Sedition & It's Distortions

By Emanuel A. Winston

The political Left in Israel has come into the open with its attacks on the political Right. Whether unknowing or by design, it's planning to adopt a failed American set of laws viewed as unconstitutional by the Supreme Court of the U.S. called the "Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798.

In 1798, the Federalist-controlled government of the young United States pushed through a series of 4 laws to silence the political Republican opposition led by Thomas Jefferson. Three "Alien" segments of the act gave the government the right to deport aliens (primarily Frenchmen) who supported Thomas Jefferson. The "Sedition" segment empowered the government to strike fear by arrest and imprisonment into the hearts of any who objected to the government's plans.The anti-government Jeffersonians held that this act was unconstitutional. The Act allowed the government to fine and imprison anyone, particularly journalists and editors, who criticized policies of President Adams and "his" Congress. The diatribes issued by the Federalists against the Jeffersonians were ignored by the biased and government-controlled courts.

The only Federalist leader who had the courage to speak out against these infamous laws was the great jurist John Marshall. The laws were so unfair, so politically inspired, so patently biased that soon the public began to treat the victims of the Sedition laws abuse as martyrs and popular heroes. As a result, the Federalists lost the confidence of the nation and the next election. The Supreme Court declared the Sedition Act unconstitutional in 1882.

The American Alien and Sedition laws of 1778 were passed to "crush" the opposition much the same as Labor and Meretz leaders are threatening while slandering the Right today. The Peres Government is arrogating to itself dictatorial powers and crassly using the public's shock over assassination of former Prime Minister Rabin to smash the opposition before the '96 elections. But the circle is closing fast against attempts to sanctify the 'Peace Process' to honor Rabin's memory. Embarrassing information is emerging about a conspiracy that was initiated by Rabin himself. While it is unlikely that he foresaw his own assassination, he set into motion powerful forces, designed to blacken the opposition so that he could push through his accelerated peace withdrawals and to enable his political party to emerge victorious in the 1996 elections.

News pouring out of Israel indicates that Rabin approved of the establishment of the radical organization "Eyal". Its leader Avishai Raviv was personally approved by Rabin and reportedly, it was Raviv who urged Yigal Amir to dangerous acts, including taunting him to kill Rabin. Eyal was supposed to be a magnet for radicals so Israeli Intelligence could monitor their plans. Raviv was tasked as an Agent Provocateur, to stir up anti-Rabin acts so the Labor Party could point a disparaging finger at the political Right and particularly Likud. Apparently most of Rabin's cabinet (including Peres) knew of the 'Dirty Tricks' squad and acquiesced. We now know that the poster of Rabin in a Nazi stormtrooper's uniform was approved and paid for by GSS, the Intelligence Agency that reported directly to Rabin. The "Sedition" shoe is now on the other foot. The Left has been shouting "Rape" while it appears to have instigated the entire affair as a series of "Dirty Political Tricks" which have turned violent. America too has suffered with the inevitable backlash whenever political parties have engaged in the vile practice of dirty tricks.

Yigal Amir is in prison for the murder to which he confessed. Shortly after that one of Rabin's Shin Bet guards who was also present that fateful night was mysteriously killed, "They Say" in a car accident and his body immediately given to science. (?!) It's hard to autopsy body parts and it's even harder to find out what the dead guard saw or knew. How miraculously convenient for him to have a fatal accident only a few days after the assassination! Let us wait for the other shoe to drop ../...Perhaps that will be when Yigal Amir is found dead in his cell../ apparent suicide.

It's painfully clear that the Labor Party, at the direction and knowledge of Rabin and Peres, has been conducting what we Americans know as political dirty tricks for some time. How many other incidents have occurred to assist Labor/Meretz into office in 1992 and since they assumed power? Were there any Americans tasked by the U.S. government to assist the Labor Party in planning dirty tricks to insure a Labor win in 1996?

Thomas Jefferson fought against these same dictatorial powers and denials of liberty.A terrifying parallel appears when the present Israeli Government abrogates basic tenets of democracy, blaming the opposition for events it itself seems to have set in motion. You can be sure that every effort will be made to not only keep up the false accusations but that they will continue trying to bury the truth. The old, but accurate homily, "The best defense is a good offense" is surely being used now by most of the Labor/Meretz politicians.

Indictments are being issued against the key opposition leaders who protested the Rabin-Peres "peace process". Hopefully, those indicted won't serve any prison time for exercising their rights of "free speech" but that may not be the intent anyway. The concept may be to sow fear among the people, including the media, forcing silence until major withdrawals are completed and the Palestinian elections and the Israeli elections have reinstated the PLO and Labor/Meretz parties back in power. This, of course, was precisely what the Federalist Government planned against the Jeffersonian opposition when it pushed through their infamous Alien and Sedition Acts.

An example from today's Internet: Moshe Cohen, former head of the East European desk for the Jewish Agency, was talking in a coffee shop and a third man, overhearing his conversation not sympathetic to the peace process, called the police. Cohen was arrested, interrogated for two hours, and released after being charged with "endangering the Peace Process". The Bolsheviks, Stalin's police, practiced the art of instilling fear through their thought and speech police with the vile use of informers. 'If you hate your neighbor, or your teacher gave you a bad grade, you could get even by informing against them.' The Labor Party has brought this technique to Israel like a latent virus, now coming to life in a virulent epidemic.

The State-empowered investigation put into motion by Chief Justice Barak under the guidance of former Chief Justice Shamgar will, no doubt, do its duty. The question now remains, will it dig deep enough, will the culprits (beyond Yigal Amir) be made to speak../...including the ministers of Rabin's cabinet, and members of the GSS, Secret Services and will all of this occur in short order or be dragged out in order to tire the mind of the public?

P.S. The loudest Labor/Meretz shouters calling for Laws of Sedition to be enacted against the Right seem to be from the Left who stood in front of Prime Minister Begin's residence shouting "Begin is a murderer and a Nazi" among other vile epithets while his wife Aliza was dying from emphysema. Pictures in the Israeli press of the "inciters" included Yossi Sarid, Shulamit Aloni and Yael Dayan.

Emanuel A. Winston is a Middle East analyst & commentator and contributes frequently to The Maccabean. [ November 26, 1995]

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