By Steven Plaut

1. Haaretz is the far-leftist anti-Zionist Israeli newspaper, more extreme than the other two main Hebrew leftist dailies. In recent months, Haaretz columnists, all of whom are far leftist except one token non-leftist allowed per week (creating a ratio of pluralism of 150 lefties per non-leftist article), have been increasingly coming out openly for ending Israel's existence as a separate country. In the past the two most anti-Jewish columnists in Haaretz, Amira Hass and Gideon Levy, have openly called for Israel to cease to exist and instead to be "merged" into some larger Palestinian "bi-national" state, headed by the PLO and stretching from Tel Aviv to the Jordan River. Guest Op-Ed columnists from among Israel's tenured traitors have written similar calls in Haaretz.

Today, a slightly less extremist regular columnist for the paper, Meron Benveniste, joins the trend and writes a column endorsing the ending of Israel's existence. (Nov 7)

Meanwhile, Amira Hass's regular sidekick in demonizing the Jewish settlers in Haaretz is Yair Sheleg. Today he has a "news story" in Haaretz about religious Jews supposedly marching about chanting sentences from the Bible about killing the enemy, like Samason's, while waving knives in a bloodthirsty manner, all directed against the poor innocent Palestinian terrorists. Even worse, one of the religious Jews who had been murdered in a terrorist attack near Hebron in the summer had requested in his will that he be allowed to be buried with his army dagger. More bloodthirsty religious Jews!! Of course, Sheleg's honey Amira has already been convicted of libel and lying about the settlers so perhaps Yair's turn is not far off.

2. It may be a first. A judge in Jerusalem just convicted an Arab from East Jerusalem for "incitement" and "racism", the terms usually reserved for JDL-Kach types. All he had done was scream at a rally "Massacre all the Jews" and "Hizbollah - Annihilate Kiryat Shmona."

The Left and Moshe Negbi are no doubt outraged - after all, this is protected free speech.

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