Reprinted from Arutz Sheva, Channel 7 - Independent Radio, Israel, March 24, 1997


By Elyakim Ha'etzni

On Shabbat, a riotous mob charged towards the Jewish houses in Hebron bringing the Hebron agreement to an instant collapse: The "Enhanced Joint Patrols", the "Barrier Area", the "Special Jibril Rajoub Unit" - all Netanyahu government innovations - went up in smoke, the crowd rolling on, until they reached the Jewish homes. On TV one could see how the Palestinian "police" did almost nothing to stop them. The day after, the head of Army Intelligence said in so many words: "The Fatah and Jibril Rajoub's men, they and no others, organized the riots" (in which 12 Israeli servicemen were injured). And yet, on this same day, the same Rajoub sits in Police Minister Kahalani's office, and together with our chief of police meets the minister. Also this: Only a day before we read in the press that Rajoub arrests people in open daylight in the Salah-A-Din Street in Jerusalem.

Does not Kahalani know that the fireman is also the one who set the fire? But this was on Purim. Purim could also explain something, the former Intelligence Chief, Carmi Gillon, said on that day on the radio: Jibril Rajoub's contribution is vital for our security. Purim.

How did it come to this, that our Shabak cannot function alone any more, and is dependent on the "Shabak" of the enemy? Why, for two days already, our Head of Intelligence cries "Gevalt" - their phone does not answer, they cut the line?! Why - in government sessions - the Intelligence Service functions as no more than a pipeline, transmitting the terrorist's threats, together with an advice to comply? Because - should the government decide to stand its ground, making the Shabak stand on its own feet, this organization's weakness would stand exposed in all its nakedness. And this is the vaunted Israeli GSS, whose achievements were without par in all the world, before its emasculation by Oslo.

After the heart-rending bombing in Tel Aviv the cabinet's decision reminded us of similar, past, Rabin/Peres decisions. Benjamin Peres or Shimon Netanyahu. "National Unity." One small question they did not ask: In the wake of the bombing, 13 suspects were arrested in Tzurif, 4 in Nuba. In Dahariyah those suspected of having stabbed a soldier in (the Jewish settlement of) Omarim were apprehended. Had the already decided on next retreat taken place, this could not have happened, as Tzurif, Nuba and Dahariyah are to be in Zone A, safe-havens for murderers. And yet, the ministers did not make the announcement: After this experience - this pull out is canceled!

Netanyahu carries on with the game. "Agreements must be honored," but Arafat is busy preparing for him riots and killings, organizing an international conference in Gaza, a political siege by the "Islamic Counsel", the "Committee for Jerusalem", the Arab League, the Arab foreign ministers, the UN General Assembly, the Security Council. To this end he flies around the world and has no time to meet Netanyahu. And yet, Netanyahu does not tell him - if so, this is the end of our treaty.

And in a speech in Islamabad Arafat said openly: "There will be no peace if Jerusalem is not returned to its owners and becomes the capital of Falastin." In other words, even if you give me all three retreats from 90% of the land as I demand, and the Dahanyah airport, and the harbor, and the cutting of the Negev into two halves by establishing a Palestinian "Free Passage", and the release of all the murderers, and the admission of millions of refugees, and all the water - even then you will still have war, no peace, as long as you don't give me Jerusalem. And yet, on the same day the Cabinet decided to proceed with the "Process", to give and give and give.

Our country is full of holes like a Swiss cheese. Our army, police and Secret Service are helpless. The Arabs can kill us in our towns and villages as much as they want, whenever they want. As they roam freely in our farms, villages and towns and steal tens of thousands of cars, tractors, computers, TV sets, irrigation systems, washing, beehives. As they don't pay their debts to Israeli merchants and suppliers in the amount of tens of millions of shekels. The money is lost, the State of Israel is unable to protect the property of its citizens.

As they penetrate army camps, taking out even machine guns. As the "Preventive Security" of Rajoub and Dachlan operates inside Tel Aviv-molesting "collaborators", tracking down "suspects" of selling land to Jews.

Once upon a time there was a legendary town by the name of Troy. Ten years the Greeks besieged the town, but could not conquer it. Achilles, their hero, was killed in battle. Having failed to succeed by force, they tried cunning. They mounted their ships and sailed away, under the eyes of the Trojan people. Actually, they sailed to a nearby island, and there they waited. They left behind them a huge wooden horse, so large that its introduction into the city necessitated the tearing down of the gate and part of the wall. One Greek warrior remained, posing as a deserter, telling them that this was a gift for the G-ddess Athena, which - if brought inside the city - would ensure its future. Actually, the horse harbored tens of armed fighters.

One of the elders advised to hack open the woodwork with axes to see, what is inside. What is more logical? One of the priests came running and warned: Don't believe the Greeks bringing gifts! But Troy believed in Peace. When they dragged the horse in with ropes and wheels, the clang of clashing arms could be heard, but the Trojans did not want to hear. There were more warnings: Rising, bloodstained smoke was seen, statues shed tears, wolves and jackals howled. But it was to no avail. They opened the gate, they breached the wall and brought the horse in. Night fell, and they feasted and got drunk. Cassandra, king Priam's daughter, cried out: "Oh, miserable people, poor fools, how don't you see your terrible fate? Where is your mind to bring into your city your own destruction?" Cassandra took an axe and a firebrand and ran to the horse, but the drunken believers stopped her. The Trojans went to sleep, the "deserter" opened the horse from without, the warriors sprang out, opened the gates from within, signaled to the ships. The Greek army poured into the city - looting, burning, raping, slaughtering. The king was killed, so was his young son. Cassandra was raped and killed herself. Troy turned into a desolate ruin.

The Trojan Horse, which we let into our country/fortress, is the terrorist establishment we brought in from Tunis, which we armed and financed, and now are turning into a State. Together with their Arab brethren from both sides of the Green Line they are on their way to bringing upon us, G-d forbid, the destiny of Troy.

A short time is yet left before such a calamitous night. Cassandra cries out again - is anyone listening?


Elyakim Ha'etzni ia an attorney and Jewish activist who lives in Kiryat Araba.

I shake my head, and shiver

They smile and they stab my back,

as they shake my hand

Send out an S.O.S. plea, come quickly

I'm marooned in Monkeyland../..."

from "Monkeyland" by The Chameleons, LP: Script of The Bridge, 1983.

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