1. I was promoted to the Executive Committee of the national organization, AMERICANS FOR A SAFE ISRAEL OR AFSI,1623 Third Avenue @ 92 Street. Suite 205, New York, NY 10128-3638, Tel: 212-828-2424, Fax: 212-828-1717, Email: Web Site:

2. I will continue to operate the vital information services of the Freeman Center from my office in Houston. A new division is being established to protect the rights of religious and Zionists Jews and Christians from the vicious attacks from both the Israeli and American Left.

3. I am forced to take notice of the Orwellian Newspeak ad placed in the Jewish Herald-Voice on July 19, 2000. Titled: AN OPEN LETTER TO PRIME MINISTER EHUD BARAK. Issued during the Camp David Summit and praying for a peace agreement with Arafat's anti-Jewish terrorists.

It was signed by:

1. American Israel Public Affairs Committee (Steve Brown and Mark Toubin)

2. American Jewish Committe (Donna De La Paz)

3. Anti-Defamation League (Gene Rosenblum and Martin Cominsky)

4. Community Relations Committee of the Jewish Federation of Greater Houston

(Terry Gardner and Randall Czarlinsky)

5. Jewish Herald-Voice (Joe and Jeanne Samuels)


1. The ad is written with total disregard to the history of the last eight years. Remember my favorite quote. "If you don't learn from history, you will be forced to repeat it." Jewish history is full of dreadful events that I don't think any good Jew would want to repeat.

2. ‘Palestinian' Arab education, media, speeches and sermons are filled every day with most vile anti-Semitic Nazi-like statements. Yet our esteemed leaders of the Jewish community in Houston, see no evil, hear no evil and speak NO TRUTH to their constituents.

3. The ad refers to the good graces of President Bill Clinton, OF WHICH THERE ARE NONE.

I ask the reader to read one of my last broadcasts in May entitled: CLINTON ADMINISTRATION AND ISRAEL. Clinton has lead the battle to weaken and make vulnerable Eretz Yisrael.

This process can only lead to a SECOND HOLOCAUST in less than 75 years from the FIRST.

4. Why any Jew would vote for a successor to this anti-Israel escapes me completely. The facts are perfectly clear.

5. The most inaccurate and dangerous statement in the ad is its claim that PEACE can be achieved with an agreement with a bloodthirsty terrorist who has broken every agreement ever signed with Israel, the US and dozens of Arab countries.

6. Barak and his One Israel Party are custodians of the Land of Israel and not its owners. They have no right to give away one inch. The land is held in perpetuity as a covenant between G-d and Abraham and can not be traded for some temporary false ‘peace.' Eretz Yisrael belongs to the whole of Am Yisrael (People of Israel for all eternity). No treaty by modern man can change G-d's intent and purpose in granting this tiny spot on earth to his flock.

7. Your problem is that your so-called Jewish leaders have no clue as what is really happening in Israel and the Middle East and have become mere puppets of the Israel government and the US State Department (notorious for abandoning Jews to their deaths during the Holocaust).

8. The ethnic cleansing of Jews from YESHA is no more moral than the expulsion from Spain by the Catholic Church in the 1500 century or pogroms of Poland, Russia and Germany.

9. To depend on Arab MK loyal to Arafat and the terrorist cause of destroying Israel for a Knesset majority or a majority in a referendum is in and of itself a crime against principles for with the Jewish State was founded. Herzl would cry out from his grave if he knew.

10. Should the summit succeed as the singers of this ad pray for, Israel would cease to be an independent Jewish country and become a ‘banana republic' of America subject to the whims of the anti-Semitic US State Department, CIA and any future President. The idea of Jew defending themselves on their on soil would disappear in a faint memory. Then Israel would disappear.


All Takes For Evil to Triumph -- Is For Good Men To Do Nothing

Ignorance Is Weakness

Self-Inflicted Ignorance Is Suicide

The Freeman Center Is A Cure For Ignorance

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