[Note from the J. Herring family: Hillary's tactics are reminiscent of Egypt when they invaded on Yom Kippur.]
Sunday July 23, 2000 10:47 AM EST

Hillary's Planned Kiss-And-Make-Up With Jews

This Saturday Hillary showed up in the Hamptons and visited an orthodox synagogue. According to reports, more than 350 people showed up for religious services and discovered that Hillary was the guest speaker.

``I know this has been a very difficult and trying week for you,'' said Rabbi Marc Schneier, one of New York's most notable rabbis. ``It's time for us to move on. Hillary has always been a friend of our people.'' Clearly the event was planned to dampen the impact of allegations that Hillary had referred to a Jewish campaign aide as a "Jew bastard."

But some in the Jewish community are outraged by what they believe was an attempt by Rabbi Schneier to help Hillary and undercut any protest of her comments and her stance toward Israel.

On Friday morning NewsMax.com had received a phone call from Susan Rosenbluth, editor of the monthly Orthodox publication The Jewish Volice. Rosenbluth informed us that the buzz in New York was that Rabbi Schneier was planning to invite Hillary to services in the Hamptons.

Why there, as opposed to having an open meeting between Hillary and New York's Jewish community right in Manhattan during the week? According to Rosenbluth, the "impromptu" visit by Hillary to the Hampton services did not allow her critics, including those in the Jewish community, adequate time to prepare a protest.

More to the point, Rosenbluth said, by cleverly having her address take place during sabbath services, other Orthodox Jews angry with Hillary couldn't travel to the Hamptons to make their dissent known. Sabbath rules forbid travel.

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