By Emanuel A. Winston

I accuse most of the nations of this planet with the crime of warring against the Jews from time immemorial. The charges against the world's nations and peoples range from passive bias to Genocide and everything in between. Teaching hatred against the Jewish people was a bed-rock tenet of the Christian Church and later adopted by the Muslims. (I exclude our good friends, the righteous gentiles from this article.)

Psychologists would call it "fratricide" or "patricide", given that the Jewish religion gave birth to both. Killing off their own parents (root stock) would, in the pursuit of mystical religion, allow each of them to claim the inherited estate of the Jews...namely, the Jews' Covenant with G-d. If, however, the Jews' historic lineage could be absorbed through conversion by either Christianity or Islam, then they could strengthen their claim to be the correct and only heir to G-d's Covenant with the Jewish people. In effect, G-d would be petitioned with a fait accompli which He could not refuse...or so they believe.

Through the centuries the people of most nations were saturated with the pernicious teachings that the Jews committed "deicide" by being instrumental in killing the Jewish J..sus. This charge caught the imagination of the people who raged goaded with frequent stoking by the Church. Later, in the 7th century, Mohammed had his vision that Islam was the only way to G-d's heaven and they, too, adopted conversion by the sword. The problem was the Jews could not and would not give up their Covenant with G-d, to be submerged into other religions. G-d had told the Jews: "Thou shall not have any G-d's before Me."

As the Jews trekked through the centuries, they were assaulted from all sides. They had what everyone wanted but no one could catch it in their hands. Army after army tried to capture the spirit by assaulting and conquering Jerusalem and the land that was "Holy" by G-d's Covenant with the Jews. In the end, all the conquering armies had were bricks and mortar. The elusive spirit of G-d could not be caught and held hostage.

Naturally, during these invasions the Jews were slaughtered in "His" name as proclaimed during the Crusades. The acts and goals of the Crusades never really terminated but merely changed form. Sometimes in such nations as Poland, Russia, Croatia, the taught bias would have the village priest inciting the villagers to conduct a pogrom in the Jewish quarter. (Jews were made to live separately in ghettos.)

Other forms of the continuing Crusades included the Inquisition, with Jews burned at the stake or forced to convert; Chmielnicki's massacres; various expulsions, confiscations, murders; peaking in Hitler's assault on European Jewry with the cooperation of the nations he conquered. Hitler's "Solution to the Jewish Question" was merely an extension of the Crusades, now followed by the Arabs assault - supported by the same European nations. The hunt goes on as the anti-Semitic nations once again are in full cry as they stalk the Jewish nation.

In this, even the Allies who were fighting Hitler's armies, cooperated by refusing to attempt rescue, bomb the gas factories and crematories or the rail tracks leading to them. The Allies refused to feed, house or clothe Jewish refugees escaping the slaughter - or to allow them refuge in the Jewish homeland: Palestine. The European nations not only turned in their Jews but then fell on the spoils of what the Jews left behind, gold, bank accounts, insurance policies. Such high minded nations as France rounded up French Jews for transport to the killing camps while confiscating their apartments, art work and whatever assets they could lay their hands on. Even the supposedly "neutral" and "civilized" Swiss were exposed as embezzling the deposits of their Jewish clients and having been exposed, they threatened a racheting up of violent anti-Semitism in reprisal. Additional historic scandals continue to be exposed. American corpora elements of the American government having engaged in the War against the Jews. (3) True, in the early formation of our nation, the anti-Jewish bias was minimal but the seeds of that bias would be planted by European immigrants and Church leaders. Those seeds would one day take deep root and, with full maturity blossoming during Hitler's WWII Holocaust killing 6 million Jews, including 1 1/2 million children. Here we find such institutions as the US State Department with the Dulles brothers (John Foster and Allen) in close working arrangements with the Germans, before, after and during the War. Meetings of the Free World, led by Franklin Delano Roosevelt at Evian and Bermuda where our President led the nations in refusing to rescue, clothe and feed Jewish refugees.

The cover explanation offered to the Press was that it would be better to win the war first and then mount a rescue of the Jews who were left. The problem was that such nations as England and America had an estimated count from eyewitnesses of the monumental daily slaughter of Jews. When General Dwight D. (Ike) Eisenhower was shown on movie newsreels, walking through the gates of the death camps, with the emaciated bodies strewn around, he expressed amazement. The problem was that Eisenhower, like Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin...all knew from the earliest days, about the Hitler's plan called the "Final Solution of the Jewish Question" which was officially planned in the Wannsee Conference in Germany. Later, as the grisly killings began to increase in volume, the Allies along with an informed Press denied that this slaughter was going on, with the media telling its readers that these were "unconfirmed reports".

After the War from 1945 until the State of Israel was declared in 1948, the British, in deferrence to their Arab client states, once again arrested and imprisoned the remnant of Jews trying to escape the graveyards of Europe to get to Palestine, the Jewish Homeland by vote of the League of Nations and the US Congress. When six Arab armies threatened to wipe out the fledgling State of Israel, the Free World did nothing or worse. They even embargoed the sale of weapons to Jews so the 1947 'error' of the United Nations in voting for the establishment of the Jewish State could be corrected.

They, the nations, thought it would all be over in a week and they could continue building their commercial relationships with the Arab nations. All were mightily surprised when this small, poorly armed new/old nation defeated six well-armed Arab armies.

The Arabs, to save face, claimed then as they would in the future, that American armies entered the war. The Jews had not defeated was the Americans. Aand so the Arab's vaunted, testicle-driven macho pride was restored. The Arabs went on to conduct six wars, all of which they lost on the field of battle. Imagine the consequences to Israel if the Arabs had won even one war!

No longer able to defeat the Jews with armaments, they enlisted the West, who were deeply connected to and dependent on Middle East oil and the profitable markets its black gold offered to supply. So, they reverted to demographic and political warfare. Israel was to be reduced mile by mile until her critical mass was so truncated that she would be an easy target for a future coalition of Arab States to win in one final assault. Unfortunately, naive Leftist Jews were too easily recruited to assist in their own destruction.

Part of this reduction in size included flooding the lands with a hostile Arab population who would then cry to the world that it needed even more land for their growing population. In all of this, such nations as France, the Soviet Union, England, most of Europe and the Arabists in the American government supported their claim. Never in the history of these nations was an aggressor nation given back land when they gambled by attacking an enemy and lost. But, this is what was demanded of the Jews. However, things have a way of coming full circle.

The terrible weapons we Americans and Europeans (including Russia and China) sold to the Arabs are coming back to haunt us. While appeasing Arab business interests, we, the "humane" Western world, didn't seem to care when we were advised that these weapons would be used on the Jewish State. Now there is great concern that NBC (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical) mounted on missiles also sold by the US can hit our cities. Vice President Gore stood before the TV cameras, holding a paper bag, telling us that the biological substance that could fill that small bag was powerful enough to kill every man, woman and child on this planet. We, the so-called civilized world used our high technology to develop nation-killing poisons and sell them to such killers as Saddam of Iraq and Assad of Syria.

This is what we, the thinking civilized world, had sold to Saddam Hussein of Iraq, Hafez al Assad of Syria, and the Ayatollahs of Iran. Belatedly, we are now concerned that the VX poison sold to Saddam by Russia could be sprinkled as dust or as an aerosol from a high building in any of our cities. A single dot of VX can kill a person in minutes and in terrible agony.

Our American Presidents approved the sale or transfer of technology for weapons of mass destruction, thinking that these terrible weapons would stay in the Middle East, with only the Jewish State at risk. However, now we know that, for profit, our President Clinton actually facilitated the transfer of the improved missile technology to China so these city busting nukes and chemicals can actually reach our shores.

The Biblical phrase of "casting your bread upon the waters" seem applicable to the poisons given over to the enemies of the Jews which can float on a world wide wind back to us and the Europeans.

There is a quotation from Deuteronomy 32:43 which Jews read in the Morning Prayers which seems appropriate to mention. We start by honoring those Jews who were martyred: "As it is written in the Torah of Moses, the man of G-d: 'O nations, sing the praises of His people, for He will avenge the blood of His servants, bring retribution upon His foes, and placate the land - His people'. And by Your servants the Prophets, it is written as follows: 'I will cleanse [the nations of their wrongdoings,] but for [shedding of Jewish] blood I will not cleanse them; the Lord dwells in Zion'. (Joel 4:21) And further, it is said: 'He will render judgement upon the nations and they will be filled with corpses'. (Psalms 110:6-7).


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Emanuel A. Winston is a Middle East analyst and commentator and a research associate of the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies.


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