.A Voice from Hebron: [ November 17, 1997]


By Gary M. Cooperberg

Our Father, Abraham, was not a territorial expansionist. He never sought to take land from anyone, nor was it his intention to build a Jewish State in the Middle East. All that our Father, Abraham was guilty of doing, is believing in the One Living G-d. . . the Creator of the Universe. Abraham not only believed in G-d, he loved and trusted Him above his own life and that of his beloved son, Isaac.

Because of the purity and sincerity of that love and faith, G-d called Abraham His friend. In Hebrew the word for "friend" is Chaver, and it is from this word that the City of Abraham got its name, "Chevron".

Abraham did not wake up one morning and decide to conquer the land of Canaan. It was the G-d of Creation who decided to place the descendants of His "friend" in a holy land to become a holy people. The descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were destined to be given the Torah, G-d's holy Law, and become a light unto the nations by demonstrating how Mankind can perfect itself by submitting to the Will of G-d. This was not a novel idea dreamed up by Abraham. It was and still is the eternal plan of the Living G-d of Creation, to take His chosen people, place them in His holy Land, where they will live by His Law. Just as soon as all three of these elements take place we will see the complete redemption of Mankind.

He may not fully appreciate it, but Prime Minister Netanyahu, like all Jews, is a descendent of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Were he to examine carefully the role into which destiny placed him, he would be completely awestruck. By virtue of the fact that he is the physical leader of the Jewish people in the Land of Israel, he has the ability to hasten redemption and bring real peace to the world! If he would but look back at his Father, Abraham, and learn from his example, he could save not just Israel, but the entire world, from horrible calamity.

Peace with the PLO is not possible. Netanyahu made a grave error by recognizing the "Palestinian Entity" as he chooses to call it. This "entity" is a complete fabrication whose only function is to replace the Jewish State with an Arab one. It has no other function. To recognize such an entity is to be a participant in the destruction of Israel!

When our "friends", like Albright, insist upon the formula of "Land for peace" as the only way to achieve a just and lasting settlement, they prove that they are not our friends. Never, in the history of Mankind, has such an absurd formula resulted in peace. No normal people would ever consider such a formula as acceptable. And, of all the people in the world, the Jewish people have the least reason to consider such a suggestion.

The Jewish People did not "conquer" a foreign land. The Jewish People are fulfilling the Commandment of the Living G-d of Israel by coming home to the Land which He gave to us. It is the Will of G-d that we live in this land and that we observe His Law here. It is not our right to sell, negotiate, or give away any part of this land. To do so is a slap in the face to G-d. When Rabin signed the Oslo agreement he may have made Clinton and Arafat happy, but he angered G-d. And when Netanyahu shook hands with this fiendish murderer and gave him eighty percent of the City of Abraham, he too angered G-d.

There are many, including our prime minister, who will tell you that we have no choice. . . that irrevocable decisions have already been made. But this is simply not true. We always have choices, and no decision made by Man is ever irrevocable. The State of Israel miraculously rose by the Will of G-d. It continues to exist, from day to day, miraculously, by the Will of G-d. And its Divine Destiny to be the eternal and exclusive homeland of the Jewish People will come to pass, miraculously, with or without the help of one government or another. Clearly it is in the interest of the People of Israel and the Government of Israel to conduct itself in accordance with Divine Will. By seeking to create peace by negotiating with those who seek our destruction, based on the premise that we can achieve peace by negating our obligations to G-d, is a futile waste of time and an invitation for tragedy.

A Jewish Prime Minister who seriously wanted to make genuine peace would begin by accepting his role as a servant of the Living G-d of Israel. He would realize that "Peace" is one of G-d's names. To leave Him aside while trying to make peace guarantees failure even before you begin.

As a servant of G-d, such a leader would immediately declare to the nations of the world that the Jewish State of Israel is fulfillment of Divine Will. It is not just another country, but the key factor in the redemption of Mankind. We, the Jewish People, are returning home to our homeland because, like our Father, Abraham, before us, we were commanded to do so by the Living G-d of Creation. It is not a whim; not a luxury; and not belligerency. It is our obligation as Jews. Those who contest our right to our homeland are frauds. We cannot and will not as much as consider violating that obligation by negotiating that which we are not free to negotiate.

We do not want war. But we will not hesitate to fight to the death should anyone dare try to interfere with the Divine Process of Jewish return. Those who do not believe in G-d will shudder at such statements. But those who do not believe in G-d have no basis to claim any part of the Jewish State.

Mr. Netanyahu, you were right when you stated that we are all one people, with one common destiny. But you owe it to your G-d, yourself, your people and your country to unify us in the only way possible, under the yoke of His Law. You have no right to give away the Land of Israel to any non Jewish entity. Not even the genuine Messiah, King of Israel has such a right. If you really want to make peace you must decide, Peace or Palestine, you cannot have both.

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