bringing Jews and others to their deaths in the concentration camps. Never mind that this is the same message today, 60 years later, that they are giving to the hundreds and hundreds of innocent Jewish victims' families in Israel who have been murdered in part because of the nearly 15 million dollars given to "martyrs" families by Saddam Hussein. Have they learned nothing in 60 years? How sad, how tragic is the perfidy of their deeds!

So much for these Jewish people being "a light unto the nations". The Talmud teaches us that: "save even one life, it is as if you save the entire world." In the Torah, G-d commands Moses to tell the Jewish people to "choose life." But come on, let's be frank, aren't the constitutional rights of all these Jewish peaceniks to protest more important than our Torah, our Talmud and our centuries old tradition for the sanctity of all human life?

Maybe it is truly the time for the coming of the Messiah, if for no other reason than to save us from these misguided, hypocritical and callous protestors for "peace and justice".

"Do not make a mockery of justice for it is one of the three pillars of the world. Why? Because our sages teach us that the world stands on three things: on justice, on truth, and on peace. Know then that if you pervert justice you shake the foundation of the world... for justice is one of its pillars.

Rabban Simeon Ben Gamliel
Deuteronomy Rabbah Chapter 5, section 1.

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