Arutz Sheva News Service -- Friday, Mar. 12, 1999 / Adar 25, 5759


Representatives of three nationalist-camp parties - Moledet, Tekumah, and Herut - initialized a unity agreement early this morning, and expressed the hope that their joint efforts will be able to have an influence on the next government. The list of the candidates on the new list will be as follows:

Benny Begin - Herut;

Rehavam Ze'evi - Moledet;

Chanan Porat - Tekumah;

Michael Kleiner - Herut;

Rabbi Benny Elon - Moledet;

Tzvi Hendel - Tekumah;

Uri Ariel - Tekumah;

Moshe Peled - Moledet;

Yossi Ben-Aharon, representing Herut, will apparently be allocated the ninth place, and Benny Katzover will likely represent the Tekumah faction in the tenth spot. The name of the new party will be decided at a later date.

The list was approved by Tekumah's advisory rabbis - Rabbi Zalman Melamed, Rabbi Dov Lior, and Rabbi Chaim Shteiner, three of the most senior students of former Chief Rabbi Avraham Shapira. Prime Minister Netanyahu congratulated the new group on its formation, which he said will prevent the splintering of the right-wing. Expressions of support for the new list were heard from various right-wing grass-roots organizations, such as Women in Green and Gamla Shall Not Fall Again. "Congratulations!", wrote Women in Green. "Now we can start working - together - and with the help of G-d, together we will win at least 15 Knesset seats!"

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