1. The EU and the US seem to have down a Good Cop - Bad Cop routine to help the PLO. The Eurocrats openly push for Palestinian statehood now, while the US can pretend to be neutral and compromising and get the PLO their Reichlet. Haaretz Mar 25 reports that the deal between the Yanks and the Eurotrash is a formal deal.

2. The Center Party now has a platform and the differences between its and that of Meretz are hard to find. Both favor Palestinian statehood. Neither rule out some PLO "capital" in Jerusalem. Both favor territorial "compromise" on the Golan. The main differences seem to be that the Centrists have not said what they think of gay marriage or legalizing pot.

3. The Lefties are marching out in solidarity with convicted crook Arie Deri of SHAS. Haim Ramon is running a one-Lemming clemency campaign for Deri, and he has been now joined by Generalissimo Amnon Shahak, second in command in the Center Party junta, and Leftoid ex-general Shlomo Lahat, ex-mayor of Tel Aviv from the "Liberal" Party (back then).

4. If it is in English on the web site, someone should post Ari Shavit's piece from Haaretz Mar. 25. Shavit is almost the only Haaretz columnist who is willing to criticize the Left once in a while. Today he suggests that the Left come out of the closet and reveal the almost-deal that Yossi Beilin almost finalized with the PLO's Abu-Mazin on the "final status" accord (not to be confused with the Final Solution). It is worth reading his whole piece, but among other things he points out the Beilin-Abu-Mazin agreement says that 92% of the "territories" would go to the Reichlet, but never clarify if the PLO would renounce claims to remaining Israel in the Green Line, it accepts the Palestinians' "right of return" but without making it clear if they can "return" to Green Line Israel in its 1949 borders. Shavit says we know what Israel would give under that deal but not what it would get. (Well, actually we DO know.)

5. In the past Michael Eitan was one of the few courageous Likudniks, although he pretty much sold out to Netanyahu and became one of the Wye's Men of Chelm. But now he is showing some backbone and denouncing Deri as a figure of organized crime and Netanyahu is having a conniption cause he wants SHAS in the coalition after the election.

6. In all the story of Serbia and Kosovo, there is one strange aspect that NO ONE has mentioned. In every OTHER international conflict, you can find press and Op-ED pieces supporting the unpopular side. Even supporting Saddam, the Taliban, North Koreans, Iran - all have their apologists in the Washington Post and NY Times.

Incredibly, as far as I can see there are NO pro-Serb minority opinion pieces being printed at ALL in the Western press or on TV. I find this strange. Especially since the Serbs DO have a position worth hearing and one I at least find quite persuasive. The entire world seems to accept with understanding the idea that the Turks are entirely justified in suppressing Kurd separatism in Turkey and even using a bit of brutality to do so. So why are the Serbs not similarly entitled? The Kosovars have FAR LESS legitimate claims to independence or even autonomy than the Kurds. There are many more Kurds and the Kurds have no homeland anywhere. The Kosovar Albanians have Albania just a few clicks away and anyone wishing to be an Albanian Zionist can move there. (They have not done so cause Albania has a Stone Age economy but since when is THAT justification for Kosovar separatism?) True the Serbs are brutal, but all of ex-Yugoslavia is a brutal Third World place, and it is not even clear the Serbs are more brutal than the Croats and Bosnians. And since when does brutality eliminate the legitimacy of an otherwise legitimate cause?

The Kosovars are a Moslem minority uncomfortable within the Serbian rump-Yugoslavia. But as such they resemble Kashmir, and no one is dropping cruise missiles on India. We accept the idea that nations may use force to prevent break-away separatists of ethnic minorities (Turkish Kurds, Kashmiris, the US Civil War, Catholic enclaves in Ulster, Corsica, Basques, Bretons, etc.). In all these areas force and even brutality have been used.

The Serbs already gave up Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia (which has lots of Albanians of its own) and Bosnia, even though Bosnia is swimming with Serbs. If Bosnia has the right to secede from Yugoslavia, why do not Bosnian Serbs have the right to separatism and independence from Bosnia?

Well try this one on for size. The only reason the NATO and US politicians are suddenly so gung ho to bomb Serbia and Montenegro (which is to Serbia as Kiryat Arba is to Israel) is that they are trying to suck up to the Moslem countries. That is why Kashmir is a non-issue (Moslems there oppressed by nice Third World non-whites, unlike them Christian Serbs). The Albanians (including Kosovars) and Bosnians are Moslem and so the West MUST posture in favor of their separatist struggle, just like with the Palestinians. Else how would everyone know how progressive we are?


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