by David Basch

I have long alleged that U.S. agents were active in the so-called peace movements in Israel, doing the bidding of U.S. interests. Here now is a detail of one case.

In a DEBKA report on the recent burglary of secret documents by Sandy Berger, Clinton's Security Advisor, it is noted that Berger was a founder of Peace Now. That he was active in that organization is one of the open secrets. But how many more such agents are there and still very much active? The matter is important since these agents aren't involved in it for philosophical, fair-minded reasons that bear on the rights and wrongs of the issues involved, but for the naked political reasons of promoting the propaganda of the US State Department, NSA, or other such US agencies, hostile to Israel. Such agents don't give a fig for how right Israel may be or not be, politics and service to outside US interests being the overriding aspect in this work. This is just a warning for Israelis and Jews not to take seriously the phony moral claims of organizations like Peace Now, Betzelem, etc, which are all too often on the terrorists' side.

Neither take seriously National Public Radio and Television, whose messages concerning Israel are also controlled by clandestine US agents that are part and parcel of the broadcasting operations. Of course, add into this mix the NY Pravda-Times and its stable of agents posing as journalists.

And while we are at it, think twice about Israeli writers and artists with anti-Israel messages. These narcissists are puffed up and given publicity in the Arts pages of Pravda-Times in payment for giving poisonous anti-Israel messages.

Know the score. Jews and Israelis Agents of foreign interests are afoot to control your thinking and turn you against Israel.