Arutz Sheva News Service of November 1, 1998 / Mar-Cheshvan 12, 5759



The firing of veteran reporter Steve Rodan from the Jerusalem Post last week has rekindled allegations that the paper is bent on becoming more left-wing. Arutz-7 has been told by sources close to the Post that Rodan was told by the Post's Vice-Chairman Hirsh Goodman, "You are a mouthpiece for the government." Rodan, who is the Middle East correspondent for the prestigious U.S.-based Defense News, and a former correspondent for PBS and Voice of Israel Radio, was given a letter of dismissal signed by Goodman, who became Vice Chairman of the Post four months ago. Since assuming this position, Goodman has also fired veteran correspondent Jay Bushinsky, and columnists Dennis Eisenberg and Uri Dan. Eisenberg told Arutz-7, "Mine was definitely a political sacking. He accused me of writing lies. He is trying to make the paper more left-wing, and morale at the paper is low."

Goodman, speaking with an Arutz-7 correspondent today, denied that the firings were politically-motivated. "I don't even know Rodan's politics, I only met him three times," he said. "On the face of things, there has been a confluence of events that could indicate a change of line in the paper.

But I can tell you that we are now only at the beginning of the re-organization, and we should talk again at its end... and there are no political motives at all." He emphasized that "for purely commercial reasons, my goal is to keep the paper right of center." Sources close to the Post told Arutz-7 that Rodan was told by Goodman, "You have attacked the Oslo process... everything you write is lies... you are a friend of [Netanyahu-aide and former Jerusalem Post editor] David Bar-Illan, and you are a mouthpiece for the government."

Regarding the dismissal of Jay Bushinsky, Goodman said, "I want my readers to know that what they read is 100% accurate..." However, sources close to the Post reject the implication, and claim that Bushinsky - who has been a Middle East newspaper and radio correspondent for 35 years - was fired because of his personal anti-Oslo opinions that he expressed privately.

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