by Emanuel A. Winston
Middle East analyst & commentator

Indeed, Oslo will never be dead. Only those it killed will dead forever. Shimon Peres, the author of the Oslo Accords, has never admitted that this abortive agreement was merely another one of his hair-brained schemes without substance. Peres still brings his shallow European background into the Middle East as he extols his "Piss Now" or "Piss Process".

Peres never actually integrated into the Arab/Moslem world in thought. He merely dreamed dreams of little substance and then expected others to solve the inevitable problems on the ground. That is why Oslo is a vacuum of solutions evolved by cohorts of Peres: Beilin, Yair Hirschfeld, Yoel Singer, etc.

Oslo has killed many Jews (over 300 dead since the signing of Oslo in 1993, plus thousands more injured, some maimed for life) but these fools consider dead Jews sacrifices for peace. They do not hold themselves accountable for agreements that not only failed but, actually never got started. Oslo placed Israel in an extremely vulnerable position of a low intensity war (definition of Terrorism) and placed Israelis everywhere in Israel and Jews everywhere in the world at risk as "sacrifices for peace".

Only the Leftist government gave up substantive things like land, water, Jewish Holy sites and the lives of Jews. To these people everything was negotiable, even the lives of their people.

Yes, they did know that arming Palestinians was dangerous. They did know that is was risky turning over access roads to Arafat's terrorist Policemen (originally Terrorists). They did know that Israelis had surpassed its water resources but insisted on giving the Judean/Samarian aquifers over to Arafat. They did know that giving up the Golan would cut off the water resources to the Kinneret and/or pollute it to a point that will become a lake of sewage.

But, Shimon Peres of the infamous Oslo never saw these problems or even attempted to address them in his secret (always secret) negotiations with Arafat. Now Peres was supposed to a well-read man or at least that's the impression he tried to give. The documentation of Arafat's 20 plus agreements with Jordan's King Hussein were all broken at which time Hussein drove the perfidious Arafat and his terrorists out of Jordan.

When Jordan landed in Lebanon, he again made dozens of agreements with the Lebanese Christians and Muslims - all of which he broke. He established a Palestinian mini-state over the bodies of minimally one hundred thousand (100,000) Lebanese.

But, the well-read Peres seemed not to have read Arafat's record and put Israel in mortal jeopardy on a dream that dismissed reality. Sometimes I wonder who Shimon Peres was really working for - Israel or whom?

Yes, Oslo will live on as a historical fact of infamy and no less gross stupidity. Such men as Peres, Beilin and now Barak - live by well-crafted slogans meant to pacify the Israeli people. Words are not things, according the semanticist Korzibski. You can say anything you want to but there is no immutable law that guarantees that what you say will actually happen.

"Peace Now - Peace Process - I'll give you 48 hours (again and again) to cease your attacks or I will do something." At the theatrical memorial to Yitzhak Rabin, actress Gila Almagor said: "Yes to Peace and No to War; Yes to Peace and No to Violence; Yes to Peace and No to Terrorism." I cannot help but wonder what planet dropped these bubble heads on Israel. Arafat has broken every single agreement ever made and now when he got from Barak what Barak never owned, Arafat launches a full scale attack everywhere in Israel and abroad. But, Peres and this actress burble sweet slogans as real people are actually dying. Cannot Israel mount the Oslo Accorders on the front of the Army jeeps as hood ornaments and drive over to Ramallah to receive kisses, stones or bullets - or a lynch?

Yes, Oslo is with us like a cancer. Sometimes, it is in remission and other times it erupts to eat at the living body of Israel. The Peace Dopes and the Deaf Doves will always be there to snivel and whine about peace, at least until a brother is shot or a sister is blown up by a road-side bomb.

So, Dumb Doves, get this straight! The Arabs hate us with a passion that cannot be pacified. The religion of Islam calls for our utter elimination . Having beaten the snot out of their testicle-driven macho armies in six wars of aggression started by the Arabs, they can never forgive us Jews. The American Jewish rabbis can preach Pacifism until they are blue in the face, it will not change one Arab mind. Barak can issue proclamations of deterrence which he never carries out - until he is thrown out of his offices as Prime Minister and Defense Minister.

Did Rabin, Peres, Beilin and Barak intend to become a Clear and Present Danger to Israel's existence? Probably not. The fact is, either through sheer ignorance and gross stupidity, they have. Their slogans of Peace have led a whole gneration of Jews, both in Israel and America to ignore a more grounded slogan:

"Never Again!"

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