By Emanuel A. Winston

Middle East Analyst & Commentator

The Palestinians, under the sure guidance of Chairman Yassir Arafat, sell the same package of violence time and again. The formula is to get out the mob with the firebombs, stones, and a good drive-by shootings, then negotiate. After receiving the benefits of their violence from the obtuse Israelis who think they are buying peace, they demand more. When more is not forthcoming, the firebombs, rocks and killings are started once again. Once again the Israelis are expected to cave in to President Clinton's pressures which they too often do, unfortunately.

The PLO/terrorist Police either stand by, allowing the mob to do its worst, or they join them in various ways. Sometimes in uniform, sometimes in mufti (civilian clothes) where they can guide the mob from the inside. Selling violence is something that even the most pacifistic Leftist Israelis have come to recognize and expect. In each phase where negotiations fail to give the Arabs what they want, they riot, in coordination and harmony with Arafat's orders. Clearly, Arafat wants martyrs in coffins who can be carried through the Arab mobs in screaming wild processions where they shout hysterically "Itbach al Yehud" (Kill the Jews). Strange, how one woman is arrested for putting up an obnoxious poster. But, no one arrests and prosecutes those who put up graffiti calling on Arabs to "Kill the Jews" - or the imams who order such killings via the loudspeakers of their mosques.

Recently, the Moslem Mufti of Jerusalem, appointed by Arafat, gave a sermon on the Jewish Temple Mount where sits Al-Aksa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock. He extracted from the Koran the description of Jews as monkeys and pigs. This Mufti stands in the shoes of the former Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin el-Husseini (uncle of Faisel Husseini) who went to Hitler pleading to bring the Nazi Jew killing machine to Jerusalem. Once again Arafat, the Arab clerics are negotiating for an extermination machine. In the last 30 days there have been 24 days of rioting in Hebron alone. Palestinians have thrown over 600 Molotov firebombs at IDF troops and Jewish men, women and children, in addition to throwing several dozen acid bombs and 13 explosive devices, as well as shooting live gunfire at Israelis.

Meanwhile, Israel, in deference to World Opinion, is using rubber bullets to hold back the mob. In Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Libya or Sudan the mob would have been shot to pieces; the riots ended; and the World would have kept its collective mouth shut. The World, what a disgusting gaggle of hypocritical corrupt nations who kill when it suits them. Now, like maggots feeding on a corpse, they congregate in the United Nations, caressing each other in a pit that can only be described as the Sodom of New York. Even as 500,000 Africans are butchered without a single conference of the General Assembly, these sluggards found the time to convene at least three General Assemblies just to castigate Israel for building houses on land that the Jews own and which is part of their capital Jerusalem.

But, with sadness, we find the American government under Bill Clinton, using every trick (and he has many resources!) to undercut America's only democratic ally in the Middle East: Israel. He has gathered such Leftist Jews as Dennis Ross and Martin Indyk to deliver the fatal stab. Just as Caesar said to his friend upon being stabbed: "Et tu, Brutus?" (You, too, Brutus?), so too does Clinton stab America's only true friend in the land of Arab oil. "Et Tu, Clinton?"

But, perhaps there is good reason for this betrayal. Senator Fred Thompson is now holding Congressional hearings which focus on one man who acted for China to influence American foreign policy. They are so far carefully skirting the issue of the money that flowed in from the Arab nations to Clinton's and Bush's political campaigns (and no doubt to some of the very congressmen on both sides of the aisle called on to judge them). They are trying to blame one man, John Huang for the Asian bribery but, perhaps, they should also be interviewing Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia as another bag man.

There are, of course, the oil company executives who act as bag men for all of the Arab oil countries including the armed spoiler such as Syria. If you think black money coming in from China and other Asian countries stinks, Congress should take a hard look at Syria, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the Arab Emirates. Could Clinton have been bribed by Arab oil money to bend American foreign policy against Israel in favor of the Arabs? If so, he cannot possibly be the only one with dirty hands. Let's find out how much money passed through his hands to Israeli Leftists in the Labor and Meretz Parties. Who can forget Clinton's blatant effort to influence the elections in Israel to keep his compliant candidate Peres in office? The stink of that corpse is still floating over Washington.

In the July 17 New York Times Yossi Beilin, Peres' underling, published an article re-stating how, if only Israel would give more, the Palestinians would ostensibly cease selling its package of violence and non-compliance with the Oslo Accords which Beilin authored. Hopefully, after the ensuing wars which Israel is yet to face in a weakened condition, such men as Beilin and Peres will have to answer in court for their working hand and glove with an Irredentist enemy, illegally and in secret. These pathetic men wandered the world, looking for other governments and other Arabists to put pressure on Israel to appease the Arabs.

I cannot imagine why a Jew would seek methods to push his nation over the cliff but, our history is replete with the sick, the aberrant, the suicidal. Perhaps, every so often we are cursed with an erratic gene which produces a twisted small child who becomes a sick twisted small adult.

The Jewish people may need a gigantic Freudian couch on which to cure their distorted self esteem which has been engendered by the unremitting hostility and genocide committed by many nations of the world. They hated the people who accepted the Word of the one G-d. Even as Jews are being attacked daily by bullets, bombs and boulders, Israel's leaders buy another package of deceit from Arafat to cease his violence. How sad to see what could have been a great contributing nation march toward oblivion singing the praises of the man and his people who hate Israel with such a powerful killing passion.

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