By Evelyn Hayes

Get out the Wye maps, Jew boy. You better care

because the blob is hovering near...

Get out your maps, not their maps

Get out your maps and get out of their traps.

Study your maps, Jew boy. Study your claims

because your claim is not only being burned,

it's a volcano with eruption in security from Mediterranean to Jordan,

with eruptions from the Dead Sea to the Gallilee...

Study the Balfour map. Study the Aushwitz map.

Study the hills, the valleys, the water lines

they're not in your state

Study your maps, and pass them around.

Start getting the hidden maps, see the strangulation lines

because their maps are encircling your Jews and worming on you

and their maps don't include Jewish times

and those empty acres are your JNF memorials, your parents' pennies

and those red lines will erase a century of blue boxes....

Stop unwriting your victory maps

Stop waiting for miracles to take backwards forward

Stop seeing peace when they want you to cease

Stop cutting the green line

and the blue line of our Israeli flag

Stop unwriting your history with Jewish illiteracy.

Stop, Jew boy, open your eyes

Stop reading their lines, stop voting the other side.

Oslo is more wrong than right...and Wye ain't a game

It ain't just the lines, the soil, the promise

It's the lives and the lineage

It's the deeds and the continuity

It's the eternal flame that's being blown out..

Stop ignoring your homeland, your history, your kinfolks

because those who are unwriting your maps

are writing their own and blotting you out......

Stop this unmapping,

This maddening demolition

This darth vada crunch of a country that was your own

by an un-nation who imagined you gone.

Stop Jew boy, at fifty you should have known.

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