A Voice from Hebron

Abba Eban's Premature Burial of Israel

By Gary M. Cooperberg

In a recent editorial in the Jerusalem Post, former Ambassador to the United Nations and Israeli Foreign Minister, Abba Eban, suggested that the establishment of a Palestinian State on Jewish soil is inevitable. He cited historical examples, such as the United States and even Israel itself, as proof that all who seek independence and fight greater powers to get it, eventually achieve their goal. Such a premise, while given the assumed legitimacy of a geometric axiom, if examined more carefully, can be shown to be a perversion of logic.

The American Colonies, while indeed a possession of the British Empire, were truly a long distance, remote control asset of that kingdom. It was a new country whose population was already quite independent and unattached to England. It was absurd that a new fledgling country which was struggling to provide for its own needs should have to pay taxes to an empire on the other side of the ocean, and not surprising that it rebelled and gained its independence.

The Jewish State was even less a subject to Great Britain than were the American Colonies. The Balfour Declaration promised the Jewish People fulfillment of their two-thousand-year-old dream to rebuild their ancient homeland. Both natural justice and Biblical Destiny made the establishment of the Jewish State inevitable.

And what of the PLO? Upon what basis stands the premise of their right to a homeland on Jewish soil? From whence sprouted this new nation which chooses to call itself "Palestine"? It's history and proclaimed destiny are comprised of perversions of history and distortions of truth. One simply does not build nations on such foundations.

One hundred years ago if one spoke of a Palestinian, it would be clearly understood that he was referring to a Jew living in the holy land. Palestine was the vernacular for the Land of Israel and the term was used to refer to the Jewish homeland. The few Arabs who may have lived in the Land, were migrants from surrounding Arab nations who found temporary homes in the barren wasteland which was then Palestine. The Moslem knew then that the Jewish People would eventually come home. But they believed that it was their duty to Islam to put that day off as long as possible. Why is it that Moslems go to such extremes to prevent Jews from praying on our own Temple Mount, the holiest site in the world to the Jewish People? What causes an arrogant Hebron Arab mayor, from his precarious position under the thumb of the Israeli military, to flagrantly declare that, should he assume control, he would not permit Jews to pray at their second most holy site, the Tomb of our Patriarchs? The Moslem fears the Jewish G-d. He knows that when the Jew comes home to his homeland; fulfills the commandments of the Torah; and offers his prayers to the Living G-d of Israel, that there is no power on Earth that can thwart Jewish destiny. It is only when a Jew denies his G-d, his Torah, or his homeland that he may suffer setbacks and tragedy. This is why the Moslem seeks to prevent us from praying at our holy sites and from returning to all of our Divine inheritance.

It is understandable why the Moslem seeks to hold back the Jewish People. What is beyond explanation is how any Jew would lend his hand to the effort to destroy himself. The PLO and the whole perverted concept of an Arab "palestinian" nation was contrived for the sole purpose of delegitimizing the Zionist process of the ingathering of the Jewish exiles from all four corners of the world to their eternal homeland in Israel. Any Jew who lends credence to this concept is participating in an act of purposeful attempted self destruction.

Noble and appealing words and phrases like: "Peace"; "Just and lasting peace in the region"; "occupied Arab lands"; "illegal Jewish settlements"; "West Bank"; and, "the legitimate rights of the palestinian people", are uttered to lend an aura of legitimacy to a process which is designed to bring the Jewish State to an end. That Jews, especially Jewish leaders in Israel, fail to see through the ruse is a phenomenon which historians may never be able to explain.

What the multilingual former Israeli statesman, Abba Eban, cannot seem to fathom is the Biblical, historical and legally valid fact that the Land of Israel was established for the purpose of being the homeland of the Jewish People. That the rights and needs of minorities need to be respected is one thing, but to permit concern for those rights and needs to threaten the primary function of the Jewish State to be the homeland of the Jewish people is outrageous. No normal people voluntarily assists its enemies in its efforts to destroy it. Even if Eban believes that his enemies will eventually destroy him one would expect him to at least try to fight back rather than just quit. His pseudo- intellectualism is merely a mask for cowardice. Even a loser, if he has an ounce of courage, will fight for what he believes in.

Our Pereses and Ebans have introduced an entirely new brand of cowardice to world history. For the very first time we see a strong, powerful nation, willingly deny its own legitimacy before a puny impostor which seeks its destruction. Peres went so far as to apologize to Arafat for oppressing his people and causing them to murder Jews! Now Eban openly espouses assisting these murderers in building yet another enemy state on Jewish soil, not because he wants it, rather because it "will happen anyway" and it would be nicer if we participated in the inevitable rather than work against it. Perhaps now we can begin to understand the motivations of Jews who walked willingly into the gas chambers rather than fight the inevitable.

In every generation of Jewish history our destruction seemed "inevitable". From the time of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob up to the holocaust and the "impossible" reestablishment of Jewish sovereignty in the Land of Israel, logic was always on the side of Israel's enemies. How then can one explain the behavior of members of this ancient nation, much less prominent figures, losing hope in Jewish Destiny, not from a position of desperation, rather as we sit upon the threshold of the climax of that destiny?

Cowards are people who succumb to their fears. It never occurs to them to fight, if necessary, even against impossible odds, for ideals in which they believe. These people meditate on the premise of losing without giving a thought to justice or principle. It is a tragedy that the Jewish People have been cursed with leaders who view themselves as losers. . . much as the spies in the desert viewed themselves as grasshoppers.

Arafat, Assad, Quadaffi, Mubarak, and yes, even the cute little king Hussein, are all smacking their lips in anticipation of the "inevitable" destruction of the Jewish State. That the likes of an Abba Eban can so eloquently accept the "inevitable", and coldly shovel more dirt on the would-be grave of the Jewish State, only underlines the depth of depravity to which so many of our would-be leaders have sunk.

May the Almighty grant strength and wisdom to our new prime minister to distance himself from such purveyors of self contempt, and face his own people, as well as our enemies, with authentic Jewish pride and self respect.

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