"best laid plans o' mice & men oft times go astray" by Robby Burns

By Emanuel A. Winston
Middle East analyst & commentator

Prime Minister Ariel (Arik) Sharon is insisting his Cabinet bless "His Plan" of evacuation, retreat and capitulation - without discussion, debate or dissent. Can you remember how Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres demanded of their Cabinets, the Knesset and the people to bless the now moribund Oslo plan, its predictable failure and trail of dead Jews? All of them wanted U.S. approval before submitting it to their own Cabinets in order to push their Plans through.

Why have America and the media pundits castigated the new President of Spain for his plan to withdraw Spanish troops from Iraq and give Terror a victory? How does Sharon's Plans for gifting a victory to Terrorists differ from Spain's incoming Prime Minister the Socialist Josť Luis Rodrigues Zapatero and a large percentage of the Spanish people for capitulating to Al Qaeda Terror? In brief, there is no difference whatsoever when terror is rewarded.

This Plan can be merely the short circuiting of the synapses (electrical connections) in the brain going haywire, impairing judgement. The Oslo Gang should have been required to submit to psychiatric evaluation before and after Oslo for impaired judgement. Now, it's Sharon! Plans are not sacrosanct, they are often merely the thoughts of one man, consumed with the belief that only he knows best. Not all men are Albert Einstein (who actually failed math in grammar school). Most make mistakes, read the signs badly, some simply take bad advise or dream of their own glory and it is called "A Plan".

Sharon has been advised by his military and security Top Guns that his Plan is bad and that it will bring more terror. This advise came from his Intelligence people, Generals in the field, his own Party but - Sharon ignores them all.

It has now been reported that President Bush who started the pressure for withdrawal under his own "Road Map Plan" has now backed away from Sharon's Gaza withdrawal Plans - or so it seems. The President has heard the political message from his conservative Christian supporters who do not approve of Israel's divesting herself of what G-d has gifted, turned over to pagans. The meeting that Sharon expected when Bush would probably approve of his Plan had been canceled but may take place April 16th. (By the way, is it a coincidence that the Egypt's Mubarak and Yemen's Salah have joined forces to get the Arab League Summit convened on April 16th in Cairo? Mubarak meets with President Bush 4 days before Sharon does.

Christians, Jews and the American people do not seems to approve of pacifying terrorists. In addition, they have discovered that Arab Palestinians only exist because of wages received in Israel or from UNRWA (UN Refugee Works Association) donations, plus the world's donor fund - all of which will become President Bush's obligation as godfather of his Road Map Plan.

Of course, a Plan has many sides, depending on what side you wish to see.

Is Sharon's Plan contemplating the opening up a new front of attack for the Arab Palestinians of Gaza against advice of all his Generals and his Intelligence staff?

Which part of Sharon's Plan do you wish to see or want to see?

The Plan of one man can be simply wrong, based upon delusional planning.

There is the facet of American pressure (Bush's Road Map Plan) that, like all nations, has its personal interests. Those interests are both long-term oil and short-term elections. Thus the U.S. pressures Sharon to accommodate the Arab Palestinians for his own vested interests to create the impression that the Road Map Plan is succeeding.

Then, there is the facet that there may be a suitcase nuke (or two) in the hands of either the Arab Palestinians, Al Qaeda or Muslim Iran. This is a floating speculation which mirrors concerns in the U.S. who are worried about the same threat.

Another facet would be to take Israel out of the Arab job market by creating a border resulting in the Arab Palestinians reversing their migration back into Egypt, Jordan or simply returning to Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia or anywhere in the entire Arab world they migrated from. That natural border is, of course, the Jordan River!

A retreat based on Sharon's Plan would not only encourage the Arab Palestinians and associate Terror groups to increase attacks but, would reinvigorate the key attacking nations of Egypt, Syria, Iran to mount another full scale war against a perceptibly weakened State of Israel.

The Plan of retreating from Gaza would bring the hostile U.N. to a full boil to legislate through the Security Council - backed by the General Assembly - various world-wide punishments, especially embargoes, if Israel didn't retreat all the way back to her 1947 borders (called the "Auschwitz borders"). Sharon's Plan of Withdrawal would give impetus to the ever present Arab voting block to drag the U.N. into voting sanctions, with the E.U. cheering it on.

Sharon's Plan of withdrawal/retreat with the attendant televised tearing down of Jewish homes would give impetus to the ever-present Arab voting block to drag the U.N. into a frenzy of demanding further withdrawal/retreats. No nation will pay Israel the billions needed to relocate 8,000 citizens, pay for the huge infrastructure of homes, schools, businesses, farms etc, even though Sharon wants to please President Bush by turning over the Jews' homes, farms. factories, schools, and civic structures like synagogues (which will be turned into mosques) to the Arab Palestinians - denials notwithstanding.

Even the great Napoleon had Plans which gave him a 100 days of rule before his Plans collapsed. However, as a Great General, I doubt that he would have accepted the years of Arab Terror by 'turning the other cheek' or not fighting back, Napoleon also had a Plan because "he knew best" - which turned into his defeat at Waterloo.

Sadly, Prime Minister Sharon has lost the confidence of the nation, although he still maintains the strength of his office which controls his Cabinet and holds the purse strings of their portfolios. Clearly, Sharon in his mistaken state of mind with respect to retreating from Gaza, cannot be relied upon to have well thought-out Plans, despite unyielding counter-Plans by Arab Muslims to weaken and then remove non-Muslim Israel from the Middle East.

Even in his past, when he was, indeed, a great general he wanted to go it alone. In those days, he was in his middle age and his battle forecasts were excellent. Now, he only recalls the force of his past accomplishments but, the delusions of the elderly are a problem for political leaders faced with radical Islam gone fully ballistic. (Yes, we do grow old, the parts including the brain, don't work so well.) It's like the 80 year old who still believes he can drive a car safely only to run it into a crowd because his depth perception is wrong.)

What else has already gone haywire with Sharon's Plan?

Well, former PM Ehud Barak depended upon then President Clinton's promise for funding IF he evacuated Israel's safety zone in Lebanon. It never came. So, too, Bush is backing away from what Sharon thought would be funding for his withdrawal Plans. Bush doesn't seem too anxious to find several Billion dollars to pay for Sharon's uprooting and evacuation of 8,000 well-established pioneers in Gaza. Will Sharon go it alone as did Menachem Begin when he relinquished the entire Sinai to Egypt (as brokered by then President Jimmy Carter) after an investment of $17 Billion dollars and then refused to ask for what the small Jewish State could not afford from Carter?

Israel didn't get repaid for the land loss, the loss of 2 prime military bases, the oil fields which would have made Israel oil-independent, and the homes of those pioneers in the desert and in Yamit. Instead, Israel suffered all the losses including the $17 Billion debt. All Israel got was a cold peace, a hostile country on her border being loaded up with weapons courtesy of $2 Billion American tax-payers' dollars every year, about $60 Billion and rising, a gun-running smuggling operations from that country via underground tunnels and by ship - and the promise of further hostilities. But, why be surprised given that, after each Arab war against Israel, the Jewish State was expected to pay the price of victory, which was snatched away by the world's western nations trying to appease the Arabs for their lost Pride and Shame.

Now Sharon wants that hostile country, Egypt, to guard Gaza after Sharon retreats. Egypt has so far - publicly - refused but, it has been noted that Egypt is returning to an Islamic base as their Muslim Brotherhood increases in power. Women are starting to wear the hooded Burka and Islam is on the rise. I wonder what the Arabist U.S. State Department and those Presidents will do after having built Egypt into a military colossus, once it swings over to militant Islam?

What does this mean to Israel and Sharon's plan? Keep in mind that Egypt, through its promise for peace received $60 Billion in U.S. military aid and weapons' systems, making Egypt the military colossus of the Arab nations. Should Egypt go completely Islamic with its Muslim Brotherhood influencing its direction, Israel will again face Egypt in a Super War.

(Note! This does NOT include the deep penetration of Egypt's Intelligence at the highest levels - as reported by DEBKAfile March 26. (1) Documents seized in Iraq lead to staff generals and diplomats. This is the tip of the iceberg. (More in a later article.)

Once again Sharon's Plan is shortsighted and doesn't contemplate changes even as they are occurring in real time. Sharon must be removed from office immediately for the sake of Israel's sovereignty and security. His ability to have or make a Plan is long gone.

(Note! We just saw a spark of the old Sharon as he hit the arch-terrorist Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, founder of Hamas.) Therefore, the question now is: Will Sharon now continue his head-long plunge into a withdrawal that would mean national suicide? (I think he will!)

General Shaul Mofaz has offered an explanation to the Cabinet as to why the withdrawal from Gaza will work. He has a "Plan" to weaken Hamas before Sharon implements his "Plan" of withdrawal. (Presumably, that includes the hit on Yassin.) Here is why "Plans" either don't work or the planner offers a Plan, knowing it won't work! Let's track the Mofaz vs. Hamas Plan.

Mofaz and Sharon both know that Hamas is not the only Terrorist organization in Gaza. They know that squeezing Hamas is like squeezing Jello. Each group works with other groups. Individuals change over as convenient. Striking Hamas is a good idea but Mofaz would only be able to strike a handful of leaders before the rest scatter and join other old established Terrorist groups funded and run by outside forces like Iran, Syria - even the Iraqis Ba'ath Party terrorists who U.S. troops have not been able to stamp out in Iraq. Then there will be new groups who will form out of the scattered Hamas/Al Aksa/Fatah/Hezb'Allah probably linking up with various Al Qaeda groups glad to take a guiding role. That's only a small segment of why Mofaz and Sharon's Plan will not work. Let's move on to bigger and better reasons.

Do you recall after the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, American CIA and Special Forces trained what was called the "Mujahadin" (Islamic Holy warriors)? Muslims poured in voluntarily from all over the Arab world to enjoy fighting the Soviets for Islam and Allah. We not only trained them, we even used such Muslim personalities as the blind Sheik Oman Abdul Rachman (planner of the first 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center) to recruit young Islamists to train and fight Soviets in Afghanistan. The Plan seemed right at the time in the short view but, we did advance terrorist organizations' capabilities by light years.

The point I make is that Muslim "Jihadists" swarm, particularly when urged on by their Mullahs and religious clerics to join in the great war against the infidel - which includes Jews, Christians and all other non-Muslims.

Presently, American troops are under attack from a swarm of Islamists coming into Iraq from Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Lebanon, Egypt, Chechnya and other Muslim countries. Even Muslims who are European are coming in to fight the infidel Americans. It's fun for them and gives their lives purpose when there is none.

Mofaz and Sharon know very well that once the Israeli troops leave Gaza, Muslim "Jihadists" will swarm into the vacated areas. We have already seen Hezb'Allah pour into the Lebanon area where PM Barak in a similar Plan, evacuated in an ignominious retreat.

Mofaz and Sharon know this as sure as day follows night. They know that the entire Arab Muslim Palestinian population has been trained to hate and even volunteer both themselves and their children for suicide/homicide missions. Many have undergone combat and military Terrorism since they went to nursery school and summer camp. Stamping out Hamas will leave no shortage of recruits. Gaza will fill up with terrorists as fast as Mofaz empties it of Hamas.


When Israeli troops are present, they keep the Terrorists' component gangs fragmented and prevent them from merging into a cohesive fighting force, with the advantage accruing to Israel and the Free West. When not, then the Terrorists grow exponentially to become a critical mass, then Israel and the Free West lose to catastrophic terrorism. Israel is a major deterrent force against terrorists using WMD (Weapons of Mass Death) and NBC (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical assaults.

The same is true for the settlers' farms, villages, towns, cities and factories. As long as they are placed in strategic locations, the enemy is fragmented and cannot assemble into a fully operational force. Without settlements, the Terrorists can stop running and weld themselves into a fully armed fighting force.

I strongly urge Christians and Jews to notify President Bush of their displeasure with Sharon's divestment Plan!


1. "Clearing the Decks for Jimmy" [Mubarak] from DEBKA-Net-Weekly #150 updated by DEBKAfile 3/26/04

Emanual A. Winston is a member for hte Board of Directors and a research associate of the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies.