By Emanuel A. Winston

Middle East Analyst & Commentator

Madeleine Albright, US Secretary of State has been directly challenged in a letter of October 9 by the National Security Committee of the US Congress for her high-handed treatment of Israel.

The Congressmen ask Ms. Albright: "Does our government believe that Jewish Israelis have the right to live anywhere in the land of Israel, or does it believe that Jewish citizens residing in a sovereign, democratic Israel are restricted to certain "acceptable" zones? Does Israel not have the right to use any and all measures to protect its citizens? By supporting a limit on new housing for Jews and calling security actions, which are intended to keep terrorists from plying their deadly trade, "unilateral actions: that are "provocative" in nature, you have effectively label Israel as an outlaw state. American counter-terrorism policy is to take any defensive measure necessary (including summary detention, deportation and confiscation of passports and property), aggressively hunt down terrorists around the world and bring them to justice. And, Americans are free to live anywhere they wish. If this is good enough for America, why not for Israel?"

The Congressmen's letter next quotes from a sermon broadcast by the official Voice of Palestine radio (which American aid pays for) by Mufti Ikram Sabri, the Palestinians Authority's senior Muslim cleric personally appointed by Yasser Arafat. That sermon was delivered minutes after one of Ms. Albright's own speeches in Israel on September 12:

"O, Muslims, we must raise our voices against America, its ally Britain and all the infidel nations and say that Israel is stealing our land...Oh Allah, DESTROY AMERICA, her agents and her allies Cast them into their own traps, and COVER THE WHITE HOUSE WITH BLACK! The masses condemn America's pro-Israel stance, which demonstrates that global forces, the heretics, the terrorists and those filled with hate are forging an alliance against Islam and Muslims...Oh, Allah, DESTROY AMERICA, her agents and allies! ALLAH, RAISE THE FLAG OF ISLAM OVER THE AL-AKSA MOSQUE, JERUSALEM AND PALESTINE..."

In Ms. Albright's efforts to assume the role of chief Arabist for the State Department, she is weakening Israel to such a low point that Israel may fall. The letter from Congress reads both the line and below the line. The letter not only challenges Albright on her absurdly unfair castigation of Israel even as Arafat breaks every line of the moribund Oslo agreement but also speaks to American interests. In brief, if Albright, with President Clinton's approval, manages to put Israel, America's only reliable ally, in a position of extreme danger, then American interests will also suffer.

Intelligence analysts have long ago said that a Palestinian State would provide an operating base for the PLO and other terrorist organizations to reach into the capitals of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt and subvert their leaders. There is no doubt that Arafat is already in operating communications with Islamists and other radical nations such as Iran, Syria, Libya, Iraq and Sudan. Their ultimate goal is to invade and conquer the Gulf oil states, including the fields in Saudi Arabia.

The American Congress has recognized this while Madeleine Albright is simultaneously undercutting American interests. Will this lady go back to knitting after she has destroyed Israel by insisting that Israel alone honor all prior commitments - even as her so called partner breaks all commitments with impunity?

The foreign policy espoused by the White House and carried forward by an anti-Semitic State Department most certainly deserves the distrust of the Congress and the American people.

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