An Editorial


By Bernard J. Shapiro

I am profoundly saddened by recent events in Israel. For six years I have provided Jews everywhere with tens of thousands of pages of commentary and analysis fully explaining the devastating dangers inherent in the Oslo process. Yet the process continues unabated. The lemming like march to self-destruction has become an end in and of itself. Oslo has become a 'religion' of the left and a necessary bitter pill to the right.

This last week I have spent much time contemplating Jewish history and trying to understand what we are witnessing today. I was shocked by my conclusion and I will certainly be condemned for revealing the bitter truth:

During World War II, the Nazis occupied European cities containing large well organized Jewish communities. The Jewish leadership was enlisted to control and govern the Jewish population. As the deportations to the death camps began in earnest, that same Jewish leadership was told to supply a specific number of Jews to be deported on a daily or weekly basis. The Jewish leadership, fearful for their own lives and those of their families, agreed to this demand. After all wouldn't it be better to sacrifice some Jews to save others? Of course we all know what happened in the end. They were all killed. Their deal with the Nazi devil did not save them or their families.

My dear friends, the Israeli government with the acquiescence of a large number of Israelis, especially those along the coast from Tel Aviv to Haifa, has made a similar devilish deal. They have made a fateful and quiet decision to sacrifice the lives and homes of the Jews of Yesha to the voracious beast of Palestinian nationalism. Their philosophy has much historical parallel from Chamberlain at Munich in 1938 to Warsaw a few years later. What they all have in common is a certitude of failure. The beast Israeli leaders have chosen to feed has an appetite that will never be sated until the last Jew has been murdered or driven from Eretz Yisrael.

A final note: None of this was necessary. Israel is strong enough to defend its territory and reclaim all of its Holy Land. Arabs could have been give a choice of civil (individual) rights without political sovereignty. Those not happy with that arrangement would have a choice of 24 Arab countries (though none are democratic) to exercise political rights. There is only one Jewish state and we have been fortunate enough to see it emerge in our lifetime. How sad to also have to witness its demise....


Was it really necessary to destroy a perfectly good Jewish state in order to appease terrorists with the same goals as the Nazis we fought in World War II?

Why do Jews spend hundreds of millions of dollars to build Holocaust museums and teach about the Holocaust, while they don't lift a finger to save Jews from the coming Holocaust #2?

I encourage anyone with the answers to these two questions to bring them to me....


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has made a Faustian deal with the devil. It is true that there was American pressure to make a deal. Some of the reported threats include: the withholding of funds for the Arrow anti-missile project , threats to withhold satellite information on missile launches and aid in combating the non-conventional threat from Iran and Iraq. A true leader would have walked away from a process that included such blackmail. Instead, Netanyahu, made a deal that compromises Israel's sovereignty, introduces the CIA into the most domestic of Israeli security decisions, creates the geographic imperatives that will result in the killing of many Jews, and virtually guarantees the establishment of a Palestinian state. The agreement he forced through his cabinet eviscerates virtually all of the PA compliance requirements previously agreed to by the very same cabinet.

Why does Arafat push for the implementation of this agreement? He supports it because not only does he sell the same "rug of compliance" for the fifth time, but also the way is open to sell it for the sixth time over final status issues like Jerusalem and the "right of return." Netanyahu has sold out the Jewish People's heritage, not for a bowl or porridge but for hot air. Someone should have reminded him that when you deal with the devil, you lose your soul.


The Oslo/Wye Accords have different meanings to different groups:

1. To the Arabs: A weakening of Israel, a chance to kill more Jews, increased number of safe havens in which to retreat after killing Jews and the eventual possibility of destroying Israel and replacing it with "Palestine" from the river to the sea.

2. To the Labor & Meretz parties and the Israeli governments of Rabin, Peres, and Netanyahu: A necessary compromise with the Arab inhabitants of Israel, which would hopefully end the conflict for all time.

3. To Zionists, secular nationalists, and religious Jews: A betrayal of the promise to Abraham by G-d that Eretz Yisrael would be an inheritance of the Jewish people in perpetuity. An incredibly stupid agreement from the strategic/military perspective. A source of division and weakening of the Jewish/Zionist spirit. The creation of a new political entity, Palestine, which has sworn to destroy and replace Israel. The reversal of a 50 year military doctrine not to allow a hostile Arab army between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean.

Numbers 1 and 3 are right on target. Number 2 is a terrible delusion.

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