By Emanuel A. Winston

Middle East Analyst and Commentator


On March 20, watching Jerrold Kessel of CNN report on Israeli building on Har Homa, it seemed CNN has given up even the pretense of accurate, objective reporting. Further examination of Kessel's reportage, makes it appear that CNN is merely part of a larger media network dedicated to preparing its viewers for collective pressure on Israel to comply with an Arab mandate. The question is, to comply with what and how? CNN announcers prime the media's psychology of the moment. They express "concern" over what Israel is doing to itself. They film selected Arabs who deliver the correct note of pathos and play for the sympathy of the viewer.

I cannot help but wonder why CNN and its owner Ted Turner are ramping up their reportage to build a sympathetic case for the PLO and Arafat, even though Arafat has broken almost every line of the Oslo agreement. CNN elicits viewer compassion for the Palestinians and the Clinton Administration tells us that Arafat is "keeping every word of his agreement". Someone is lying, so let's go farther.

March 21, 6 AM Chicago time and 1 pm before Shabbat and Purim in Israel. CNN had the first "breaking" news video of the bombing at the Appropo Cafe in Tel Aviv on Ben Gurion Street with 4 dead and 47 wounded so far. CNN is there with its reportage tilting in the direction that somehow Israel provoked the terrorist bomb by building on Har Homa in Jerusalem, Israel's capital - an issue which CNN and other news networks have made their cause celebre. Let us examine their line of attack.

CNN's Walter Rodgers interviewed Moshe Fogel, Spokesman for the Israeli Government Press Office who said according to Israeli Intelligence, Arafat had met with the Hamas and Islamic Jihad organizations giving them the "Green Light" to resume terror operations. Walter Rodgers asked a challenging question: "Where is your proof?" Then Fogel responded that Arafat freed 150 convicted Palestinian terrorists and their Hamas leader, Ibrahim al-Maqadmeh, who were jailed after last year's 4 bus bombings which killed almost 60 Jews.

When Rodgers interviewed Hanan Ashwari, she defended the PLO and Chairman Arafat, as expected, by blaming Prime Minister Netanyahu for "provoking" the terrorism by building Har Homa. For Ashwari, terrorism is a natural PLO response. Then Rodgers exposed his bias by flipping the "green light" cue saying that: Netanyahu had given the "green light" to terrorists by building in the "West Bank".

CNN's Steve Hurst in Helsinki, said that "Clinton is irritated with the impediments the Netanyahu government is putting in the way of peace." No mention of Arafat - no mention of his breaking of all agreements - no mention of his order to initiate terror attacks. Clinton was interviewed in Helsinki at his summit meeting with Boris Yeltsin. As quoted in the New York Times 3/23, Clinton defended Arafat.

"There must be absolutely no doubt in the mind of the friends or the enemies of peace that the Palestinian Authority is unalterably opposed to terror and unalterably committed to pre-empting and prevent such acts." In the face of incontrovertible evidence of Arafat's perfidy, Clinton still defends Arafat and the Palestinian Authority.

CNN creates the impression that It has some sort of vested interest in casting Israel as the "spoiler", while always positioning Arafat and his Palestinians as sympathetic victims when bombs and guns are killing Jews. Jerrold Kessel interviews some young Palestinian men who offer the prevailing line that Jerusalem is their capital. It is irrelevant that Kessel's interviewees are unknowledgable, even appearing to be illiterate. What is relevant is that Kessel has access to the most erudite historians backed by libraries of research which detail the 3000 year Jewish connection with the city of Jerusalem. History also tell us that no Arab conquerors have ever desired to make Jerusalem their capital. Mohammed turned Moslem prayers away from Jerusalem. Kessel conducts his interviews as if he has no knowledge of this history which as a professional investigative journalist he has the responsibility to know. Kessel has been practicing avoidance and we still ask: Why?

Let's look at that history. In 1948 King Hussein attacked from Transjordan and took the east half of the city which he "ethnically cleansed" of its Jews. Only Pakistan and Britain recognized Hussein's sovereignty over what the world media refers to as the "West Bank" and "Arab East" Jerusalem. Jews lived in all parts of Jerusalem for centuries encircling the Holy Temple Mount, until 1948 when King Hussein's soldiers killed many and forced the rest out. For 19 years King Hussein of Jordan not only made the eastern half of Jerusalem Judenrein (free of Jews) but he eradicated the symbols of Judaism. Cemeteries were vandalized. Jewish headstones were used for roads and toilets. 58 Jewish synagogues in the Jewish Old City were destroyed or converted into stables for horses by Hussein. His attempt to wipe out any trace of a Jewish presence and almost succeeded - until he was riven out by the Israelis in 1967. Still, the adopted phrase of "Arab ast Jerusalem" is quick on the lips of the press, facts be damned.

Recall that, under the British mandate and the League of Nations he Jews were to be given all of Palestine on both banks of the Jordan for their Jewish homeland. In 1922 the British changed their mind and confiscated 75% of Palestine (thereafter called Transjordan) from the Jews to create a kingdom for Abdullah, King Hussein's grandfather as compensation for ejecting the Hussein family from Arabia. Neither Hussein nor the migrant Palestinians ever legitimately owned what is now called "the West Bank".

CNN, the world media, President Clinton and the United Nations are desperately striving to revise history by calling half the city Arab East Jerusalem. These revisionists of history are not merely liars but damned liars. When a professional, sophisticated news organization with its own massive research libraries chooses to ignore hard facts it has on hand, it is revealing that, in addition to working for itself, it has another master it performs for. Who or what makes CNN so interested in guiding the fortunes or fate of Israel by tilting its reportage against Israel? What exactly does Mr. Turner and his CNN news mechanism have in mind for the Jewish State as we approach the millennium year 2000?

Let us cast the net a little further and see who else is involved. Some of this may seem initially unconnected at its source - but it always ends up pointing the finger of blame at Israel. For example: Clinton entered the Presidency with a positive attitude towards Israel. Soon he adopted the Bush/Baker pro-Arab attitude and his hostility began to rachet up. Concurrently Hosni Mubarak, who controls the Egyptian Press has ramped up his vicious attacks on Israel through anti-Semitic cartoons and articles so familiar during the Hitler/Goebbels era of propaganda. But they tell us via a cooperative media, they are trying to help Israel "in spite of herself", while conducting a separate and very aggressive foreign policy of attacking Israel. Keep in mind that Egypt spurred on by Dennis Ross during the Madrid Conference demanded that Israel give up its nuclear deterrence. (See Part 2)

Across the Mediterranean and into Europe we observe the British selling materials of mass destruction to Iran while its scientists are playing a strong role in building Iran's nuclear capability. Iran has sworn to destroy Israel while spreading Islam across the face of the planet in a similar fashion to Hitler's promise of a 1000 year Reich. France and Russia are also selling arms to Iran -Why? If they are merely selling arms for cash as are China, North Korea then that may be contemptible but normal for England, France and Russia. The corrupt UN is predictable in that the Arab nations can always get the General Assembly to vote against Israel despite thefacts. The manipulators are the bigger players such as the US, with vested Arab interests. England, France with the Russians playing their own game. We also see their government influenced press whipping up anti-Israel sentiment In these nations.

Why is Israel being pressured to turn over its security to a man who has proven himself to be a killer of people and a nation destroyer, if given the tools? And yet, an American President and a prior American President embrace this man who has been known to give the orders to kill Americans. (The CIA has a tape of Arafat in Beirut March 1973, ordering the execution of American Ambassador Cleo Noel and Charges George Curtis Moore in Khartoum.) Israel has been asked to give up its secure and defensible borders and more than 30% of its water resources. This mandated undermining of a country's defenses usually precedes a pogrom with the expectations that Israel as a nation will soon disappear. So why not read the will and disperse the assets now to its would-be conquerors?

We observe Jerrold Kessel through CNN's world-wide network diligently separating Jerusalem from the claims of the Jewish people. History is ignored, although prima facie evidence such as aerial photos taken periodically of Jerusalem from 1948 through 1997 show barren hillsides which were slowly filled in by incoming Arabs. CNN, as did other world media organizations and governments had easy access to these photos and demographic information but chose to ignore them.

At the moment, the collective effort of Clinton and Arafat, various Arab nations and Europeans labor to give the Arabs conquest over half of Jerusalem. One might conclude that this is the simple act of a misguided international foreign policy so as to appease the Arabs with the presumption that they will become peaceful. Our State Department and President think that, once pacified, the oil fields of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the Gulf States will be safe and oil delivered to the West with no interference.

This discounts the high probability that Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya will attempt to take the oil fields and defy American "proprietary" interests in those fields. But, once again, the present foreign policy of the West is that each Arab nation must be satisfied through the sacrifice of Israel to regain their pride having lost six wars they initiated against what they believed was a weak enemy. Unlike the West, the Arabs were not prepared to negotiate real peace and compromise with a hated enemy. They wanted it all. "All" means offering Israel as the sacrifice with Jerusalem as the capital of their Palestinian State.

It appears there is a major effort by Israel's enemies and purported friends to prepare the citizens of the world for the demise of Israel. Goebbels, the master of mind control, taught the world that it is possible to convince millions of people to accept death on a massive scale. Goebbels needed the media to carry his message. He had newspapers, radio and today he would have had the incomparable TV news channels. Imagine how even more deadly effective he could have been and in a more compressed time period using the TV channels. The message is Oil - Israel - Defense of Oil - Sacrifice Israel.

So, who does CNN, the New York Times, et al really work for?


In Part One, we spoke about enlisting the media to beat Israel into submission. It is SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) when one or more governments wishes to remove or subjugate a nation, they task their Intelligence Agencies and Diplomatic Corps to wage a propaganda war for purposes of weakening the intended victim nation. This is even more true when the target is a friendly democracy such as Israel. The first procedure in the case of Israel must be to demonize the Jewish nation so the perception of the average citizen, is that Israel is in the wrong.

Concurrently, its enemies such as Arafat, Assad of Syria, and other hostile Arab nations must be made to look the victim. It's a reversal of the David/Goliath, by making Israel, 300 miles long by 50 miles wide, the Goliath vs. 22 Arab countries plus several non-Arab Moslem countries. The key to convincing the people was well defined by Goebbels in preparing the minds of the European nations to accept Hitler's Final Solution to the Jewish question. Today TV newscasters and leading newspapers are the conduits of choice. They have been enlisted to conduct a campaign against Israel for the reason explained in the following:

Presumably, If Israel is attacked with unconventional weapons or is about to lose a conventional war, she will hit the Middle East Arab military and their capitals with nuclear weapons. This is something that neither America nor the oil dependent nations of Europe, Japan, et al want or can tolerate. Therefore, it follows that either one side of the equation must be eliminated or the other.

One side is Israel; the other side a collection of Arab nations such as Iran, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Libya and possibly Saudi Arabia. Courtesy of the West, all have or will soon have the capability of launching missiles with unconventional warheads (NBC) Nuclear, Biological or Chemical. From a purely pragmatic point of view, if you were an oil-dependent nation, who would you choose to eliminate from the equation even if the choice were distasteful?

Clearly, the choice would be Israel. But, how to accomplish that without infuriating the citizenry of America, France, England, Japan. One way would be to slowly nibble away at Israel's defensive capability until she was totally dependent on America for her survival. Then the leash would be tightened, forcing Israel to give up its retaliatory nuclear capability. This would reduce the chance that, in response to an overwhelming Arab attack Israel would not use the proverbial Samson option. The blind and humiliated Samson tore down the pillars he is chained to, bringing down the structure thereby killing himself and all his enemies, the Philistines.

Israel must be stripped of her second strike deterrence as well as her pre-emptive strike potential in order to save the oil fields, the large Middle East markets, not to mention to prevent the radioactive fallout which could contaminate the oil fields for hundreds of years. But you, the reader, may conclude it was we, the West, who knowingly provided the Arabs with their NBC, Nuclear, Biological, Chemical weapons with which to attack Israel. But you, the reader, are not the self-serving governments of such nations as Germany, France, England, and America who assisted the Arabs in acquiring these weapons which one day may also be targeted at the US. You are not the executives of the multi-national military industrial complex - so named by President General Eisenhower. You are first decent people but they are the powers who can make or break nations when it suits their needs based on potential cash flow.

Israel has, unwittingly, gotten in the way of the unstoppable juggernaught of international trade or at least it has the possibility of disrupting the cash flow because of Islamic intolerance. Do not trouble your mind over the unfairness of it all because that unfairness swirls as a permanent current in government dominating their inhuman plans.

Going back to the beginning of this essay, I point out that thereis a collective effort to make Israel impotent and it's working so far. The powerful nations of the world have come to a meaningful conclusion regarding the fate of Israel. For reasons mentioned, they want Israel reduced to a dependent kitten with its claws removed or, when possible, put into a permanent sleep.

Phase 1 has already been accomplished. Having recruited naive Israelis to divide the land, give up vital water and allow the dedicated Palestinians to infiltrate her borders all in the name of a slogan called the "Peace Process.". Israel has already shown signs of a weak and sick nation. The political Left is shouting to give up more and, if they can get back into power, they will voluntarily give up Israel's nuclear deterrence. This was already pledged by Shimon Peres when his Labor Party was in power. The political Left usually is selected for first recruitment simply because we see them throughout history at the vanguard of a nation's demise. They can be counted on to bore worm holes in the pillars that support the nation.

Phase 2 will call for the influx of millions of unabsorbed Palestinians now squatting in other Arab nations awaiting the order for ejection into any areas of Israel given up to Arafat. Once there in the familiar conditions of arranged poverty, they will scream to expand into Israel, claiming they need more space to live. Once again the world media will play a determining role in eliciting sympathy for their expansion into a vacuum once called Israel - if Israel agrees to disappear.

By this time Israel's borders will have been pushed back to the indefensible 1967 cease-fire lines with no hope of defense under the circumstance it can be anticipated that the Israeli government will collapse, throwing itself on the mercy of America for protection. The US will agree, with the proviso that Israel stand down her nuclear deterrence. The US will send in American troops to offer protection from the Arab nations, but won't arrive before a large number of Israelis have been killed. Presumably the Arab nations will be satisfied with Israel as a defenseless occupied nation although I doubt they would be satisfied with anything less than total annihilation. (They say so.)

Israel would no longer be able to threaten the Arab world with a retaliatory strike when attacked and, therefore, become the perfect target. But now Israel would become a major base of operations for the US military to protect the oil fields of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the Gulf States. Here again Israel becomes a major target for missiles. Israel would have no say in the matter. The oil fields of the above nations would still be primary targets for occupation by Iran, Iraq, Syria and Egypt - depending on who gets there first to control the well-heads. The package sold or forced on Israel will be: Do you want to live or die? Israel does not have to accept this choice unless her leaders continue to serve other interests and not her own people. Apparently, Rabin and Peres bought the package and now Netanyahu is signing on.

So, when you see the New York Times, CNN, and other media intensifying its spin of the news against Israel. You can be sure its part of a much larger operation. For those who feel this is nothing more than a speculative scenario of an active imagination, know this. War games of this nature which then become operational are part of the regular program of the State Department, CIA and the other security agencies. These crafters of foreign policy prepare the self-interest programs for Presidents who are quite willing and do double-cross their friends and allies.

Even now, 53 years later, you are seeing the release of information telling you that such nations thought to have been neutral in WWII, such as Switzerland, Sweden, Argentina and others not yet revealed, were colluding and collaborating with Nazi Germany even as it sought to conquer the world. Political intrigue is not the exception to the rule; it IS the rule.

Would Iran like to nuke Israel out of existence? YES! Would Israel retaliate? YES! Would the oil consuming nations eliminate either one in a heartbeat if access to oil and cash flow were threatened? A resounding YES!

So, what's the solution? Only if Israel is present in the Mid East equation, will the balance of power be maintained. Only a strong Israel will survive such a coordinated assault on the forces defending democracy in the world. Israel is not required to commit suicide because Arab nations demand their hateful Islamic agenda be implemented. While Israel has proven herself time and again a friend of the West, the West has a divided loyalty between the oil nations and a small democratic nation with modest economic value.

While it may be a short term problem if the lights of Europe and Japan dim, Israel has no obligation to those countries to commit herself to extinction by NOT defending herself or to eliminate her nuclear deterrence. Remember that both the US and Soviet Union relied upon the formula MAD (Mutual Assured Destruction) to keep each other from the strategy of a first strike solution. It is true that any one of many Arab nations driven by Islamic religious fervor may take the first shot however, it is not up to us to make Israel an easy target for elimination because our oil companies say so.

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