Recurring Miracles

By Ruth Matar

The mystical element connected with the Land of Israel will not go away; it keeps re-appearing.The "miracle" of the recent election of the underdog Netanyahu has greater significance than just a political victory. What was involved was a modern day Biblical redemption tale, and the fascinating implications of that story are still reverberating in Israel and throughout the world at large.

Evidence of that fact was the tumultuous reception of Netanyahu in America when he spoke last week before a joint session of the august U.S. Senate and House of Representatives. The American public generally was also captivated by this visit of the new Jewish Prime Minister; true he speaks their language well, and adheres to many of the principles of their democratic tradition. So do many other visiting foreign dignitaries, but, on their visits, they did not generate the same excitement as Netanyahu. It was, however, the Jewish population of America, and Jews the world over, more than anyone else, who were deeply moved and impressed by Netanyahu's bearing and what he was saying; moreover, their pride in being Jewish was greatly enhanced, something Jews living abroad, facing the pressures of assimilation, do not experience very often. Apparently Netanyahu's victory and his being so well received by the Congress and America in general, restored the belief of many Jews in their rights to the Promised Land.

To those who still remember the circumstances surrounding the "miracle" that occurred in Israel in 1967, a distinct parallel can readily be drawn to the "miracle" that occurred in the recent election of Benjamin Netanyahu as Prime Minister of Israel. Certainly all the necessary ingredients were present in both instances: the looming impending tragedy, and the resulting salvation. The after-effects were also present in both: A resurgence of pride in being a Jew, and a re-awakening of faith in general, and in the conviction that the Land of Israel belongs to the Jewish People.

Prior to the war of 1967, as before the recent elections, there were ominous signs of impending doom for the Jews of Israel. In 1967, Egyptian President Nasser had closed the Straits of Tiran to Israeli shipping, and the world stood by impervious to the pending destruction of the newly re-born State of Israel by the surrounding Arab countries. Similarly, prior to the recent elections, and in accordance with Peres' announced intention, Syria stood poised to take away an essential part of the defense of Israel, the Golan Heights; and Arafat, despite his refusal to amend the PLO Charter calling for the destruction of Israel, was about to receive the Jewish ancestral City of Hebron from Peres.

Miraculously, in the Six Day War that occurred in 1967, the Jews emerged victorious, recapturing most of their ancestral homeland. There was euphoria, great pride and a strengthening of faith for the Jews of the entire world. They witnessed the "miracle" and were deeply impressed by the Lord's intervention.

No less a "miracle" occurred with the election of Netanyahu, bringing about a change of course by the electorate. Despite a hostile and controlled media, and the backing of the Peres Government by powerful international forces, including America, endorsing the Peres-Arafat Oslo "land for peace" formula, the Jewish majority in Israel rejected Oslo, and Syria's demands for the Golan Heights, and turned Peres out of office. Tired as they were of war, the Jewish electorate nonetheless recognized that they were being led down the path of a sham and fraudulent peace. Once again the Lord intervened to save his Promised Land.

The new Prime Minister of Israel speaks with assurance of the rights of the Jews to the Land of Israel. He apparently is a believer in the Bible, which asserts these rights over and over again. While Prime Minister Netanyahu talks of three other pillars, it is the Bible's Pillar of Faith which has kept the Jews attached to this Land down through the ages. It has been the motivating force that has brought a good many of them back to their homeland, and has given them the inspiration to rebuild this country into a Land of Milk and Honey once again. There you have it: the 1967 war, and the election of Benjamin Netanyahu - recurring miracles happening in our lifetime. A message from on High?

Ruth Matar is founder and co-president of WOMEN FOR ISRAEL'S TOMORROW (WOMEN IN GREEN).

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