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By David Basch

The last thing Israel needs is some "hip shooter" that decides Israel's future according to his own narrow, technocratic considerations that have no relations to the ethos and ultimate challeges of his country. Sharon is no "big idea man" and his limited vision should not alone set the direction of the nation.

Such far-reaching policies that Sharon proposes are things that ought to be dealt with in depth and win the support of the major sectors of Israeli society before they are fixed in stone. The last time such hip shooting occurred, Israel saddled itself with a terrorist army brought over from Tunisia that may well have been at the cost of Israeli survival. Leftist alleged thinkers continue to throw "good Israel" after the "bad" to futilely rescue the mistaken thinking of the past that has been leading to Israel's disappearance.

Are the right wing parties incapable of finding a pro-Israel leader to represent the abiding interests of the nation? And I would avoid leaders like Netanyahu who will merely give Israel more of the leftist policies that serve "universalism" and not the interests of Israel in the particular -- a universalism that consistently leads the nation toward the cliff. Israel needs a change in government toward one that serves the essential interests of the Jewish state. The secular, truncated state that Sharon strives for that stupidly depends on a revolutionary Arab good will for Israel's survival cannot deliver a future for the nation.


**Israel Needs to Free Itself from the Gaza Strip, Sharon Says

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said today that he would form a new government if coalition parties objected to his plan to unilaterally disengage from the Gaza Strip and certain parts of the West Bank, THE JERUSALEM POST reported.