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Editor's Note: The Freeman Center helped to rally the Zionist forces against a planned surrender of Israeli land to Yassir Arafat and his terrorist PA. I believe that we have scored a partial victory. The reader should be aware of government uses of "trial balloons." Things looked very bleak, indeed, on November 28, yet by the 30th the situation had improved greatly. No one can evaluate with certainty the effect of the massive protests, demonstrations and letter/fax campaigns launched by the Right. See below.

An Editorial & An Appeal (Freeman Center Broadcast -- November 28, 1997)



Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is about to cross a RED LINE that will result in the creation of a Palestinian TERRORIST State, leading to the eventual destruction of Israel. I speak of his plan for a further surrender of Israeli land to a murderous band of terrorists. The fall of the Third Temple will not occur in one day, one month or even a year. There will be a slow but steady grinding down of Israeli morale and faith in their country.

All the things we know about the 'Palestinians' confirm this view. Israel's agriculture will turn brown as the new entity competes for limited water. Terrorism will increase. There will be increased strategic vulnerability. Israeli military deterrence will continue its steady decline. Millions of Arabs will demand the "right of return" and return to Israel. While all Israeli parties oppose such a return, we know they LIE and in the end will continue the appeasement process. They will declare: "One last step to peace. Do not forsake peace because of this ONE LAST CONCESSION." And Jerusalem will go the same way. One last thing for peace. And so it was with Chamberlain and Hitler. There is never an end to blackmail.

Israeli Arabs will demand the right to link up with "Palestine." Diaspora Jews will stop coming on aliya for fear of their future and many more Israelis will move to NY and LA.. Arab voters will be a deciding factor in the Knesset and they will demand that Israel cease to be Jewish State. Finally, Jews will lose control and all that will remain of Israel will be one more corrupt terrorist Arab country.

When the government tells you that they will demand reciprocity before they re-deploy, tell them they LIE. From 1993 until today no Israeli government has stopped Oslo because of lack of reciprocity.

If you love Israel, you must do everything in your power to call a halt to this redeployment (to hell). Write, fax, phone Cabinet Ministers and tell them to save Israel.......VOTE NO ON THE REDEPLOYMENT AND SURRENDER TO APPEASEMENT AND TERRORISM ..............Bernard J. Shapiro, Editor



1. The Cabinet reaffirmed its determination to make progress in the negotiations with the Palestinians.

2. The Cabinet decided that before the permanent settlement, a further redeployment will be carried out in Judea and Samaria. The Cabinet will soon present its plan on this matter, whose implementation will be conditioned on the Palestinians fulfilling their commitments, (as detailed in the appendix to the file of 15 January, 1997 -- The Mutual Commitments Following the Hebron Agreement) and in keeping with principles to be formulated by the government regarding the final status talks.

3. The Cabinet believes that the correct way to make progress in the peace process with the Palestinians is to begin immediate negotiations on the permanent settlement.

4. The Cabinet will hold an intensive debate before formulating its plan for a permanent settlement, including the security zones necessary for the State of Israel, settlement areas and other vital interests, in particular in the fields of water resources and historical Jewish sites. After reaching a decision on this matter, the government will decide upon the method of implementation of the interim steps.

5. The Cabinet will take the necessary steps to continue the existence and strengthening of settlements in Judea and Samaria, steps to decrease friction between the populations in Judea and Samaria and to increase the security of the Jewish and Arab residents.

6. The Cabinet authorized foundation of a ministerial committee headed by the Prime Minister and with the participation of the ministers of defense, foreign affairs and national infrastructure that will submit for Cabinet approval proposals to implement Cabinet decisions.


Arutz Sheva News Service

Sunday, November 30, 1997 / Rosh Chodesh Kislev, 5758


The results of today's nearly seven-hour government meeting on the upcoming withdrawal from areas in Judea and Samaria, were announced this afternoon by Government Secretary Danny Naveh. They are as follows: * The government decided that before the implementation of the permanent-status arrangement, another redeployment in Judea and Samaria will be carried out. The government will present its plan in this regard very soon. The implementation of the plan is contingent upon the fulfillment of the Palestinian obligations (as set out in the Note for the Record of Jan. 15, 1997, attached to the Hevron Agreement), and will be in accordance with the principles that the government will formulate for the permanent-status arrangement.

* The government is of the opinion that the correct way to advance the peace process is to enter into immediate permanent-status negotiations with the Palestinians.

* The government will discuss the issue thoroughly, and will first formulate its plan for the permanent arrangement. This plan will specify vital security areas for Israel, settlement areas, and other vital interests, including water-related and historic Jewish sites. After decisions are made on this topic, the government will decide how to carry out the interim stages.

* The government will carry out the necessary steps for the continued existence and strengthening of the Yesha communities, including measures to reduce the friction between the Jewish and Arab populations in Yesha and increasing the personal security of all the residents. * The government authorizes a ministerial committee, headed by the Prime Minister and comprising Foreign Minister Levy, Defense Minister Mordechai, and Infrastructures Minister Sharon, to prepare and submit proposals for the implementation of these decisions.

The government approved the above decisions by a vote of 16-0; the two NRP ministers abstained. The NRP ministers later said that the decision is the best that could have been achieved, and that they succeeded in their attempt to "restrict" the withdrawal.

David Bar Illan, Director of Policy Planning and Communications in the Prime Minister's Office, told Arutz-7 today that the decision means that there will be no third withdrawal. "There's nothing in the decision that even hints at a third withdrawal, and in fact the government intends to implement only one withdrawal [this one] and everything else will have to be within the framework of the final status talks."


It had been widely, and correctly, assumed all day that the government would approve a withdrawal in principle, and that its exact areas and dimensions would be determined by the Prime Minister and Ministers D. Levy, Mordechai, and Sharon. Science Minister Michael Eitan said before the meeting that he would demand that the withdrawal decision be coupled with a governmental decision to strengthen the Jewish communities in Yesha. Trade and Industry Minister Natan Sharansky said that although he considers himself to hold dovish views, he feels that Arafat must fulfill his commitments before we transfer further territories to him.

The government decision largely matched the proposal of the ministers of the National Religious Party, namely, that the government would not consider another withdrawal until it formulates its permanent-status principles. NRP Knesset faction head Chanan Porat said that Prime Minister Netanyahu had promised the faction last Wednesday that he would deal first with Israel's position vis-a-vis the permanent status, and only afterwards discuss a further withdrawal. It was further promised, according to Porat, that in any event there will be no withdrawal until Arafat fulfills his Hevron-agreement commitments. These include the changing of the Palestinian charter, extradition of terrorists, the reduction of the Palestinian para-military police force, and more. The full text of the Hevron-agreement commitments can be seen in the "Note for the Record" on the Internet at <http://www.israel-mfa.gov.il/peace/hebrnote.html>.


David Bar Illan, Director of Policy Planning and Communications in the Prime Minister's Office, has rejected out of hand reports that Prime Minister Netanyahu is considering evacuating settlements in Judea and Samaria. He summarily dismissed Arutz-7's Friday report to this effect as "nonsense." Bar-Illan said that the misinterpretation of the Prime Minister's remarks on Thursday originated in the fact that he neglected to mention the settlements within the framework of the permanent arrangement. Bar Illan said, "This panic every time something is not mentioned is unwarranted. Mr. Netanyahu was talking only about security areas, and not about Israel's interests in general."

It was also learned during the day that Minister Ariel Sharon had established a committee to formulate a map of vital security areas in Judea and Samaria. The committee includes Uri Ariel, head of the Beit El Local Council, and Amanah Settlement Organization head Ze'ev (Zambish) Chaver. Sharon said at today's meeting that if Arafat unilaterally declares a Palestinian state, Israel should immediately annex all of the security areas, Yesha communities, and the roads leading to them.


Haaretz reported today that the American administration rejects Prime Minister Netanyahu's withdrawal plan. Senior American sources told Haaretz today that Netanyahu's pre-conditions - the skipping of the third withdrawal and the beginning of the permanent-status talks instead - cannot be made unilaterally. The sources were quoted as saying that the conditions place in doubt the sincerity of Netanyahu's intentions to make concrete progress in the negotiations. After the government decision was announced, however, an Israel Television political commentator said that he would not rule out a Clinton-Netanyahu meeting.


Some 1000 persons demonstrated last night opposite the home of the Prime Minister in Jerusalem, calling upon him not to give in to American pressure. MK Michael Kleiner (Gesher-Likud) again announced that he will act to topple the government if Netanyahu agrees to transfer additional territories to the Palestinian Authority. Kleiner has in fact been in contact with Labor Knesset faction leader Raanan Cohen regarding the vote on a no-confidence motion to be introduced by the Moledet party.


Opposition leaders criticized today's government decision. Labor MK Binyamin Ben-Eliezer said that it is merely a whitewash and will lead to another intifada. He did not relate specifically to the decision to demand Palestinian commitment of their obligations.



Letters To The Editor

November 29, 1997

An Open Letter to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

I am deeply saddened and outraged by your continued implementation of the Oslo process. The redeployment plan you are bringing to the Knesset tomorrow has within it the seeds of Israel's destruction and the emergence of a 'palestinian' state in its place. This was true of Oslo in general, even before your election.

My friends and allies in Israel and worldwide worked for your electoral success. We hoped and prayed that you would rescue Israel from Oslo. You didn't.

You know the facts as do I. You know that there will never be either reciprocity or peace from the Arabs. Please reconsider your actions for the sake of Am Yisrael [the People of Israel].


Bernard J. Shapiro, Executive Director

Freeman Center For Strategic Studies






Here is the list of phones and faxes of Israel's ministers.

Please bombard their offices with phone and faxes demanding:





Every phone call and every fax can make a difference. I would certainly focus on the Mafdal and Israel B'Aliya people plus Ariel Sharon (who seems to be retreating from a life-long support of YESHA).



SHAS Eli Suissa - Interior 02/5660166 02/5666376

SHAS ELI Yishai- Labor 02/6752523 02/5666385

LIKUD Y. Mordechai-Defense 03/6955476 03/6962757

LIKUD Tsahi Hanegbi-Justice 02/6708527 02/6285438

LIKUD Limor Livnat-Commun. 02/6706301 02/6240029

LIKUD Michael Eitan-Science 02/3847400 02/5811613

LIKUD Yehoshua Matza-Health 02/6787626 02/6787662

LIKUD Ariel Sharon-Infrastruc. 02/5316100 02/5375473

LIKUD Moshe Katsav-Tourism 02/6754852 02/6250890

LIKUD Yaakov Neeman-Treasur 02/5317200 02/7635769

MAFDAL Zevulun Hammer-Educ 02/5602330 02/5602856

MAFDAL Yitzhak Levi-Transport 02/6228200 02/6249134

ISRAEL BA'ALIYA Yuli Edelstein-Absorption 02/5618163 02/5669244

ISRAEL BA'ALIYA Nathan Sharansky-Trade 02/6220383 02/6243738

GESHER David Levy- Foreign 02/6535015 02/5303506

TSOMET Raphael Eitan-Agricult. 02/6553701 02/6535958

3rd WAY Avigdor Kahalani-Police 02/5821191 02/5811832

Now is the time to act! If Not Now, When?

Bernard J. Shapiro



By Dr. Aaron Lerner Date: 30 November, 1997

Introduction: The Cabinet decision today represents several breakthroughs which serve to differentiate the Netanyahu Government from the position taken by Labor contender Ehud Barak:

#1 Reciprocity principle restored: The further redeployment (FRD) is contingent on the Palestinians fulfilling ALL their obligations - not only those in the security area or just the even vaguer obligation to "fight terror".

#2 Criteria for Israel's position of final settlement broadened to include Jewish historical sites.

#3 Government decided to take action to take the necessary measures for the continuation AND strengthening of the settlements in Judea and Samaria.

1. Does the Cabinet rule out a third FRD?

Not explicitly. The cabinet decided that there should be "another stage" of FRD before the final arrangement. This does not rule out the possibility that the Cabinet may decide later on yet another FRD.

2. Does the Cabinet set a date for the FRD?

No. There are three steps to the FRD: Step #1 The Cabinet decides how Israel sees the final settlement.

Step # 2 The Cabinet decides on the nature of the FRD in accordance with Israel's view of the final settlement. Step #3 FRD akes place if the Palestinians fulfill their obligations under the Ross Note. Wihle the PA could honor most of its obligations in the Ross note quickly (eg. transfer of terrorists, reduction of size of armed forces, seize hand over/destroy illegal weapons, etc. ) the main source of delay in the FRD would be the time needed to convene a meeting of the Palestinian National Council to complete the amending of the Palestinian Charter.

3. What obligations do the Palestinians have to fulfill?

All the obligations - security and non-security - listed in the Ross Note [in the original Hebrew "HaHitchiyvuyot HaHaduyot" THE mutual obligations rather than simply "mutual obligations"]. In an interview on Israel Radio after the meeting, Foreign Minister Levy explicitly cited amending the Palestinian Charter as being among the requirements.

4. Who decides on the details of the FRD? The cabinet will vote on the FRD which will be proposed by a committee including the Prime Minister, Foreign Minister (Levy), Defense Minister (Mordechai) and Minister of Infrastructure (Sharon).

5. What are the considerations in setting Israel's position regarding the final settlement?

Security, settlements and vital interests including water and Jewish historical sites.


Dr. Aaron Lerner is Director of IMRA (Independent Media Review & Analysis


The Prime Minister's Report Volume 1, Number 12

November 26, 1997

Myths and Facts About Further Redeployments

Israel Government Press Office

Following is a clarification of four common misunderstandings concerning the Further Redeployment (FRD) of Israeli forces in Judea and Samaria (the West Bank):

- MYTH -

Israel is obligated to withdraw from 90% of Judea and Samaria during the three Further Redeployments.

- FACT -

The Oslo 2 Accords make no mention of percentages or the size of territory from which Israel is to withdraw. There is no basis in the accord for the Palestinian claim that Israel must pull back from all or most of Judea and Samaria.

- MYTH -

Israel is obligated to negotiate the extent of each withdrawal with the Palestinian Authority (PA).

- FACT -

Nowhere in the Oslo Accords does it state that the extent of each withdrawal is to be a subject of negotiations between the two sides. Israel has the sole authority to decide the extent of the withdrawals. This position is supported by the United States. A statement issued by the State Department spokesman on January 15, 1997, at the time of the signing of the Hebron Accord, said, "The Note for the Record, prepared by the United States at the request of the parties, makes clear that further redeployment phases are issues for implementation by Israel rather than issues for negotiation with the Palestinians."

- MYTH -

Just as the PA has fulfilled its obligations under the accords, so too Israel must now carry out the FRDs.

- FACT -

Under the January 15, 1997 Hebron accord, both Israel and the PA undertook a series of obligations listed in the accord and in the Note for the Record accompanying it. Israel has fulfilled all of its obligations:

1) withdrawal of Israeli forces from most of Hebron;

2) delineation of areas to be evacuated in the first FRD; 3) release of Palestinian prisoners;

4) resumption of negotiations on outstanding issues; and

5) agreement on the resumption of permanent status talks.

The PA has not fulfilled any of its obligations:

1) to complete the revision of the PLO covenant which calls for Israel's destruction;

2) to fight terror and prevent violence, including uprooting the infrastructure of terror groups, the confiscation of illegal firearms, the apprehension and punishment of terrorists, the transfer of terror suspects to Israel, the prevention of incitement to violence and the strengthening of security cooperation with Israel; 3) to reduce the size of the Palestinian police to the number permitted by Oslo 2 (the Palestinian police currently consist of at least 35,500 men, or nearly 50% more than the 24,000 allowed); and

4) to refrain from governmental activity in areas not under PA jurisdiction, such as Jerusalem. Israel has complied with all of its commitments. The PA has violated all of its obligations.

- MYTH -

Israel is responsible for the delay in the implementation of the first FRD.

- FACT -

Under the Note for the Record accompanying the January 15, 1997 Hebron accord, Israel was obligated to carry out the first phase of the further redeployment in the West Bank during the first week of March 1997.

On March 6, 1997, the Israeli Cabinet voted to approve the first phase of the redeployment, consisting of 9.1% of the territory. This figure includes 7% of territory that is currently Area B (Israeli security control, Palestinian civilian control) and 2.1% of Area C (exclusive Israeli control). The redeployment would have tripled the amount of territory under exclusive Palestinian control in the West Bank. The Palestinians rejected the Israeli Cabinet decision, thus causing the delay of its implementation on the ground.

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