By Emanuel A. Winston

Middle East Analyst & Commentator


Something's happening "Again", similar to but different from between 1933 and 1939. Then, only a few visionary Jews imagined the coming horrors. When it was ongoing, the Jews couldn't believe the reality of the pain and loss of loved ones until too late. We're a people of illusion. If we think it's happening, then it's happening. If we think it's not happening, even when it is, illusion is first.

Israel adopted the greatest of all illusions: the "Peace Process". It's understandable, given that nations under Christianity and Islam hunted Jews almost to extinction. Each demanded recognition as the one and only true religion so Judaism must be absorbed or eliminated. It's comprehensible that Jews seek respite and so risk all to achieve peace. They have almost put everything on the table to achieve the unobtainable, world acceptance. The Jewish remnant escaping the hatred of Europe, thought the tiny piece of land called Israel would be a refuge, but unremitting hostility followed them.

It was easy to recruit various segments of the Jewish world because they thrived on illusion. The US government tied to Arab oil employed American Jewish Arabists to carry the word to American Jewish leaders who were easily recruited.. Word from the President's office was very impressive, especially to Jewish leaders who desperately craved the recognition and approval of the gentile world. Leftists with little commitment to their own Jewishness were the perfect disciples. Israeli Jewish Leftists were an easy mark because they did not need convincing - they were already there.

These Jewish leaders weren't evil men; they're empty men with no past or future. They believe in nothing more than themselves. When you believe in your own invincibility, your superior knowledge, you become your own demi-god. To them Jewish history is irrelevant; belief in the G-d of Abraham and Moses is an embarrassing fairy tale honored just for the children. Aided by Jews who can't tolerate their Jewishness, the nations who hate the Jews assist the Arab countries' war against them.

These nations, including America, have been feeding enormous quantities of weapons, technology, and intelligence to the Arab nations. Concurrently, Israel has been romanced, baited and lulled with the very thing they want most - Peace. Regrettably, they will not receive their heart's desire. Instead, while Israel lowers her guard in gestures of peace, the Arabs build a war machine that will exceed all other war machines put together. With the billions upon billions that could have elevated the quality of life for the Arab people, instead their leaders chose the arrogance of the would-be conqueror. They spent their oil riches on mountains of weapons. They are stocking up on NBC (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical) warheads with the missiles to launch them accurately against Israel.

Syria has been building protected launching pads for long range SCUD missiles capable of reaching Israeli cities and has accelerated their chemical weapons program. Syria is manufacturing nerve gas with the help of Russian experts and loading deadly chemicals on SS (surface-to-surface) missiles. David Ivri, aide to Defense Minister Yitzhak Mordecai said: "A missile attack is the greatest danger Israel now faces. As a result of the loss of our deterrent power in this area, SS missiles have become the top strategic threat to Israel. Not only Syria but also Iran, Egypt and Iraq are either developing or retaining their [war making] abilities." (1)

In Sept. 1996 Egypt held its largest strategic maneuvers ever (code-named Badr-96) with 35,000 soldiers, crossing the canal. (Badr was the code-name of the Yom Kippur attack.) Using $2.1 billion of annual American aid to raise their forces to quantitative and qualitative levels of the IDF, Egypt is the second largest arms importer in the world. The Egyptian Air Force bought 190 F16s, 21 F-16Cs for a total of 564 planes, largest in the Arab world. Also, they've received 80 Hawk and 1,000 Hellfire missiles. The US helped Egypt develop an advanced C31 system to network aircraft and missile systems for simultaneous attacks. America supplied Egypt with a modern helicopter fleet: 24 Apaches, and soon 12 more with state-of-the-art night fighting, anti-tank and Hellfire missiles, plus 38 rockets.

Egypt's army has 12 divisions, with 3,500 main battle tanks, 3834 armored personnel carriers. Casper Weinberger arranged for Egypt to assemble the US-made Abrams M1A1 battle tank from General Dynamics at a cost of $3.2 billion. Egypt will also produce the 120mm cannon and has acquired 500 TOW2 missiles, with orders to buy 540 TOW launchers. Their Navy has 8 submarines, 2 former US Navy missile frigates and expects 10 ex-US Navy helicopters. Egypt is not arming against its Arab neighbors; they're no credible threat. Reading the hostile Egyptian press and watching their intelligentsia burn Israeli and American flags reveals Egyptian intentions. (2 & 3)

The greed of the West was ready to accommodate all Arab requests. The Western nations of America, Germany, Great Britain, France, Belgium, as well as Russia, China and North Korea sold everything they had, including weapons so advanced they could not afford them in their own armories. Nothing was withheld, including the technology and equipment to produce deadly toxins.

But, the Arabs wanted more. They wanted nuclear weapons and the West acquiesced. They all participated in arming the oil-rich world of the Arabs. While the West thought they would target Israel and only Israel, they miscalculated. Islam is armed to continue the march "temporarily" halted in the 11th century when they were defeated before they conquered all Europe. Now the pro-Arab West, trying to bribe the Arabs with the destruction of Israel has instead sold them the means to destroy the Western countries. The Muslims say: "First the Saturday people; then the Sunday people.".


To whom will the Israeli people turn to when Syria and Egypt start to move their armor toward Israel's borders? Will they rely upon the inexperienced Netanyahu to oversee defensive strategy? Will they have confidence in Gen. Yitzhak Mordecai who has proven himself a pacifist and an apologist for Arafat when his PLO Police attack Israeli soldiers? Will the people ask for the return of and guidance from Peres, Beilin and Sarid to help defend the nation? As the secret crafters of Oslo, surely they will at least be stationed as hood ornaments on the Israeli trucks and tanks dashing to the front to hold back Assad of Syria, probably joined by Saddam of Iraq, the Ayatollahs of Iran, Gadaffi of Libya and Egypt, despite the Camp David Accords.

We watch in dismay as Netanyahu gathers such inept counselors as David Levy, Mordecai with himself to discuss and plan the defense of the nation Military buffoons who have never planned a battle gather in Bibi's office, with all insisting that Israel's best General, Arik Sharon be absent.

However, the probability is that the people will call for their greatest field General - Arik Sharon. Recall when the Syrians and Egyptians planned and launched their infamous sneak attack during Yom Kippur 1973. The nation was paralyzed with fear as Syrian tanks poured into the Golan and the Egyptians broke through the Bar Lev line on the Suez Canal with their heavy armor. Moshe Dayan began to shout that the Third Temple was falling. Even as the people called for Sharon, the generals refused to allow his active participation or accept his solutions. For 10 critical days, while Israeli soldiers were being slaughtered, Sharon was held back from crossing the Suez. When they finally released him (with a long leash), he crossed the Canal, wreaking havoc behind the Egyptian lines. His armor raced forward, blasting Egyptian tank concentrations, knocking out Russian missiles which had destroyed a large part of the Israeli Air Force.

I know because I was there. I crossed the Canal and met with Sharon who took me through the killing fields in the Sinai Desert. He explained how he trapped the entire Egyptian Third Army, forcing the Egyptians to capitulate. Then, what was won on the battlefield by Sharon was negotiated back by the same pathetic, weak-sniveling politicians of Israel, pressured by America. I watched as the phony negotiations started even as the firefights continued.

The defeated Egyptian Army was allowed to withdraw with their armor and guns. The lesson, (and there were many): Never count on Israeli politicians to act smart. Who can forget Moshe Dayan, who showed his un-Jewish self when Jerusalem was captured? His first acts were to give Har Bayit (the Jewish Temple Mount) and the Cave of the Machpelah (Tombs of the Patriarchs) over to the infamous Jew-hating Moslem Waqf. Dayan, who believed not in Judaism nor in Jewish history didn't care whether the Jewish Holy of Holies was given into the hands of Islam and Jew-hating Arabs.

Today, those who crafted Oslo: Rabin, Peres, and Beilin among other Leftists, have no feeling for Jewish history particularly as it links to the Jewish religion. Jewishness is excess baggage for these people who believe that abandoning our religion will make us acceptable to a non-Jewish world. Hence, as Dayan was perfectly willing to give away the Holy of Holies, the Leftists of today are ready to give up great segments of the minuscule State of Israel to a culture that cannot and will not ever tolerate Jews. The Koran orders Muslims to kill Jews wherever they're found, and this they are doing.

So, once again, to whom will the people of Israel turn when the missiles of Syria and the bombs from Egypt are falling on Tel Aviv, Haifa and Jerusalem? They will turn to Gen. Arik Sharon, a man who understands an irredentist enemy, who, like Gen. George Patton, charges through and defeats the enemy. As always he will have two adversaries to deal with. At the front, he will meet the Arabs head on. In the rear, he will have to watch his back as the politicians and politicized Leftist officers will do everything possible to betray him even it costs the nation. The Arabs respect and fear Arik Sharon. His name and presence would act as a deterrent merely because even the most irresponsible Arab leader understands Sharon's response should they move to an attack mode.


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