THE STATE OF JUDEA - Medinat Yehuda

(IsraelWire-7/25) Efforts towards the establishment of the State of Judea, intended to fill the void left by Israel's abandonment of any and all lands of Israel to the PLO Authority, has been announced. The organizers carefully point out their statement of purpose that the goals are in no way to combat Israeli forces, or engage in any inciteful activity against the current Israeli administration. Following are some of the points of clarification appearing on the State of Judea website:

Those of us who support the ideas presented on this website wish to clarify a few major points:

1. We do not advocate any seditious activity against the current Israeli regime and therefore present no threat to the State of Israel.

2. We intend to act only if abandoned to the enemy State of Palestine and to act only against the forces of the enemy State of Palestine.

3. We believe that the existence of the State of Judea is in the best interests of the State of Israel in that it will provide a safety valve to relieve religious/secular tensions and in the eventuality of the creation of a State of Palestine, the emergence of a State of Judea in that area will make for a better neighbor and peace partner to the State of Israel than the alternative.

4. That part of historical Eretz Israel known as Yesha has never been part of the modern State of Israel, but has remained since 1967 "disputed territory" that was never annexed or placed under Israeli sovereignty.[For additional information, one may visit the State of Judea official website at ]

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