There is no substantive difference between NATO bombing Serbia in support of a Moslem terrorist group (KLA) seeking secession and NATO bombing Israel in support of a Moslem terrorist group (PLO) seeking secession. Think about that fact. The media distortion of the nature of the Serbian conflict parallels the media distortion in the Arab-Israeli conflict. This is something the pro-Israel community needs to consider carefully. I have included in this issue five excellent articles on the Kosovo conflict. It is very important that you understand what is happening despite the overwhelmingly biased news media.


[Arutz Sheva News Service -- March 15, 1999]


The Palestinians have demands not only on eastern Jerusalem, but on the western part as well. Palestinian Authority senior Abu Allah declared three days ago that the PA will insist on discussing western Jerusalem in the final-status negotiations. Arutz-7 correspondent Haggai Huberman reports that Abu Allah, who appeared before a gathering of the Fatah Youth movement, said he was speaking in the name of Yasser Arafat. Abu Allah also cited the recent European Union letter implying that Israel has no sovereignty over any part of Jerusalem.

Editor's Note: If you have confidence in the Israeli government defending Israeli interests in Jerusalem and elsewhere, here is a partial list of its broken promises:

1. No negotiations with the PLO (Rabin)

2. No PLO state (Rabin)

3. No withdrawal from the Golan (Rabin)

4. If Oslo doesn't work we will just end it (Rabin)

5. Orient House (PA Foreign Ministry) will be shut down (Netanyahu)

6. We will build Har Homa (Netanyahu)

7. We will demand extradition of PA murderers (Netanyahu)

8. We will demand PA reciprocity before continuing the Wye Accord (Netanyahu)

9. We will force the PA police and security forces out of Jerusalem (Netanyahu)

10. We will permit Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount (Netanyahu)


In your rush to criticize Israeli sovereignty in Jerusalem, you seem to have forgotten the following:

Your ancestors lived in caves and had not yet mastered the art of language at the time King David made Jerusaelm Israel's capital.


The Freeman Center believes that retaliation for Hizbullah attacks against the IDF and SLA in southern Lebanon, should be disproportionate. We believe that both Syrian and Lebanese infrastructure targets should be destroyed. We believe that the level of pain inflicted upon those that would kill Israelis should be so great as to inhibit such actions.

Israel has lost all deterrence in Lebanon (and also with the PA). That deterrence can only be regained by a policy of massive out of proportion retaliation for every attack on its forces. Israel must achieve a situation whereby its enemies will think twice or three times before authorizing an attack.

Civilians giving cover to the Hizbullah should be forced from the area. And this should be done without guilt or remorse. All agreements with international bodies concerning the activities of the IDF should be renounced. Full freedom of action must be reestablished.

We further believe that placing Israeli soldiers in a "no win" situation is terribly destructive of morale and jeopardizes the IDF's order of battle. The IDF was never intended to be a static defensive army. Rapid, unconventional aggressive responses to attacks is the natural order of things.

...............Bernard J. Shapiro, Editor

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