By Emanuel A. Winston

Revising the history of Jerusalem is beginning in earnest. Excellent thinkers are being employed by the Arabs to develop a steady stream of "semi" facts that support Arafat's deceptive claim to Jerusalem. Creative imagination is already inventing links with ancient tribes long since extinct, as identifiable ancestors, the Amorites, Canaanites, Philistines with the immigrant Palestinians of today.

These writers who have been employed to create the illusion are not townspeople from Syria, Libya, Iraq, Morocco, Egypt, Arabia, etc. These are sophisticated spin meisters who sell their services in Washington and New York. Jew-hating is to be made respectable again. To revise history first tell the lie but quickly wrap it in a thin outer layer of truth. Political lying, now called "spin" is merely persuading the ignorant that the lies you tell are the incontrovertible truth. This isn't difficult with the subject of drifting tribes now extinct, conquered nations and migration of whole civilizations. A revisionist writer can claim virtually anything and the reader can't possibly probe the complexities of swirling history known only to real historians who themselves make mistakes.The objective of the coming campaign is to fire up the media and, through them, the American people with the idea that, through a carefully constructed revision of history, Jerusalem does not belong to the Jews but rather to Arafat's Palestinians.

A well-researched book, "From Time Immemorial" by Joan Peters (1) carefully tracked the inflow of Arabs into Palestine from Syria, Transjordan, Egypt, Arabia, Persia (now Iran), et al. Shifting Fellaheen population into the area was primarily based on available employment. Before oil became a major industry, most Arabs lived at a poverty level. If job opportunities appeared, word spread and whole tribes, families and individuals migrated.

When the Jews started to return to and build up the Land of Israel, tradesmen and labor were needed. Arabs from surrounding countries came in droves, glad to find profitable work. The British in control under the mandate watched the inflow of Arab peasants with benign disinterest, not even bothering to record their entry. The British did, however, count the Jews entering. In order to block their escape from the Holocaust in Europe, they maintained their quotas of only 5000 Jews per year.

When the book, "From Time Immemorial" was published, the Arabs and Washington Arabists were startled by this all encompassing research. However, shortly after publication, a major campaign was mounted to discredit the evidence. Creative semi-facts poured forth, each crafted to confuse and denigrate the research about Arab migration.

Today, much the same thing is planned for Israel generally and Jerusalem in particular. Some of the work has already started as we observe Mrs. Clinton calling unabashedly for a Palestinian State while the US State Department diligently undercuts Israel at every opportunity.

Before President Clinton was charged with allowing transference of American ballistic missile technology to China, along with concurrently receiving donations for his political campaigns, there were Arab contributions yet to be investigated by the Justice Department and Congress. Kenneth Timmerman (expert on Terrorism) exposed the surprising and frequent visits to the White House by Arabs who were known to be financially connected to radical terrorists in the Middle East. The Clintons are often seen at most of the Arab League's conventions as not only honored guests but for whom there is a deep affection. What then have the Clintons done to warrant such approval and admirations?

In the coming weeks and months we'll see a concerted, coordinated PR effort by Arafat on one side and the Clintons' State Dept. on the other to implement a campaign of disinformation. Semi-scholarly articles will be published, bending, telescoping and changing history - then filtered into the media and intellectual circles for further distribution. Leftist professors, Washington Arabists, leading anti-Israeli journalists and certain leftist self-styled Jewish leaders will beat out a rhythm aimed at one goal - dividing Jerusalem to deny the Jewish people her sovereignty and capital.

Such journalists as Tom Friedman, Anthony Lewis, and others are already shooting arrows. But, the narrow targeting for effective collaboration has not yet been coordinated. The President, through his State Dept. (mostly Jewish) spokesmen will enlist the usual cooperative journals and media conduits to carry the message. The NEW YORK TIMES, CNN, NPR, LA TIMES, CHICAGO TRIBUNE, among others, as usual, will act as the cutting edge. They'll broadcast the claims of the Arabs, spinning them so as to give them legitimacy in the minds of the average uninformed readers. These stories will be picked up by small news chains, TV News and Talk Shows, Talk Radio. It will make a good story, regardless of truth, accuracy or justice.

Overseas we will see such nations as France, England, Russia coordinate their part. Like a rhythmic band, the efforts of all will coordinate into one deafening beat...Give Up Jerusalem...Give Up Jerusalem....Give Up Jerusalem!! (Appease the Arabs so we can all make more money.)

One understands the Arabs, driven by racistic Islamic ideology, want the Jews driven from every part of the land. What is shocking is that an American President has engaged in a conspiracy aimed at the Democratic Jewish State of Israel. Moreover, the Clintons, knowing that the Arabs promise elimination of the Jews, have collaborated in the process of Genocide by making Israel vulnerable to the Arab armies and terrorists.

The Arabs have amply demonstrated through six wars of aggression that they fully intend to eliminate the Jewish State and her people. Aiding and abetting this plan to murder is a war crime and the Clintons are surely up to their necks in a conspiracy. Evidence piles up daily. It's no wonder that the Clinton Administration refused to sign on to a World Court that would deal with war criminals.

In order to pull off what will be a massive PR swindle, the Arabs must play the game correctly. They know that up to the time of starting the rejuvenated State of Israel that the lore of history was with the Jews. Jerusalem was The City of David and no one contested it - that is, until the Jews had it back. Then the Arabs and Rome suddenly had an enormous reawakened interest, both claiming rights they had always denied to others when it was in their power to do so.

Now they had to trick public opinion into the newly revised history where the Palestinians had a greater claim on Jerusalem. Predictably, as before, the Arabs would soon believe their own rhetoric and sell their story with conviction to a media already demonstrably hostile to Israel. The Arabs knew how to bargain in the Shuk (Market). With the right price, be it money or merchandise, you can close a deal. So...we have the Clintons in desperate need of money to settle their enormous legal bills plus the need for substantial income after leaving office. The State Dept. has long carried an anti-Semitic banner both viscerally and for multi-national corporations who owe their cash flows to the approval of oil potentates. The media has a special attraction for Left Liberal writers who detest a State that is religiously Jewish. Left Leaning intellectuals of the campus whose only purpose seems to be to lead civilizations into extinction, will trumpet the idea that civilized nations must open the gates to savages demanding their death.

Jerusalem is mentioned 667 times in the Jewish Bible; nowhere is it written in the Koran. When an Arab poses for CNN with a key in his hand, claiming countless generations owned a house in Israel, he will not describe the stone foundation of his house because it is Jewish deep into the soil. Almost all Arab villages have names that derive from Biblical Hebrew, written in Arab pronunciation. Al Kuds, the Arab's term for Jerusalem comes from Al Kodesh for Solomon's Temple on the Temple Mount (Har HaBayit). Their other word for Jerusalem is Bayt al-Maqdis or, Jewishly: Beit HaMigdosh, the Jewish Holy Temple.

A key objective of this massive assault is to break the accepted wisdom that the capital of the Jews (both its soul force and its secular administration) has always been Jerusalem - for 3000 years. The idea that Jerusalem belongs to the Jews must be broken is a prime objective of the revisionists. Next, the ancient Jewish prophets must be absorbed as Muslims. This is already underway. They claim Abraham is a Muslim. To cover the rest of the Jewish Prophets and the balance of humanity, the claim is made that every child is born a Muslim but the Jews and Christians corrupt them into the faith of the non-believers. Arafat described Jesus as a Palestinian to absorb him into Muslim lore as a bona fide Muslim.

How will the Islamic revisionists explain away the fact that in the Hebrew Bible (Torah), the name of Jerusalem is stated 667 times, whereas in the Koran Jerusalem is not mentioned at all? When the Jews didn't accept Mohammed's version of Allah as the only G-d, he turned their backs on Jerusalem. Mecca is their direction of prayer (quibla) as their soul city to which they must make a pilgrimage (hadj). Jerusalem is literally despised by Islam as it is so full of Jewish essence. Only since 1967 have the Muslims made Jerusalem a political issue - only for the purpose denying it to the Jews.

Again, they must capture Jerusalem by force. Each of her conquerors hoped that, taking the City of Jerusalem, they could add her soul power to their own deities. The idea of absorbing the power of cities was a primitive idea, rife among tribes through the centuries. Capturing your enemies holy places, shrines, temples would not only prove your G-d was superior but required the conqueror to place his godheads on top of the defeated.

Which is why you will find on top of Solomon's Temple, Muslim Mosques built on top of Crusader Churches. Capturing G-d has been mankind's goal. To have your G-d bound to you is a man-made guarantee that you will be allowed into life after death. Once again the fight for Jerusalem is to take place with the primitives pounding on the gates aided by "civilized" anti-Semites.


1. "From Time Immemorial: The Origins of the Arab-Jewish Conflict Over Palestine" by Joan Peters Harper & Row, NY 1984

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