By Emanuel A. Winston

We all thought that, once elected, Prime Minister Netanyahu would cut the noose tied by his predecessor, Shimon Peres. Instead, there is every indication that PM Netanyahu is following the very same path laid out by Rabin-Peres-Beilin which will lead to a PLO led Palestinian State.

First, there is what is called the re-deployment of Israeli soldiers from Hebron. It appears that this is part one of a two-phase plan to transfer all 450 Jews from Hebron. In the second phase, anticipate that Arafat's PLO Policemen, armed by Israel, and the general Arab population will engage in a series of escalating gun battles with the Jewish population in Hebron. PM Netanyahu will then send in a large contingent of Israeli forces with the agreement of Arafat to rescue (read: evacuate) the Jewish population by force if necessary). Netanyahu has already adopted the Yatam, special Israeli forces created and selected by Rabin/Peres for their willingness to "deal" with resistant Jews - now called extremists. Netanyahu will claim "Ein Breira" (No Choice) but, I suspect, the plans for transfer were already laid out under Peres and were accepted by Netanyahu.

Nov. 12, Associated Press writer Dan Perry, reported from Tel Aviv that Arafat has refused to agree to the Hebron redeployment until Netanyahu agrees to sign off on a far larger package.(1) This package deal would include a timetable for total Israeli withdrawal from all Judea and Samaria (the West Bank) within 18 months - by spring of 1998. Arafat played his cards masterfully backed by the full influence of the US and Europe.

This, of course, is reminiscent of the numerous secret agreements undertaken by Rabin and Peres without reporting to or consulting with either the Knesset or the public. Secret agreements of this nature require that the nation be kept in the dark and therefore silent. At this moment, Netanyahu is reportedly drafting a letter to Arafat, confirming Israel's withdrawal (read: surrender) from all the territories, the heartland of Israel. (2)

Clearly, PM Netanyahu has adopted the Rabin/Peres technique of secrecy in order to keep his supporters quiet, with their continued hope that he would keep his pre-election commitments to the nation. This all seems deja vu, as we observed Rabin and Peres make similar pre-election vows - only to break every single promise. Their response when challenged was: "We know best."

It further appears that Netanyahu has agreed to a plan which, when completed, would result in a Palestinian State stretching from Gaza in the south to the Galilee in the north - with the Golan Heights teetering on the brink. Recent reports speak about turning over the "Little Triangle" (3) of Arab villages in the Galilee to the PLO where there is a large population of Arabs. If there is such a commitment to Arafat, the linkage between Gaza - across Judea and Samaria to the Galilee would, in effect, cut Israel in half. All that would remain would be for Netanyahu to accept the Peres agreement to abandon the Golan Heights down to Lake Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) and the choke-hold would be complete.

I have wondered from time to time of the Rabin/Peres betrayal of their election commitments through the new administration of Netanyahu as to why these leaders were so willing to appease Arafat while lying to the people. I tried numerous permutations of logic to determine what would have caused Israel's leadership to collapse so completely. While American pressure surely played a strong if covert role, it wouldn't be enough to cause such weakness of will. I discarded the threat of an attack by a coalition of Arab armies as the underlying reason for such disintegration, because militarily Israel can defend herself even with substantial losses.

One collection of reasons kept reappearing: NBC - Nuclear, Biological and Chemical unconventional weapons of mass destruction. Was the ultimate blackmail threat that Syria and/or Iran, like Iraq had acquired these catastrophic weapons and threatened to use them on Israel's population centers? Is this why Egypt has so vociferously demanded Israel divest herself of her purported nuclear retaliatory option?

When the Soviet Union broke up, it was reported that 4 to 6 tactical nuclear weapons went missing although this news report was denied by the KGB and later the CIA. Were any of these devices brought into Israel - or to her borders - as a final argument of persuasion? Regrettably, this scenario has been taken seriously by our CIA and Intelligence Agencies of all nations. Such countries as Germany, France, England and America found the sale of such NBC technology very profitable (along with the missiles to launch these deadly warheads). Their greed threatens to destroy their own cities as well as Israel.

The evil genie of NBC is out of the bottle and now impossible to cork.Therefore, the possibility of Israel succumbing to NBC, nuclear, biological and/or chemical blackmail is too probable. Of course, this is speculation. But what isn't speculation is that Netanyahu has broken his word to his supporters, 56% of the Israeli people. He is clearly trying for his place in an ugly chapter of history wherein he, too, can receive a Nobel Peace Prize.

Yoni Netanyahu gave his life to rescue Jews, while his brother is foolishly putting them in jeopardy. His brother-in-law Hagai Ben-Artzi, a religious educator, has brought his family to live in Hebron in defense of the Jewish right to its ancestral homeland and spiritual birthplace.

On October 31st 50,000 demonstrators braved rain and wind in Jerusalem to support continued Jewish settlement of Hebron. Protests by supporters of PM Netanyahu express a genuine anger against what they consider "the abandonment of Hebron". Equally important is the signal these demonstrations send to the US, that any concessions to the PLO by Netanyahu will be met by bitter opposition at home.(4)

The latest poster/bumper sticker campaign says: "Don't Give Them Guns", referring to the weapons Peres gave the PLO Police, enabling them to fire on the Israeli soldiers during the September 25-27th riots, killing 16. These same PLO Police were supposed to work in joint patrol with the IDF against the PLO terrorists. They fired on and killed these soldiers is a complete violation of the Oslo Accords which Netanyahu was expected to act on. Many Israeli Police and soldiers have refused orders to serve in joint patrols with Palestinian Police, some of whom shot their Israeli patrol companions. Rabin said the Accords would be null and void if the PLO used these weapons against Israelis. The steps taken by the Rabin/Peres government and followed by Netanyahu lead inexorably to a Palestinian State. It's time that Prime Minister Netanyahu was confronted with the demand that he tell all to the Israeli people - or leave office.


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