by Emanuel A. Winston

Middle East Analyst & Commentator

What is it about the Bush family that takes them on detours along crooked roads when it comes to Arabs, Oil, Terror and Israel? President George W. Bush announced that, within his depth of experience in world affairs, particularly in the Middle East, he has a plan, a road map for Israel.

That road map has many forks in the road, detours to no exits but, in the end of this crooked road, it requires Israel to be replaced with another Arab State called Palestine. That, of course, is not what is being promised to Israel but, in the end, Israel will be submerged in a sea of hostile Arab nations.

According to all past history that new state called Palestine will be the epi-center for all Terrorist organizations to represent their sponsoring nations of Iran, Iraq, Syria and others. Even now, in the areas turned over to Arafat by the Oslo gang, it has become a hot incubator for Terrorist training and collaboration between the gangs, including the PLO, Islamic Jihad, Hamas, Tanzim, PFLP, Hezb'Allah, Al Qaeda, 'et al'.

One might speculate on why President Bush and family would want to act as godfather to a Terrorist nation that, when it acquires its full growth will inevitably threaten American interests. Looking back to explain this strange phenomenon, we find that George Bush, Sr. and James Baker team supporting Saddam Hussein with money (at least $5 Billion American tax-payers'dollars), technology and finally being reluctantly forced to push Saddam out of Kuwait while still leaving him and his top military team whole. America now faces an Iraq with vastly expanded and improved weapons of mass destruction - courtesy of the Bush/Baker/Powell/Scowcroft team.

There are two (at least two) excellent, well-researched books that track the Bush/Baker/Powell/Scowcroft dealings with Iraq before, during and after the 1991 Gulf War, Desert Storm: "The Spider's Web: The Secret History of How the White House Illegally Armed Iraq" by Alan Friedman (1) and just released "The High Cost of Peace: How Washington''s Middle East Policy Left America Vulnerable to Terrorism" by Joseph Bodansky. (2) The illegal machinations by the Bush interests are especially interesting and help to explain the disingenuous "Road Map" plan of the current President Bush. (I plan to review this book by Bodansky soon but I highly recommend that you purchase it for your reference library.)

If we Americans are concerned about such nations as Iraq, Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and others having plans to subvert America and American interests, just wait for the new state of Palestine! Here will be the crucible into which will be poured every hostile Terrorist organization, acting both as proxies for the above named nations but, also and especially for radical Islamism.

How will President Bush explain an American city blown to dust or a plague staring in California and sweeping eastward, courtesy of the Palestinian operatives in linkage with all other Terrorist organizations? The new state called Palestine, coalescing ultimate International Terror, will be the historical legacy of the Bush family to America and to the World. Granted their short view is that somewhere on this bloody ''Yellow Brick Road Map'', Israel will meet the wicked witch of the North and the Jewish State will be eliminated - unless they ignore the Bush Road Map.

There is a belief that achieving this bloody goal will, of course, pacify and deter the radical Islamists from making war against the rest of the non-Muslim world and particularly America -- or so the dream goes. Bush, like Clinton, has virtually promised Yassir Arafat, his clones, cronies and successors, that there is no act of killing that will be viewed by the Bush Administration as sufficiently heinous to deter him from being the surrogate father or godfather of this new State dedicated to Terror. The Bush family has a long history of crooked Road Maps which end nowhere.

We all hope the son has broken away from the habit of building roads that are intended to profit the multi-national oil companies and American military/industrial complex but, require that other nations be sacrificed to satiate that greed. President George W. Bush, the Bush family (and father Bush's former cronies), Secretary of State Colin Powell insist that Israel must allow such a Terror State to be built in Israel's vulnerable underbelly. This is the fork in the road offered to the Jewish State of Israel who is desperate for friends. But presently, Israel is ignoring all those obvious warning road signs telling her to turn around, ''Danger Ahead!'', ''Bridge Out!'', ''Road Washed Away!'', ''Turn Around''!

Lest you think that the Bush Road Map is only that of the Bush family, think again. Other participants include the United Nations, the European Union, the U.S. State Department, Shimon Peres and Yossi Beilin (both of whom have Institutes funded by the E.U. - More on this in a later article.)

Israel will, no doubt, be a massive loser if another Arab State of Terror called Palestine will rise within Israel's heartland. But, America will lose also. Surrounding nations of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States will fall to Terror once the new Arab State called Palestine is established and reaches its full potential. PLO Terror cells will metastasize and float easily into free America, Europe and wherever Muslim enclaves can create critical mass within these nations. I can see President Bush holding his head in consternation, repeating the words of Neville Chamberlain who said on his death bed: "If only Hitler hadn't lied to me."The homily comes to mind: "The Road to Hell is paved with good intentions."This Bush Road Map is a Road to Hell for Israel.

Think about it, President Bush. They say you are a devout new born-again Christian. Is it your religious destiny to father a Terrorist State and, in the process, destroy the Jewish State of Israel? Is this then to be your legacy in the history of the world?


1. "The Spider''s Web: The Secret History of How the White House Illegally Armed Iraq" by Alan Friedman Bantam Books NY 12/93

2. "The High Cost of Peace: How Washington''s Middle East Policy Left America Vulnerable to Terrorism"by Yossef Bodansky Forum/ Prima Publishing California 2002


Emanuel A. Winston is a Middle East analyst and research associate of the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies.

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