By Emanuel A. Winston

Keeping Israel's attention fragmented and focused on day-to-day happenings is clearly part of a strategy to obscure the larger and more deadly picture. While American Arabists have the Prime Minister and the Knesset pondering the minutiae of intentionally badly drafted agreements, a larger program is being enacted.

Israel is bit by bit being reduced in her critical mass to a point where she cannot possibly survive. The CIA can't and won't protect or defend Israel against Arab violations of US guaranteed agreements but it will be made to appear to do just that. Israel will, in the near future, become indefensible (with the small exception) unless American troops are stationed on all her borders. That, too, is unlikely to happen since no American President will deploy American soldiers to fight its Arab client states. The US may, however, deploy troops after the fact to establish an American "beach-head" or "power center" in the Middle East. An after-disaster deployment will also silence critics at home for deliberately waiting to assist the Jews of Israel until after the Jihad (Muslim Holy War) was over.

The bigger picture that is being obscured and hidden from Israel's decision makers, calls for the progressive dismantling of the Jewish State to a point where she must surrender all land and property to spurious Arab claimants. Presumably, this would occur in practice when Israel's critical mass is so small that she can be easily conquered by a coalition of Arab armies, with the well-armed Palestinians wearing away at the inner core. This includes the millions of "refugees" they are expecting to flow by agreement of the collapsing Israeli government.

It would appear that this decision has been made at the highest levels of governments in the US and EU. The conclusion would have been made basis the fact that there is no gesture that Israel could possibly make, short of abandoning the State, that would satisfy her Arab adversaries. That being the case and on the theory that the Arab markets are potentially much larger, one or the other must go. You don't need to be a geo-political sophisticate to know which would be the choice.

The only problem of the US and EU planners was how to eliminate Israel without telling their respective citizens that a loyal, democratic ally must be eliminated for long term commercial reasons and "the good of all". The only way to accomplish this was to steadily reduce Israel's critical mass to a point where her internal strength is sufficiently weakened so the coup de grace can be administered by Israel's Arab/Muslim enemies. This would, of course, reduce the chances of these various nations being accused of Genocide or co-conspirators in actions that far exceed war crimes against humanity.

Then the Arabists both in America and Europe can vigorously protest the destruction they planned and arrive with help - too late to stop it. This catastrophe will be followed by many meetings in the UN condemning this madness. The US Congress will deplore these war-like actions and will vote dollars to rescue whatever remnant of Jews is left on the shore of the Mediterranean. Perhaps (this time) some nations will even open their borders to allow some of the survivors in as citizens or on temporary visas.

However, until that time the Israelis will be thrown scraps of "so-called peace" documents which they will ponder and snarl over while the larger net is slowly drawn around them. Even alerting them to this greater scheme will not really catch their attention. Jews enjoy the minutiae of details and cannot much be bothered with long range projections. Telling the Jews that a plan is in operation for their extermination did not make much of an impression before WWII nor will it make a difference now in 1998, marching into the year 2000.

The Nay-Sayers will make light of the conspiracy theory as they have in the past. Some historians will try to tell the politicians and the public that, throughout history, every king-dictator-elected president has been the target of conspiracies to overthrow or conquer. When one reads history, the concept of conspiracy is obvious and accepted - merely because it happened. Forecasting conspiracy - even as evidence piles up - is not acceptable to the Nay-Sayers. This is true for Jews especially. Even when the next Holocaust is upon them, they will struggle to deny its happening.

At the vanguard of this procession to extinction, one will find the political Left offering glorious visions for a future that will never be - while following dutifully behind the illusion will be the Jewish people, once again marching under the archway with the sign "Arbeit Macht Frei" - (Work Will Make You Free.)

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