THE FREEMAN CENTER agrees 100% with this report on Hillary from AFSI:

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Nov. 12, 1999


When Americans For a Safe Israel/AFSI was forced to burn Hadassah membership cards in protest against Hadassah's decision to give the Henrietta Szold Zionism award to Hillary Clinton, there were many who were shocked by our action, although there were thousands who sided with us. Hadassah claimed that they were citing Hillary for her "contributions to the welfare of women and children."

Now Hillary, the supposed great champion of health and welfare, listened to Suha Arafat, wife of Israel's "peace partner," accuse Israel of "the intensive daily use of poison gas which has led to an increase of cancer cases among Palestinian women and children." Mrs. Arafat also accused Israel of using "chemical materials to contaminate 80% of the Arab water supply."

According to all reports, Hillary registered no reaction to this horrendous libel. Hillary, the Hadassah health honoree had nothing to say. Neither did she respond when, according to Uri Dan, reporting from Ramallah, "another PA official said that he looked forward to seeing her soon in the state of Palestine and 'its capital city of Jerusalem.'"

We told you so! Americans for a Safe Israel put out the talking points on Hillary Clinton in July, 1999. We told you that: she was giving money to the PLO in the 1980's, when it was a terrorist organization; she has entertained Muslim leaders at the White House who are apologists for Hamas terrorists; both Hill and Bill have embraced Islamic radicals and Muslim leaders who have defended militant Islamic fundamentalism, rationalized terrorism, and issued anti-American, anti-Israel, and anti-Semitic statements. Hillary's May, 1998 statement supporting a Palestinian state was re-stated in February 1999.

In light of the above, Herbert Zweibon, AFSI chairman, states, "Hillary Clinton is no friend of Israel and no friend of the Jews. We expect that she will come up with some Clintonesque double-speak explanation of her silence on the Arafat 'blood libel' against Israel; it will be unacceptable. We call on all Americans and the American Jewish leadership to denounce her silence."

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