Arutz Sheva News Service of November 24, 1998 / Kislev 5, 5759


Indictments were filed today by the State Prosecutor's Office against ten directors and broadcasters of Arutz Sheva. The ten include Rabbi Zalman Melamed, his wife Shulamit Melamed, Yaakov Katz (Katzeleh), Yoel Tzur, Haggai Segal, and Adir Zik. Attorney-General Elyakim Rubenstein said that he had considered not including Yoel Tzur in the list, "for humanitarian considerations, in light of the terrorist murder of his wife and son two years ago." Rubenstein said, however, that "Tzur's central role in the operations of the station could not be overlooked." The ten are accused of operating a radio station without a license.

Arutz-7 issued the following statement in response to the indictment: "The issuance of indictments against Arutz-7 is an anti-democratic measure, in judicial guise. The State Attorney's Office, the police, and the political left have joined forces to silence the lone voice of the right. Hundreds of thousands of loyal listeners will sit together with us on the defendants' stand."

Yaakov Katz (Katzeleh), Executive Director of Arutz-7 said, "In the past two years, many right-wing government ministers and mayors have been indicted by the State Prosecution, and all were found innocent. These include Agriculture Minister Rafael Eitan, Finance Minister Yaakov Ne'eman, Jerusalem Mayor Ehud Olmert, Justice Minister Tzachi Hanegbi, the mayors of Ramat Gan and Petach Tikva, and many more. Abie Natan broadcast for 22 years only one kilometer from the shore, and was protected in every way by the State Prosecutor's Office. The State Prosecution has become a fortress of the left-wing, and has not let up in its efforts to topple the right-wing from power. These efforts to silence us will not succeed, however, and Arutz-7 will continue to operate for many years to come - even if we have to continue broadcasting from the ocean."


It is likely that the Freeman Center, its broadcasts and publications will be your only source of un-censored news about Israel. If you are not making a financial contribution to our efforts, you should do so now. Without your support, we could be forced to cease our activities. We work so that no one will ever be able to say: "We didn't know."

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