By Boris Shusteff

In the same hour came forth fingers of a mans hand, and wrote over against the candlestick upon the plaster of the wall of the kings palace; And this is the writing that was inscribed: MENE MENE, TEKEL UPHARSIN....Daniel 5:5, 5:25

Just imagine for a moment that within eighteen days sixty four Israelis were killed in Beersheva, thirty six Jewish children were slaughtered in Gaza and twenty five Jews were murdered in Jerusalem. This is exactly the number of Jews that were targeted by Palestinian terrorists in three recent terrorist attacks. These hundred and twenty five Jews, eighty nine of them wounded, remained alive not because the Palestinian Arabs want to live in peace with the Jews and not because Yasser Arafat and his security services exercised "100% efforts to prevent terrorism" but because the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob did not allow the murderers to achieve their goals.

The Jerusalem Post reported on October 30, 1998 that a top Israeli security source said after the terrorist attack in Gaza, "If the bus with the children had exploded, the whole agreement would have been blown up with it." Since when have we started to count the number of Jews killed in a terrorist attack necessary to "blow up" the "peace agreement?" How many Jewish children need to be massacred by the Arabs? Five? Ten? Fifteen? Isnt the life of a single Jew not precious enough? What kind of perverted mathematics is this? Can we count the number of children that the nineteen year old soldier Alexei Naikov could have had if he did not give his life saving the children in Gush-Katif?

Instead of doing the computations one should look at the Palestinian Arabs intents. Yes, the grenade explosion was not powerful enough and spared the Jews in Beer-Sheva. Yes, the new emigrant Russian Jew Alexei Naikov sacrificed his life while intercepting a suicide car bomber aimed at the children's bus. Yes, the explosion in Jerusalem occurred before it was meant to as a result of a fire that broke out in the terrorists car. And yes, yes, and yes, in all three cases the Palestinian terrorists wanted to massacre as many Jews as possible. Thank God the terrible did not happen, but without a doubt the intent was there. There could not be two opinions. Palestinian leaders were very upset that only one Jew was killed during the Gaza terrorist attack. Furayh Abu-Middayn, Minister of Justice for the Palestinian Authority said on October 30,1998 in an interview with Doha Qatar al-Jazirah Space Channel Television, "Why does it [Hamas] carry out such operations in which only a soldier and the suicide bomber himself get killed? I wish that the suicide bomber had been martyred in another location."

So one week later two suicide bombers decided to become "martyrs" in "another location." They chose Jerusalem's Mahaneh Yehuda market for the attack. They had a very good memory of this place, where sixteen months ago sixteen Israelis were killed in a suicide bombing. Miraculously this time, the terrorists did not succeed. Are we simply going to wait for other "martyrs" to find still "another location?" The Jerusalem Post wrote on November 8, 1998 that "Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, in an interview published in the Egyptian Mail, called on Netanyahu to 'boldly face the setback to peace caused by Friday's car bombing and not to further "frustrate the Palestinians."'" Did he mean that the Israelis are frustrating Furayh Abu-Middayn? He must certainly be frustrated since "only the suicide bombers themselves got killed."

Did we really believe Yasser Arafat, when at the signing ceremony of the Wye River Memorandum he said that, "talking in the name of all Palestinians I assure you that we are all committed to the security of every child, woman and man in Israel?" When will we learn our lessons? The Nazis were committed to such "security" too. They would always promise the Jews herded into trains destined for Auschwitz and other places of extermination that they were going to be delivered to "a new place of recreation and work."

Appealing from Washington to the Arab leaders, Arafat said, "To all our brothers, the Arabs, who embrace us in our difficulties and supported us I told them that we will continue our effort and will be committed to our cause." Those who are not aware of what this "cause" is should read The Palestine National Council Political Program from January 12, 1973. Its second article advised:

"To struggle against the settlements mentality and the projects its harbors either for the liquidation of our peoples cause as far as the liberation of our homeland is concerned or for the distortion of this cause by proposals for entities and for establishment of a Palestine State in part of the territory of Palestine; and to resist these proposals through armed struggle and through mass political conflict linked with it."

Did we listen carefully to what Arafat said during the signing ceremony? Before "committing" to Israel's security he declared that "the reconciliation between the Palestinians and the Israeli people will go through negotiations on the table and go through tanks, grenades and barbed wire." This message is easy to interpret: some Palestinian groups will use "negotiations" and others will use "tanks and grenades." There also will be "barbed wire," perhaps placed around the Jewish settlements to "secure" the Jews inside these self-imposed ghettos. Or maybe he is dreaming of the barbed wire that was separating Jerusalem under the Jordanian rule?

At the conclusion of his speech Arafat declared, "And we will work together through the peace process... in order to achieve a final solution." Just listen, he plans to achieve a "final solution!" Don't delude yourselves. Arafat knows pretty well that Hitler used this euphemism to describe his intent to destroy the Jewish people, and he repeated it in his speech several times. Why did he do this? Simply because he realizes that Israel has negated all of the Zionist principles that were laid as the foundation of her existence and thus is heading towards her destruction. On October 27, the Middle East Media and Research Institute (MEMRI) quoted Abd Al Aziz Shahin, the Minister of Supplies of the Palestinian Authority, who stated that "the Israeli right-wing governments readiness to give away territory indicates that the Zionist ideology is crumbling and that the PLO will succeed in fulfilling its platform sooner or later."

While the Zionist ideology is falling apart the PLO is devoted to its principles. MEMRI cited two examples. Fuad Id, the Fatah member of the Palestinian Legislative Council said "that the [Wye River] agreement is just one step in the path we have marched for fifty years." In addition, the Secretary General of the Fatah in the West Bank, Marwan Al Barghuthi, commended Arafat for stating that "there will be no concession on Palestinian axioms that include the Right of Return, the Right to Self Determination, and the Establishment of an Independent State on the entirety of the Palestinian land with Jerusalem as its capital."

What is even worse is that Arafat was encouraged by American President Bill Clintons remarks, who completed Arafats introduction during the signing ceremony of the Wye River Memorandum by saying, "I thank you for decades and decades and decades of tireless representation of the longing of the Palestinian people to be free, self-sufficient, and at home." There is only one logical way to interpret Clinton's words. MEMRI reported that, "the Secretary-General of the [Palestinian] Presidency, Al Tayyeb Abd al Rahim," said to the Voice of Palestine Radio that, "Clintons commendation to Arafat for the many years he led the struggle of his people represents an admission that the years-long struggle of the Palestinians is not regarded as terrorism."

The American administration considers the recent attacks as some kind of nuisance. The attacks were expected. Israel just has to accept them and live with them. The Associated Press reported that Clinton said of the Mahaneh Yehuda bombing: "When Prime Minister Netanyahu and Chairman Arafat signed the Wye River agreement, they knew they would face this moment... They knew when they went home, the terrorists would target innocent civilians." What kind of agreement is this if the terrorist attacks are preprogrammed into it?

The Associated Press reported on October 8 that Palestinian Cabinet minister Nabil Shaath sharply criticized Israel for suspending action on the accord in response to the bombing. Shaath said that "This Israeli government is as guilty as those who want to destroy the peace process with acts of violence." He is absolutely right. This Israeli government is guilty. It is guilty of dealing with Arafat and the PLO. It is guilty of abandoning its Zionist principles. It is guilty of transforming Israel into a vassal state. It is guilty of challenging God by giving away the Land that He promised to the Jewish people. For how long are we going to challenge God? When will we understand that His patience is not eternal? Are we blind and do not see the writing appearing on the wall? The interpretation of the writing is well known. "God hath numbered thy kingdom, and brought it to an end, thy kingdom is divided"(Daniel 5:26, 5:28). [11/09/98.]


Boris Shusteff is an engineer in upstate New York. He is also a research associate with the Freeman Center for Strategic Studies.An archive of Shusteff articles may found on the Freeman Center web site:

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