By David Basch

While I am not an expert on swine, I usually can directly read the character of behavior and events to see the pig for what he is, freeing my view from the distortions of ideology -- a grasp of reality that Jewish leftists driven by their distorting doctrinal obsessions find impossible.

As one Jewish sage observed, "pigs are fine but the Most Holy Blessed Be He has forbidden them to Jews." The fact is that harmless pigs do get a bad press because they can be characteristically seen to happily wallow in abominable conditions -- like in feces riddled mud with its offensive odors -- hence the useful use of "pig" as metaphor.

The Koran tells how Mohammed made a peace treaty with the Jews of a certain city in the Arabian peninsula. But within two years, he found a pretext to suddenly break the treaty, attack his surprised victims, and then behead all the Jewish men in the public square. Mohammed's tactic is held up by the Muslim Arabs as a hallowed model. It is enshrined in Muslim legal practice which has it that Muslims are not obligated for long to honor peace treaties with non Muslims -- infidels.

We can readily see the application of this doctrine in Arab-Israeli agreements. The Arabs simply don't honor their agreements unless they are forced to. In 1970, the Egyptians cheated on every agreement to halt the fighting in the war of attrition, cheating that set the stage for the 1973 War. Egypt's cheating got shrewder later in Sadat's peace treaty with Israel. Using the agreement that got it the Sinai with its oil wells and massive Western aid, Egypt rebuilt its army to Western standards. Today, Egypt is heavily into all kinds of unconventional weaponry and is unrelenting in pressuring Israel to surrender to Arab interests. Needless to say, Egypt does nothing in the trade sphere that will lead to Israel's integration into Middle Eastern economy and prosperity. Instead, Egypt packs its controlled press with vicious slanders of Israel, psychologically mobilizing Egypt's people to war against the Jewish State.

What Egypt does regularly is mirrored in the behavior of the Palestinian Arabs. Three years after the signing of Oslo, the Palestinian Arabs have regularly violated the provisions and spirit of the agreements. Having pledged to eliminate the Palestinian covenant calling for Israel's destruction, it ominously remains still in effect. A steady diet of Arab hate has continued to be directed against Israel by Palestinian Arab leaders -- fed by slanders and pretexts, no happening being too trivial for the Arabs to be used in this program of Jewish vilification.

Fueled by the mythology that the Jewish people stole the heritage of the Palestinian Arab people -- an absolute mythology built on a mountain of lies merged with slivers and shreds of distorted facts -- every abominable crime imaginable against Jews is justified in Arab eyes. Therefore, the recent Arab focus on a young Jewish woman'sunwise public display of editorial posters that sought to express the depth of Jewish feeling against regular Islamic-Arab outrages is used to feed the raging furnace of Arab hate.

This was a young lady that was sickened by the vile hate literature of the Arabs directed at Jews, Judaism, Israel, and Mr. Netanyahu -- an Arab hate literature that regularly used images of pigs. She sought to pay back Arab deeds of propaganda in kind, since it would take an army of Jews to pay it back in the volume that would equate with what the Arabs regularly do.

What she did not realize was that such an editorial expression would not be used as a mirror to what was happening in Jewish Arab relations and to assuage failing Jewish pride -- a pride rare in the atmosphere of fearsome Arab rage -- but that it would be used as grist to the Arab hate machine in justifying the continuing and unabated flow of Arab abominations towards the Israeli people.

But, then, regular doses of vile behavior by the Arabs toward their "peace partner" is regarded by Arabs as fully normal -- the violations of signed agreements, the slanders against the Jewish people, the plague of automobile robberies, the stoning, firebombs, shootings, and terror attacks. The Arabs are quite comfortable with it all.

I will leave it to the reader to characterize Arab behavior.

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