GENESIS 15:17-18:

And it came to pass, that when the sun went down and there was thick darkness, behold a smoking furnace and a Flaming torch that passed between these places. That day the lord made a covenant with Abram, saying:



DAVID BEN GURION, founding father and first Prime Minister of Israel, had this to say about territorial concessions (Zionist Congress of 1937, Basle, Switzerland): "I say from the point of view of realizing Zionism it is better to have immediately a Jewish state, even if it would only be in a part of the western Land of Israel. I prefer this to a continuation of the British the whole of the western Land of Israel. But before clarifying my reasoning, I have to make a remark about principle. If we were offered a Jewish state in the western Land of Israel in return for our relinquishing our historical right over the whole Land of Israel, then I would postpone the state.

"No Jew has the right to relinguish the right of the Jewish people over the whole Land of Israel. No Jewish body has such authority, not even the whole Jewish people has the authority to waive the right (to the Land of Israel) for future generations for all time."



Below is the letter from the Jewish leader Simon, the only survivor of the five Maccabee brothers to the Seleucid king Antiochus, whom they had just defeated. Antiochus demanded the return of the 'occupied territories' that is territories the Maccabees liberated during their recent war.

Simon writes: "We have neither taken foreign land nor seized foreign property, but only the inheritance of our fathers, which at one time had been unjustly taken by our enemies. Now that we have the opportunity, we are firmly holding the inheritance of our fathers."


Benjamin Netanyahu, leader of the Likud Party in his book A PLACE AMONG THE NATIONS writes the following when told that Judea and Samaria are foreign "occupied" lands:

"This land, where every swing of a spade unearths remnants of the Jewish past and where every village carries the barely altered Hebrew names of old; this land, in which the Jews became a nation and over which they shed more tears than have been shed by any other people in history; this land, the loss of which resulted in an exile of the Jews such as has been suffered by no other people and the spilling of a sea of blood such as has been spilled by no other nation; this land, which never ceased to live as a distant but tangible home in the minds of Jewish children from Toledo in medieval Spain to the Warsaw ghetto in our own century; this land, for which the Jews fought with unsurpassed courage and tenacity in ancient as in modern times this is the "foreign land" that world leaders now demand be barred to Jews and that Israel (should) unilaterally forsake.

The answer to such absurd demands must be a resounding NO!"

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