By Ruth and Nadia Matar

British Foreign Minister Cook's blatant intrusion in Israel's internal affairs by visiting a local housing project at Har Homa in Jerusalem, is bad enough. The sordid picture of Knesset Members Sarid, Dayan, Chazan and Ron Cohen appearing at Har Homa when Cook showed up there, expressing their approval of the Foreign Minister's obscene conduct, was even more grotesque. There is little question that the behavior of these Knesset Members was seditious, and they should be prosecuted for it.

Now it appears from an article written in Maariv last Friday, March 20, by Sima Kadmon, that Yossi Beilin, (and probably his adviser Shimon Peres) were also in on the plot. It all adds up. It is well known that the relations between Cook and Beilin have been long standing and close. Now on the eve of Cook's visit here, Beilin flies to London and visits with him, prior to the Foreign Minister's sudden and quite unusual announcement that he intends to visit the building project at Har Homa. When Cook shows up at Har Homa, who should be there but these disloyal Knesset Members, who seemingly are part and parcel of this plot to embarrass the Netanyahu Government?

Beilin admitted to Kadmon, when pressed by the columnist, that it is quite, quite unusual for any visiting Foreign Minister to act in the manner in which Cook did. Although Beilin refused to admit that he was the one who advised Cook to act in the way that he did, Beilin's sudden visit, the subsequent unusual announcement of Foreign Minister Cook that he intends to visit Har Homa, and these Knesset Members' coming to Har Homa when Cook arrives in Israel, is apparently not just coincidental.

There is something rotten not in Denmark, but right here in Israel, and Beilin, Peres and Meretz are at the center of it all. Their lack of loyalty to Jerusalem, their People, and their Country, is a problem our Knesset will have to deal with, the sooner the better. There is the additional problem of the Fifth Column Arab Knesset Members, whose loyalties are not to the Jewish State of Israel; that also is a matter of grave concern and requires the immediate attention of the Knesset. Our Legislature has buried its collective head in the sand, and has refused to face up to this glaring perplexity. The problem will not solve itself; left unattended, it intensifies, until one day it will explode, threatening the very existence of Israel.


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The Freeman Center supports the Women in Green and urges all our readers to send them financial contributions and moral support. Ruth and Nadia Matar are real heroines in the battle to save Eretz Yisrael. They were among the first to demonstrate against the insanity of the Oslo Accords during the Rabin days. They continue daily to battle with not only their bodies, but also their words. They inspire me daily. In fact, I have one of their little green hats in my office (from a demonstration with them in 1994). Whenever I begin to falter, I look at that green hat and I know I must continue so these wonderful ladies will not be alone in their battle against such great odds. YASHER KOACH to all the Women in Green. The Jewish people are honored by your presence among us. In the end Israel will be saved because of people like you.

..........Bernard J. Shapiro, Editor

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