FREEMAN CENTER SUPPORTS MOSKOWITZ'S RIGHT TO BUILD (In Jerusalem or anywhere else in Israel)

The Freeman Center supports the right of Jews to build anywhere in Jerusalem and believes that to deny that right is blatant racism. It is no different than the racism that blocked Jews and Afro-Americans form buying houses in white neighborhoods in the the American South before 1964. That Israel has a Likud prime minister willing to give up Jewish sovereignty in Jerusalem is an outrage. The lame excuse of provoking Arab violence is just that: an excuse. To say that the time is not "right" is to insult the intelligence of every Jew in Israel. THERE IS NO TIME THAT WILL BE RIGHT ACCORDING TO ARAFAT FOR JEWISH BUILDING IN JERUSALEM.

Violence should be suppressed, not the building of apartments. Does Arafat, a terrorist, now have control of every activity of the Israeli government? The fear of PA reaction now seems to take precedence over all Israeli policy decisions. SHAME ON YOU, NETANYAHU!....Bernard J. Shapiro

A Voice from Hebron


"Peace" at the Expense of Zionism

By Gary M. Cooperberg

There are three recent news items which relate to the incredible efforts on the part of a so called "right wing" Israeli government to back down on our most basic principles for "peace". While true peace is certainly a goal shared by all Israelis, until Netanyahu was elected, there had at least been an opposition to trading our security, self respect, natural rights, and national dignity for the promises of murderers.

Dr. Irving Moskowitz, a Jewish philanthropist who has invested millions to support Jewish growth in Israel and to fulfill the mitzvah to redeem the land, is the latest "obstacle" to the farce which our prime minister dares to call "peace". Years ago, when Kollek was still mayor of Jerusalem and Ehud Barak was Minister of the Interior, Dr. Moskowitz bought the land at the Mount of Olives and acquired all the necessary permits to develop it. Now that the time has come to begin construction, under the Netanyahu government, our prime minister has announced that he will seek ways to prevent a Jew from developing his land in Jerusalem!

Never mind that Arabs are illegally building like crazy all over Jerusalem. Who would have dreamed, in his wildest nightmare, that Binyamin Netanyahu would rush to personally assure Yasser Arafat that he would use his influence as prime minister to prevent Jews from legally building homes in Jerusalem?

Of course he did not limit his assurances to the PLO chieftain. He also contacted the leaders of Egypt, Jordan and the United States to assure them that he would take whatever measures needed to prevent Jewish building here. The reason for this hasty effort was to avoid more violent outbreaks on the part of our "peace partners". Netanyahu has learned that Jews who build homes in Jerusalem, and elsewhere in our homeland, are "obstacles to peace" and tend to upset our PLO buddies, inciting them to shoot and throw bombs.

Rather than put down such insurrections, Netanyahu prefers to prevent them by appeasing our enemies at the expense of setting precedents which deny our exclusive rights in our homeland. This is also why Jews are not permitted to build in Hebron.

What happened to his alleged demands of reciprocity? The PLO breaks every agreement and our government conducts itself as if we are the guilty party. Arafat stopped the talks in reaction to the building of Jewish homes at Har Homa, and Netanyahu, rather than using a perfect opportunity to cancel Oslo, instead is turning cartwheels to get him to come back to the table!

Just to make sure we have a chance of peace with the murderous Asad, of Syria, Netanyahu has decided not to press for the alteration of the Golan Law to require 80 votes in order to approve any change in the status of the Golan heights. Everything is negotiable to our staunch "hard line" "right wing" "radical" prime minister. The depth of our acceptance of Jewish self contempt seems to have no limits. Yehuda Etzion, a dedicated Jewish activist who has been arrested many times for his efforts to pray on the Temple Mount (which, by the way, is a perfectly legal activity) has expressed delight that the Jerusalem Magistrates Court has specifically permitted him to pray there.

The fact that the judge insisted that he do so without a siddur, prayer shawl, yarmulka, and without a minyan or any other obvious attribute which might be considered Jewish, and that he must pray silently, didn't seem to dampen Etzion's satisfaction with this "break through". What break through? The Supreme Court has already declared, long ago, that Jewish prayer is perfectly legal, with a minyan and all the items which the above judge denied to Yehuda. The only reason why there has not been Jewish prayer there is that the police have the right to exercise their judgement as to whether or not Jewish prayer would present a danger to security. . . which, of course, it always does. You see, our government deals with terror by backing down to it rather than obliterating it.

Using the precedent of the Supreme Court, which was able to circumvent its obligation to permit Jewish prayer at our holiest site by claiming that it would create a security threat, Netanyahu now plans to block Dr. Moskowitz's already approved building project using the same ploy. After all Faisel Husseini threatened an all out war if Jews dare build in Jerusalem. And Netanyahu doesn't want war.

Some of us actually believed that a Netanyahu government would be different than those preceding it. Clearly they were wrong. But now things are worse than before. Now, it would appear that we have a national consensus supporting Jewish self hatred. There is no opposition in the government to the relationship we have with our enemies as we sit with the PLO to discuss the timetable for our self destruction. Even Likud youth have already met with PLO youth in Tel Aviv to accent how far the self degradation has already gone.

If, as some of us are led to believe, Israeli policy is such that we consider Jerusalem not to be on the negotiation table, then there is absolutely no reason not to build anywhere and any time we want in our

capital. If, however, our leaders tell us that the "time is not right", what they are really saying is that "Jerusalem is negotiable."

That makes Bibi's election promises out and out lies. Bibi, not Peres, is already dividing Jerusalem.

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