By Boris Shusteff

The infamous Oslo process brought with it many calamities. Australian Rabbi Joseph Gutnik mentioned some of them in the article "Dead-end Process" published in the July 22, 1998 issue of The Jerusalem Post. Among the biggest "achievements" he singled out "the legitimization of a terrorist organization responsible for killing more Jews than anyone since Stalin and Hitler," and "the split of the nation greater than [those caused by] any political move since the establishment of the state."

There is one more important point that is not commonly recognized. The Oslo process awarded Israel with the infamous ghetto mentality. The proud Hebrew of the reborn state became replaced by a galut Jew who humbly tolerates unceasing humiliation. The examples are plentiful. The Israeli and world press mentions them routinely, as a matter of fact. On July 15, 1998, the Israeli daily Yediot Achronot, wrote about the beating and injury of the Israeli soldier Ronen Fadlun, who was attacked by his "Palestinian" partner during a joint patrol near Gush Katif. The newspaper wrote that "according to the testimony of Israeli Border Patrol soldiers in Gaza, this was not the first time 'Palestinian' cops attacked them. 'They curse at us, spit at us, threaten us and cock their weapons and point them at us.'"

On July 18, 1998 the Hebron Press Office reported that "an Israeli soldier suffered second degree burns on his arm after being hit by two firebombs in Hebron tonight. The attack took place after rocks werehurled at an Israeli patrol in Shallalloth Street behind Beit Hadassah." It further stated that "earlier in the evening a ten year old Hebron child was attacked by Arab youth who beat him with iron chains" and "a few hours before the child was attacked his parents' car was hit by a large rock and the front windshield was broken."

We are cursed upon, spat upon, threatened, stoned, beaten with chains, burned, etc. to the accompaniment of the "peace process." In response we shake the hands of our enemies, smile into their faces with servile looks, and search for all kinds of excuses explaining their hateful behavior.

We are ready for all sorts of concessions. If we are not yet ready, the media prepares us. Day and night it convinces us that Israel is "not demanding the extradition of terrorists, but rather their incarceration under American supervision; not requesting the return of illegal weapons to Israel, but rather their collection by the Palestinians, not requiring the Palestinian National Council to change the PLO charter, but rather some other Palestinian body."

How did we allow this to happen? Why did we sit silently in sealed rooms waiting for the Iraqi missiles to fall on our houses? Why did we calmly stand in long lines to exchange our gas masks? Why are we meekly digesting hundreds of anti-Israel resolutions that are constantly passed through the United Nations' General Assembly? Why did we remain in UNESCO after it passed a resolution, in July 1982, "demanding that the history related by the (Jewish) Bible be rewritten so that the Jews were left out of it?"

Did we ostracize an Arab member of the Knesset, Abad Al-Wahab Darousha who, in a statement to the "Palestinian" newspaper Al-Hayat Al-Jadidah, declared: "Any Arab that serves in the Israeli army is a disgusting criminal. It is not acceptable to have an Arab in the Jewish army. . We reject all forms of national service on behalf of Israel, because we are part of the 'Palestinian' people."

Worst of all, why are we calmly swallowing the unprecedented Arab campaign of lies, threats and accusations pertaining to Jerusalem? On June 23, 1998 Gaza newspaper Al-Hayat Al-Jadidah (Internet Version) wrote in its editorial:

"Israel waves the sword of the Judaization of Jerusalem, it threatens to stop the beating of the hearts of Palestine, the Arabs, and the Muslims. . This holy city is now being subjected to the ugliest crime of Judaization in its history. .The time has come to make the Israelis understand that peace will not be achieved at the expense of Jerusalem and that we will not allow the postponement of the discussion. to turn into a sword that dangles across the necks of our holy places and the future of our people."

The editorial simply repeated what Palestinian leaders kept saying every day, insulting our feelings. Yasser Arafat is in the forefront of these attacks. On July 1,1998 he told a special session of the Palestinian Legislative Council in Ramallah, "There will be no peace, no security, no stability without the return of liberated Jerusalem, the eternal capital for an independent Palestinian state, whether they like it or not."

In an interview given to Al-Jezira television on June 28, 1998 Arafat said, "The issue of Jerusalem is not just a Palestinian issue. It is a Palestinian, Arab, Islamic and Christian issue." When asked, "Can one also say that it is Jewish?" he retorted, "No."

It is impossible to enumerate all the scornful epithets that are used by the Arabs when they speak and write about the Jews and Israel. We are "occupiers and usurpers," "colonialists and racists." We are followers of "Nazi and genocidal policies." The London based organization, Al-Muhajiroun (The Voice, The Eyes & The Ears of The Muslims), in its appeal to hold rally against Israel on June 28, 1998 outdid others in the attempt to insult Israel, when it declared, "We. would like to highlight the fact that the existence of the pirate state of Israel for more than 50 years is a crime. These 50 years they are in fact 50 years of: Racism, Murder, Zionism, Jewish conspiracy against Muslims, Terrorism, Apartheid, Illegitimacy, Blasphemy, Oppression, Massacres, Assassinations, Occupation of Muslim Land."

All this venom, hatred and loathing is poured on the Jewish state nonstop, while we keep appeasing our enemies. We accept their insults. We do not protest. We have grown used to them. They are the part of our existence. As we did not too long ago, in the overcrowded ghetto, we feel a little bit guilty, awkwardly smile and hurry up to get away from the insulting crowd.

The destructive force of humiliation does its ruinous job quietly and decisively. It kills our will and makes us defenseless. We lose the ability to fight. We start believing that what they say about us is true. We see ourselves with their eyes. They can do whatever they want to with us. We fall to our knees and completely submit to their will.

What happens after this is well known. Robert St. John described it in his book Shalom Means Peace. The following took place in Bucharest in 1941:

"The Iron Guard had gone around Bucharest with trucks, rounding up the Jews on their list. . They took their victims to the local abattoir on the outskirts of the city. The victims were stripped naked. Then they were forced to get down on all fours like animals. Then they were driven up the wooden ramp of the slaughterhouse, like animals. At the top of the ramp an Iron Guardist with a wooden mallet hit each man or woman over the head, the way a slaughterhouse employee would do with a cow or a pig. Then a colleague standing beside him slit the jugular vein with a sharp knife, in accordance with good slaughterhouse procedure. Others with diseased minds took the dying victims and hung them on iron hooks on the wall, the way slaughterhouse people do with four-legged animals. Privileged members of the Iron Guard finally went from corpse to corpse with rubber stamps. The words they impressed on the Jewish bodies were the Rumanian equivalent of "Fit For Human Consumption."

The official Palestinian Authority newspaper, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida might question this account. On July 2, 1998, Ali Sayyif Al-Jeroen wrote in an article denying the Holocaust, "The atrocities of the Holocaust are an invention of the Jews, designed to arouse affection for them. The Jews made up the story of the gas chambers, and cynically distributed photos of Nazi soldiers shooting women and children . . It is clear . that Hitler killed some Jews, but he did them a service, the fruits of which they are harvesting up till this very day."

If we want others to respect us as a nation we must respect ourselves first. Our readiness to bear humiliation is incompatible with self-respect. There is only one way to preserve our dignity and our state today. We must stand up from our knees, raise our heads high, clench our fists, and go forward lead by Zionist goals. [7/23/98]


Boris Shusteff is an engineer in upstate New York. He is also a research associate with the Freeman Center for Strategic Studies.

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