By Eugene Narrett

I explained in March that Ariel Sharon was preparing the way not only for the rehabilitation of the Labor Party, but for an unprecedented catastrophe: a Shimon Peres government. He was doing this indirectly by utterly discrediting the Likud as an alternative to the appeasers and anti-Judaisers of Labor, and by directly advancing discredited and treacherous Labor Party officials to his cabinet, including two of its three most powerful positions.

Already during his campaign, Sharon spoke of the need for Israel to make additional "painful compromises." As Arab mortars fall on Jerusalem, and Jews continued to be murdered from Tel Aviv to Chomesh, and from Binyamina to Kiryat Arba, the magnitude of the pain is clear.

Comments by Sharon's Defense Minister, 'Fuad' Ben Eliezer (Labor) indicate that the worst is yet to come. In the aftermath of the bombing of the train at Binyamina and the mortaring of Jerusalem, Fuad stated, "the government has no intention of causing the collapse of the Palestinian Authority." That should be the end of this government and elections for a new Knesset at the earliest possible time. As I have written often in recent months, the longer Sharon's restraint and dithering continues, the more risk there is that the current large advantage of the opposition parties over Labor will erode in the fog of political confusion and the paralysis that goes by the name of "the national unity government."

And as the Hebron Press Office noted July 17, Ben Eliezer's claim that the IDF already is doing its maximum to protect Israeli citizens is a gross lie that indicates his unfitness to be involved in directing the national defense.

The path to peace is clear. It begins with repudiating Oslo I & II, and the Hebron and Wye Accords. MK Michael Kleiner has introduced a bill (# 28933, July 11) to do this but it likely will take a new Knesset to do this rather than the current evil assembly. But a vigorous military attack on Israel's enemies in the meantime will curtail the Oslo War and implicitly cancel these agreements that all, as Kleiner's bill argues, are "null and void" because of massive violations by the PLO signatory.

My friend Yitzchak Gross reminds me that the Shulkhan Aruch makes clear (Hilchot Shabbat, 82-3, Siman 329 and Se'efim 6-7, 9) that even on Shabbat, it is required to go to war against enemies of Israel, even if they only intend to attack Jewish property. How much more so is all of Israel commanded to attack and destroy those who repeatedly seek to murder Jews anywhere in Eretz Yisrael. Moreover, the Lubavitcher Rebbe followed Rambam in noting that it is absolutely forbidden to hand over any part of the Land to goyim and that there is no teshuva for those who do so. Nor is there peace for them or from them, but only disgrace and war.

Hashem states in the Torah that all the men of Israel between the ages of 20-60 shall ascend three times a year, on the shalosh regalim to Jerusalem (Exodus 34:23-4). And that when they do, He will broaden our boundary and no nations will dare to covet, much less attack Israel.

Some might consider this a mysterious chok ("Statute") of Torah but it is rather an eidus, whose logic readily is clear. If all (or even a majority) of Jewish males gathered in Jerusalem, at the Temple Mount, three times annually, it would strengthen their Jewish pride and identity enormously, and with it, their willingness to fight for the Land and to demand that their leaders do the same. It would greatly strengthen the pride and resolve of all other Jews. And these action also would impress and deter any other nation or groups that wish to attack or possess any part of the Land God gave to the Children of Israel in perpetuity.

The Torah is a Torah of truth and life, and we are all responsible for fulfilling this life and Land-saving mitzvah, publicizing it and fulfilling it.

David Wilder observes that "Israeli soldiers do not receive diplomas in theatrics. They are trained warriors who wear uniforms, not costumes, and helmets, not wigs. Their job is not to make noise, it is to defeat the enemy" (July 16, 2001, on Arutz-7). Truth and amen! Sharon's phony war of restraint leads to defeat and death and alienation of more Land. "Expectations" that American should or will "pressure the Palestinians to stop their attacks" are faithless and delusional (DM Ben Eliezer, July 17). So is the constant, State Department-prompted hand-wringing about the need to avoid a regional war. That is a problem for the Corporate-One World planners who direct American policy.

Israel needs to fight and win the war that confronts it. This war is eminently winnable, and the sooner it is fought, the fewer casualties Israel will take, the sooner its enemies will be deterred and the more inspiring and saving an example it will give to all Jews (and gentiles) of the truth of God's Torah and promises to Israel.

Eugene Narrett is the author of Gathered against Jerusalem: Essays on a False Peace.

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