I want to thank again all of those who sent me words of support and contributions. There is no way I can adequately express how much they meant to me. I just want you to know that they greatly helped me adjust to a difficult medical condition and get back to what means so much to me: Support for Israel. The greatest evidence of your profound influence on me has been the re-emergence of the freemanlist and The Maccabean Online.


Now I must talk about Ehud Barak, Israel's new Prime Minister. I have watched him run from political personality to personality. I have watched his dance, his sleight of hand. I was, perhaps, too slow to react. What I tell you now is unfortunately the sad truth.

Barak is convinced that his own brilliance is enough to square the circle, to make Israeli Arab peace work..This is a hoax, a delusion. There is no deal that will please Arafat and preserve the security interests of Israel. No phony peace with Syria is worth abandoning the Golan. Friends, we had seen all this before since Oslo in 1993.

Nothing has changed. The evidence of Arab hostility is documented in 30,000 pages of Maccabean AND freemanlist analysis.

What we have now is a shell game. You know how the little pea is shuffled from shell to shell and the player must pick the one it is under. Only the con man has removed the pea from the game table in a sleight of hand. There is NO way to win.

I fear that Barak is THAT con man and with a quick sleight of hand the Golan and Yesha will disappear. A fait accompli.

So it is time to fight like you never fought before TO SAVE ISRAEL. This is definitely the END GAME of Oslo and as in chess the game is won or lost in the end game.

.....Bernard J. Shapiro, editor.

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